DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 19, Chapter 92.


Chapter 92

Translated by Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

The anticipated hour was on the horizon for the ultra-powerful creation of Bibidi, Majin Buu, to fight against the Kaioshin of the South. This confrontation had taken place in many universes, even though Majin Buu bore a different form. In Universe 1, however, this battle did not take place...

In countless universes, five million years ago...

The powerful sorcerer Bibidi had finished his masterpiece: an absolute weapon, an indestructible creature with astonishing power ! This was the result of many decades of research, hard work, and powerful black magic.

“I’ve made it! This unstoppable creature is perfection itself! I will rule the universe! I will rule life. I will rule death...”

Bibidi had spent a lot of time working alone. He spoke to himself, for the most part, and to his ‘baby.’ His sinister creation was still locked inside a pink cocoon. The creature, surrounded by machines and cables, was still in gestation. But that would not be for long.

“...I will rule the Gods!!!”

Many universes had diverged from this precise moment. In all the universes, save for the first, fifth, and the tenth, Bibidi finished the creature named Buu. With it, he attacked the entire universe, and fought against the Gods. Through fierce and epic battles, Buu managed to eliminate two Kaioshins and absorbed two others. Bibidi had not imagined that such a thing was possible. Had he made a miscalculation? The dark sage ended up with a less ferocious creature before and after these events, and locked the monster up. When the sorcerer lowered his guard, the Kaioshin of the East, the sole survivor, managed to kill him... But he did not dare touch the giant locked pink ball that imprisoned Buu. The guardian of the universe left the orb on Earth... Until one day, he went to pursue Babidi, the son of Bibidi, millenia later. With the help of the Earthlings and Saiyans that were there, both Majin Buu and Babidi were defeated.

In universes 1 and 10, however, things went quite differently. The Kaioshins heard the rumors about Bibidi and decided to investigate. The Kaioshins of the South and the West apparated to Bibidi’s lab, just before the latter was about to wake the djinn.

“The gods don’t agree,” proclaimed the woman as they appeared, in response to the sorcerer’s megalomaniacal delusions.


Bibidi was surprised. The gods were never supposed to be standing in front of him, to find him, or even be aware of anything. The rulers of the universe looked around, trying to contemplate the magnitude of the disaster that could have happened... Or the disaster that could still happen, if they did not act as quickly as possible...

“I couldn’t believe it when I was told about a terrible monster being created...” stammered the West Kaioshin, stunned. “But it’s all true!”

Beside her, South Kaioshin’s face had become grave. His divine gaze scanned the walls and gasped as all the rumors were confirmed to be true. He found living prisoners, who had been tortured as experiment test subjects. Traces of prohibited black magic were found everywhere.

“This thing... emits a huge energy!” added the woman, contemplating the pink cocoon, which was adorned with holes like craters found on moons with multiple meteorite impacts.

“Good thing we got here in time...”

“Bidu Bou Babidu Bibi!!!” cried the sorcerer, his hands pointed in the direction of the intruders.

But the South Kaioshin simply blocked the spell with a wave and declared, “Your sourcery won’t work on the gods, scum!”

The god rushed towards Bibidi with his hand forward. He grabbed the wizard’s neck, lifted him up and slammed violently against the wall with a large shake. If Bibidi hadn’t been surrounded by a small force field, he probably would have been knocked out.

“Bibidi, you’ve killed hundreds for your prohibited experiments. And you’ve conspired against the gods! For this, you will die!”

Bibidi, suffocating in the South Kaioshin’s tight grip, struggled to breath. But with a strong YURK, he managed to call for help from two of his test subjects. The creatures pounced behind West Kaioshin, who sighed resignedly. Without even turning her head, she raised a fist and punched the first creature in the face. She spun and fired a wave of energy, which incinerated the top of the second creature. Both of the former test subjects fell to the ground, inert.

The female Kaioshin knelt beside one of them to examine the evidence, and quickly concluded, “These Glaviots were altered... and brainwashed.”

Compared to the immeasurable power of the Kaioshin, these creatures were nothing. However, the Glaviots’ power levels were much higher than those of their peers. These predators--usually lived on a star-less planet, wandering in complete darkness--had become slaves to Bibidi, who controlled their thoughts. Somehow, the wizard had also artificially enhanced their strength as well.

The other god was kneeling too; Bibidi laid on the ground, gasping desperately.

The Kaioshin of the West clenched her fists and conjured a protective aura around her. She sensed that her partner was preparing to use a devastating technique.

“Annihilation!” he cried.

Bibidi desperately tried to invoke a powerful protective spell, but it was too late. The laboratory exploded completely, annihilating Bibidi and the cocoon. Everything on the planet within a 10 kilometer radius was utterly destroyed.

“Good job,” the woman Kaioshin congratulated her friend. “The thing in this cocoon could have become really dangerous.” Without further ado, they teleported back to the realm of the gods. They prepared a report for the Grand Kaioshin, who took a solemn decision.

“This event is proof that we must check on any hint of danger in the universe. We shall continue to intervene on situations like this!”

This decision surprised all the other Kaioshin... They had accomplished the mission successfully, had they not? This new way of managing the universe, through immersing themselves in ‘petty mortal affairs,’ would radically change the destiny of the universe.

Over one million years ago, they securely closed off the portal to the Demon Dimension, the most famous portal in the universe. The mission was successfully accomplished through the combined efforts of North, West, and East Kaioshins. The latter was a young novice who was still learning the ropes by observing his colleagues. The Kaioshin of the South, though he was physically the strongest, was not good with this sort of magical dimension manipulation; and as such, his presence was unnecessary.

Seven thousand years before the Multiverse Tournament, the Kaioshin stopped an army of evil. Alerted by a hero named Mijorin, the South Kaioshin led the forces of good to victory. In all other universes, Mijorin--a hero on his world and a highly trained fighter--had defeated the army at the cost of his own life. He thus earned a spot in the Otherworld with the honor of a physical body, as Goku did when he died against Raditz and Cell. For South Kaioshin, the conquering army was anything but impressive. Since he was significantly stronger than Mijorin, the former was able to take care of himself. Nevertheless, Mijorin was a proud Wolf Warrior who fought according to the rules of honor; he would never let the deity fight alone. Within hours, the malefic army was defeated by their deadly alliance.

Three thousand four hundred years later, a meteorite was headed straight towards a heavily-populated planet; it was a disaster that its citizens could not fight alone. In other universes, a hero named Sarta managed to deflect the meteor and save his people by sacrificing his life as well. Like Mijorin, he had earned the right to a physical body in heaven. In Universe 1, however, upon hearing a call for help, the Grand Kaioshin intervened to come to their aid. With his powers, the meteor was deflected and was turned into a moon for the planet. Through this, every night, the citizens of the planet would remember the night they had been saved by the Gods.

Four hundred and twenty five years ago, the Kaioshins foiled the plans of sect of wizards on the planet Konatz, who had planned to create a powerful demon called Hildegarn. The deities had noticed the oddly powerful concentration of dark magic and sensed the danger. Potentially, this monster could have had the same level of danger as Bibidi’s Majin Buu. They took care of the resisting sorcerers, reluctantly eliminating one hundred of them. Some of the wizards had survived the onslaught, but their numbers were too small and weak to awaken the evil creature.

In the year -242, on Planet Plant, they fought a grueling battle against the Legendary Super Saiyan, a being who was literally invincible. On the physical level, even the Kaioshin of the South was outclassed. The Gods finally managed to neutralize the threat by sending him into a sun. The saiyan warrior lost the powers of his transformation as he reverted to his normal form and died on the spot. The indigenous species of the planet, the primitive Saiyans and the surprised Tsufuls, had met the Kaioshins for the first (and last) time.

In the year 507, on the planet Zoltan-4, they eliminated the Bojack Gang. With his band of pirates, Bojack was not a threat that was effecting the entire universe, but when he started shaving entire continents because his coffee was not sweet enough (or too sweet), the murderous tyrant had caught the eyes of the gods. After several years and two warnings, the Kaioshins determined the obvious conclusion: Bojack was a threat. In Universes 1 and 10, South Kaioshin fought the pirate. He was not only the god’s most terrible adversary, but also his strongest. Bojack’s powerful henchmen valiantly fought the other Kaioshins, but were also defeated. Thus, the Bojack Gang’s reign of terror was brought to an end. In the other universes, where only the novice East Kaioshin and Kibito remained, the simple Kaiohs had to fend for themselves. Far from being as powerful as the Kaioshins, they had hoped overcome the threat by force. Combining their powerful magic, they managed to seal the tyrant... Until his release in some universes, where North Kaioh died with Goku when Cell had blown up the former’s planet.

In the year 712 on Planet Cold 32, they ended the Frost Demons’ line of descent: Cold, Coola, and Freeza. Historically, this super-powerful race created a reign of terror in the universe. The Gods had been troubled by the violence that these demons had committed for generations. However, they remained very respectful of life, and thus refrained from eliminating the entire species. Instead, the Kaioshin decided to establish boundaries to limit their numbers, taking advantage of the era in which there was only family of demons. The ruling declared that no more than two children could exist per family. The demons, however, had not passed this information down from generation to generation, too full of themselves and feeling untouchable. Thousands of years ago, the Patriarch Blizzard had four children, and the Grand Kaioh had to punish him to reinforce the rule. After various events, naught remained of the species but King Cold and his two children. Regardless, the Kaioshin had made the obvious decision: this powerful species, capable of conquering nature, could only create more problems. Following a serious incident, the Kaioshins dispatched to terminate them.

In the year 737 on Planet Vegeta, they sought to kill the Legendary Super Saiyan once again, while he was still an infant (despite the pleadings of his father Paragus). The latter was still recovering from his wounds, which had been inflicted by King Vegeta, and had been formulating a plot to escape while he was supposed to die in a pit with his son. To his surprise, an unknown being arrived, killing the baby before his very eyes. The Kaioshin of the West was sad to do such a thing, and cried because she knew the baby was innocent; however, she was also aware that it could easily become a threat to the entire universe. After all, the role of the Gods was to preserve peace for the good of all.

Universes 1 and 10 did not get in any danger thanks to the Kaioshins’ work. At some point, these two universes became different. Then, in Universe 1, the Vargas discovered the technology to move from one parallel universe to another, and with the help of the gods, organized a huge tournament. In the year 793, on the Planet Varga, the gods created an inter-universal regulation.

This regulation allowed the South Kaioshin, the strongest of the five, to participate. Nobody had ever beaten him, and his worst enemy was Bojack. Now he was set to face Majin Buu, the mercenary of Bibidi’s son Babidi... The Kaioshin of the South saw it as the return of the past, the manifestation of what would have happened, had they not intervened. The confrontation that should have occurred... The one that took place in so many other universes...

But he was ready.

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