DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 17, Chapter 85.

Chapter 85 by Gokuten & Loïc Solaris

Translated by Davidstarlingm

Most of the fighters remained indifferent to what had happened. Whether Super Buu absorbed Kulilin or not...it didn’t matter.

Then the terrible laughter of Ozotto was heard.

“Ha ha ha! Now that Super Kulilin is gone, I’ll be easily able to take control of this world!”

Gohan of Universe 18 and Gohan of Universe 16 looked at each other, then replied with one voice:

“How do you know that nobody else can stop you?”

Ozotto didn’t know what to say, so he just said, “I know, that’s all.”

“But look, Dad’s still in front of him up there!” Videl of Universe 16 yelled.

Her shout was so loud that Satan and Ozotto heard it.

It was too much for Ozotto. Yet another opponent stood in his way. The monster uttered an angry roar unlike any heard before...except, perhaps, screams of pain from colic after eating a bad breakfast....

Chuck remained impassive.

“But...what am I doing here?” wondered Vegeta of Universe 18.

In front of him, in the space of Universe 9, Videl tried desperately to escape Yamcha’s grasp.

“Let me go! I’ve gotta go, I’m going to fight this monster in honor of my father!” Videl yelled.

“Certainly not; they have a much higher power level than you.”

“Before you go up there, you’ll first have to go over my body!” screamed the old Kaioshin in turn.

“We can well imagine how perverse an idea is going through your head, obscene old man.”

“Haha! You’re not trying for the same thing, Kulilin?” Yamcha laughed.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, unless you’re referring to the other day when this pretty girl spontaneously wanted to show me her panties...” Kulilin replied.

The tournament organizers could see the need to end the madness of the monster, so they decided to act.

“Run the MO sequence!” said the chief Varga.

“Right away!” they shouted with one voice.

“Uh...what’s the MO plan, anyway?” whispered one of them.

“That’s the multi-eggs plan, asshole! And hurry, before this thing finishes ravaging our stadium!”

The assistant chief immediately pressed a big red button located on the control panel.

With a loud clang, eight big guns came out of the walls of the arena. A few seconds later, they each began firing large oval objects into the combat area.

“Eggs? What are these strange birds up to?” thought Piccolo from Universe 16.

Indeed, Piccolo was right. They were eggs...and immediately upon touching the ground, they began to move. Thirty seconds later, they had all hatched; Vargas began emerging. But not just any Vargas. No, these Vargas were twice as big and muscular as the normal Vargas!!

“We are the Space Chickens!” cried one who seemed to be the leader of the group.

“Uhm...shouldn’t we say Space Police instead?” whispered one closest to the presumed leader.

Ozotto, licking his lips, exclaimed, “Cool! Roast chicken!”

He opened his mouth and fired a tiny ball of energy in the direction of the birds. They all took off at a phenomenal rate, then crashed into the shield surrounding the combat zone. All the Vargas levitated, unsure what to do.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures!” yelled one fighter Varga.

They looked at each other, nodded, then shouted, “FUSE!”

With a furious, feathery quacking, they all fused into...A SUPER VARGA.

“I’m the Absolutely Fabulous Varga, Illuminator of the Night!” it cried.

The Super Varga rushed headlong toward Ozotto. But he had his head down, meaning that he only had a vague idea of what direction he was going. Even so, he struck Ozotto with a monstrous headbutt sending him flying...apparently he had figured out his path eventually.

“And now we have our first wonderful introduction to the fight, with the first blow delivered by the Absolutely Fabulous Varga, Illuminator of the Night!” commented one of the Vargas into a microphone.

Ozotto recovered quickly, a tiny tear in the corner of his eye.

“That’s not fair; you didn’t announce before you started the fight!” he complained. “You’ll taste my wrath!”

“Whose wrath? The only wrath I’d be afraid of is my own!”


And so the battle began: a battle of unimaginable violence. Nobody would have expected a Varga to fight like that. The blows were exchanged at breakneck speed.

“Whoo, not bad for a sparrow. But he won’t be able to last through to the end,” thought Vegeta of Universe 18.

As the battle raged, Gohan returned to 18’s space with his alter-ego, amputated arm-in-arm. Soon, he began to tell a piece of his history to his alternate father.

“Well, uh, in my universe, just before the arrival of the cyborgs, mom got chased by wild boars when she returned from the DMV. You know how scared she is of boars, right?

"Uh..." began Goku, "but she spent most of her childhood in the woods, no?"

"That's not it; try to understand...she sent you and Piccolo to try and get your drivers licenses."

"What?" Piccolo grew annoyed at hearing this. "I gave in to her demand?"

The boy from the future nodded gravely. "You had no choice; she deprived both you and my father of food."

"But aren't Nameks only supposed to drink water?" inquired Gohan of Universe 18.

"But he also ate with us."

"Ridiculous!" exclaimed Piccolo.

"Anyway, Vegeta learned...I don't know how—"

"He learned that Piccolo eats?" asked Goku naively.

"No, he learned that you obtained your drivers license. It was 'inconceivable that this low-class Saiyan Kakarotto' could surpass him in another area, and he determined to show that he was the strongest. Vegeta also passed his driver's test, and he drove in a way, err...how to say (he carefully avoided offending Vegeta)...that was not recommended. He went off the road and hit a bus full of children. All three of you died instantly, along with the children and teachers. Evidently, with Piccolo dead, the power of the dragon balls also disappeared."

"What? Me, Vegeta, dying in a car accident? Impossible. I'm a Saiyan! I don't believe you!"

"Regardless, I was there with my little Dragon, taking a picture at the moment of the accident. I didn't have time to save you."

He reached into his belt and pulled out a photo of Vegeta in a car with Goku and Piccolo bearing down on a bus.

"I keep it with me always to remind mom not to get her drivers license; it's stupid," explained Future Gohan.

"Stupid idiots," muttered Vegeta toward Piccolo, Future Gohan, and Goku.

"It would seem that I'm better fit to drive than you," laughed Goku with a sly smile, to tease Vegeta.


"But couldn't one of us alone have lifted the bus while the other caught Vegeta's car?" inquired Piccolo, perplexed.

"Yes, but you were trying to prove that Chuck wasn't the hero of Earth he said he was," replied Gohan.

"I can understand that," said Gohan of Universe 18.

“I know!” huffed Vegeta, who was sour. He moved to the spaces of Universes 13 and 16 to speak to his alter ego and to Vegetto. But Vegetto was still with Gast. They had finished their portion of the crabs they were eating and stood face to face again. The two Vegetas from Universes 13 and 18 walked up, overhearing their conversation.

“I really think we should intervene.”

“Do not be so sure, Vegetto,” Gast said calmly. “We know nothing of these people; perhaps it is not wise to engage in combat without knowing all the ins and outs.”

“But...Ozotto is clearly an enemy, a villain.”

On hearing this, the fusion of all the Namekians suddenly stiffened and came face to face with the fused Saiyan.

“You say that because he has horns, yellow eyes, and an evil laugh all the time?”

“Well, yes, that’s why.”

“You’re full of prejudice, Vegetto. If we don’t know anything, we shouldn’t condemn without proof.”

The Saiyan seemed to ponder the question for a brief moment before speaking again. This time, he frowned, speaking calmly. “I don’t remember that you had so many reservations when you faced the Cell Junior.”

A drop of sweat slowly ran down the temple of the Namekian as he considered what excuse to give.

“Yes...well...it was not the same. He hit me first, the little cheat! He deserved a little lesson.”

“By destroying his brain and making sure he had no chance of regenerating?”

Once again, the gigantic Namek took a long time for reflection before finally deciding to take a step forward. He stared at the sky, listening carefully to the sounds of battle raging outside the arena. Then he moved back to where Vegetto was leaning against the wall.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go. I will probably have to get to the bottom of this.”

“Yeah, me too,” smiled the Saiyan.

Gast Carcolh turned abruptly, his cape flapping behind him. “Oh no!” he roared. “Out of the question! You cannot transform above level 2!”

“What? But...why?”

Again, the Namek stood in front of him, towering over him.

“Because! Mr. mass-of-a-black-hole! Mr. gravity-of-the-moon! And yada yada yada. It is time to leave a little room for others to finish! You’re not the only super strong one here, so leave your long hair in the closet and fight without it.”

Vegetto was speechless for a few seconds, glaring up at the Namek, who looked thoroughly serious. They continued staring at each other for some time silently, their eyes locked. Finally, the warrior fused from Goku and Vegeta concluded:

“You’re just jealous of my hair, aren’t you?”

A green fist crashed with colossal power against the wall just above the Saiyan, creating a spiderweb pattern stretching over several square meters. Vegetto did not move, simply raising one eyebrow as he watched the Namek. The latter bowed his head, shaking. After a few seconds, the Saiyan saw a tear slide gently down his cheek while Gast murmured in a low voice.

“The hair...I wish we had...hair...”

Later, the two Vegetas and Vegetto spoke briefly...

“But what do you want?” The three had met in one of the dressing rooms. “Vegetto, I know that deep down you regret having fused with Goku. And you, Vegeta: do you not want to become the greatest Saiyan warrior in the universe?” said Vegeta of Universe 18. “I see only one way to get what all three of us want: fusion. It will allow you, Vegetto, to erase the traces of Goku in your body, and it will allow both of us, Vegeta, to obtain the power we seek.”

“That’s perfect!” both of them said in one voice.

So with the Potaras they fused. First Vegeta and Vegeta, then Vegetto with this new being. And in a tremendous explosion of energy, Vegetta was born.

Vegetta’s clothes were a mix of combat gear and Saiyan martial arts attire. A single strand of hair fell over his forehead.

He emerged from the apartments. All the fighters turned, dazzled by the aura of Vegetta; it shone like a star.

Vegetta pointed toward the two warriors fighting away from the arena, then said:

“Out of here, dirty greenish bird! This moron is mine!”

“Pah!” said Ozotto. “Look!”

He snapped his fingers and magically...the fusion of Vegetta disappeared, leaving the two Vegetas and Vegetto unconscious, paralyzed on the ground.

“I’m done with you all!” Ozotto shouted, lifting his arms above his head.

“His ki is increasing at an amazing rate!” said Gohan, who was becoming visibly stressed.

Bra stood beside him, fists clenched. It would soon become too late to intervene, but she couldn’t make a decision.

In the space of Universe 3, Tapion turned to one of his companions. “You going to do what you do?”

“I don’t care,” replied Piccolo Daimao laconically, heading toward the apartments of their space.

When Raichi opened his mouth to answer, he was cut off by Bardock.

“I don’t care either.”

“You’re stealing my reply, dirty ape! Do not interrupt me! Oh! And I don’t care either; you’ll die by the end of this damn tournament!”

Tapion observed quietly as the three made their way to the entrance of their space. He shrugged.

“I’m not great, but I’ll look later.”

An enormous giant ball of pure red and black energy appeared over Ozotto. It was a gigantic evil Genki Dama.

“I will destroy you all and be done with this stupid story!”

But once again, the heroes were there to stop him. The agents of the Super Walker Power Texas Rangers Space Warriors, all in perfect condition thanks to Dende, who had miraculously recovered, stood in the center of the arena. Its members lifted their heads, proud and confident that they would win.

“Here we go!” cried Chuck.

Yajirobe, Marron, Chuck, Broly Jr. and Gohan took their places as they prepared to launch a Kamehameha.

“We will need help!” said Broly Jr.

Son Goku teleported immediately behind the five enemies of Ozotto. “We will help you,” he said with a reassuring smile as he also got in position to fire a Kamehameha. His actions inspired other warriors, as Uub, Pan, Gohan, all of Universe 9, and Trunks of Universe 12 took their positions behind him.

“You aren’t going to get anywhere!” cried Ozotto, pushing his arms forward slowly. His evil Genki Dama followed suit, beginning to move slowly but surely toward all the participants.

The warriors concentrated their forces. The Saiyans went to Super Saiyan level 1, along with Yajirobe. All cried “Kamehameha” in unison. Dozens of blue energy beams collided with the sphere of energy...but it didn’t stop.

“Muahahahaha!” cried Ozotto.

“We can’t do it!” called Marron.

At that moment, the other warriors who had hesitated changed their minds. Cell, in particular, launched a Kamehameha while the Piccolos from Universe 16 and 18 fired Makankosappos. Yamcha stopped his Kamehameha and headed to the space of Universe 11; he had an idea in mind.

“We don’t have enough! Give us your energy!” Chuck cried.

It wasn’t enough. The missiles and flamethrowers of the nano-warriors weren’t any use; neither was the power of the Saiyans from Universe 13, who all participated (with the exception of Vegeta, who was still unconscious along with his double from Universe 18 and Vegetto). Gast contributed too, unlike Bojack who continued to sit back and drink beer. Even the Kaioshins were participating.

Though Ozotto’s victory seemed certain, Yamcha came to speak to Majin Buu from Universe 11.

“You have a Kulilin absorbed in you! I know you understand. Help us, Buu! No...Buulin! Help us! Get a bunch of candy!”


Together, they formed a Kamehameha. In the space of Universe 4, someone celebrated: “Yeah! I almost finished counting the grains of sand!”

But Bojack, stuffed and lazy, tossed a ball of energy randomly. It landed in the space of Universe 4, dispersing the sand that Buu was counting. Would he start over?

Buu was upset; steam puffed from the holes in his head like a teapot. He almost attacked Bojack, but then realized that this was primarily the fault of Ozotto, and secondarily Bra, because she wasn’t moving or helping anyone.

He took off, trying to absorb Ozotto directly. He succeeded, stopping the progress of the Evil Genki Dama. But the power of Super Ozotto’s mustache was too much for him, and he knew he couldn’t keep it contained for long....

Beneath him, the warriors took advantage of their opportunity. “We have to give it everything we have!” shouted Chuck.

That’s when a lot of things happened. Buu from Universe 11 saw Uub and absorbed him, becoming Super Uub. The old kaioshin of Universe 9 came to see Broly Jr., walked around him in a chicken dance, then snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the boy began to grow, maturing, multiplying his ki, and managed to transform into Legendary Super Saiyan 3!!

Goku awoke Vegeta with a snap and fused with him, while the Prince of Saiyans from Universe 13 re-fused with Vegetto using the Potalas to produce a different Vegetta. The two Gohans fused, as did the two Piccolos. Finally, both sets of Goten and Trunks fused...but this wasn’t enough, so the two Gotenks fused together!

All the Saiyans, even Gohan2, Yajirobe, Future Gohan, Future Trunks of Universe 12, Nappa, Raditz, and Kakarotto all transformed suddenly into Super Saiyan 3. Their hair stretched out behind them. On either side, the other warriors all used Kaioken Level One Thousand, extending their muscles to impossible size.

Gast stopped his attack when he saw the deluge of long hair.

“This golden hair...I...I want!”

Tears ran down his cheeks, and with unprecedented sadness and anger with himself, he fired his energy even more powerfully against the Genki Dama of Ozotto.

This time, under the absolutely cosmic barrage of power, Ozotto was on the verge of perishing. They only needed the power of one more person and he would be finished.

Bra concentrated, cried “Kamehameha,” stretched her arms above her head and...an energy sphere the size of a ping pong ball appeared in her hands and zigzagged toward them, about ten meters off course.

“Bra, what are you doing?!” screamed Gotenks.

She tried again, but the same thing happened.

“Hurry up, Bra!” shouted her father Vegetta. “We need you! You’re our only hope!”

She tried a third time...but failed pitifully again. Bra was taken aback. She fell to her knees, shouted “Nooooo!”, then got up, determined to perform a simple Kamehameha.

She failed again, then looked up at the spectator arena. They all laughed. To drive the point home, they all shook their fists and used overkill Kaioken. The arena was bathed in red light. Then all these spectators fired a Kamehameha.

It was a real light show. Red and blue flooded the arena as the billions of Kamehamehas rushed toward Ozotto.

Then the counterpart of Bra from Universe 18 arrived.

“Look, this is how it’s done.”

She concentrated, transformed to a Super Saiyan 3, and cried “Super Kamehameha!” while all her muscles bulged, then fired.

The evil Genki Dama returned to its sender just as he freed himself from Buu of Universe 4. He took a combo of a thousand hits of maximum damage (that is, 99,999 ATQ). Ozotto lost all PVs, allowing a Flawless Victory attack from Bra of Universe 18, who looked at her counterpart from Universe 16. The look spoke volumes. “See you! You’re lame, I’m stronger, less stupid, I don’t attack my friends, and I surf the HoloNet to buy myself new clothes!”

Bra fell to her knees, crying “Nooooooo!” again...and woke up sweating in her bed.

“A nightmare?” she thought, catching her breath

It was obvious. Everything was too confused to be true. She was in the room where she had laid down, very dimly lit by the blue lights in the walls.

To make sure that everything was okay, Bra stood up and went to open the door to her room. She couldn’t seem much outside, but that was a good thing. She was about to close the door when she felt the ki of her brother Gohan not too far away. He emerged from his room. Keeping her ki hidden, Bra let him pass. She wondered where he would be going like this in the middle of the night. She almost went out and asked him...but changed her mind just as she was grabbing for the doorknob.

“If Gohan is leaving alone, it’s because he is choosing to,” Bra thought, deciding to respect his decision and give him privacy.

She closed the door quietly and went back to bed. Questions turned over in her mind for several hours before sleep took her.

Meanwhile, Gohan of Universe 16 went to Space 1, where the tournament organizers were.

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