DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 28, Chapter 139.


Chapter 139

Translated by npberryhill

After a brief but intense silence, the body-thief Ginyu and the all-powerful Vegetto charged one another. Their golden auras flared a bright yellow in the darkness as their hands interlocked, pushing against one another. Ginyu was quite impressed with the power of his new body. These Super Saiyans were truly incredible! But, even as he experienced a level of power far greater than anything he’d ever imagined, he felt himself being pushed back. His face began to sweat, all while Vegetto remained stoic, easily keeping up his effort. The body-thief’s realization immediately provoked him to channel all his remaining strength into his arms... but to no avail. Rather than pushing the fused Saiyan, his own legs only sank deeper into the ground. He gritted his teeth and snarled when the pain hit him as Vegetto tightened his grip, snapping the bones in Ginyu’s fingers. Staggering, he tried a kick to get free — which was easily avoided, though Vegetto released him nonetheless.

Ginyu shook his hands in the air with an angry sigh, waving away the stinging, then rushed his foe again. This time he tried high speed burst attacks, peppering the arrogant Vegetto with powerful blows from all sides. Without even looking, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta managed to block each one with a disconcerting amount of ease. Meanwhile Ginyu was at his max power in Super Saiyan, while Vegetto might only be using half.

‘This guy is really disgusting!’ Ginyu mused inwardly.

Still standing completely still, tired of the intruder’s pathetic efforts, Vegetto landed a clean backhand slap in Ginyu’s face that sent him flying backwards. A trail of blood followed as the Saiyan fell through the air. Stunned and staggered, now on hands and knees, the commando turned back angrily towards the great fusion. Vegetto’s stare in return was enough to make even Freeza the great intimidator seem docile.

“Even my little Bra can’t approach a tenth of my power. No one in any universe can! I am Vegetto, the supreme warrior!”

“What a boast!” Ginyu laughed. “Careful not to choke on your modesty, Saiyan! You actually think in a multiverse of infinite possibilities that there’s no-one in the billions of countless universes as good as you? Another Broly with even more power than the one you fought here, or a Vegetto that has a transformation beyond even yours? There could be a version of Cell capable of destroying galaxies with a sneeze! You’re so pretentious you won’t even acknowledge the possibility — such an irritating defect you Saiyans all possess.”

“Yet you took to that fault like a fish to water,” Vegetto replied, hardening his gaze. “Right now you’re blinded by power, a power that doesn’t belong to you. You think you’re something special, but you’re not able to tap into Bra’s true strength. That requires a harmony of body and mind that you’ll never have.”

“Is that so? And what would you know about it?” Ginyu paused, wiping a stream of blood from the corner of his lip.

“Years ago you switched bodies with Son Goku, one of the Saiyans I’m comprised of. You thought you’d turn the tables with his power, but his soul was too pure and you could barely use a tenth of his true strength — and that’s with you gradually getting used to it. Try and power up all you like, even with Super Saiyan you’re still nothing compared to what my daughter can really do. And remember this, not even she can stand up to me, so what chance do you have? Give up.”

“Is that what you think?” Ginyu exclaimed, sneering. “Then allow me to correct your faulty assumptions, and I’ll simplify it so your primitive brain can understand. My technique works on two fronts: first, how I adapt to the body and second the host’s good-heartedness. I’ve spent the past thirty years changing from body to body, getting used to various levels of power, all maneuvering myself into position to take over as King Cold. The Frost Demons have enormous power, on a galactic scale. The patriarch in particular had to make use of several restriction forms in order to properly control his incredible strength.”

“But as a true master of martial arts I was immediately able to tame the emperor’s true power. I could remain in his original form without difficulty from the start, and in the decades that followed I pushed his body to its limits and beyond, becoming more Cold than he’d ever been. So you see, handling dormant power is my specialty — I make a better version of anyone!” Ginyu chuckled. “As for the body of your daughter, she’s far from being kind-hearted, just as arrogant as her father, really. Nobody gets to be this strong without losing their innocence, that doesn’t exist! I wonder what kind of power I’d get from taking the body of that Son Goku now, ha ha ha!”

Vegetto could sense Ginyu wasn’t all talk.

“So, I suppose it’s time to prove to you that this body truly belongs to me now. I’m more worthy of it that your unbearable child will ever be!”

With those words, Ginyu suddenly exploded with the power of Super Saiyan 2, Bra’s uncontrollable energy having been inexplicably mastered. Vegetto had been silent during the captain’s speech, reluctantly admitting the truth. And now there was proof, the commando reaching a level even his daughter had failed at, and with perfected control at maximum power.

Back in the arena, Buu whistled with admiration, which Grand Kaioshin mistook for a reaction to the current match. But the Majin was far more interested in the fight taking place out in the reaches of space.

“Not bad, the girl’s got some real power when it’s mastered!” he thought inwardly. “Gohan would’ve struggled against her back at level one, but he’s way outclassed at this point!”

Vegetto was genuinely astonished, but in response he merely sighed in disdain and matched her at Super Saiyan 2. He was sick and tired of dealing with this and wanted to finish it quickly. Any outside observer could’ve seen the power difference between them, but Ginyu was so intoxicated with his extraordinary new potential that he felt almighty. Unrestrained, he launched a powerful uppercut at Vegetto, which was dodged easily. Ginyu pursued, following up with a series of precise punches that led to a flurry of hand-to-hand combat. The commando was indeed intoxicated by so much power, and yet his “father” blocked every attack. With this much raw energy, he could casually devastate an entire solar system without even trying, and that part was exhilarating. Unfortunately for him, there was a level even further beyond that, unrealistic and disgusting.

Vegetto teleported behind him, instantly becoming Super Saiyan 3. Captain Ginyu's reaction time was so slow in comparison he could barely turn around, paralyzed by the overwhelming power. Just before he took a devastating fist in the face, he finally heard a reply.

“I’m ending this.”

The asteroid they were on was instantly disintegrated, pulverized by the impact. Ginyu was hurled out into space, spinning wildly and out of control until he finally smashed into the exact piece of rock from which Buu had been watching. The latter’s eyes went wide as he decomposed into a blackish liquid, Ginyu pulverizing the location his eyeball had been two seconds earlier. The Djinn, well aware of Vegetto’s insane acuity, transformed the liquid into a puddle of mercury before fading away — nothing out of the ordinary in space. It was certainly preferable to a gelatinous pink pond that would’ve immediately unmasked him.

The other asteroid, which had been relatively stable, was sent tumbling off in a new direction from the force of the shock. Vegetto teleported to his disfigured daughter, wading in the black liquid — which the Saiyan paid no attention to, preoccupied with the state of Bra’s body. Overall the damage wasn’t too bad. Though she hadn’t kept up with his immeasurable strength, Bra’s SSj2 seemed to have bolstered her defenses quite well. Of course, he was far from going all out. Vegetto could already picture Bra’s reaction upon her return, causing him to smile in anticipation.

He then gripped the moaning Ginyu by the neck and raised her into the air, staring right into his face and pointing.

“Got the message? Now, you —”

“Change Now —” Ginyu cried, drawing on his ultimate last resort. Though desperate, his chance to seize Vegetto’s body had finally come. He would be the ultimate unstoppable force!

The technique landed, he could tell right away, his mind being swept into a new colorful spiral. The time to ascend to the very peaks of godhood, to the title of most powerful being in the Universe, had finally come. Nothing would stand in his way now, he would be the absolute master of all!

Finally, he reached his destination, but quickly realized something was wrong. He didn’t remember hurting Vegetto at all, especially not in the chest. He didn’t have four arms either — and that’s when he slowly understood, not daring to open his eyes. That bastard had reinstated him in Cold’s body, but how!? Deciding to look, he saw the Saiyan lifting his daughter’s body, an expression of relief on the latter. The merged warrior had taken advantage of his desperation to find a new host-body and had baited him into using the technique, only to instantly teleport him in front of the Frost Demon and force the exchange. Worst of all for Ginyu, he couldn’t even show his absolute fury or complete rage, his body was far too damaged to even move. He glanced at the Frost Demons, still unconscious on the ground. Upon the realization that he’d be relying fully on their mercy when they awoke, the commando gulped.

“There we go!” Vegetto said with a satisfied smile.

“You sure took your time,” Bra grumbled, but wearing a grateful look. “Oww, hey... you broke my jaw!”

“Yeah... nice to see you too,” her dad replied as Bra noticed her wounds.

The sound of two princes recovering consciousness was heard from behind. Coola and Freeza got back to their feet, the former being bold enough to angrily address the intruders.

“Insolent fools! You dare come in here you... filthy primates!”

“Hold on!” Freeza interrupted. “Where is Captain Ginyu, Saiyan!? What has become of that vile betrayer?”

“Well, as you can see, it took a little persuading for him to obey,” answered Vegetto, pointing at Bra and then to Cold. “For now, he’s back in the body of your father, do what you like with him — he’s all yours. Now, I’m outta here, see you next time!”

Coola couldn’t stand the execrable Saiyan’s cheerful tone. He lunged at him with a punch, but the latter teleported away with his daughter, who lowered her eyes, motionless.

“Cowards!” Coola swore. “Freeza, let’s mobilize our troops to attack!”

“Let the Saiyan be, Brother, we’re in no condition to face him,” Freeza replied calmly as he approached the tank. He crossed his arms over his chest, his tail curling through the air with some excitement. “So, Captain Ginyu, what a surprising reunion! Imagine my surprise at learning all these years you’ve been hiding in plain sight, right under our noses. To think, it was really you calling us your sons, giving us orders, manipulating us as you please. Yes, I see it within your angry gaze, you’d kill us now to maintain your facade if you could. But seeing as you’re now helpless, I’m afraid the game is finally up. You certainly gave us quite a performance, I’ll freely admit.”

“Freeza, what’re you...”

“YOU TRAITOR!” Freeza interrupted his brother, his tone now much more fierce. “Miserable lying worm! You’ll soon wish you had died all those years ago, I’ll make you regret ever having crossed me! Coola, let’s make this pathetic imitation disappear once and for all!”

“With pleasure!” Coola exclaimed, extending an arm towards the tank to match his brother — both forming a ball of ki in their palms.

However, at the very moment that they would’ve annihilated Ginyu — who could only defy them with a glance, now ready to accept his imminent demise — the three Frost Demons were suddenly seized by an intense migraine. Coola collapsed to the ground, screaming.

“What’s happening to me? Argh!”

“A psychic attack...,” grumbled Freeza, fighting to stand. “Which impudent magician thinks he can control an authentic Frost Demon? Vermin!”

A voice inside his head answered. “Which being corrupted by evil thinks he can resist the most ancient of magics?” Babidi snorted, focusing intently in order to convert the entire trio.

Cold, mentally and physically exhausted, gave in right away. Coola was quick to follow, full of resentment and hatred. But Freeza was proving surprisingly difficult, himself having the most affinity for psychic ability within his family, a great resource. Babidi found him to be just as difficult to bribe as Cell had been. But, in the end, his mental defenses broke and he too submitted to the wizard. The army was now almost ready. The yellow-skinned magician instructed Dabra to make preparations while he told Buu the time for them to conquer the arena had almost come. Quite soon, the storm would descend.

Meanwhile, back on the Universe 16 balcony, Vegetto had returned to Gohan and the others. Pan, Trunks, and Goten were frightened by Bra’s pathetic state, her face and body covered in blood and bruises. Vegetto took her aside and addressed Piccolo.

“Senzus, please!”

Taking out a large handful, the Saiyan girl warfed down the beans like a sloppy teenager. Without a glance towards her loved ones or to the quite-noisy ring, she walked straight to the apartments.

“I’m taking a nap,” she uttered, her mouth still quite full.

Under the worried look of Pan and Videl, she disappeared into the corridor. Uub, from the 18th patio, perceived her aura as it disappeared into the rooms below. Later, perhaps, he would check in and see if she was doing alright. Gohan then approached his father.

“And Ginyu?”

“Back inside of Cold, and it’s not my problem anymore. If Freeza knows what’s good for him, he’ll vaporize the fiend now.”

“Bra should study her next opponent now that her little adventure is over,” Piccolo said. “Given what we’ve seen so far, she could really benefit from it. Not to mention I think she’d find it interesting regardless...”

“That would be smart of her, so of course not...” Vegetto sighed. “Wait, interesting how? Is Gast really strong?”

“Not just that,” Gohan answered, a bead of sweat on his forehead. “See for yourself.”

Turning his gaze towards the arena, Vegetto beheld a sight that surprised even him. In the middle of the battlefield, Carcohl was bleeding down on one knee, then there was Vegeta of Universe 13 transformed into Super Saiyan 3. And behind Gast, an immense mass of muscles in gleaming black armor, illuminated by an intense neon aura...

Moments before, while Vegetto was off handling the Ginyu situation in space...

Gast Carcolh stood across from Raichi, ever perched on his glass globe. The Namek had followed Vegetto’s energy signature until it had vanished off into space, but he wasn’t too concerned with it. The problem itself was none of his concern to begin with. On the Tsuful side, he had rechecked his ghosts to make sure nothing had been tampered with. All his slaves from the previous round were battle-ready, as well as the new one... Patting his ball with his fingertips, he frowned and stepped slightly towards Gast. The Namek remained silent.

“You have to touch the ring, old man...”

“Let my spectres worry about that, honored Namekian,” the doctor replied.

All around him appeared a multitude of Nameks, villagers and children. The youngest were carried by adults to avoid being crushed by the gravity. Both Gohans were astonished, as these ghosts were more affected than those of the previous round. Buu whistled from his prison, while Gast and the Namek healers present were outraged.

“You... killed Namekians?”

“I have no innocent blood on my conscience!” Raichi retorted, fidgeting. “These villagers were murdered by Saiyans — what a surprise, I know! Each and every one of my ghosts, except the victims of this tournament, were casualties of those bloodthirsty conquerors. My own people, the Nameks... surely you understand as I do, we must eradicate these hellish brutes. You and I share the same peaceful values! Allow me to win so that I may have my wish!”

“It’s not peace or justice that’s guiding you,” Gast remarked, “it’s revenge. Your heart is tormented, blinded, I feel only hate inside. Tell me, if you won, would you use the Dragon Balls to return your people to life?”

Inside the noble Carcolh, hope yet remained for the Tsuful. Just as with Piccolo Daimao, he wished he could be a tool to soften Raichi’s heart, plant the truth, and possibly appease the old man’s soul. Perhaps there was still a chance to free him from his demons. Unfortunately, the doctor’s vendetta would not be so easily quelled.

“The dead do not return,” he answered, grumbling in a dark tone.

“And yet we are surrounded by them.”

Gast began to inch forward, one step at a time. Raichi took this as an offensive gesture and ordered his ghosts to attack. Then, in a fraction of a second, all his spectres disappeared, one shotted in the blink of an eye. Carcolh stood in front of him, a single hand bracing against his energy shield. Raichi flinched, frightened.

“You live in the past, sealed up in your shell of denial,” the Great Namek continued. “You and the lost souls you command have suffered enough. Did you not already vanquish the Saiyans responsible in your own universe? Leave the other universes alone, it’s time to move on... for your own good. Return home, perhaps you may yet find peace there.”

Effortlessly, Gast broke through Raichi’s shield, the old man scurrying away quickly. But the Namek’s goal was not to kill him, far from it. All he desired was to help ease his anguish, to usher him off this path of destruction and genocide.

But the Tsuful’s bitter roots dug deep.

“A young man — all he wanted was to see his murdered brother once again — was slaughtered by a monster just like these Saiyans!” Raichi snarled, resting his hands against the globe. “I will never stop fighting to eradicate them. Anyone who opposes me in my quest is no better than they, and will be eliminated without mercy!”

Behind him, Hildegan appeared, uttering another furious roar that caused the audience to cover their ears. What better way to avenge Tapion than to use his own creature in the crusade?

The massive demon swung a powerful punch in the direction of Gast, who merely stretched out his arm and unflinchingly caught the attack. Then, the fused Namekian sent an energy pulse through the monster’s body that caused him to disappear into a silver vapor, under Raichi’s shocked glare. It was impossible, just who was this Namek?

“Send whatever fighters against me you want,” Gast said, “but I will win. My people will be restored, I swore an oath. And if you persist in this futile opposition, you too will become my enemy. This is your last chance...”

Carcolh took another step towards the doctor, this time to force him to forfeit, when a powerful kick struck his face and ejected him a few yards away. Recovering his balance, he turned and realized the attacker was Vegeta of Universe 13, transformed with long golden hair and surrounded by lightning. The Saiyan stood between him and Raichi.

“Hands off the master, Namek. He gave you a choice. Kneel, or die for the sake of his noble cause!”

“What!!?” the real Vegeta yelled, enraged. It wasn’t just his counterpart from another universe, it was him exactly! Only, now his mind had become subjected to that scoundrel Tsuful — and though his armor was fully repaired, he had the audacity to appear without his red cloak, the proud symbol of his kingship and dominion! “That bastard...”

Gast twitched at the sight of this particular warrior. As a Namekian, he could easily measure the strength of his opponents — and though he knew he was superior, this Vegeta would not prove an easy win. While still not his equal, taking this fight seriously was now a necessity. Approaching Vegeta, he threw a fist forwards, the Saiyan meeting his blow with a satisfied grin.

“So, you made your choice,” Vegeta replied, the ground cracking beneath them. “All the same, I’m really going to enjoy this. You will die for the glory of Master Raichi!”

The Saiyan then chained a hook that Gast blocked between his fingers, making the Namek’s hand tremble from such power — this was not going to be easy. The two parted, but charged each other again in an explosive body-to-hand exchange. Compared to the amount of power displayed when Vegeta had fought Cell Junior, this was on another level entirely. Buu and Gohan both recognized this league of combat, as it reminded them of their clash years ago. Super Buu had been dominated by Ultimate Gohan only to then absorb Gotenks’ power and turn the tables, and this confrontation was nearly on par with that. At least, Gast was in the same tier. Vegeta was gradually being overwhelmed, taking blows in the chest and face. Even as Raichi’s ghost, Super Saiyan 3 was not easy to manage or use to full effect. Nevertheless, he gave almost as good as he got. In spite of his higher defenses, Gast was bleeding and feeling the pain from the Saiyan’s attacks. Vegeta put some distance between them, stretching out his arms and yelling.

“Galick Cannon!”

Gast crossed his arms in front and braced full force against the energy blast. His legs dug a deep groove as he recoiled, but he dispelled the attack with an incredible Kiai. Vegeta rushed him again in close combat and their fists clashed together violently — causing the Saiyan to suddenly cry out in pain as his left hand broke. Gast had had enough, and was now going all out! Deploying his aura, he pulverized Vegeta with a storm of blows that left marks and impacts all over his body. But the Saiyan roared his power in return and tried a diagonal down-slam that Gast dodged by leaping backwards.

The Namek was jolted in shock as he crashed into an obstacle, an emerald glow behind him being the only clue he needed to understand what was about to happen. Behind Vegeta, who wore a victorious grin, the balcony of Universe 18 members wore an expression of terror. Instinctively, Goten and Trunks had even turned Super Saiyan. Gast turned slowly to be greeted by the face of Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, standing right before him with a cruel smile.

“Say goodbye to your life, insect!” Broly chuckled obscenely.

An unbelievable crushing blow slammed into Gast from above, forcing him onto one knee as he gasped in pain. Broly had nearly knocked him unconscious with a single attack, and the two Saiyans snickered at his pathetic weakness. Raichi gritted his teeth, but said nothing. The Namekian had chosen his destiny. Though he couldn’t sense energy levels, he knew the end result. Broly was already stronger than Gast.

Vegetto, having been back for about twenty seconds, was amazed and even delighted. If Gast was defeated by Broly, the latter becoming uncontrollable, he would be entitled to a rematch! He decided to stay back for the moment and see how Carcolh would manage, though. Up in the Varga’s control booth, there was absolute panic.

“It’s him! Reinforce the shield to the maximum!”

“Prepare to eject all of Universe 3 if necessary!”

“But what about Piccolo Daimao and the secondary tournament...”

“There’s nothing we can do, this monster is too dangerous!”

Over on the Kaioshin veranda, even the gods were frightened, and rightly so, but readied themselves to fight. This Broly was far from being as strong as the first, and as a result they were prepared to try and throw him into a star. Buu begged and pleaded with his captor to be released, but was of course denied.

“Please please please! I can’t stand it, it’s torture to miss out on confronting him again! This is a unique opportunity, I beg you, let me fight him!”

Gast hurried away from Broly, now aware of how dangerous this confrontation had become for him. He’d have to finish it quickly, and thus charged Raichi. Broly and Vegeta pursued while Raichi summoned Cell Junior and Bojack to try and slow him down — the two were vaporized on the spot, utterly useless. Then came an Oozaru to block his path momentarily. Gast destroyed it with a quick energy blast, but the damage had been done and Broly now stood before him. He had no choice. Concentrating all his strength, the greatest of Nameks threw his absolute strongest punch into the chest of the Legendary Super Saiyan... who mocked him with a toothy grin. The Namek’s arm was covered with small cuts, trickling with blood, and a long-forgotten emotion began to creep up on him: terror, total helplessness. His attack truly was nothing, and it didn’t help that his super hearing heard Vegetto’s commentary.

“Well duh. What part of ‘invincible’ didn’t he understand? That’s not how you attack, that’s how you break your arm.”

With a powerful hook from behind, Broly launched Gast into the air, blood trailing from the Namek’s mouth. The Legendary Saiyan roared with laughter as his energy began to stockpile around him, doubling his power. Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan tensed. He was now beyond even them stopping him. Broly moved too fast for Gast to follow — how had he been so outclassed? Carcoll was taken completely by surprise when the warrior grabbed and restrained him. Even with all his strength he couldn’t break free, though the Namek tried all the harder when he noticed the sly grin worn by Vegeta. The latter then extended his arms and sent a volley of Kienzans towards the captive Namek, who still struggled in vain. The discs sliced his body apart like cold cuts, before crumpling against the invincible Broly’s chest as he boomed with laughter. Only sparse green clumps of Gast’s arms, legs, and torso remained, each falling to the ground along with his head — eyes glassed over.

Both Piccolo’s were speechless, and the Vargas began counting down. Raichi sighed in sadness as Vegetto cracked his knuckles. It seemed his intervention would be necessary after all.

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