DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 15, Chapter 74.


Chapter 74

Translated by Jake Devaro

Over the next few hours, the groups gradually went to bed. There were only eight hours left before the resumption of the tournament, and everybody needed their rest. However, some were not as eager for sleep. Those of universes 12, 16, and 18 continued their discussions, and although the Cold family had left their space, they were not intending to sleep just yet. All members of universe 2 were throwing a party in honor of their two remaining members: Arale and Nekomajin. They drank, sang, and laughed uproariously. Beside them, the Kaioshins gathered together to discuss once again the tournament and its perks, while above them floated Namekians, cross-legged and close-eyed. The levitated quietly, as if carried by the air itself. Of course, they were not really sleeping. They were carefully taking in their surroundings, as any piece of information could be incredibly useful in the appropriate circumstance.

Another Namekian was retreating to the shadows of his room after drinking several glasses of water. He had observed for a long time several groups where he had spotted people he knew, or had known. In particular, two copies of Vegeta were present now. One of them, the one from universe 18, seemed to have a different character than the one he had met long ago. At the same time he had met Vegeta he had met another alien named Kiwi. He recognized him in universe 8, as this villainous henchman had cost him a terrible sacrifice. This was a sacrifice he would undo by winning the tournament, he vowed.

Gast was slowly walking up towards the room for his universe, while reminiscing of the era that was such a turning point for his people...

Planet Namek. 16 December, Age 762.

At the time, life was peaceful on Namek. Any being in the universe could spend his retirement there without having to worry about anything other than his or her own well-being. Namek was a quiet heaven, a haven of peace which had followed a cataclysmic event where many Namekians had perished or fled to another planet...

The population on this Namek was very low, but sufficient for their people not to die out. They worked the land to grow new trees and vegetables and gradually returned the planet to its former grandeur.

It was rare that the Namekians would receive visitors. Even though they were well known in the universe, they kept to themselves and had not spread very far through the galaxy. It was an archaeologist of Freeza that had discovered their planet, and created dreadful plans for it. Of the visits they received, practically none showed up unannounced. On that day, a ship entered the atmosphere of the green planet and landed near a village. On board was a tyrant who reigned over that part of the universe with an iron fist, and was seeking even more power. He came for the dragon balls, for a wish for immortality. The inhabitants were doomed.

Gast remembered perfectly every encounter with the tyrant. When he was only Nail, he remained in the company of the Grand Elder Guru, who could see what was happening on the entire planet. He could see a group of Namekians, and had to watch them die quickly, one after another. He felt the fear of the children when Freeza and his army had overrun the first village. He felt their pain when his children were brutally murdered, simply because they would not give up their dragon ball.

The Grand Elder could sense it every time the demon moved on to a new village. Such cruelty could not be stopped. Even if the villagers had a desire to surrender the information to the devil, they stuck to their convictions. As a leader, and a father, he had a difficult decision to make. With difficulty, he opened his eyes, and rested them upon his most powerful son, Nail. Something had to be done, and soon. Nail was their only hope.

Closing his eyes again, Guru spoke to his son:

“The lives of our people go out... Nail... A terrible monster came to us...”

He did not answer. He had felt the power of the terrible enemy.

“I made my decision. I hesitated a lot, but I think it’s the only way to save us... Nail, you have to fight... but not alone. You must take my power.”

The warrior’s eyes widened in amazement. He knew what this meant.

“What do you say? You want to sacrifice yourself!?”

“I have not much more to live anyway, at least I’ll be useful...”

“Do not say that! There must be another way!”

“There may be. There always is. But not one that can insure the lives of all of our people. Who knows, in another reality, a passing traveler could save us. But now, I am choosing to act.”

“Grand Elder, I cannot do that!”

“Why not? In you, I will live much longer... and perhaps we will save our people.

“I’m going to face him alone. It is my duty.”

“Then you’ll die in vain... Nail... Your mission is to protect us all... Come my child...”

Nail hesitated, then stepped towards his elder.

“Accept this gift, and you will be the salvation of us all.”

Nail let the Grand Elder place his big hand on his head. Tears began to stream down his cheeks when, within seconds, his father had disappeared from his throne only to become an infusion of energy, his complete knowledge, his entire being, and even his soul.

With this merger, Nail become much more powerful, and his body changed slightly. He had gained power, but the trade-off was costly: without Guru, the dragon balls would be useless. The Grand Nail was a fighter.

His tears began to dry, and after a few seconds of quiet meditation, he left the hut and flew quickly to the second village that Freeza’s army had ransacked.

The village chief was wounded. He was of the few survivors of a massacre that had taken just minutes. He was on trial in front of his house for the object that Freeza desired: the five-star dragon ball.

As the evil lord approached him, he said in a resigned voice, “You can take it... even with all the dragon balls, you will never have your wish anyway...”

As Dodoria approached him, the luminous glow dazzled brightly. When they could see it again, the dragon ball had lost its beauty. It was now simply a round stone.

“What have you done? You think you can stop me from getting my wish like that?” cried Freeza from his vehicle.

“Master, it seems that all the balls have changed!” intoned Zarbon.


The village elder fell to his knees, the dragon ball still in his hands.

“Lord Guru... has left us”

“Stop your tricks now!”

“You don’t understand!” came the agonized cry of the Namekian, causing Freeza to finally look him in the eye, “It’s over, there are no more dragon balls! You’ll never have your wish!”

“Right, we’re going to kill the last villagers one by one, before your eyes. Let’s see if you change your mind!”

The Namekian did not move. He lowered his head. It didn’t matter what happened to him now, and he had no power to stop this monster.

Dodoria had already approached him. Should he just beat him until he did something? Whatever... he was just one village chief, he would end his life now. The pink creature grabbed his neck and squeezed hard with three fingers. He started to smile. Suddenly, a beep emitted from the strange device over his left eye. He let go and turned around. Someone powerful was rapidly approached, and his arrival would be soon.

Nail landed in the village center, then walked to the body of one brother and son. He was a warrior like him. He had tried in vain to defend his village... perhaps if Nail had accepted Elder Guru’s gift earlier, maybe he would have arrived in time.

Around him, several soldiers from Freeza’s army turned to him, weapons in hand, ready to shoot. Grand Nail gritted his teeth in anger. He clenched his fists before attacking the soldiers, the closest he killed in one fell swoop. The ones further had time to register his strength on the scouter, and were immediately terrified. Many tried to flee. Nail flew up high, before firing several beams of energy which soon overtook the soldiers and exploded, spraying the dust into the air.

“How dare you, killing my children?!” he cried turning towards Freeza and his bodyguard..

“Well, this one is stronger than the others... I’m on it, Master Freeza!” shouted Dodoria proudly as he held his palm into the sky toward Grand Nail.

The latter shook his fist again and let his strength flow through it. Below him, the scouters exploded, injuring the eyes of some of the wearers. Dodoria didn't even have time to wonder how the Namekian was so strong before an energy attack had perforated his armor and pierced his heart.

Blood dripping from his mouth, Dodoria exhaled his last breath as he fell to the ground.

“He killed Dodoria so easily... his strength must be greater than that of the Ginyu Squad!” said Zarbon as he stood next to Freeza.

The green-haired warrior knew he was outclassed, and dreaded his lord’s command for help. In fact his cry was somewhat of a subtle plea, informing Freeza that if he wanted his enemy slain he would have to do it himself.

Instead of that, however, Freeza calmly said, “Amazing, really amazing. Would you like to join my elite army?”

“Leave immediately...” retorted the Namekian, “Otherwise I will have to kill you, too.”

Freeza floated out of his vehicle.

“Incredible... you deserve a lesson. Do you know my power? It is of...”

Freeza did not finish his sentence. Nail had disappeared from the sky to suddenly reappear before him and land an incredible kick to his face that knocked him several feet away.

Zarbon and the few warriors of Freeza’s army that remained we stunned. It was the first time they had seen their lord take a hit!


Freeza was angry, and he would give a lesson to the arrogant Namekian. He concentrated his strength and transformed to his third reduced form in a second. His armor shattered into twenty pieces, his chest doubled in volume, and the muscles of his legs and arms, and finally his horns widened considerably. His horns now pointed straight up.

“You’ll regret your actions, stupid Namek!”

For a moment, the two warriors stood face to face, holding each others gaze, then Freeza charged at his opponent. Nail replied with an energy attack, but Freeza plowed through it unhindered. As he approached, the Frost Demon grabbed the collar of the Namekian and headbutted him so violently that it almost rendered him unconscious, then dealt him an uppercut that launched him into the sky. In one hand he quickly gathered energy before hurling it at the defenseless green man. His body battered all over fell heavily to the ground. A large wound in his chest illustrated his obvious death. Although known for their resistance, other Namekians had died from much less than that.

Freeza landed with a smile. That was done. He turned to the rest of his army. Zarbon had picked up the second dragon ball which had turned to stone.

“Let’s go find the other dragon balls. And if they don’t change back, I’ll destroy this stupid planet!”

They flew off towards the location of another village, leaving only one survivor. When they had gone, the village leader stood up, and quickly ran to find the body of Nail.

When the surviving villager had reached the right place, he found him sitting up, gazing at his hands.

“Nail, is that you? You’re still alive?”

“My regeneration has greatly improved...” he muttered before getting up.

He had been beaten. Endowed with unprecedented power, he had believed he was powerful enough to defeat any invader. He had misjudged. He had been beaten, but was still alive, even if only out of sheer luck. He would pay for that error.

He approached and rested a hand on the shoulder of the old Namekian.

“I’m sorry my son... we thought we could repel the invader, but its strength was more than we thought...”

“Lord Guru? You are within Nail? Nothing is lost then; this is only the beginning!”

The newly-born Nail did not understand immediately.

“Take my power. And the others’. We are all prepared to live within Nail in order to defeat this demon.”

“What? No... you cannot do that...”

How could he allow him to sacrifice himself?

“We all prefer living in one sole Namekian than dying one by one!”

Once again Nail had to admit that he was telling the truth, in fact it was obvious. He had lost the fight, and if nothing was done, they would all die. In addition, the strength of Freeza had greatly exceeded the estimates of Lord Guru, once he had transformed to gain power. Who knows if he didn't hide an even greater force? Something must be done.

The former village chief tore his coat. The larger Nail steeled himself, and placed his hand on his son’s chest. With one last smile, he vanished, and became a part of Nail.

He felt his essence, his life force, become one with him, but the memories of a lifetime among his own started to blend, individuality eventually blending and disappearing to form a small part of a cohesive unit.

Once completed, Nail flew quickly to every village on the planet. He had in mind a speech, and a very specific proposal for each member of his great people.

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