DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 7.


Chapter 7

Translated by MikeysBoner(certified god), Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and npberryhill

Piccolo continued his conversation with Nail of Universe 10, the pair still standing casually on the patio. "I suspect there's a reason so few of the universes here contain Namekians," he said after a quick glance around the stadium.

"Indeed. Our people differ very little from one universe to another..." Nail finished his thought. "Although, there are still a few exceptions, such as Universes 1 and 7."

"The first universe, you say?" asked Piccolo, somewhat perplexed. "The Kaioshins?"

"Don’t you feel it? They’ve never experienced any worldwide disasters like the great cataclysm. I'm guessing they know nothing of the atrocities or struggles we've faced."

"So, the reason they organized this tournament... was so that the Nameks of the first universe could participate?"

"No, that's not it," replied Nail. "It’s my understanding that those among them who were planning to participate each unregistered after the discovery of Universe 7... take a look over there..."

Casting his eyes towards the balcony of Universe 7, Piccolo saw...a green giant! There stood a Namekian greater than even Piccolo himself. He leaned against the back wall, eyes closed, full of stoic calmness. The warrior was even taller than the door! He was at least three meters tall if not more. In any case, this Namek was the single most impressive specimen of his species; his long flowing cape only strengthened his presence.

"In order to defeat Frieza," Nail continued, "all the Nameks in his universe merged into a single being. The end result was him, a true "super" Namek, with all the strength of our entire race combined."

"A Super Namek..." repeated Piccolo. Up until now, Piccolo had thought that he, himself, had become a Super Namek. But this Universe 7 warrior brought a whole new meaning to the term.

"It apparently served its purpose quite well," said Nail. "He easily destroyed Freeza, but there was an unexpected drawback: the Dragon Balls. After the fusion, they were left inert, and though he tried, he was unable to create new ones. As I understand, he traveled the universe in search of a replacement. It seems at long last he's found what he's been searching for. The Dragon Balls presented to the winner may be able to finally grant his wish."

Piccolo grunted, curious what wish this super Namek could possibly want.

"During his many adventures in space he met many powerful creatures..." Nail continued. "He defeated a green lizard monster that threatened the galaxy, then a pink demon. In fact, both of those creatures are here from other universes."

"Yes, I think I may know who you're talking about..."

"I'm pretty sure I've figured out his wish, too. He wants to be separated into all the individual souls he once was, before fusion. With all that taken into account, I think he's heavily favored to win this tournament."

Certainly, everyone could count on him to put up an incredible showing, at the very least. While his Ki wasn't overwhelming at the moment, he no doubt was a master at concealing it. Piccolo was, to say the least, stunned by the imposing warrior... If all the Nameks in his world had fused, they were likely to become more powerful than him by far!

"So, are you participating?" Nail asked.

"No. Where I'm from, my power has been long surpassed by too many. Fighting would be pointless for me. But what about you? You seem to be the strongest of your universe... I'm assuming you registered?"

"Yes, I did. Although, I hold no allusions about defeating that super Namek and I can certainly recognize the Ki of Freeza and many others. I still want to go as far as I can--even if only to represent my universe. Three other Namekians registered with me," Nail said, designating a few other Nameks behind him.

"Ah! Cargot, I remember you," said Piccolo, recognizing the Namekian thanks to the memories of Nail within him. "But... In my universe you had no real fighting abilities..."

"Correct, but I learned, studying and training with the best," replied Cargot. "I can't remember what changed my mind really, and the elder Nameks told me the sudden interest was strangely unfounded."

"I see," said Piccolo. "Well, I wish you the best of luck regardless...and that goes for all of you. But feel free to forfeit if your efforts here aren't enough. It's just a tournament, there's no good reason to throw your life away."

Each of the Nameks glanced at one another for a moment before Nail answered with a smile. "Thank you for the advice, my friend. We will take it into consideration."

On the other side of Universe 10's space, Trunks and Goten had just about finished speaking with the Saiyans. They really had nothing to learn from them, so they left.

"Let's go back to our area," suggested Trunks.

With that, they headed back to space 18. Along the way they crossed paths with Goku, who seemed to be heading towards the universe patio they had just left. Before either could ask Goku what his intentions were, Goten became distracted by something more interesting. "Look, the participants of Universe 19 are finally here!" he said, pointing towards their balcony.

The fighters of Universe 19 were quite numerous. From a distance they all looked more or less the same. They all wore the same type of armor, a metallic alloy fiber that appeared quite durable. They also were armed with what appeared to be basic weaponry, and one of the fighters even seemed to have a rocket launcher on his back! Many of the fighters also wore unique helmets. Upon closer inspection, the warriors varied physically. Some were tall, some short, some with minor armor, and some with full bodied suits. Also immediately noticeable was the haircut of the largest, which bristled back past his ears.

While Trunks and Goten jumped over the low wall into their universe's area, Goku timidly approached his father from Universe 10; Piccolo's ears twitched, attentive to the conversation about to unfold.

"We look very similar," said Goku.

"Yeah?" replied Baddack simply, annoyed at having to meet yet another stranger.

A silence fell between them for several long seconds...

"So, apparently my name used to be Kakarotto, but I didn't know about that until I was grown. Since childhood I was called Son Goku."

"Yes, you do resemble Kakarotto. I'm Baddack," said the father of Goku coldly.

"Hmm..." said Goku, folding his arms.

Another pause...

"You don't, uh, look very strong..." said Goku finally.

"What!?" exclaimed Baddack. "You dare say that to me!? From the day you were born I had to go out of my way protecting you and your ridiculously laughable power level! The second you were finally killed was the second I finally felt relieved. Good riddance!"

"Huh? Was I really that weak?"

"Worse than you can imagine..." replied Baddack. "You were a Saiyan of low power from birth. Even your own brother was ashamed of you."

Goku showed a little grimace at the mention of his brother. When Goku had faced Raditz, he had definitely been inferior. But now...

Baddack said nothing more, and didn't seem interested in getting to know his son from another universe, so Goku departed. Ultimately, he didn't have anything to say to the man he had never known either. Upon returning to Universe 18's patio, along with Piccolo, Goku saluted the new arrivals--Universe 19's spectators and combatants. However, only a single warrior returned his greeting. Suddenly, Pan's voice called out to everyone.

"Look! The last spot has been filled." Her voice conveyed her surprise. "But is that really the fighter for Universe 20?"

Three Vargas and two Namekians were pushing a levitating platform from behind (Gohan wondered if it was anti-gravity technology or a mere air-cushion). On top of it lay a large block of ice that had been crudely cut.

"There's someone inside the ice," Goku said observantly.

Piccolo, with his piercing eyes, quickly discovered who it was. However, he didn't expect his revelation to trigger such panic. "Th-that's Broly!"

"What!?" shouted Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan in utter shock.

As Vegeta and Goku approached the patio of Universe 20, followed soon after by Piccolo and Gohan, a Varga began to explain. "We found him frozen in the vacuum of space. If he is alive when his match is called, then we'll allow him to participate."

"That, is a very bad idea," added one of the Nameks next to him, staring at the giant frozen in the fetal position.

'How could they bring a monster like that here?' Goku thought, trembling as a bead of sweat rolled off his forehead.

"It's horrible!" Bra of Universe 18 shouted, her voice almost too sincere.

"So, even you can sense how dangerous he is, Bra?" her father asked, somewhat glad that his daughter was actually paying attention to things for once.

"What? No! But... Did you see his outfit?" Bra asked them--the other Saiyans taken aback, almost shocked. "Just look at those bracelets on his arms. So tacky! It's a visual travesty!"

Vegeta didn't even bother answering the remark... His second child was undoubtedly a far cry from discovering her Saiyan spirit... Her mother's fault without question!

As they took in the full view of all twenty universes, the Z fighters now saw just how many familiar foes there were. There was Cell of Universe 17, who returned their stare with a not so subtle frown. Then there was Majin Buu of Universe 11, Freeza of Universe 8, Bojack and Zangya of Universe 6--they even saw the two cyborgs #17 and #18 smiling sadistically from their balcony. These were no doubt the same two cyborgs that had terrorized Future Trunks his entire life.

"Oh man..." Trunks shivered as he remembered the frigid beating he and Goten had taken from Broly as kids ("fight" was a big stretch, considering how badly they were beaten).

"Um, how about we leave?" Goten continued, following the idea of his best friend, also rather terrified of having to face Broly.

"Pansies," Vegeta mocked. "What's wrong? You registered as Gotenks, didn't you? You should have no problem if you have to face him."

"Don't be so sure, Vegeta," Goku noted. "You're forgetting that his power constantly increases every second! After twenty years, there's no telling how powerful he's become."

But Goku's words didn't unnerve Vegeta in the slightest. "Tch. He may have beaten me years ago, but now... I could crush him!"

"Don't be so sure of yourself..." said Goku.

"You guys seem like you know almost everyone here," Uub said as the group returned to their area.

"Yeah, that's true. But don't worry too much," reassured his mentor. "Most of them are well below our level now. We will be able reenact legendary encounters!"

'Especially against Broly...' he mentally added.

Suddenly, a display of fireworks exploded in the sky, and a lively piece of music blared over the loudspeakers. It was a clear sign--the tournament was officially about to start! Up in the grandstands, the millions of people woke up in a single bound and roared.

Goku was more excited than ever due to the massive audience like none he'd ever seen, and he couldn't wait for the battles to start. Uub, on the other hand, was both anxious and nervous. Pan was too happy and impressed to be nervous, and her attention suddenly shifted to a small, disk-shaped object flying over the small ring planet. On this object crouched a slightly small, green and blue creature, who had a head equipped with ten eyes and two vertical mouths. He spoke into two microphones at once, which he held in two of his four hands.

"Inhabitants of the Multiverse!" the creature began, his voice both grave and acute but perfectly audible and understandable as it resonated throughout the stadium.

The creature allowed a moment of silence. That one single sentence had driven the audience wild! They shouted, whistled, howled, and even stomped their feet (or paws)! Goku had never seen a crowd so happy about the opening of a tournament (or a crowd so large, for that matter).

"Fans of martial arts and fighting in general!" he continued. "You have all gathered here to witness the most incredible, most amazing, most competitive tournament that has ever existed!"

Again, the cries of the millions of spectators filled the stadium, which covered up the announcer's voice for several dozen seconds.

"You will witness the titanic battles of the strongest beings in the entire multiverse! Sixty-four fighters! Sixty-three fights in total! Twenty different universes! And, especially, one single winner!"

No doubt, this presenter knew how to get a crowd going! And not just the audience, as Goku found himself repeatedly saying "Go, go!" as he stomped his feet. But even if Goku had to wait, he had to admit that he loved the anticipation.

"All participants are now present!" the presenter continued. "The matches have been drawn up! It's only a matter of minutes! No, seconds! Everyone, give a quick thank you to the organizers of Universe 1, who planned and arranged this tournament purely for your viewing enjoyment! And to arbitrate these fights, myself and my twelve twin brothers will be your commentators!"

These brothers of his appeared around him in an instant. They all looked the same. Each of them greeted the audience, and each of them appeared to have the same voice, completely indistinguishable.

"It's finally time! Here is the first match of the tournament! I now call to the ring... (A moment of silence, the last, final moment of silence before the real start!) From Universe 13... Nappa!"

"Alright!” Nappa said. “I’m up first! Watch and learn, guys!"

"Against... Cargot of Universe 10!"

Nappa flew toward the ring... And Cargot did the same. Both fighters landed on the spherical surface... The fight was about to start!

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