DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 26, Chapter 127.


Chapter 127

Translated by npberryhill

Moments before...

Kakarotto had collapsed, unconscious, in the ring. His opponent, without turning to look back, returned to the universe 18 balcony as the Vargas announced the results.

“Victory for Vegeta of Universe 18! Please clear the ring immediately so we may begin making repairs!”

Before he’d even finished his sentence, Raditz had hurried to his wounded brother — glancing sideways at the man that had defeated Kakarotto without any real effort. The gaping hole in the younger sibling’s chest was concerning, but he quickly put his brother on his shoulder.

“Well, he got you good, bro... it doesn’t bode well for our future...”

Indeed, even with his new transformation, Kakarotto had failed — and against a Vegeta that was only at Super Saiyan 2. Even when they were both in regular Super Saiyan he’d been completely dominated. Considering that their leader, who wasn’t exactly fond of either of them, had unlocked a form beyond even level 2, the danger hanging over them had only increased. They could be eliminated easily and without warning whenever Vegeta wished — with Kakarotto’s temperament, it might be sooner rather than later. The best thing they could do was find a way to get rid of the Saiyan Emperor before they outlived their usefulness to him.

Raditz hoisted his brother onto his shoulder and flew back to the universe 13 patio. Meanwhile, Vegeta had just returned to his veranda as well, shining a grin at Pan as she jumped joyously at his triumph. Her father, standing behind her, never ceased to be amazed at Vegeta; the man seemed too complex to even begin explaining. Both his strength and willpower were formidable, and though the goodness in his heart had been proven time and again, his core nature remained unchanged. He was, and always would be, a proud Saiyan — one who delighted in crushing his enemies. Gohan knew that in spite of whatever friendship the prince shared with his father, he wouldn’t hesitate in battle to employ whatever cruelties he felt were deserved. But, rather than dwell on what Vegeta might be capable of, he instead offered congratulations on his victory.

Continuing back to his previous viewing spot, Vegeta caught Goku watching him out of the corner of his eye. His old archrival grinned, his eyes burning with anticipation. The pure-hearted warrior trembled with excitement at his Saiyan rival’s new demonstration. Vegeta seemed to have a knack for pleasantly surprising him, for constantly improving and exceeding his expectations. Vegeta returned Goku’s grin with his usual sneer before leaning against the corridor wall and crossing his arms. As he did so he noticed another being gazing at him intently. Cell didn’t even blink, his face expressionless and his body motionless. His six juniors were concerned for their father, but dared not disturb him.

The bio-android’s mind was busy calculating hypotheticals, imagining dozens of possible scenarios that could happen in his upcoming fight with Vegeta. Kakarotto hadn’t been enough of a challenge to push the prince beyond Super Saiyan 2, even with his Golden Oozaru form. Like himself against Dabra, the spiky-haired Saiyan had deliberately held back. Vegeta had compensated with new techniques, proving himself as proud as ever — a trait Gero’s ultimate creation had inherited from their shared dna. The one thing he knew for sure was that he would do what Kakarotto had failed at. Whatever it took to draw out 100% of Vegeta’s new abilities, Cell would find a way; his pride would never allow anything less. By facing the Saiyan Prince’s full might, he himself would achieve new heights. They would soon fight... and he would be the victor.

“I can repair your gi if you want,” Piccolo said, approaching the Saiyan.

“Fine. Go ahead,” Vegeta replied, eying the ground.

Extending his arm, the Namekian began the magical materialization, stitching up rips and tears and cleaning blood and dirt stains from the battle garb. Another Namek soon appeared beside them, offering to heal the wounds he’d received. His arms had been slashed all over, and small streaks of blood covered him from head to toe. Grumbling an approval, Vegeta stood still while the healer deployed his ability. He wasn’t all that injured, but it cost him nothing to allow the treatment, and even if Zenkai boosts were a thing of the past it was always wise to keep himself in fighting condition were an unexpected situation to arise. At the tournament, such things had become a recurring trend, the Buu crisis in the previous round being the most recent derailment.

Over on the universe 13 porch, Raditz had set his brother down on the ground to examine his injuries more closely. Kakarotto had been dealt a mortal wound, one that no doubt was excruciating. Raditz kept watch for his leader’s reaction in the corner of his eye, but Vegeta was again indifferent — a pattern which was bothering the older brother more and more. If he didn’t find an alternative quickly, they soon would become nothing but fodder to the Saiyan Emperor. The only way to ensure their survival was to acquire a power even greater than Vegeta’s — which reminded him of the proposition from his Universe 18 nephew. It was tricky, but Raditz had more wits about him than Nappa, and if he were to play his cards right it just might work. All he needed was a reasonable justification, and for Vegeta’s arrogance to permit it.

“He’s still alive,” the older brother told his comrades. “But he needs treatment, and quickly.”

“Hmph,” Vegeta grunted scornfully. “What do we have here? Oh, yes, the same fool who boasted he’d finish me off next and yet, he seems to be laying half-dead at my feet. What a shame..."

Raditz knew this could be the moment. He waited, breath baited.

"Insubordinate madman," Vegeta continued, spitting. "Were he to grovel before me even now and beg for mercy, I still wouldn't permit him to be healed.”

“In that case,” Radtiz replied, knowing he was the key to ending Kakarotto's misery, “I have a proposition to offer. Allow me to go and speak with the Old Kaioshin of Universe 9 again... alone this time. Perhaps I can change his mind and convince him to grant us his power after all. In return, all I ask is that you don’t leave my brother in this dire condition. Please, Vegeta...”

The emperor reflected briefly, realizing he had more to gain here than simply ridding himself of Kakarotto's nuisance. "Fine, why not. After all, you've developed your diplomatic facilities all these years to make up for your lack of strength. Negotiating from weakness is unbecoming of any true Saiyan, but if you somehow manage to succeed... you'll have spared your brother's agony... this time.”

Raditz nodded, flying off as he glanced once more at his brother. He passed a Namek on his way, probably headed to offer healing services — though the long-haired Saiyan doubted Vegeta would keep his word. At the very least, he’d probably let Kakarotto suffer a while longer out of spite. Such thoughts only reinforced Raditz’ determination as he landed on the Universe 9 patio, much to the surprise of old Kulilin and Tenshinhan.

“What are you doing here, Saiyan?” Kulilin asked suspiciously. “You’re already out of the tournament, so what do you want?”

“I need to speak with the Kaioshin from your group.” Raditz voice was firm, unintimidated by the threatening looks of Kulilin and Tenshinhan. “It’s regarding an important manner, and no, I don’t have time to explain it to you.”

“You’re not taking another step towards him, Saiyan,” Tenshinhan quickly blocked the apartment doorway. “We know all about you and the other barbarians of universe 13. The Saiyans of 16 and 18 may have proven themselves to us, but you are your filth are just like every other Saiyan... untrustworthy at best, murderers at worst. Leave, now.”

“I won’t repeat myself!” Raditz threatened. “Out of the way now, this is a matter of life and death for me and my brother!”

“That’s it — ”

“Let him on in,” an elderly voice said from inside the apartments. “I’ll at least hear the boy out. Approach, Saiyan.”

Raditz smiled and stepped through the corridor, glancing at the frustrated Tenshinhan as he passed, the triclops’ three eyes still staring daggers at him. From the universe 13 veranda, Vegeta kept watch, following his subordinate’s energy signature until it disappeared inside. Raditz had been allowed to enter the universe 9 apartments, which was both promising and reassuring. The Universe 13 Emperor had half expected Raditz to attempt some kind of alliance with the universe 16 or 18 Saiyans, which were by far the most formidable in his opinion.

His thoughts were interrupted as a Varga announcer began to speak again, the ring having been fully repaired.

“We apologize for the wait, everyone! Before we continue with the main Multiverse Tournament, we’d like to begin the very first match of our secondary competition — which includes many of your favorite competitors so far that have been eliminated. They’ll be continuing on, so to speak, ensuring you all are entertained to the absolute fullest!”

The multitudes roared to their feet, shouting and cheering at the prospect of even more great fighting — as well as the excitement of seeing many new faces joining in on the competition. They remembered from the previous day that Vegetto would not be competing, a fact that was met with a mixture of relief and disappointment. Among those competing, the sentiment of relief was nearly unanimous. The fused warrior in question, disappointed and embarrassed he’d missed his chance to sign up, had suffered a demeaning look from his daughter even as Gohan tried to calm her.

“This tournament,” the Varga continued, “will consist of double matches — two on two! We’ve randomly grouped together our twenty-eight participants to compete in seven round one matchups! Teams will remain paired throughout, until the parallel tournament has its very own champion duo!!! The rules are strict: there will be absolutely no killing under penalty of disqualification. If a team member is unconscious for twenty seconds, they will be removed from the fight by one of the Kaioshins, but the match will not end until both teammates have lost. Likewise, the twenty second rule applies to vanishing from sight. Unlike the main tournament, gravity in the ring will not be artificially increased. Forfeiting is of course allowed at any time. And so, without further ado... let the competition begin! The first team in match 1 will be Pan of Universe 16 and Pan of Universe 18!”

The two girls leapt for joy, waving at one another through the dark gaze of Cell — caught in between them. He was quite displeased that his own battle had been postponed due to this secondary tournament, especially having gotten worked up at Vegeta’s demonstration. The bio-android really needed to let off steam, but for the moment he was stuck. At least one of his Juniors would be fighting in his stead. Resigning himself, he shut his eyes.

Two identical Saiyan girls flew into the ring, landing in a synchronous twirl and wearing radiant smiles. They clapped their hands together, followed by immediate chit-chat, as they waited on the announcement of their opponents.

“They will be facing off against #17 of Universe 14... and Raditz of Universe 13!”

Nappa and Vegeta flinched at the announcement. Raditz was occupied at the moment, cut off from the rest of them and unaware that he’d even been selected. They’d had no way of knowing his name would be called so soon, not to mention that no one knew when the secondary tournament was even set to begin. It was unfortunate, but regardless his current efforts were far more important than a second class fight.

“Raditz forfeits!” Vegeta shouted.

#17 frowned, still standing on his patio. “Sounds like I’m going it alone unless they switch things around...” he wondered aloud. A Varga approached to address the issue.

“My apologies, sir,” he began timidly. “It appears you’ve no other option but to fight solo. Although, since the matches haven’t yet begun... it’s possible we could try to scramble together a replacement...” A thought hit the Varga, realizing if he were to re-open registration for a single extra, Vegetto himself would likely want the spot — he cringed.

“I honestly don’t care,” #17 replied nonchalantly. “Against a pair of pre-teens like those two, I don’t need or want help anyway. Just get the match started, I’ve got this.”

“Uh... as you wish, sir,” the Varga replied, raising his arm in the direction of the control room to confirm the cyborg’s decision.

Seventeen made his way to the center of the ring, itching for battle. He’d been embarrassed in the main tournament by Goku, defeated in a single humiliating blow. Even though these girls were also Saiyans, both capable of transforming, he’d stomped plenty of Super Saiyans in his universe. Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks — not one could match him in battle. Compared to them, the two Pans would be nothing, not to mention they were severely lacking in combat experience. They certainly weren’t up to the level of their father or grandfather, as evidenced by their defeats in the tournament. It had been far too long since he’d had a fun battle, and he would avenge his shameful loss by pummelling the two girls, disfiguring them with their families watching. Android 18 eyed her brother anxiously from her balcony perch.

“Alright, bring it on!” 17 cried.

Both girls powered up to Super Saiyan instantly, and the dark-haired twin was upon them just as quickly. His fist struck hard, but was caught with open palm. 17 was dumbfounded — how had a little girl just effortlessly caught his attack? Pan smiled, twisting her arm around his fist to throw him off balance and then planting a left kick in the cyborg’s gut. Seventeen spat blood, doubling over then collapsing on the ground, stunned at how much stronger her attack was than he’d expected. He tried to recover, hoping to maneuver back to his feet and regroup, when a violent shockwave slammed down on the top of his skull. The cyborg’s face hit the ring, half-conscious. The other Pan had slipped behind him, clasped her hands, and bashed him full force. Even the girl hadn’t expected her attack to be so effective, as she had heard tales of the evil androids from her father. Although the #18 they both knew, Kulilin’s wife, had become a loving and friendly woman, there existed a universe where neither twin possessed even the slightest redeeming quality — murderous and ruthless killing machines to the core. What Pan hadn't expected, was for one of the infamous and terrible androids to be so weak.

The girls stood side by side, waiting to see if the cyborg would recover, while the Vargas in the control room counted.

“...7, 8, 9...”

Seventeen finally sat up, panting and rubbing his aching head, his face covered with dirt and dust. His strength... it had abandoned him. Only now did he realize just how weak he had become — and how infuriating it was, admitting to himself Yamcha had been right all along. Why had he not been repaired miraculously during the night, like his sister? In his jealousy he couldn’t understand, why had fate so cruelly turned against him?

Nearby, hovering over the palm of Grand Kaioshin, Buu began to whistle inconspicuously. He might have magically restored 17’s power as well, had he known at the time. It would’ve been no trouble, he just hadn’t seen the point. Besides, the djinn had been far too preoccupied with XXI — repairing 18 had been a necessity in order to motive the wizard to reveal himself.

“You two...” the azure-eyed twin murmured, hardening his gaze. “You’re not gonna get away with that. Take this!”

The cyborg extended his arms, each pointed at a girl, and fired two bursts of energy at point-blank range. The girl’s reactions were swift and precise, backhanding the rays into the air in sync. Without a second’s hesitation, the girls then joined their hands together, forming a four-handed energy beam.

Seventeen’s eyes widened, desperately attempting to activate his spherical green energy shield.

“Kamehameha!” they cried in unison.

With arms crossed, #17 diverted all his energy to the barrier, which was engulfed by the blue beam attack. The android’s footing began to slip, his teeth grinding against one another as the two Super Saiyans pushed him further and further back. With each passing second, his power was revealed to be finite, until he was at last ejected into the ring’s energy barrier. The cyan energy wave exploded all around him, but Seventeen had already fallen to the ground, unconscious.

“#17 has fainted,” a Varga referee announced, conferring with a Namek. “Pan and Pan are the victors!”

“Great job!” “You too!” they cheered and shouted to one another, their hearts triumphant.

As the two girls embraced hands again, those of universe 16 and 18 joined in the celebration. #18 quickly went to retrieve her brother, bringing him back to the universe 14 patio where a Namek was waiting. As she flew, she couldn’t help but be lost in thought, concerned for her brother. After having always been so proud of his strength, Seventeen was now the weak link in their duo. It had to be crushing him inside, she knew, and she truly cared for him. Determined to do everything she could to combat his hurt and shame, Eighteen decided to go and speak to Yamcha once more. Whatever the cost, he might be the only one still be willing to help them.

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