DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 23, Chapter 113.

Chapter 113

Translated by npberryhill

Vegeta had indeed overlooked someone... but he was unpleasantly reminded with an explosion of evil and powerful ki. It was an energy that was in many ways reminiscent of Super Saiyan, yet strangely diluted, as if the signature contained many other beings as well...

The small blue creature rushed him without warning. Vegeta, one arm holding the gash in his torso, barely avoided the strike.

“What speed!” Vegeta complained, swinging a kick into empty air.

“He he he! Missed!”

The ridiculously amused dwarf seemed almost simplistic, acting instinctively rather than intelligently. In fact, when Vegeta had seen the creature humiliated by Gast, he’d thought very little of the tiny beast. Here at the tournament, surrounded by so many powerful auras, he had mistakenly under-assessed his opponent during that fight.

But now, it was becoming clear. The beastly midget had the unmistakeable aura of a Super Saiyan, accompanied by the lightning proper to level two. His energy was definitely Saiyan, with an aftertaste of Kakarotto and even Vegeta himself. Add to that a hint of Namekian and a pinch or two of Frost Demon all at once, and the result was a sickening power.

A loud thunderclap sounded through the arena, and the ground and ring began to split under the power of the two warriors clashing. Any fight between beings above Super Saiyan was super intense, and unimaginable to some. Fists clashed, each impact releasing a burst of energy that lacerated the arena and caused many a participant or organizer to stagger. Uub found the sensation very similar to that of watching his own master and Vegeta spar in the Room of Spirit and Time. As was the case in those battles, being a spectator here could be dangerous — even Uub had to brace himself against the impacts.

Babidi had taken refuge behind Majin Buu, screaming with terror and clinging to the djinn’s purple cloak, while his slave was astonished to see his body covered in ripples. The cyborgs of Universe 14 turned their heads, shielding themselves with their arms against the shockwaves, as did Trunks and #16. Vegeta’s son was truly amazed at the enormous energy this alternate version of his father was putting out — and only now did he realize just how much his own dad had been holding back in their previous battle. He seemed to stand out now, amongst all the combatants gathered, as the one most content to conceal the majority of his assets and reserves. Sure, he’d revealed a basic version of Super Saiyan 2, but without flaunting any real strength — all the while Goku had repeatedly transformed into level 3 without any reservation whatsoever. Each blow struck by Emperor Vegeta made Trunks even more anxious to see his father’s true power in action.

Up in the ring, the tide had begun to turn against Vegeta, who seemed unable to land a single damaging blow to the Cell Junior — who, on the other hand, continued to slip in attack after attack, devastating the Saiyan with a continuous flurry. Enraged, Vegeta leapt high, levitating, and outstretched his arm.

“I will not lose to you, child! Big Bang...ATTACK!!!”

From his hand fired an overwhelming amount of energy, crashing towards the tiny fighter. The Cell Junior, joining his hands together and laughing, braced and deflected the giant energy ball, redirecting it towards the balcony of Universe 17. Raising his arm in semi frustration, Cell reached out and stopped the attack, gradually reducing it into nothingness. This annoyed both Vegetto and Bra, who would’ve liked to stop the attack themselves. Nonetheless, Cell was surprised the old man had managed to reproduce the exact image and power of his offspring. The old man was undoubtedly resourceful.

“He’s expending too much energy, I doubt he’ll hold out much longer,” Gohan commented.

The miniature Cell teleported behind Vegeta unnoticed, and, with clasped hands, struck the top of his head like an anvil and sent the Saiyan slamming into the ring. Vegeta’s body trembled with weakness as he struggled to stand. It took all the strength he could muster into his arms just to push himself up, and the loss of blood from his gaping wound was taking a huge toll. Even his eyes were beginning to lose their color.

“Imagine...me, Vegeta... Emperor of the entire universe, ridiculed by this... pipsqueak!” He slammed his fist into the ground. “I’ve got no choice, I must ascend... I know now I’ve yet to tap the full potential of the Saiyan race. No, there are new realms to rise and claim!”

His mind flashed through image after image of different Saiyans at the tournament, each displaying power well beyond his own. There was Vegetto, long haired, immeasurably strongest, as well as the strangely sane version of Kakarotto from Universe 18 — a low-class warrior who had somehow surpassed even himself, the emperor of his own universe! Rage rose again within him as the Cell Junior landed, walking towards him slowly with a sadistic grin. Vegeta thought also of the two weak youngsters who, after fusing together, possessed a power that far surpassed his own, then also of the girl’s father who had come to visit them — who’d promised a power beyond even the Saiyan limits!

The Cell Jr was getting closer and closer, forming an energy ball in the palm of one of his hand, chuckling with bloodthirstiness. Vegeta was about to collapse again when his mind recalled meeting with the Old Kaioshin along with his comrades. The elder had both insulted and denied them his help, claiming they were unworthy. How was he, Vegeta, unworthy of accessing a power which would make him an undisputed deity amongst his own — amongst all beings in existence!? Then something just snapped inside of him, the rage filling him entirely as his arms, hands, and fingers began to tremble.

“Fucking bullshit!!!”

Every fiber of his being was overcome with anger, awakening inside of him an energy like none he had ever felt before — all under the stunned gaze of his companions. Goku grinned, seeing his rival’s alter-ego beginning the level 3 transformation for the first time. The Saiyan’s hair grew longer and longer, the lightning flashes around his body increased and thickened. The mere intensity of his aura began to push the Cell Junior away, who had begun to shake with fear. The mere transformation had already wounded the midget more than Vegeta had so far in their fight! With a final push, Vegeta stretched out his arms and completed the transformation — his eyebrows erased, and his hair lengthened to the point of making even Raditz jealous! All were astonished at the sight, but hushed as he raised a finger.

“At long last, the sleeper has awakened... I am Hyper Vegeta!!”

Still bloodied, the intense energy emanating from his newly transformed body seemed to have alleviated the pain. He now stood easily, no longer gritting his teeth or clutching at his side. Down in universe 13’s area, one of his companions was green with envy.

“Damnit! I should’ve been the one to get to level 3 first!” Kakarotto grumbled.

“As if you actually could,” Raditz replied. He remained convinced that Vegeta alone was the elite of their group, and no amount of training or transformations would ever allow them to close the difference with their leader. He had the most potential by far.

“What do you know, Raditz!” his brother replied. “The me in Universe 18 can do it, why couldn’t I do the same!?”

“Well, for one thing, their Kakarotto isn’t a disturbed psychopath,” Nappa added with a chuckle. “It seems he spent all his time training, trying to protect his friends and allies. I heard he was even the one to beat Freeza, and he’s fought guys like that insect-lizard thingy next to them. You, apart from crushing weaklings and eating them raw, don’t do much. It’s really a miracle you can go Super Saiyan at all, being as stupid as you are.”

Kakarotto was enraged, and tried to hit Nappa, but as Vegeta’s power continued to climb it distracted him. Apparently, this match had even more surprises in store. Vegeta of the 18th, silently observing his counterpart indecipherably, wasn’t so impressed.

“Hyper Vegeta, huh? Spare us the pretentious titles. The second he reaches a new level he’s suddenly untouchable. He’d be better off remaining focused on his enemy, not arrogantly underestimating his opponent again.”

Hearing his words, Piccolo was in utter shock. Was this really the same Vegeta that had done that exact thing against Cell, allowing him to reach his final form for the mere sport of a challenge? ‘Super Vegeta’, a title of equal vanity, had traded his victory against Semi Perfect Cell for total humiliation, all due to underestimating his opponent and allowing him to evolve. But perhaps the prince had learned his lesson after all this time, so the Namek let it pass without remark. This wasn’t the time for an argument.

As for the other Piccolo, who also recalled these events, he preferred to say nothing as well. Vegetto wouldn’t take account of his remarks anyway. The Namek was, however, quite impressed with Vegeta’s transformation — who when faced with certain defeat, had tapped into a higher power and overcome his limitations. Apart from Gohan, however, this sentiment was not exactly shared amongst his companions. While Videl didn’t really understand the extent of Vegeta’s progress, Bra was unimpressed and bored. But Vegetto was the worst, who had begun to yawn explicitly, as if to telegraph his opinion to any and all who cared to know.

“Will they just hurry and finish this thing?” the fused warrior complained. “There’s still one fight to go before lunch and I’m starving!”

“Well just grab a couple senzu,” Trunks suggested. “At this rate, it shouldn’t take much longer. Either Vegeta will hemorrhage and lose, or he’ll manage to finish them quickly — one way or another we should have a winner soon.”

He’d barely finished his sentence when a loud shockwave sounded above them. The wounded emperor had charged Cell’s trembling offspring without wasting a second, realizing his wound would still be a factor. The Junior flared his ki and leapt backwards to avoid Vegeta’s attack, but the emperor’s new speed far outclassed his tiny foe. With a zap, Vegeta vanished from sight, reappearing behind the midget monster and backhanding him across the face with his left hand. His adversary reacted to the ripples of his movements in the air, defending by raising his arm, but much too slowly to succeed. The blow stunned him, causing him to fall back towards the arena — his inertia combined with the crushing gravity were unforgiving. Cell Junior groaned from the pain as well as the shock, but quickly recovered and regenerated his arm.

He then launched an energy ball from his freshly respawned hand at Vegeta, who reversed the attack effortlessly, zipping behind the small creature’s blind spot again. The emperor grinned wide, sweeping his right arm over his shoulder, severing the child’s head from his body and sending it flying away towards Universe 17. The ghost immediately vanished, but Vegeta had already reappeared in front of Raichi, the old man still held up within the protection of his shield — paralyzed by fear.

“It’s all over!”

Pulling back his left fist, the Saiyan struck the translucent barrier with a massive strike. The sound of impact was like an enormous ‘GONG’, causing the Namek’s bodies to vibrate, each one fleeing for cover. Had they not known better, they might have believed a fissure was opening up all around them. Under the power of Vegeta’s strike, the barrier began to crack like glass and then disintegrate, to Raichi’s horror.

The shield shattered violently, throwing the Tsuful back and off of his ball. Strangely, the gravity didn’t immediately shred him to ribbons as Vegeta had expected, and Raichi somehow began to straighten himself up, drops of sweat still pouring off his forehead. Vegeta, wearing a grin of smug satisfaction, prepared the final blow.

“You’re finished, inferior Tsuful swine! You certainly put me through hell, but now it’s time for you to make your own visit there along with the rest of your feeble trash race!”

The Saiyan stretched out his arm, amplifying all his remaining energy into his fist. His vision was becoming blurry again and the pain of his wound somewhat returning, but he ignored the warning signs. He only needed advance a few feet in order to perform the coup de grace to the old bastard, now completely incapable of defending himself. He smiled at his soon-coming victory, taking a step forwards, ready to end it once and for all...

When suddenly, without warning, his entire body gave out — the transformation of Super Saiyan 3 had abandoned him. His hair was short and dark again, the golden aura and lightning faded away. The gravity of the ring now pulled at his gaping wound like a semi truck, making it difficult to even breathe. Vegeta was frozen, perplexed and confused at what had just happened — as were his companions from Universe 13.

“Looks like this Vegeta had to learn the hard way about Super Saiyan 3 and how much strain it puts on your body,” Goku said. “If only he’d paid better attention to Vegetto earlier, seeing how taxing it can be, he might have avoided this. It’s not like the other stages, which both revitalize you and add stamina. They’re both completely sustainable forms, but level three empties your reserves bit by bit until you collapse from exhaustion... and, considering the shape he was in already, the form was even more draining and unstable.”

The Saiyan emperor collapsed, kneeling on the ground as he struggled to breathe. His opponent was opposite him, struggling to crawl back to his sphere, which still hovered a few inches above the ground. Seeing the Tsuful’s desperate attempt, Vegeta, panting, tried to stand and attack him — but even that was in vain. He’d never felt such exhaustion in his life, and had literally depleted every bit of strength he had. It was a miracle he was even able to hold himself up in the incredible gravity, he thought. For about twenty seconds, the two competitors attempted to recover, under the watchful eyes of the spectators who began to cheer loudly for whoever they favored in the match.

“You go, guy with the golden hair stuff, you’re so close!”

“Come on, old man! Don’t let it end this way, show us more of your warriors!”

“Finish it!”

“Well,” Gohan of the 18th said, “it kind of feels like a Budokai Tenkaichi or a boxing match. It’s going down to the wire, and was exciting the whole way.”

The Tsuful, groaning in pain, finally managed to achieve his goal, reaching out his palm and touching the globe. At the press of his fingers, a final Saiyan warrior appeared from the machine, one Vegeta knew well...


The emperor gnashed his teeth at the sight of an enslaved Vegeta, proudly wearing royal Saiyan armor, betraying it’s glory by serving another.

“Allow me, the real Vegeta, to finish this in style...” said the new ghost.

Raichi, now calm again, glared harshly at his foe. “It’s all over, you Saiyan dog. Now disappear and join my soldier’s ranks. You’ll be nothing but my mut, doing my bidding gladly, a mindless puppet!”

“Fuck... you...” Vegeta spat, his eyes glassy, his complexion pale.

“Farewell, poor Vegeta!” the ghost said, turning into a Super Saiyan himself. “I find your weakness distressing. But then, you were the one who said... the weak don’t deserve to live!”

With those words, the ghost blasted his counterpart with an impressive wave of energy, consuming his body entirely and leaving nothing but a trail of ash. Vegeta of the 13th had been defeated, not by his ego, but by his own power. Raichi savored the irony, and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Hee hee hee...”

In Universe 13’s area, Raditz and Nappa were stunned to silence, in disbelief at what had just happened. Standing in front of them, Kakarotto, on the other hand, had begun to laugh uncontrollably.

“Ha ha ha! You all suck! I’m the only one left in the competition! Who’s the best of the Saiyans? Huh, huh? Now, you’ll take your orders from me, understand? Nappa...go get me a sandwich, I’m starving!”

“Go fuck yourself,” Nappa growled, refusing.

In response, Kakarotto turned Super Saiyan, his eyes crazed with a look of madness. Nappa’s brief moment of boldness was stifled, and he reluctantly executed his new orders — to Raditz’ disbelief. Their leader was dead, and now they had to follow the orders of a psychopath, even if the imbecile was his little brother. Hopefully the resurrections would come quickly, before this situation become a complete disaster. Who knows what his big headed brother might order them to do or what trouble he’d start?

As Nappa passed by the Universe 16 balcony, Son Gohan caught his attention.

“Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be long before he’s revived.”

“Just shut up!” the giant bellowed. “We’ve had quite enough of you and your fake arrangement already!”

“What arrangement?” the puzzled Gohan asked.

Nappa huffed on past him, ignoring the half Saiyan’s attempt to feign ignorance. What he didn’t realize was that he had mistaken Gohan from Universe 16 as the one from the 18th, the latter having been the one to strike a deal regarding the abilities of Old Kaioshin.

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