DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 15, Chapter 71.


Chapter 71

Translated by Qtjinla15

The facilitator Varga, armed with his microphone was aided by one of the world Nameks on a small levitating circular platform whether through the use of magic or science. Regardless of whichever the spectators were expectantly listening.

“This is the end of the first round! Congratulations to all participants! We will briefly tell you the list of fighting match-ups for the next round!”

In the stands, the crowd cheered the news with enthusiasm.

“First, we have Nappa of universe 13 who easily defeated his first opponent matched up against Freeza of Universe 8.”

As the crowd applauded, Nappa and Freeza glanced at one another, both contemptuous of the other.

“Son Goku of Universe 18 who also quickly defeated his opponent, will be matched against # 17 of Universe 14.”

Goku looked to the world of cyborgs, smiling. His future opponent smiled too.

“Then we have the representative of the universe of the organizers, the South Kaioshin against Majin Buu of Universe 11.”

The Kaioshin raised his arm, smiling. Majin Buu applauds itself in merriment.

“The fight after that would have been Uub of Universe 18 against Nail of universe 10, but due to the latter having forfeited Uub will pass this round without a fight. Nonetheless congratulations!

The audience applauded and followed the leader varga’s announcements.

“Trunks of the universe 12, who has conquered the universe Coola 8 will fight Vegeta of18 who beat his opponent of universe 10!”

Spaces 12 and 18 were somewhat distant from one another, but the father and son glanced toward one another. It was a match that they were waiting for with great anticipation.

“Pan of universe 18 will fight Kakarot of universe 13! Our informants tell me that this is actually a counterpart of her own grandfather! An interesting prospect I would say.”

Pan grinned this announcement. Nothing had to be said, as Pan kept her worries bottled up inside. Kakorot though smiled sadistically. A warrior or a teenager, mattered little to him, he would fight the same way!

“Cell of the universe 17, who gave us a good fight against Dabra of universe 11 will face Bojack of universe 6! As you all may remember he defeated and killed the young Pan universe 16! Will he kill again his next opponent as well?”

"Without a doubt," thought the person.

“With the first half of the match-ups listed, now we have on to the second half. Tapion of universe 3, did not fight in the first round and will be matched against the universe 9 Kulilin who showed us that despite age, our fighters can give their opponents a hard time!

“Ha ha! Old!” Yamcha laughed.

“Vegetto universe 16, who retained the terrible Broly of universe 20 will be matched against the mysterious XXI of the universe 5 who, uh, has not yet seen! Then comes the turn of # 18, who passed onto the next round thanks to the resignation of the universe 9 Yamcha who dominated the fight. Her opponent will be Arale who beat the lovely Mary Sue of the Universe 2!”


“Gotenks of universe 18, who narrowly defeated his double in the universe 16 will face off against Nekomajin of the universe 2, who has not fought before!”

“No! Do not go! This is not your turn, it's just a reminder!” Sun Wukong shouted the blue cat getting ready to step into the ring tiny.

“Buu of universe four will face off against Tenshinhan the universe 9!”

"The question is how to make this fight from super-easy to fun, “ Buu mocked. “The technology of Universe 19 gave some surprises, but still.

“Bra of universe 16 will face off against the ruthless Eleim of universe 19! With King Cold of universe 8 facing off against Baddack of universe 3 shortly after. Surely a match of this combat level will be exciting!

Cold looked to the space of Universe 3, but did not see Baddack. Was he hiding?

“The final bouts will be Raichi of universe 3 competing against Vegeta of universe 13 and Gast Carcolh of Universe 7 pitted against Demon King Piccolo Grand universe 3! How will a fight between two warriors Nameks turn out? We'll find out tomorrow! We hope that you will all be there!

The audience in the stands seemed to explode with joy while shouting and whistling.

“To our fighters: We will take a break from noon, you can sleep, eat, and enjoy your living space. To our audience, our shuttles are available to take you into the large luxury hotels in our universe!”

The public began to pour out, while at the same time, the Nameks and Vargas joined the Kaioshins to space 1 to discuss the first day of the tournament.

One of Vargas had already begun to make his report, beginning with a list of successes of both worlds:

Success rate in the 1st round world:
Universe 1: 1 win = 100%
Universe 2: 2 wins, 4 losses = 33%
Universe 3: 4 wins = 100%
Universe 4: 1 win = 100%
Universe 5: 1 win = 100%
Universe 6: 1 win, 4 losses = 20%
Universe 7: 1 = 100% win
Universe 8: 2 wins, 5 losses = 28.6%
Universe 9: 2 wins, 2 losses = 50%
Universe 10: 1 win, 7 losses = 12.5%
Universe 11: 1 win, 1 loss = 50%
Universe 12: 1 win, 1 loss = 50%
Universe 13: 3 wins, 1 loss = 75%
Universe 14: 2 wins = 100%
Universe 15: 1 loss = 0%
Universe 16: 2 wins, 2 losses = 50%
Universe 17: 1 win, 1 loss = 50%
Universe 18: 5 wins = 100%
Universe 19: 1 win, 2 losses = 33%
Universe 20: 1 loss = 0%

“This is information needs to be amended,” continued the purple Varga, “…seventy-two percent of the fighters from the Earth, ie thirteen of eighteen, won their matches. They are divided into six worlds.”

The Varga paused before continuing:

“There were two matches between two fighters of the same universe, the universe in the first eight Freeza opposed to Jeece who left immediately. The second two fighters opposed to the Universe 2: Mary Sue and of Arale. The latter beat his opponent in a single blow. Strangely, the coincidence gave us three bouts against a fighter of the universe 10 to another universe 18, all of whom have won hands down.

The South Kaioshin spoke:

“This universe 18, perhaps should be wary ... They had the greatest number of victories ...” he trailed off.

“Of the six worlds with a single participant,” the varga finished for the Kai. “…two did not pass the first round.”

“This I'k'l? The son unborn? As well as the Legendary Super Saiyan?” the Kaioshin of the East asked for clarification.

“Absolutely. Also, the universe 10 is the one that scored the absolute worse. With only one win and seven defeats, they all abandoned. Not to mention the incident with the universe 20, we counted three dead and several wounded.

“Apart from this incident, we can say that this tournament went well,” interjected the beautiful West Kaioshin.

“Finally, for the dead during games ... Tidar of universe 19, Son Pan of Universe 16, the universe 8 Sauza, Zangya of Universe 6, Syd, also of universe 6, and the Cell Junior of universe 17, which makes a total of six people, over sixty-four fighters, or 9.375% ...

There will probably be more in the future. They all will be resurrected at the end of the tournament as expected, “ the Grand Kaioshin commented.

The Varga continued his report for a while; speaking kitchens, spectators, and a whole bunch of other more or less vital, always punctuated by percentages.

The first third of the audience had already left. Few fighters still wandered about, but soon that would change. From the moment one would first dare to leave their room to talk with another universe, others would follow soon.

In the worlds of 18 and 16, and Goten bickered gently. The first was disappointed that other peer grandfather's second appeared, stronger by far than the universe 10. There was no visible Grandpa Vegeta who was powerful. This was a great argument for Goten to annoy his friend.

“And if we went to see mine?” Goten suddenly proposed.

“If you want,” simply replied Trunks.

Goten turned to his father to ask him a question. “Hey, Dad, you wanna come see Baddack of universe 3?”

In the universe 16, Vegetto laughed at and refused royally. In the universe 18, Son Goku agreed to accompany his son. After all, this Baddack there was obviously more interesting than the other, even if it did not change anything in the background: Goku only had one grandfather and he was a Terran.

“Come on, Gohan?”

The man in the white shirt looked first at his wife, then his daughter. The first did nothing wrong, the second was quite enthusiastic to see her great-father in a more cool way than she had herself miserably beaten interested. So it was a family they headed for the space 3.

When Trunks and Goten of universe 16 saw Gohan and Videl from the eighteenth to the group, they asked them a question. Gohan failed to respond when she stopped him:

“I would like to talk to you about something ... Just between us.”

Gohan hesitated for a moment before looking his wife in the eyes. It was important, he saw it. He knew. Then he politely declined the invitation of his younger brother and his friend, who departed running into space 3, joining the group of universe 18.

Baddack was not there, he had not emerged since the end of the fight. Raichi spoke with Tapion, while Piccolo was backed up to the wall. Son Goku waved his hand, but the demon did not answer. Maybe he didn’t not know?

“Leave this place,” Raichi said as they passed the wall of the balcony of the universe 3. You're not welcome. “Get out of here. Our world is polluted enough without your breed that we don’t need you adding to it.”

“You must got something to blame on your Saiyans?” asked Gohan.

“Gentlemen, um, I do not know who you are in your universe,” 'replied the young pointed ears Tapion . “But the Saiyans are a race of oppressors who have done much harm to our universe and others as it seems.”

“The Saiyans are the worst kind that the world has ever known!” Raichi broke in.” Genocidal and lawless Barbarians, ready to kill whole populations for pleasure! They eliminated my people who had always given assistance and consideration to others! Subsequently, they have decimated numerous planets!

“We're all sorry for you, but we’re different from them, different from those of the universe 10, or even 13, Gohan replied.”

“A Saiyan remains a Saiyan.” The scientist stubbornly remarked.

“We come from the earth,” Son Goku intervened. “I lived there since I was a little baby. Goten and Gohan are my sons,” he said, showing them his hand in an act of friendship. “Their mother is a human.”

“I too am human Videl,” added in turn.

“The Saiyans which you speak are all dead in our universe, sixty years ago. There are only two survivors,” specified Gohan.

“I already see more than two before me.” Raichi pointed out.

“We are Earthlings, sir,” interrupted the young Pan. My mom is human and I went to school on Earth. “We have nothing to do with the original Saiyans who killed your friends!”

No one added a word for a moment until Tapion laughs broke the atmosphere:

“Sir! Aha! She called you on that one sir!”

Raichi grimaced. But he had to admit that no Saiyan would ever have uttered such words. It was far too diplomatic and respectful to them. He had to believe the story of the universe 18. But deep down, he thought the same thing: Saiyan pure strain, or lesser breeds, they should be eradicated.”

“And what is your wish if you win?” Trunks asked again.

“The extermination of all Saiyans in the universe,” Raichi said under his breath without even looking.

“Even we?” Goku added.

“Without the slightest hesitation.”

“Hey! Pan said, “we are not insects to simply exterminate like nothing! My parents have even saved the world, no the universe! The kind of vow you wish to partake is wicked! We’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Done nothing?” Raichi questioned as he turned to face her. “Nothing? Hold it! The prince Vegeta, who has been hanging out with you from the beginning, is your friend, right? Do not lie, I feel sense nature. Maybe the people here haven’t murdered in cold blood, but someone like him has.”

“He ... He made amends, “ Gohan weakly arguing, knowing deep down that the response was ridiculous.

“I'm sure the billions of families killed are very comforted.” He dryly remarked.

Pan began to tremble, and Gohan wrapped his arms.

“Let’s deal away with this terrible atmosphere, Tapion tried to change the subject and answered in turn:

“I’m here to revive my little brother! He died unfairly years ago and I miss him greatly. My wish would be to find a way to completely revive him. And you?

“Hin hin,” Goten of Universe 16 said in a low voice. “We found it thee thy brother, and without hope.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, uh, I said, we’re sort of lost on that.” Goten continued before turning to the group in Universe 18.

“We have not really thought about it,” Goku answered while laughing.

“We are here for the tournament, not to follow any vow.” added Son Gohan.

“Oh, I think,” Goku suddenly interrupted. “You’re next opponent is Kulilin of universe 9! It is imperative that I talk to him!

Son Goku waved goodbye briefly before taking off: Meeting his father Baddack would have been interesting, but he could not wait any longer. It was too bad though.

“Kulilin is an old friend of ours in our universe,” Gohan explained.

“I understand,” Tapion replied warmly. “Do not worry, I'm not the type to kill my opponents in cold blood.”

“No problem, Kulilin knows how to defend himself and leave when needed too. And not to mention the inhabitants of universe 9 seem even stronger than the ones we know. I do not know how strong you are, but I'm looking forward to this fight, like my father.

“I'm not a fighter. I do not fight by force for things, but for the sake of my goal. I hope not to disappoint you and make a fair fight and interesting,” slightly bowed the young man.

With these words, the group left. Gohan and his family joined his father who had almost reached the edge of Universe 9. Trunks and Goten, of both universes 16 and 18, spoke for a moment, before heading towards the space of Universe 2.

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