DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 7, Chapter 31.


Chapter 31

Translated by Arcane Super Saiyan

The Vargas were overwhelmed!

They had planned a vast amount of food but... They could not have been prepared for this! The spectators and for participants ate separately from one another... for spectators, it had been fine, but the tournament participants ate far more than what had been expected. After all twenty universes had made their orders, it turned out that too many of the participants were asking for vast amounts of food! Eventually, the chief cook had to decide on a change of plans... Instead of serving the twenty universe all at once, they were to be served one at a time... randomly according to what they had already been able to prepare. Some saw their entire order arrive quickly, others received just a portion of their order... and some ended up receiving nothing at all for several long minutes. The head chef broke out in a cold sweat...

As for the first universe of the Kaioshins, their servings weren't very extraordinary. The female Kaioshin had took a small portion, while the others took portions of a medium size. It was a bit more than expected, but it still went okay. The second universe, had many people. The cook did not know exactly how many attended, but there was at least a dozen people... Some took small portions, others took medium portions. But it was still a lot considering that a small portion could feed a family of Vargas... Surprisingly, in Universe three, simply three portions of different sizes were served.

But the entire plan was about to be turned completely upside down. From the control terminal of the fourth universe, which housed only the one who called himself "Buu". The little purple Vargas who was in charge of the universe came to the head chef, sweating nervously, and a little embarrassed. So the cook went ahead and asked, "Let me guess... Not a small portion, but an medium one right?"

"Uh, no..." the poor purple Varga answered hesitantly.

"Oh? Then a large portion? In that case, here we go!"

"N-not even... It's even more than... gargantuan..."

"Could I have mistaken the universe? A large portion should be enough to feed one of the universes of this tournament consisting of several people."

"The worst part is... that it requires at least three orders of a gargantuan size..."

The cook was shocked! Three servings of this size!? It was large! It would be enough to feed an entire city of Varga with that! Incredible!

"Well.. Ok then.. It works" said the head chef trying to appear impassive, as if he had already foreseen everything, which was far from the truth.

After taking careful note of the large order, and started the machine responsible for preparing it, he called for the next Varga, who was responsible for the fifth universe.

"No orders for this universe" the Varga said as it simply held an empty order book in its right paw.

"How can that be? Well, it's a bit of a relief after the order of the fourth universe. Next!" he cried, ready to move on to the next universe.

It was the sixth universe, housing Bojack's gang as well as the group of girls. The latter only took two orders of a small size, they had decided to share amongst themselves following the advice of their support Varga. Bojack, dubbed the killer of children by the four girls from the same universe, and Bujin, both took an medium sized portion while a small portion was served to Zangya. Who would have thought that all the women of all the universes were watching their figure? The head chef, without any doubt in his mind! And never had there been a contradiction to this!

Universe 7 brought yet another shock! The Namek giant who measured over two meters high, possibly three, had to eat a lot! He seemed very strong, surely he consumed a lot of energy. The head chef had betted on a gargantuan portion. But that wasn't the case at all.

"He asks for water, that's all" the Varga said to the head chef.

"W-water? Just water? Hmm... Yes! Yes, of course, it's a Namek after all..."

The head chef continued to sweat profusely. What a hard job this was! He had never been dropped by all orders, and it was far from over. The eighth universe had ordered a large number of dishes, since there were many participants from that universe. But the portion sizes at least seemed reasonable. It was the same with universe 9, the portions ordered weren't to out of the ordinary.

Luckily, everyone from the tenth universe had already left! The head chef had planned a lot for them, since he had been told ahead of time that the Saiyans were very big eaters. The news had come as a great relief after having to fulfill the order of the fourth universe! However, the head chef's joy was short-lived: Two gargantuan sized portions were ordered for the "Majin Buu" of the eleventh universe! But where could those two possibly be putting everything they ate?

Trunks of the twelfth universe ordered an medium portion, while #16 ate nothing. Next was the thirteenth universe which housed the four "Super Saiyans". This time the head chef had (almost) been able to anticipate the order. He expected a large portion for each participant. However, it was four gargantuan orders... These Saiyans were too proud to order anything but the largest portions available. Nappa had no way of knowing that for once, he would not be able to finish what was on his table ...As for Trunks, it was the opposite. He had modestly taken the recommendations the Vargas made to him literally, and had no idea that he would still be a little hungry after his meal ...His battle as a Super Saiyan had taken a lot out of him.

In the fourteenth universe, which housed two cyborgs. Two small portions seemed to be enough for thems...

The head chef began to get depressed ... what if he had not planned enough? What if he ran out of stock? His career would be ruined! When the Varga in charge of the fifteenth universe entered, the head chef was beating his head against a wall. Everyone had been far bigger than he had anticipated!

"Let me guess... I had planned for a small portion, but far more than that was ordered right?"

"No, no" the Varga assured without much understanding, considering he was unaware of the orders taken by the other universes "It is a small order."

"Victory at last! I am not done for after all! Yippee!"

The head chef was overjoyed, and he showed it in his movements, his dancing body showed a slight bit of madness... which would soon worsen...

"I'm here for the sixteenth universe's order" said the next Varga as the head chef continued to dance a bit.

"I hear you, friend. I guess they all ordered medium sized dishes?"

"No, no. There is a small portion, two medium sized dishes and seven gargantuan orders...

"The sixteenth universe you say? Wait, surely there is some mistake. I seem to remember that there are two women and a girl in sixteenth universe. It can't be just one of them with a small order!"

"The little girl is now deceased. The oldest woman takes a small portion, but the other girl asked for a gargantuan order."

"Gasp! A gargantuan order? For a woman?" The chef thought when he saw her, the ground would crumble beneath her feet. After a dozen commands he had set had failed, one of his fundamental principles had broken as well. What had he done wrong in life to deserve this? These creatures were absolutely filthy! They were eating everything!

"After this tournament, I'm getting a new job..." said the head chef, noting the large order.

Cell, of the seventeenth universe, asked for nothing. However in the eighteenth universe, even more gargantuan dishes were ordered... The men of the nineteenth universe each asked for small-sized portions. And for the last block, the twentieth universe... nothing was ordered! There was literally nothing left anyway! They could still make up for the lack of food ​​using the tons of popcorn and hot dogs that were to be provided for the public... that should have been enough.

"Phew... Finally almost done..." the head chef said once they had almost finished preparing all the meals.

As he lounged in an armchair after all that hard work, another Varga came to him with more bad news:

"Say uh, how are we going to get all these gargantuan dishes to the participants?"

Damn! The halls were too small for such quantities of food prepared!

"I... I quit... I'm done... Farewell...!" he shouted as he fled from the Varga.

The Vargas had planned for everything beforehand. Perhaps not in terms of food, but the number of employees serving. There was about two thousand small Vargas working. They came suddenly as if from nowhere and flowed around the stands to serve the tens of millions of hungry viewers. Some servers were fitted with a simple and broad tray filled with various sweets, others were pulling a trolley full of drinks with their little furry legs, all offering free snacks. In the shade, in the heart of the asteroid used as a place in the tournament, it was another thousand Vargas helped Nameks, who cooked.

After preparing the meals for the spectators, the cooks were still very busy with the orders of the twenty universes. One of the Varga noted the frozen participant of universe twenty... "Surely a block of ice like that does not eat" remarked a little insightful Varga top bleachers.

In their space, The Kaioshin were discussing the "Legendary Saiyan" as well.

"In your opinion, how strong is this Broly?" the female Kaioshin asked the others.

"He is supposed to be far superior to us correct?" answered the somewhat big Kaioshin.

"Should we really be allowing this?" asked the youngest Kaioshin. "I mean... even if he is frozen... it's dangerous to just keep him around like this..."

"It's not for us to decide", said the oldest of the Kaioshin. When we decided to hold this tournament, we were clearly asked by the Vargas to not intervene on their choices for the combatants. We accepted, and we'll stick to that decision."

"Yes but... This Broly... shouldn't be taken so lightly." said the young East Kaioshin. "It's the same as it was with Majin Buu, how can we not do something about this? What if we had not dealt with Bibidi back then!?"

At these words, all the Kaioshin turned to the space of the eleventh universe, where Babidi, son of the sorcerer Bibidi, was waiting patiently for the rest of the tournament, with Majin Buu behind him, grinning like a child.

During his fight with Bujin, the Gods had seen the extent of the pink monster's power. Although Majin Buu was not at all like they had imagined he'd be, he was clearly still incredibly powerful! And perhaps even worse... in the fourth universe, there was another fighter who was called "Buu". His body was far better suited for fighting... It was also clear that his power was significantly above his counterpart from the eleventh universe, not to mention his intelligence!

"Don't worry," assured the South Kaioshin, who was participating in the tournament. "Certainly, there are very strong fighters here, but the Vargas have a functional system to return those who break the rules back to their own universe. Whether it be Majin Buu, Broly, or any other, there is no danger. As for the others, leave them to me!" he said jokingly.

His fellow Kaioshin found it in themselves to smile. The south Kaioshin had the habit of trusting those around him. It was true that apart from two or three fighters, the others surely didn't pose much of a problem. The entirety of the tenth universe's participants had left very quickly after most of their 8 participants had suffered failures...

And the second universe? None of them seemed very powerful... but none had participated yet, but they would soon.

Most of them seemed happy most of the time. Many of them were very small, and spent most of their time playing. There were other more mature looking adult characters that appeared to be stronger. But exactly how were they all involved with each other?

Unlike many of the present universes, the people of the second universe did not seem to have met each other prior to this this tournament. Most were spotted one at a time by Vargas to be brought to the tournament. However, this tournament, in which even the Gods were participating, was far from being the most appropriate place for most of them. There was even a little girl that wore a white t-shirt with "Arale" written on it... There was also a little demon kid that seemed to be only a little older...

As the long tables were set up by themselves, appearing from under the ground, the participants and spectators of the second universe each reacted rather randomly. Some had already figured out that it'd be meal time and began to ask questions:

— "I'm Shu", said the sixteen year old young man dressed in blue, orange, and brown, introducing himself to the man sitting beside him wearing an orange bandana on his head. The man wearing the bandana made ​​no reply. Was he just... dumb? In any case, he had said nothing since he had been there. But Shu had heard others say that his name was "Eight"... Shu did not lingered for a moment on his attempt to get him to speak a word... But they just looked at one another side by side... There was also this "Arale" playing with a weird little guy wearing a gas mask... as well as a ... a turd with pink eyes and a mouth...? At the sight of it, Shu, the young man with messy dark hair, looked away. The odd blue cat caught his interest. What his name ? He had heard it before... He had kept repeating his name in the Vargas ship... Ah yes! Nekomajin Z! Such a strange name. He was talking to two small demons, just as large as Shu. Both had pointy ears, like many others here(was it how everyone was in their world?). But while one was not unlike a human, the other was pink and had his hair pulled back.

"In my world I am the strongest! I will win this tournament for sure! You know the people of the eighteenth universe? Well they are all in my world too! They're friends of mine. As proof, they wear the same outfit as me! See? See!?" the cat wearing a red kimono said to the two demons, tugging on his shirt to show it clearly. "I am stronger than all of them!" he continued.

The pink demon kid interrupted saying "My name is Beelzebub... And what puzzles me is... that guy from universe 11."

"That big balloon looking guy?" asked another child with pointy ears.

"No, the other guy, Dabra ... He looks a lot like... My father... although he's much smaller... But what if it's him!"

"Your dad sure got beaten up." Nekomajin said simply.

"Hey! Don't you dare! My dad is much stronger than him! It just seems odd to me, that's all!"

"Maybe you should talk to him ... Before he dies..."

It's true that... Dabra was clearly dying... And if Beelzebub wanted to know more about him, he would have to talk to him soon... But not yet... The food had arrived! Before sitting down in turn, Beelzebub locked eyes with the someone from universe 3 next door. Tapion. He had not fought, but he looked quite confident. Was he strong? Did he have any special abilities or something? Or was it just a look used to deceive his opponents?

No one in universe 2 knew, so they were curious to see him in action. Even more curious was that shadow that remained at the entrance... He did not eat who did not eat with him. One table had appeared, and only Tapion settled there to eat his meal, which was served at the same time as the meals were served for the people in the universe 2 space. While everyone in these two spaces was served a small pile, the Vargas were busy taking an enormous amount of food to universe 4's space, using anti-gravity vehicles.

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