DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 20, Chapter 96.


Chapter 96

Translated by npberryhill

Pan tried to quell the anxious feeling in the back of her throat. The moment she’d been waiting for had finally arrived: it was time to fight the alternate version of her grandfather. Standing all around her, the girl’s family and friends could all see her hesitation. Goten, her uncle, was the first to intervene, trying to lighten the tension.

“Now that you’ve beaten Baddack, it looks like you’ve got Kakarotto, Vegeta, Cell, Goku, and then Vegetto! All of them Saiyans, too! But hey, it looks like everything is laid out for you to crush everyone!”

“Cell? A Saiyan?” Bra asked, surprised.

Son Goten turned, explaining himself. “Cell is nearly as much of one as I am. I bet at least half of his dna is Saiyan.”

“Super!” Trunks laughed. “And I’m sure your children will be beautiful!”

Goten huffed, trying to think up a decent comeback, while Pan turned to her own father.

“Dad... Do you think I’m going to win?”

“I don’t know, Pan,” he said, looking down at his daughter with pride. “This ‘Kakarotto’ hasn’t yet shown us what he’s capable of. Although, we do know he can turn into a Super Saiyan.”

“And,” she mumbled, “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can,” Gohan quickly comforted. “I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again. You’re afraid, but I know you can do it.”

Videl nealt down in front of her daughter, putting her hands on the young girl’s shoulders. “Pan...it’s just a silly tournament. You can forfeit if you want to.”

Quickly intervening, Goku stepped closer to the girl, putting his right fist on his side.

“I don’t think I agree with that, Videl,” he said, kneeling down beside his granddaughter. “It is just a tournament, which means it’s not any real danger. Even if you did die, it wouldn’t matter since they’d revive you at the end.”

“Yeah, but...I don’t want to die, even if it’s not for long,” the girl said doubtfully.

“Goku, you’ve got to quit taking death so lightly! Especially with a child!” Videl argued, her protective instinct overpowering her understanding of Goku’s vision.

“Well, it’s true though,” Goku smirked. “In fact, most of us here have been revived with the Dragon Balls, myself especially. I’ve died bunches of times, but each time I get brought back. It seems death isn’t the irreversible fate that governs the universe after all.”

Pan’s eyes refused to meet with those trying to console her. “I’m going to lose no matter what anyway. So why die in vain?”

The Prince of Saiyans, still returning from the area of universe 12, had barely caught the end of her sentence. He quickly hopped over the wall.

“Lose? Die in vain? What’s this I hear?”

Pan turned to Vegeta, sulking slightly. “Come on, it’s just a tournament.”

“This is serious, Pan... I’m disappointed in you.”

“Gohan!” Videl groaned, frustrated with her husband. “Are you going to just stand there and do nothing? Tell her she should forfeit the match!”

“Videl, you don’t understand. Pan wants to test her limits. I may not like it, but I know how my father and his friends are...she’s the same way.”

“Why are you disappointed?” Pan asked, a sudden spark in her voice.

Vegeta’s look was stern, his right arm raised. “Because you’re a Saiyan, the offspring of Gohan and Goku!”

“Super,” Videl grumbled, her face sour. “And I suppose I count for nothing.”

Grunting, the prince gestured behind him to Bra, Goten, and Trunks. The two boys, surprised, were suddenly wide eyed. Bra, however, remained oblivious, wondering for the hundredth time about why she had even come along.

“I thought you weren’t like those sluggards, that you were a true warrior! But I guess I was wrong, you’re nothing but a quitter.”

“No I’m not!” Pan shouted angrily. “It’s just...”

“Pan,” Goku interrupted. “You mustn’t be afraid of defeat. Even death isn’t something to fear.” He paused, allowing a second for his words to sink in. “Tell me, who’s the strongest person in the world?”

Without hesitation, the girl replied. “My dad.”

Vegeta’s lip quivered as he barely was able to refrain from correcting her, but the years had taught him restraint. He decided instead to let his rival finish talking, in spite of how badly he wanted to assure them of his own superiority.

“We agree,” Goku continued. “And yet, your father has lost nearly every fight he ever had.”

“That’s true,” Gohan affirmed. “I couldn’t beat Nappa, Vegeta, Freeza, or even his elite Ginyu squad. I wasn’t strong enough to defeat the Cyborgs either. My first win, after all those years of defeats, was against Cell.”

“Gohan also defeated Bojack,” Vegeta added, “but lost again to Buu. Not to mention Dabura,” the prince mumbled, even the memory enough to tick him off.

“It’s the same for me,” Goku confessed. “I’ve lost a lot of fights in my day.” Vegeta and Gohan both nodded.

“But... I’m afraid...”

“Pan, you think you’re afraid now, here in this tournament? When the day comes that the fate of the world rests on your shoulders, when the lives of everyone you hold dear rest in your hands, then you’ll know fear.”

“I was terrified too at my first fight,” Gohan added, trying to temper his father’s words. “It’s perfectly normal. But right now all of us are with you. There’s no need to be afraid.”

“Pan, listen to me,” Vegeta suddenly said.

Without a word, the girl raised her eyes. Everyone had turned to see what the Saiyan prince might say.

“Remember when I told you to lose against Kakarotto?”

“Uh, yeah...” she said, wondering if he would tell her to quit now so that he’d have a guaranteed fight with him in the next round.

“Forget what I said last round. Go massacre this pitiful excuse for a Kakarotto!”

For a moment all were speechless, but Pan’s sudden smile brought an end to the discussion.

“Alright! I’ll fight then!”

Over in the area of universe 13, there was also a discussion regarding the young pan.

“Don’t forget, Kakarotto,” Vegeta ordered. “There will be none of your rampaging madness, understood?”

“Pshh. I can control myself,” the other replied disdainfully as he took off into the air.

“Actually...no, you can’t.”

“Still, you have to admit that it’s not easy following the demands of some pretentious half-Saiyan,” Raditz said. “Especially when it comes to keeping secrets. Since when do we hold true to our word on stuff like this anyway?”

“It’s our practice to do whatever serves us best, especially when we’re in a position of weakness,” Vegeta replied.

“Basically, it means we’re keeping a low profile like we did working for Frieza,” Nappa added.

“It’s a wonder you even realize that, Nappa,” the prince said in confirmation.

“I hate even thinking about those days, don’t you, Vegeta?”

“Yes. But don’t forget, in the end, it was us who overcame. We must weather this situation much the same.”

Now in the ring, Pan expected Kakarotto to firm up. The latter immediately transformed into a Super Saiyan, whether he needed to or not. He was now virtually invincible against a foe of her level, he had only to wait until she realizes it and quits. It was clearly nothing to get excited about.

“Just try and hit me, kid.”

Clenching her fists, Pan flared her ki around her, yelling as a white aura enveloped her.

“What a pathetic power... And I have to play nice with that?”

Pan lunged at her opponent as quickly as she could, her left fist forward. Kakarotto, arms crossed, effortlessly dodged the blow moving only his head. It was as if she was moving in slow motion.

“Vegeta, you cretin...”

Pan tried a kick, but the Saiyan merely leaned back, dodging effortlessly with his arms still crossed.

‘We take orders from no one...’ he grumbled inwardly.

Lifting his right hand, quickly and easily, he backhanded Pan without even looking, hurling her back as if he was swatting a mosquito.

The girl landed on her feet in the ring, bracing with one hand, and rubbing her sore cheek with the other. But, ever hopeful, the daughter of Gohan attacked again.

‘Damn,’ Kakarotto thought, losing patience.

Pan tried various approaches, even feinting one way and attacking another. Her best attempts, however, were nothing but horseplay to Kakarotto, and her inexperience blinded her to the futility of it all. She had dared even to believe!

“I’m done with this nonsense, understand!?” he shouted at the girl, flanking with a hard kick to her head. Her body was flung into the ring, skidding several meters away.

“You’re way out of your league, little insect!” Kakarotto cried, agitated. “Just give up already!”

Under his breath, through clenched teeth, the Saiyan was mumbling. “Gaahh! Why do I have to gently toss around this stupid ragdoll? I just wanna crush her, break every vertebra...” he said, a smile suddenly appearing on his face at the thought. “But I can control my frustration! You’ll see, Vegeta! I’m not crazy! Ha! Ha! Ha!” His eyes dropped down to his hands as he mused. “I miss the taste of blood...I’ve got to crush something. Let’s end this!” he shouted, suddenly rushing at Pan.

“Ka...Me...Ha...Me...” Pan cried, charging her Ki into her hands after having finally stood back to her feet.

Suddenly increasing his speed, Kakarotto rushed towards her and grabbed her by both wrists, wringing them up above her head.

“Meha—nothing! I know all about that pathetic technique!”

“Meha!!” she cried all the same

It had rushed back to her in that moment, the story her grandfather had once told her of the time he’d used the Kamehameha with no hands. Putting both feet against Kakarotto’s chest, the girl released the power into her feet. The sudden and powerful blast rushed through his armor, spraying chunks of the vest all around. The Saiyan himself was even pushed back a few meters. When he finally came to a halt, the remainder of his armor completely crumbled and fell into the ring with a crash. Yet his face, that demonic and twisted smile, remained murderous with intent.

“Daddy’s little brat is gonna suffer...”

Pan rushed at her opponent, hoping for a surprise attack. But Kakarotto grabbed her by the ankle as quick as lightning, and dangled her by the foot. The girl, however, had one more trick up her sleeve. Throughout the fight, she’d kept the Nyoi Bo on her back. Grabbing it with one hand, she extended it suddenly. The red pole struck the insane Saiyan right in his forehead, causing him to let go of her. Regaining her balance, the girl took the opportunity to hammer her foe with several punches and kicks before he finally grabbed her by the hand.

“Stupid brat!”

None of Pan’s attacks so far had done any damage, and that wasn’t about to change. Nonetheless, he was ashamed that the girl had been able to hit him at all, not to mention beat on him as much as she had. Plus, the blow to his face had actually tingled a little.

‘This is what happens when you play nice!’ Kakarotto thought. The annoying girl would just keep trying. She wouldn’t understand, not until he’d ripped her into a dozen pieces! Why wouldn’t they just let him do what was the logical course of action?

As the maniac repeatedly swung Pan’s body into the ground, Kakarotto’s mind began to wander to his past.

“Kill all the humans, Kakarotto!” “Don’t kill the leader, Kakarotto!” “Calm down, little brother!” “Kill all the humans!” “Don’t kill the girl, Kakarotto!”

“You’re orders aren’t even consistent!” he yelled. “And you’re the ones calling me crazy!”

Finding herself just at the very precipice of unconsciousness, Pan tried with all her might to forfeit. But no sounds escaped from her tired throat. Worse, the Saiyan understood what she was attempting to do and would not allow it. He raised his own laugh, attempting to drown out her pleas.

“Poor pathetic waste! There’s so much human in you, how could I possibly spare you? I killed them all, all your shabby fighters! There they are, I even recognize them!” Kakarotto said, looking towards Universe 9.

“Those two! The bald one and the guy with long hair, I hunted them for years! They tried to hold my off while the humans could flee their little cities, and then ran from me themselves! It took me quite a while to finally kill them, but it was oh so satisfying! And him...” he laughed, turning to the bearded dwarf.

“Kulilin...” he whispered, his voice seeming to choke as if he couldn’t finish his sentence. A sad and desolate air surrounded him. The shock of seeing Kulilin again, recognizing him easily...it seemed he was tied to the Saiyan’s sole remorse. He recalled the time when they had played together in a lake... But the memories were gone as quickly as they came. Driving them out with force, Kakarotto repeatedly punched himself in the face.

“Forget it! Forget! Kill the humans!”

Kakarotto looked down to Pan, now lying on the ground. Since when had she collapsed? He couldn’t even remember, but he cared not.

“They were so helpless...so naive...so weak! Those who don’t know how to protect themselves deserve to die!”

Despite her exhaustion, Pan continued trying to think of a way to win. But it was in vain, as she knew her defeat was close. ‘It’s you who defends the Earth now,’ she remembered her grandfather telling her. ‘But Dad...Grandfather...I’m not brave against these monsters...I’m too young, too weak...”

Kneeling down beside the young girl, who lay helplessly on her stomach, Kakarotto whispered into her ear.

“You want to know what I did to the little children?”

That was the turning point, the straw that broke the camel’s back! For all her fears and weaknesses, her anger suddenly boiled with intense rage against Kakarotto. How dare he smile sadistically while thinking about such perverse atrocities! Forget that he’d broken his agreement and hit her with extreme force, trying to kill her! It was what he’d done on Earth for those twenty years before the other Saiyans had retrieved him!

‘What you did to little children...to all of humanity...it’s INEXCUSABLE!!!’ Pan roared inwardly, her fists now trembling. ‘I’ll never forgive you!’

The color red blurred all her vision. She nearly foamed at the mouth in rage as a new and unexpected strength arose within her. Her eyes suddenly turned from black to green and a golden aura surrounded her, each strand of hair on her head standing stiff with a marvelous yellow tint. The very air around her raged.

Surprised, Kakarotto took a sudden step back. She had transformed into a Super Saiyan before his very eyes!

“Well then, it seems there’s a little Saiyan in you after all!” he said, smiling as the girl stood.

Pan’s look was one of absolute hatred. But to Kakarotto, that only meant that the fight would get to continue on longer...perhaps he’d even be able to let loose now! His satisfaction, however, was short lived.

“I give up.”


Pan stood still for a moment, facing Kakarotto directly, watching silently. With each breath, she felt her new strength flow and pulsate around her. Her heartbeat quickened, as she felt the weight of this new strength, a power she wasn’t certain how to use. Should she fight now, even though she had seen it was pointless?

She turned her harsh glance back to Kakarotto.

“I did gain an incredible strength. Dad was right. But, I still have no chance of defeating you as I am now...”

“Hey! Turn around and fight me!” Kakarotto ordered. “Don’t you dare quit!”

In reply, the girl did turn, but only to get in one final remark.

“This is only temporary! I’m going to become much stronger than you! And I WILL defend the Earth from villains just like you! But in the meantime, I think I’ll just let Vegeta take care of you in the next round.”

“Victory for Kakarotto of universe 13!” the Vargas declared, even as Pan was walking out of the ring back towards her own area.

Behind her, the Saiyan seemed to be in denial, his body completely motionless.

“Incredible...She actually calmed down Kakarotto!” Vegeta of universe 13 said.

But before Pan had even left the ring, Kakarotto finally recovered from his shock enough to move. He had allowed this child to become a Super Saiyan, to turn her back on him, and to insult him further by forfeiting. It was simply too much!

Enraged, he rushed at Pan. Sensing his attack, the girl managed to turn around just in time...but she knew she had not the strength or speed to ward off such an attack. Kakarotto’s face was still that of a psychopath. His fist flew towards her face, filled with his judgement, the punishment for her actions. And just like that, the girl’s guardian angels sprung into action.

Instantly appearing between her and Kakarotto were both Gohans, of universe 16 and 18. They had moved so quickly that it seemed as if they’d teleported. Both stood side by side, arms extended, palms open, as they formed a barrier between the madman and their daughter. Kakarotto’s fist struck with a crash one of the palms that had suddenly appeared in his path. And yet the Gohan he had touched did not budge even a micrometer.

And they weren’t the only ones. Vegeta of Universe 18 had instantly transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. Like the two Gohans, he had merely appeared in Kakarotto’s path, rather than actively engaging him. Only, Vegeta didn’t uncross his arms, not even a fist or palm. Rather, he pointed both his index and middle finger towards the upset Saiyan. In this form, facing off against a mere Super Saiyan, Vegeta was practically invincible. With a swift show of super speed, Vegeta sliced the two fingers like a knife, directly at Kakarotto’s head. If it hadn’t been for both Gohan’s blocking the mad Saiyan’s path, he would have undoubtedly been beheaded by Vegeta...

Goku, himself, hadn’t reacted. Of course, he’d known that his son would step in to protect his daughter, and that he would only get in the way. It surprised him that Vegeta had decided otherwise. Perhaps, though, the prince merely wanted to make a statement to Pan, that her fight had not been in vain. It was yet another reminder of how very different Vegeta was now than he had been a few decades ago.

Gohan’s move onto the scene had been incredibly fast, but that was to be expected. As tense as the fight had been so far, the fact that he’d sprung into action at a moment’s notice was far from surprising. Of course, this was all because of the special powers granted to him by the Elder Kaioshin, which made accessing the full extent of his power something that took only an instant. At least, it was much faster than Vegeta, who still had to undergo a transformation. Still, Vegeta’s immediate ascension to the second level and instant appearance up near Kakarotto was quite impressive. Goku even found himself getting excited as he watched on. He and the prince would meet in the tournament for sure, and oh what a memorable match it would be! Certainly neither Cell, Majin Buu, or Uub could prevent them from meeting...

Finally, another person intervened, and this one not a guardian angel of Pan, but rather Kakarotto. Vegeta of universe 13 appeared behind the shoulders of his companion. Kakarotto was effectively blocked off on all sides, and Pan was saved. They stared at one another silently for a few seconds, all the time a Varga approaching cautiously, most likely to declare a fault of some kind.

Vegeta of universe 18 finally broke the silence.

“Next round, it’ll be you and me, clown. And I’ll handle this little situation.”

“Agreed,” his counterpart from universe 13 said.

Both parties seemed more relaxed now, and after careful consideration the Varga finally decided not to disqualify anyone from participation in the next round. In fact, this situation was nearly the same as the first round, as when Vegeta of universe 13 had restrained Kakarotto from killing Kat of universe 6...even as she tried to forfeit.

Pan was accompanied back to universe 18’s area by her father and Vegeta, Goku greeting them all with a smile. His granddaughter had been perfectly safe thanks to the lightning fast reactions of both Gohan and Vegeta. Now he could congratulate the girl on her achievement along with everyone.

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