DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 4, Chapter 20.


Chapter 20

Translated by American Vigor

Nappa laughed raucously upon realizing that Kakarotto was about to fight a girl from Universe 6, who in no way looked as though she belonged in a tournament of powerful fighters. Nappa's companions looked for a moment as though they were embarrassed by his boisterous laughter.

"These Vargas guys must think you're a wimp, Kakarotto," Nappa said. "That's why they're making you fight this chick!"

"Just because I have to fight a girl doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy myself”, said Goku's alter-ego, while grinning and cracking his knuckles.

Kakarotto then shifted toward the spherical arena, while maintaining the vigilant attitude that had saved him more than once during his experiences in Universe 13.

In the 6th Universe Balcony, Kat's friends were encouraging her. With long, flowing black hair, and her beautiful, yet graceful facial features, Kat was akin to how a female human of Earth might appear with no more than 20 standard years of age, as was the case with her three friends.

While adjusting her gloves for the upcoming fight, Kat smiled, as she was looking forward to it.

On her planet, she had not only been the physically strongest, but had mastered the planet's best techniques of melee combat.

"Kakarotto! He's my type!" Kat said to her friends, with a sly grin. "If he's anything like that other hunk in the orange gi who looks like him, then he's probably very strong. But as you all know, I know just what to do.”

"Good luck, Kat!" her friends yelled almost in unison, while Kat knelt to pounce upward toward the ring.

Standing about five meters closer to the 6th Universe Balcony's wall nearest the spectators, members of the Bojack Gang were beginning to find the cheery optimism to be somewhat intolerable.

"These giggling idiots are beyond annoying," Bojack said.

"They want to make fools of the most beautiful boys in this tournament," Zangya said. "It disgusts me!"

"We'll just kill them all when we get back to our universe," Bojack said.

"Well, if she is more than she appears to be and defeats this guy, you might even get to kill her in the third round," Zangya said. "Then, you can show her why she should never annoy me.”

Kat pounced from the ground, and her strength was readily apparent. She soared into the air, achieving a distance from the ground greater than that of the top of the spherical arena. Right before she descended from the top of her arched path, she flipped forward a few times, perhaps to impress the audience.

"This athlete from Universe 6 is honoring us all with her beautiful gymnastics display!" one of the announcers shouted via the loudspeakers. "Look at that grace! Look at that - oh no, she's falling fast!"

To her great surprise, the arena's gravity forced Kat to accelerate quickly forward. She fell several meters, unable to control her descent.

"Ow!" she yelled, when her rump made contact with the arena floor.

"Fortunately, this isn't a gymnastics competition, otherwise, the judges would have given her a zero!" the announcer said with amusement after recognizing that Kat was relatively unhurt by the fall.

"Damn," Kat said, while recovering from the fall by kneeling forward. "Usually my landings are much better, and -"

She suddenly realized a detail about the ring that she had previously not understood.

"But ... this gravity is like 10 times ours!" she shouted. "No one seemed bothered by it before!"

She now understood why her entrance had been less than desirable. The higher gravity had indeed interfered with her approach.

The fact that no one else had seemed bothered by this intensity of gravity prompted Kat to become quite nervous.

She became even more nervous when, upon looking toward her opponent, she saw that Kakarotto, like the fighters who had been in the ring before him, seemed unaffected.

‘Him ... I'll have to use all my powers ...' she thought to herself, while standing up and dusting off her miniskirt.

'This won't take long,' Kakarotto thought to himself. 'After I defeat this chick, I'll then defeat a ridiculous little girl in the second round. After that, I'll fight Trunks or Vegeta. Trunks is a Super Saiyan, despite his normal hair color, but I'm a Super Saiyan too, and I'll defeat him. Vegeta from Universe 18 likely hasn't shown his full strength, but even so, there's still a chance he might be weaker than my universe's Vegeta!"

Kat then attracted Kakarotto's attention, with a wink and a wave of her right hand, almost in a seductive manner.

"Hello, you!" she said, with a joyful giggle, while Kakarroto blushed.

Indeed, Kakarotto hadn't expected that she would be so ... alluring.

'Her miniskirt ... her cleavage ... no, wait! I can't let myself be distracted!' Kakarotto thought within. 'Who the hell does she think she is? There will be plenty of time for fun later. Right now, I just need to get this over with. Hey, I'll just do what my alter-ego from Universe 18 did!'

Kakarotto forcefully punched forward with his right hand, straight toward Kat. Just as Goku had done against Mahissu, the punch created intense air pressure that was swiftly moving forward.

To Kakarotto's surprise, Kat's appearance blurred, and the invisible air attack passed straight through where Kat had been visibly standing.

Kakarotto had time only to raise his right eyebrow in shock before Kat suddenly reappeared in front of him about a half-meter above the arena floor and then kneed him in the face. The impact of the attack manifested in a cacophonous boom of sound, but despite what the audience heard, Kakarotto grinned, with his face relatively unscathed, and his feet had in no way moved from where they had been before the attack.

"Not bad at all," Kakarotto said, while maintaining the grin on his face, while Kat lowered her right knee.

'He isn't even scratched!' she thought nervously, while beginning to step backward from Kakarotto.

She then yelled aloud while rushing forward toward Kakarotto, bringing her right fist backward in preparation for a punch.

"You can hide your energy very well...,” Kakarotto began to say, right before Kat shifted from in front of him and left an afterimage, reappeared behind him, and then was back-slammed in the face by Kakarotto's left fist.

"...but your energy isn't the only way I have to find you," Kakarotto said. "Your knee strike from earlier definitely shows me that you're more powerful than you appear. Maybe you even have a power level of about 10,000. But it doesn't matter. As you can see, you're no match for me.”

'Damn it!' Kat thought to herself in pain, while recoiling away from Kakarotto. "And he isn't even using one percent of his power! I can't win like this. I didn't want to resort to this, but...”

Quickly after wiping her nose, which fortunately was not broken, Kat readied herself for her next attack. She closed her eyes for a moment, and Kakarotto did not move, waiting to see what she was planning to do.

When Kat finally opened her eyes, Kakarotto saw that her pupils had shifted from blue to pink. She then looked to the heavens, and from Kakarotto's perspective, many types of women's underwear were beginning to fall from above, including panties, thongs, and swimwear.

"This is incredible!" the 12 announcers shouted together almost in unison. "Kat has a fine gift!"

Kakarotto reached out with his right arm up toward the apparently falling items, reaching particularly for a sexy swimsuit.

In the balconies for Universes 16 and 18, Trunks and Goten, being the mischievous pranksters that they were, were finding the situation to be hilarious.

"If one thing's for sure, Oolong would have been happy to be here!" Goten of Universe 18 said, with a grin.

"If Oolong would have been merely happy to be here, imagine how Master Roshi would have felt to see all of this!" Trunks of Universe 18 said, right before they laughed some more.

Kat realized that Kakarotto had been quite distracted by what was nothing more than an elaborate illusion, and she knew she needed to take the opportunity to strike at him again if she was to win.

She rushed forward and managed to grab Kakarotto's head while he was distracted by the illusory underwear, intending to break his neck.

She tried with all her might ... and Kakarotto would not budge.

Kakarotto then recognized what she had tried to do and slammed Kat in the nose again for her attempt.

The illusion dissipated, and some of the announcers who had blushed because of the illusion then returned to their normal skin color.

"Kat is down!" stammered one of the announcers, looking intently upon the fight and wondering what would happen next.

"Shit, I didn't even want to go as far as that, but it looks like I might need to go farther," Kat said, knowing that if she wanted to progress to the second round, she needed to pursue her last available option.

'This technique will work,' she thought to herself, while beginning to sexily spin, with waves of feminine essence emitting from her.

"Pheromone attack!" Kat shouted, while continuing to spin, causing Kakarotto to stare toward her. All around Kat, light-pink haze was forming and then spreading out across the arena.

After the haze spread throughout half of the arena and had covered much of Kakarotto's vision, Kat stopped spinning, causing the haze to disappear almost immediately.

"What is she - " Kakarotto begin to ask, interrupting himself right when he clearly saw her.

He instantly became enthralled by her beauty to an extremity, and to him, in those moments of euphoria, her sexiness and charm were unparalleled.

Kat's right hand was placed in a provocative position by her right thigh, while her left hand was to the left side of her face, drawing further attention to her splendor.

"My handsome warrior...,” she began to say, with her eyes captivating Kakarotto even more than they had before.

"She's ... she's gorgeous!" Kakarotto said, with her beauty overcoming all his senses.

"You shall lose this match, for my pleasure," Kat said, with her voice sounding all the sexier to Kakarotto's ears.

Kakarotto had heard her say the word 'pleasure,' and he found the word to be agreeable. He then fully noticed her luscious lips, and they were shiny, yet lush with wonder...

Approaching with the most suggestive of walks, and then caressing him with tenderness upon her arrival, she sought to take further advantage of the Saiyan.

"Handsome stallion,” Kat began to say, while moving her left hand across the back of Kakarotto's hair, "declare that you forfeit.”

She then nuzzled her nose against Kakarotto's left cheek, and Kakarotto remained motionless for many moments.

Without warning, Kakarotto grabbed Kat's wrists, and Kat noticed that his facial expression was unyielding in focus upon her.

"I...I love you!" Kakarot shouted. "Bear my child!"

"What!" Kat shouted, in alarm.

Kat was beyond shocked!

Did he really say that he was in love her?

She had known her Pheromone attack to be effective, but to this extent? It had never happened before! And on top of that, he wasn't even fully listening to her, and instead wanted her to obey him! Despite her attempts to break free from his grip, she couldn't escape.

"You will come with me to my universe," Kakarotto said, with a voice of authority. "Now, get into the 13th Universe Balcony!"

Kat sensed that the situation was rapidly deteriorating, and in desperation, she knew that she had to try as best as she could to enable her plan to still succeed.

"Er ... okay, but forfeit first," she said, while unsure of how Kakarotto would react.

"Silence!" Kakarotto yelled, right before smacking her across the face. "Do what I say, woman!"

Kat fell to the ground, then after a few moments, got back up, while rubbing her reddened right cheek with her right hand.

Then, she raised the middle finger of her left hand so Kakarotto could clearly see it.

"Go to Hell!" she shouted. "What do you think you're doing!"

Kakarotto swiftly approached and violently kicked upward into her chin, sending her rapidly backward.

"I said silence!" Kakarotto shouted, and before Kat could fall to the arena floor, Kakarotto punched her across the face with his left fist.

Kat now had many scratches across her body, her hair was disheveled, and her jacket was torn, with only one cord keeping the jacket on her chest, although her modesty was still concealed.

"He is totally mad!" Kat screamed. "I give up! I give up!"

"I said- " Kakarotto shouted, while winding up another punch with his right hand, causing Kat to look away in dread.

She was crying in fear - the fear of being hit again.

She fully expected to be hit, and she didn't even defend her face with her hands, knowing that it would not be enough.

However, just as Kakarotto was about to punch her, someone intervened.

Kat opened her eyes.

She saw a man who was not as tall as Kakarotto and who was wearing similar armor and a red cape, with his hair pointed upward.

Vegeta of Universe 13 had grabbed Kakarotto's right wrist, stifling his movement.

"Hit her again, and you're out of the tournament," Vegeta said. "Or worse, all four of us could be sent back to our universe without having the opportunity to use the Dragon Balls here.”

"Ve-...Vegeta!" Kakarotto said, surprised that Vegeta had appeared so suddenly near him.

In fact, he felt very strange, as if he had not been fully aware of the last few minutes.

Vegeta turned to face Kat, scornfully, while she remained kneeling on the floor, exhausted from the ordeal.

"As for you, you'll think twice before turning on a pervert!" Vegeta said.

"A...pervert!" Kat shouted, fully realizing how terrifying of an ordeal it had truly been.

"With Kat's forfeit, Kakarotto wins the match!" an announcer said, while Vegeta and Kakarotto began to fly back toward the 13th Universe Balcony.

Kat was now standing where she had been kneeling, and was now trembling as well.

After some brief grief due to the intensified gravity, her friends had made their way to her, and were now directly in front of her.

"He was ... terrifying," Kat said, while her friends sympathized.

"He should be ashamed for what he did," one of her friends said. "I'm surprised, though, that your technique didn't fully work on him."

"His power is too extreme," Kat said. "We need to leave this place!"

Two of her friends were open to the suggestion, but one among them, Syd, adamantly wanted to stay so she could compete in her match.

Kat was clinging to the arm of one her other friends while they began to return to the 6th Universe Balcony. While she knew she would cheer for Syd when it was eventually her turn to fight, all Kat truly wanted to do, as a result of the trauma she had experienced, was to go home.

In the 16th Universe Balcony, Vegetto and Bra were in the midst of analyzing what had happened.

"That was some quick decision-making on Vegeta's part," Bra said.

"From the moment he heard Kat shout that she wanted to give up, Vegeta knew that he had to act as prudently as possible," Vegetto said. "I sensed that he knew that he needed to stop the fight. Kakarotto is not like the version of Goku to whom I owe half of my existence; he's much more violent. Vegeta knew that the fight wouldn't stop unless he forced it to stop. Before Kakarotto could punch Kat again, Vegeta was a step ahead."

While Bra relatively agreed with her father's assessment of the situation, she still felt somewhat uncertain about it.

Vegetto's comments suggested that he had been able to sense Vegeta's internal escalation of psychological tension, and not merely his energy. Had this actually happened, or was her father merely making inferences after the fact?

As with similar stories, she wondered whether or not her father had embellished this one...

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