DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 28, Chapter 136.


Chapter 136

Translated by npberryhill

“Perfect!’ the Saiyan girl pumped her fist. “Now I’ll show you how to really pulverize your opponent! Piccolo, mind changing my outfit back into unweighted fighting clothes?”

“Why would the ultimate Bra ever need to change them?” Trunks asked sarcastically. “Surely you aren’t worried about your opponent?”

“Tssh, that mosquito? Don’t make me laugh,” Bra replied, Piccolo’s magic taking effect and removing her training gear. “The gravity in the ring is more dangerous than he is — the fight’s almost boring me already, I just prefer to end it quickly that’s all!”

“Not so fast!” a voice nearby interrupted.

All of Universe 16 turned towards the arena. Already dressed in his royal imperial armor, Cold had entered the ring — not bothering to wait on Bra. In fact, he was making his way straight towards the balcony of their universe. To the surprise of Freeza and Coola, their father was apparently about to implement his idea from earlier this morning. The younger son was skeptical, his own schemes having failed against the Saiyan Goku. Whatever plan his father had concocted would need to be flawless to have any chance of succeeding.

King Cold, on the other hand, stared at Vegetto’s daughter without even a semblance of fear in his gaze. He bore a serene authoritarian stance, supremely confident and to a degree impressive.

Bra smirked. “What do you want, Sir Emperor of weaklings? You come to forfeit already? You’ll have to get on your knees so the audience can see! It wouldn’t be any worse humiliation than you and your sons have already been dealt in this tournament, haha.”

“You seem quite sure of yourself, girl,” Cold replied in jest. “Surely you must realize that I’m in another league from my sons, this fight won’t be so simple.”

“Oh but simple is the perfect word,” Bra chuckled.

“Hmm, you refer to your overconfidence in the Super Saiyan transformation, yes? Without your golden hair, you monkeys would prove incapable of even standing up to Coola or Freeza!”

“Oh you think so? Really, hahaha!” the Saiyan laughed loudly, doubling over.

Cold had earned exactly the kind of response he’d desired. For the moment, everything was going just as planned.

“What, am I mistaken?” he hissed. “You Saiyans transform at the start of every fight, how could I possibly draw any other conclusion? Even the gravity of the ring would be beyond your race without that precious transformation — the other Saiyan of the 18th universe attested as much.”

“—Sir,” a Varga interrupted nervously. “The audience is becoming impatient, I must insist you both step into the arena—.”

“—In a minute!” Bra cut him off, turning back to Cold. “You truly are ignorant aren’t you? Oh great and fragile ‘Lord’, I’m thousands of times stronger than you. Don’t you know who I am? My father is Vegetto, the most powerful being in all of creation — and I’m talking every single universe! I could literally knock you out in a single breath, without needing to transform or make even the slightest effort! And I’ll prove it right now, come on let’s go!”

Cold sketched a wide grin. ‘Perfect!’ he mused inwardly.

“Very well, then allow me to propose something, daughter of Vegetto,” he said, adopting a false pretense of respect. “Submit yourself to an official handicap, one agreed to by the organizers. If you’re as powerful as you claim, you have nothing to fear from facing a being as ‘weak’ as I am, and you’ll have proven your boasts. Not to mention, the fans will undoubtedly love it! What say you?”

Nearby, Freeza was becoming quite perplexed at the discussion taking place. Never would his father have lowered himself in this way, using pretense to provoke his adversaries. It wasn’t like him at all, something was wrong. Unknown to Freeza, it was Buu of Universe 4 whispering clues in the corners of his mind and reveling in the Frost Demon’s musings.

“Tsh, is that all?” Bra laughed. “I’ll crush you with one finger — no transformation! I agree to your little ‘handicap’!”

“Wait, Bra!” Gohan intervened from behind her. “Don’t accept. The members of Universe 19 are counting on you to win, you gave them your word! Would you risk it all on a challenge like this?”

Cold squinted, annoyed. He was about to succeed, he was too close to let this opportunity slip away. He cleared his throat, drawing Bra’s attention back, and smirked.

“So? It’s not too much, is it? Perhaps on second thought the daughter of Vegetto overestimated her abilities? Or possibly... you’re afraid?”

“Do you honestly think I don’t see through your little ploy, lizard?” Bra scolded, frowning. “I’m not afraid, and I’m not weak, and I accept your damn handicap! Hey you, Varga!” she shouted, causing the bird to jump. “Don’t forget to note it officially!”

The latter contacted the officiating crew above, while Bra leapt into the arena, ignoring Gohan who tried one last time to catch her. He cursed inwardly, exasperated by her attitude and worried the consequences of such brashness could be severe. Cold was a Frost Demon, and probably the most cunning of the three. He wouldn’t have proposed such a challenge without having a plan in mind. But Bra was just stubborn enough to take the bait head on. Hopefully, she was up to the test.

For their part, the Vargas had recorded the special win/lose condition, incorporating it officially for the match. At the slightest change of hair-color, Son Bra would be eliminated. In spite of this, Bra was enthusiastic, stretching out on the combat surface. At the very least, she had a punching bag to toy around with. The Ice demon had no clue what he’d just released. She could barely even feel the gravity, this fight would be nothing but child’s play.

“You seriously underestimated me, demon! I’m not just a normal Saiyan, you see.” She readied herself to attack. “I’m the daughter of a god!”

“Tssk tssk, a moment please,” Cold whistled, levitating a few inches off the ground. “I haven’t yet touched the ring, girl. I have a surprise in store for you, before we officially begin.”

“Just as I feared,” Gohan said, standing next to Videl and Pan.

Cold bowed and began to utter a deep growl that terrified the audience. An incredible aura erupted around his body, seized with strong convulsions. Horns and Spikes began to appear all over his armored exoskeleton, from his legs and arms, to his back, tail, and crest. The power level emanating from him soared, and in the nearby Universe 8 veranda, Freeza and the others were utterly shocked. Coola nearly fainted from freight.

“So Papa can even access the secrets of the augmentation form!” he uttered, swallowing a dry throat. “Then, all my decades of training were in totally in vain. Father is already ten times stronger than my absolute maximum.”

In the arena, Cold’s transformation was nearing completion. His look mirrored his elder son’s, only without the mask over his mouth and far more spikes and points across his body. The imperial soldiers applauded, dazzled by their leader. Even Bra was amused.

“Hey, not bad,” she admitted. “I’d say now you even have a small chance — not of winning, of course. A small chance to actually touch me!”

“Only to touch you?” Cold repeated mockingly. “A shame, I won’t waste my time then. Prepare yourself, Saiyan, soon you will tremble before your worst nightmare, for I am your doom!”

He began to power up once again, his aura even stronger than before. The asteroid began to tremble and the ground beneath him cracked. Across Bra’s face, an anxiety of realization had seized her. Cold’s body had doubled in height, his spikes protruding even longer and new ones appearing. The horns on his crest had horns themselves! His tail was now as thick as a tree trunk, like a lizard undergoing a Jurassic evolution. He was no longer a mere reptile, he was a dinosaur — carnivorous eyes and fangs bared like the king of dragons. The form wasn’t altogether dissimilar from the first reduction form, the one he’d used against Videl during the first round. But this version was much larger and even more terrifying. The other two Videls and their daughters stepped backwards, frightened, as did many of the spectators. Even Coola had unwittingly fallen back, terrified by his father’s new form. He could no longer speak or think. His Papa had gone to a level further than he even thought possible! Freeza was equally impressed, but was also angry — this seemed unnatural, something was off. The Kaioshins were also taken aback, while Buu hissed in admiration and turned his eyes to Freeza, sneering inwardly.

Cold’s metamorphosis finally ended, all of his muscles having bulged, his tail covered with spikes, and his body now owning four beefy arms! His neck was greatly elongated forward, his face having flattened without a pointed nose. Cold stared at the paralyzed young Saiyan through crackles of lightning and gave a deep laugh. Bra didn’t move, sweat beading up on her forehead and arms. She definitely hadn’t anticipated this. She wasn’t scared, but her confidence had taken a major plunge, and it annoyed her. Perhaps she should’ve thought this through better...

Her brother’s voice, from behind, brought her back to reality. “Bra!” Gohan exclaimed. “Call off the bet, it’s way too risky now!”

“On the contrary, big brother,” the girl replied, her tone unsteady. “Now it's actually training! Let’s do this!”

She took a fighting stance, glaring at her adversary, now a monster. The latter whistled with cruel delight. For the first time, he could give everything he had! He would finally honor the body that he had trained to its very limits. Even now, he hadn’t pushed his energy to the absolute max, but it would be enough to put this arrogant little girl in her place. It was time to demonstrate for all how truly terrifying a Frost Demon could be.

Along with many others, the members of Universe 18 found themselves discussing the new transformation as well.

“Quite impressive,” Piccolo said, eyes wide. “I honestly didn’t think any of his family could ever reach this level.”

“It’s not too far of a stretch,” Goku mentioned, frowning. “If they were to really push themselves, Freeza and his family could probably reach even higher than this. I never got the impression that Freeza trained much, they’re so naturally gifted they probably never needed to. Something made Cold want to improve, like his son Coola finding the 5th form — which, if you think about it, is not that different from Super Saiyan.”

“Well, he succeeded, and not just a little,” Piccolo replied, looking gloomy. “I’d say his max power is enough to rival the Perfect Cell of years ago.”

“You’re wrong,” Vegeta flatly intervened. The others turned to him, while the prince’s gaze remained fixed on the ring. “He’s still holding back. Whether or not he has another form beyond this I can’t say, but... this is not his maximum, that much is clear. Do you want my opinion? Even Gohan when he first reached Super Saiyan 2 would’ve struggled in this fight. Defeating this lizard will be no simple task.”

“Agreed,” Goku said. “Even though Bra is Vegetto’s daughter, she still has limitations. In her normal state, this fight may prove too difficult even for her.”

“Do you think she’ll lose?” Uub asked, worried.

“Possibly,” Vegeta answered. “But first, it’s time for her to show what she can really do. Watch the fight closely, boy. You too, Pan.”

Everyone was focused on the arena, eager to see the opening exchange. The Heloites were taking the match very seriously, wholeheartedly supporting the Saiyan fighter who stood alone against the great demon. In the awning of Universe 17, hidden in the shadows, Cell peaked out at the arena. It took a bit of effort, but he concealed his thoughts from his ‘master’ as he admired Cold internally. He knew full well the potential of the Frost Demons, having exploited it himself as much as possible. As for his own body, he had already transformed into the perfect form — having incorporated the strengths and abilities of their superior race into his own. King Cold was quite the surprise though, and had he faced him twenty-seven years earlier, Cell might’ve been defeated.

Another nearby antagonist was pleasantly surprised. Buu had possessed the ability to probe Cold’s secrets all along, but he had refrained from analyzing him too carefully in order to keep it a surprise. And what a discovery it was, with Cold unlocking ancient transformations lost to the Frost Demons over time — or possibly new ones altogether! This race had always been fascinating, and Cold seemed to have transcended his limits like no individual before. Disregarding his nap, Buu focused entirely on the confrontation.

Bra was the first to move, dashing quickly at Cold, who remained unmoving. The Saiyan delivered a powerful punch to the Frost Demon’s face, the impact resonating throughout the arena. Cold’s face was distorted from the fist, but he had not lost his smile. Bra, surprised, tried to get her distance but Cold’s fist hissed in turn, grazing her and slicing into her cheek. The speed and power of the attack could have killed her instantly! A pearl of sweat ran down her forehead, but she was excited, filled with a strong surge of adrenaline that seized every fiber of her being. For the first time, she really knew the meaning of the word danger.

The next assault came from all four of Cold’s fists simultaneously, each one directed and calculated. Fighting with four arms demanded an entirely unique fighting style, one Cold was apparently quite proficient at. But Vegetto’s daughter was no less of a threat. She skillfully dodged every one, weaving through the blows and deflecting using the creature’s arms to gain momentum. With each dodge, she methodically and forcefully directed her attacks towards Cold’s vital points, striking at every opportunity. To a novice bystander, it might’ve seemed a simple exchange between warriors, but Goku and the others were subjugated by Bra’s martial artistry — she knew which areas to target first, and was managing to stand up to a clearly more powerful and fierce being.

Nevertheless, within a few minutes it was apparent that she was losing her breath, while Cold took each hit again and again without slowing. The amount of effort the Saiyan was exerting took its toll, and Cold was equally insightful in his strategy, keeping up his melee assault so that she gradually lost her stamina. He used his sharp tail to attack from behind, but wasn’t counting on Bra’s extreme instincts. She threw a Kikoha against the ring’s surface, launching her clear a few meters away. The girl panted to catch her breath while Cold rubbed his forearms and cracked his knuckles.

“Are those really the attacks of a goddess? They aren’t really painful... shouldn’t a superior being be able to dispose of evil without resorting to unnecessary transformations? So far I’m unconvinced!”

“Bastard!” Bra spat.

She launched herself back at Cold, surrounded by her aura, but the Demon disappeared at frightening speed. Bra was able to follow his movements without too much difficulty, but by the time her eyes had found him a huge ball of energy, ten times her size, struck her violently. The Saiyan barely had time to cross her arms and brace, the massive and boiling hot sphere beginning to gradually overtake her. Cold laughed mockingly, having only used a single arm to fire the attack. He was having far too much fun. With this, he would humiliate the girl, and present her charred remains to her father as a ‘gift’.

No matter her effort, Bra was unable to overcome the blast with her own strength. Resigning, she slowly straightened her forearms and carefully shifted the ball upwards. Once safely positioned, she teleported away from the ball, allowing it to smash into the shield and explode in a massive burst of light. Bra heaved a sigh of relief, defying Cold with a stare and finding the audacity to grin.

“Tired already, Saiyan?” he asked, returning her gaze. “I find it interesting, you know, the Kaioshins have no need of transformations themselves. Yet they are much more powerful than you without your precious golden hair. Is your father equally pathetic? He doesn’t deserve the title of god, and you even less!”

The girls fists and cheeks trembled with rage. The miserable demon knew just how to irritate her, each verbal jab striking hard at her waining self-control. Gohan and Vegetto, nearby, remained silent. The fused warrior, though just as easily provoked as his daughter, was unaffected by Cold’s insults. He saw through the attempt to goad, and hoped that Bra would be able to do the same. It would require at least a semblance of serenity, and to an extent he was actually grateful to Cold for testing her emotions. It provided her the opportunity to test her stability.

Bra had shut her eyes, bubbling with fury. She recalled a similar instance where she and Vegetto had been locked in the room of Spirit and Time as a young child. She had always struggled to control her power, and being victim to her father’s clumsy pedagogy often caused her to surrender to rage. Her resentment for Cold was boiling over, and she was so ready to unleash her full power. A golden aura began to visibly shimmer around her, while an attentive Varga grabbed his microphone. The Frost Demon was ecstatic! He was about to get what he’d been hoping for, a simple, boring victory. Too bad he wouldn’t get to continue the fight, but with each victory the Dragon Balls were more within his grasp.

In her mind, Bra was already committed to the transformation when she heard Gohan’s voice in the distance.

“Bra! Remember who you are! Remember!”

The words startled her, provoking a memory of her brother helping her turn into a Super Saiyan for the first time. Son Gohan had placed his total and complete trust in her, he was her mentor, master, and beloved brother.

“Gohan...why can’t I surpass you? Why are you and Daddy so strong? It’s not fair!”

"Bra, none of us was even a thousandth as strong as you at your age! Just be patient, with experience and time it will happen!”

“But Daddy is so busy... he’s a god, and I should be a goddess like him who can travel the whole universe and be respected by everyone!”

“Listen to me carefully, Bra. Our father is not a god, he just has power, the potala that was granted to him by a true god. You have the kind heart of Son Goku, and the pride of Vegeta. Don’t just think of yourself as Vegetto’s daughter, but know that you’ve also inherited the will of those two amazing men! You’re the descendant of two honorable lineages combined, a worthy successor, and Earth’s protector — so don’t let yourself be defeated! You will become the strongest warrior in the world, following the path of those two heroes who still live somewhere inside of Vegetto. Don’t forget who you are, and the story of those that came before. Always remember that you are Son Bra!”

Her eyes suddenly shot open as she came to her senses. Instantly, the golden aura around her dissipated, returning to its normal color. Cold murmured in disappointment while Gohan wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Thanks, big brother,” she said, inhaling deeply. “My father will always be Vegetto, and I’ll always be proud of it. But, that’s not my true identity, I’m my own person and right now I carry the hopes of everyone. I will defeat you, Demon, and I will save the Heloite universe! So bring it on!”

Vegetto smiled listening to his daughter. She was finally starting to grow up, becoming her own person instead of just the child of the most powerful being. Gohan and Piccolo were also proud of her development. Even Goku and Vegeta, surprised by her sudden change of attitude, were strangely pleased without knowing why.

But King Cold hadn’t lost his smile either. Even if his opponent wouldn’t crack, it wasn’t a real problem. He remained the strongest, and it was time for the little fool to understand what she was truly up against. The moment to reveal the full extent of his power had come.

“Very well, girl,” he exclaimed. “Let’s get down to business, then!”

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