DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 32, Chapter 160.


Chapter 160

Translated by npberryhill, edited by Guilarai

Perched atop a miraculously still-intact section of bleacher, the black eye of Universe 4 Buu blinked in amazement.

“So, that’s how it finally ends... what a surprising finish! I had no idea this little girl with almost no power had so much nerve, she is indeed a worthy descendant of Vegeta! It seems, in the end, it was once again Saiyan pride that overcame that damn Babidi. But you understood it, didn’t you... my friend? You truly are the god of the smackdown, wielding the undeniable power of pacifism and the ever formidable talk-no-jutsu.”

Buu then returned his attention to space, where a certain wretched wizard was still being tortured. Babidi’s oxygen had depleted a while ago, but there remained just the smallest amount — enough to barely keep him alive and in a state of constant agonizing suffocation. Buu had amused himself by painting “quality” patterns over the wizard’s face with a magic pencil, and torturing him with pesky tickles. He had also created an extra hand that stuck its index finger into one eye at regular intervals.

For Buu, the concept of revenge on his master was something he’d dreamed of often, of summoning all the pain of a thousand hells. And here he was, giddy to be doing exactly that.

Back in his own universe, Buu had never sought out the wizard, or tried to resuscitate him. Hell had taken care of Babidi long ago. But this version had been victorious, and had gone unpunished for his crimes.

Still, total torture no longer suited him. He preferred to harass and torment him now, almost childishly. It was far more fun, and also proof that he was above it all. The past was the past, and in the end Babidi was nothing to him. The worm, through its incessant pain, realized this as well. The hateful torture wasn’t worth it.

“It’s over,” his avatar announced loudly, near Babidi.

The latter’s eyes opened wider than before. He wanted to know what happened. Buu, meanwhile, reveled in his helplessness.

“Oh? You’d like to know more? Well, I don’t know if I’m going to tell you... Hehehe. Wait, don’t cry, little one. I’ll tell you everything, that’s why I’m here. So... spoiler alert... you lost,” Buu sneered, giving him a flick on his forehead. “Your little slave freed herself from your brainwashing. Come to think of it... she’s the first to achieve that, isn’t she? Your failure is complete.”

“Mmmm, mmm!” Babidi grunted, having been gagged by an apple.

“Oh, and by the way, I have other great news for you. So, I’ve kind of had my hands on everything from the start, it’s my thing y’know. Those competitors you sent away to certain death... yeah, they’re all alive. I’m actually about to allow them to return! I think you may be held accountable though. But, one thing at a time...”

Babidi’s struggles continued, in vain. Seeing the silly smile of the Djinn gave him the sickening feeling that he would soon meet a more terrible fate than he could imagine.

Meanwhile, back at the arena...

Son Goten of Universe 18 had collapsed to the ground, unable to stand. Bra made her way to him, lifting him up and supporting him with her shoulder. Her eyes slowly took in her surroundings, now finally with a moment’s peace. The corpses around her had been pulverized, dismembered, and scattered into pieces — Son Bra’s attacks had left even the dead without their dignity. But when her eyes reached the spot where Gohan’s body lay, her heart sank even further.

“How awful,” Goten muttered. “We have to... find something... a Varga that survived, Dragon Balls, I don’t know...”

“We’re the only survivors,” Bra answered somberly. “There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s wait. Dad and the others are still alive, I’m sure.”

“They probably can’t find us though,” Goten clarified, moaning in pain. “I can’t transform, and they’ll never sense my energy with it this low...”

Realizing, Bra looked down. They couldn’t stay like this, surrounded by nothing but death and horror. Their loved ones had to be brought back as soon as possible.

She turned to her alter-ego, Son Bra, still collapsed onto her knees and shaking like never before.

“Hey, you should give us a hand...” she finally said.

But Son Bra couldn’t hear anything.

“I... I killed them! Everyone. What have I done? I’m a monster!”

“Hey!” Bra shouted. “You still have a lot of energy, use it so the others can find us!”

“Gohan, oh Gohan... I’m a murderer, I killed Goten, I killed Gohan, I killed Piccolo — I’ve become everything Dad ever feared...”

“Stop it,” Bra interrupted firmly. “You were under a spell, okay. But you managed to free yourself from it. Now, face up to your mistakes and help us get everyone back! If everyone forgave my father, you should be able to earn forgiveness eventually too. Just stop feeling sorry for yourself and help us!”

“No, you don’t understand...” Son Bra finally replied, looking up at her eyes. “This was unforgivable. It’s all over, I’m doomed. He warned me, this was my only chance...”

“That is interesting!” Buu said quietly to himself. “I feel like there’s still fun to be had. Come on, let’s move on to the next scene!”

Deep in space, on the asteroid of the exiles...

“Hooray!” Buu exclaimed.

Startled, everyone turned to him. Buu quickly dispelled his magical block, which had prevented them from locating the arena, and grabbed Gotenks by the shoulder.

“Hey, Gotenks!”

“What? Quit touching me, we’re not friends!” the fusion grumbled.

“Check this direction,” the Djinn said excitedly. “There are life forms, right? I can sense Son Bra, even though her energy is low.”

“Hmm? Hey, yes! You’re right...” Gotenks said, concentrating.

“It’s her,” Vegetto confirmed, frowning. “But, there’s something wrong, I don’t like this...”

“Come on, everyone, we’re headed back!” Buu exclaimed, spreading his hands. “I’ll do the teleporting, everyone form a circle!”

Everyone complied, surprisingly, except Vegeta of Universe 13 — appalled at the thought of holding someone else’s hand. His Universe 18 counterpart grunted with exasperation before grabbing his hand by force.

“We’re not waiting for you,” he huffed. “If you have a problem you can stay on this rock alone, but we won’t be coming back for you. You might be of at least some small use in the end, so get over it.”

Universe 13 Vegeta glared back at him, but didn’t let go. Relieved, Son Goku grabbed Pan and Uub’s hands and turned back to Buu, followed by the rest of the group.

Ever prepared, the three nano-warrior Ultras switched on their weapons and brought their visors down — they were ready for anything. They maintained physical contact with the teleporters, but got into a combat stance, each facing different directions.

Seeing this, Trunks of Universe 12 understood as well and readied himself. His free hand reached for the hilt of his sword. The others also prepared for the worst.

The Djinn grinned a little then announced.

“Let’s go!”

As Bra and Goten continued trying to think of a plan, abandoning Son Bra to her guilt, they suddenly witnessed the return of all the lost participants in front of them. There was immense relief and joy, seeing them safe and sound and finally back.

But to those who had just returned, the sheer and utter destruction of the scenery around them was shocking. Not thirty minutes ago there had been a magnificent Varga arena, which was now scattered into ruins, deep craters, and clouds of smoke still collecting in the air all around. The very asteroid itself had been cracked and was gradually falling apart.

“Son Goten!” Goku cried, rushing towards his battered son.

“Hey, hi... Dad,” Goten grinned and collapsed into his arms.

“What happened here, son?” the father panicked, seeing his condition.

“I’ll tell you...”

“Hey, Goku,” Trunks of Universe 16 interrupted. “Let me take care of him, you should go check on your Pan...”

Son Goku saw the somber look on his face, immediately trusting him, and decided to find Pan and offer whatever comfort she needed.

“Well, they sure did a number on you...” Trunks muttered with a slight chuckle, supporting his friend from the other universe.

“Dad!” cried Bra.

“Bra!” Vegeta exclaimed, rushing towards her. “Are you alright? Where are the ones who did this?”

“They were defeated,” she sighed. “Babidi lost, though I’m not sure if he’s still alive...”

“He... he must be dead from lack of oxygen by now, somewhere off in space,” Son Bra said weakly.

“Ah, of course,” Buu added with a mocking naivety.

Recovering from the shock of this vision of horror before him, Vegetto stood nearby. In his mind, things didn’t add up, especially the state in which he saw his daughter — clothes torn, weeping ceaselessly as she lay on the ground. But as he rushed towards her, the trembling voice of Pan gave him pause.

“Dad... is he...dead?”

Horrified, he turned to see the inert body of Son Gohan, his face crushed inwards by the impact of an extremely powerful fist. Next to him, Universe 18’s Pan burst into devastated tears while Son Goku quickly wrapped his arms around her from behind. Vegetto’s own fists began shaking with anger.

“How awful!” he growled. “What happened here?”

While the sight of his son’s lifeless body made him irate, Vegetto did his best to control his emotions. There was no point in getting upset now, apparently there were no more enemies. The battle was over. Right now what mattered most was bringing everyone back to life and straightening things out.

For their part, the Heloites had made their way to the Universe 19 balcony. There, shocked, they discovered the bodies of Naurb and their other comrades, their chests impaled. On Naurb’s forehead, though, Eleim saw the strange marking of a Majin. He’d been told of the symbol during their exile and what it meant.

“Is this some kind of bad joke?” he said with dismay. “Naurb betrayed us?”

Further down, a sudden cry of rage caught their attention. South Kaioshin had just found the bodies of his divine comrades, charred but recognizable. He couldn’t help but cry while trembling with rage, the corpse of West Kaioshin held carefully in his arms.

“Those monsters!” he roared. “The moment I see that damned Babidi, I will pay him back a hundredfold for this atrocity, even if I have to resurrect him to do it!”

“But, how will we restore them all?” asked Gast, who stood solemnly nearby. “It seems everyone has perished. Do you know how to access the Dragon Balls held in reserve?”

“I do, but for that we will need to find a working machine for inter-universal travel. Only the Vargas know how to make their technology work. If we found one of their ships,” he sighed, “well it would just be the same problem. They’re the only ones who can do it...”

“There are no other survivors,” Gotenks said quietly, having surveyed the surroundings. “No threats remain, not even Cell or Majin Buu. But that applies to everyone. No spectators, no Vargas...”

South Kaioshin slammed his foot down hard, under the sorry gaze of those by his side. A little further down, Buu was trying to keep it together. He was nearly cackling, knowing he would fix it all for them... but he didn’t want to offer right away. He had other plans.

So he merely shut his eyes, as if concentrating — but that too caught the attention of a frowning Vegetto. He wasn’t about to let Buu start some mess, but the other pressing matter worried him equally. The fusion began walking towards Son Bra, still shocked at the state she was in.

“Son Bra, are you alright?” he asked, bending down on one knee. “Damn, just look at you... I can hardly believe the fight was this bad for you to look like this. Not even Cell could’ve been this much trouble.”

The girl gave no reaction to his words, still shivering and allowing her hair to hide her face. Vegetto didn’t know what to say to get an answer out of her, but he then noticed the Great Kaioshin’s dead body behind her.

“What the hell happened here?” he asked in a low voice.

“AAAH !”

Suddenly, a young shriek made Vegetto’s blood boil. He immediately teleported, hearing his granddaughter’s voice cry out, leaving Bra to her paralyzing fits of terror. There, along with Goku, Gotenks, and all the others, he discovered the body of Son Gohan — severed in two, covered in burns and serious wounds all over.

“This... this isn’t possible…” Vegetto stammered.

“Dad... Dad...” Pan continued weeping, her cheeks stained with huge tears. “No, I don’t want to believe it.... DADDY!”

Just as Son Gohan had lost his daughter before during this tournament, the roles had now been reversed as Pan was suffering at the loss of her hero, her protector, the sweetest of men — her Dad. And not just that, she had heard Gotenks a moment ago say that no one else was alive. So, her mom and her mother’s twin were also both...

She collapsed into the ground with her forehead. Son Goku tried to calm her, while Vegetto merely remained motionless, completely flabbergasted.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” he thought, shocked. “The only people capable of standing up to Gohan would’ve been stuck in space with us. Cell might be powerful, but I can’t imagine Gohan losing to him — unless I’ve somehow greatly underestimated that bastard! Could he have killed both Gohans with a surprise attack, or was he actually stronger than them? Is that why Bra is in such a state, because Cell was just that much more formidable than we had imagined?”

But the slice on Gohan’s corpse merited further study, and as Vegetto looked closer he saw only two possibilities. It could’ve been caused by either an unavoidable Kienzan or a Ki blade... Was Cell capable of creating one? Besides him, the only other person he knew could do it was...

His eyes opened wider as he turned back towards his daughter, still motionless in the crater. No, that wasn’t possible... this had to be Cell’s doing!

He suddenly forgot about Pan, who was being tended to by a supportive Son Goku.

“I know how awful it feels, Pan,” he said sympathetically. “What you’re feeling is completely normal, but don’t worry, we’ll bring your Dad back to life with the Dragon Balls,” he reassured her. “Just like we did for you.”

“Daddy, mommy...” Pan of Universe 16 sobbed, barely having even heard the words.

“I’m here, I’m right here,” Goku said, holding her in a gentle hug. “We’ll bring them all back, you’ll see them again soon in no time, I promise.”

Vegeta of Universe 18, after making certain his daughter wasn’t injured, joined his universe’s Pan and knelt beside her. It was troubling to see the shape his son’s best friend was in; Vegeta put one arm around Pan compassionately.

“Don’t worry, Pan. Your father will be resurrected along with everyone else. We’ll find Dragon Balls. And I will see that damned wizard pays dearly for all that he’s done.”

Pan sniffled. “I know...” she struggled to say through her sobbing. “It’s just... so horrible to see... Dad never wanted to fight them, he doesn’t like to fight... and those monsters killed him anyway, and I wasn’t there to help...”

“Hey!” Vegeta interrupted to reassure her. “You couldn’t have done anything, you’d have been killed too. Your father faced some incredibly powerful enemies! I’m certain he laid down his life protecting those who were left defenseless. And even Son Goten gave it his all. You can be very proud of your father. In spite of loving peace, he never hesitates to fight to protect you and save the lives of others. All of you are like that in your family. And I’m sure that you will become a great protector too! Once we get him back, make sure you hug him tight and tell him all that. Alright?”

Pan’s tears began to flow again, as she nodded and threw herself into Vegeta’s arms. He patted her on the back, while receiving a nod from Goku nearby, thankful that he’d taken care of her.

He was still with the other Pan, who had begun coming to her senses, but her gaze was still mostly blank. She’d definitely been traumatized by the sight of everything.

Goku turned towards Vegetto, a bit surprised that he too hadn’t joined them to comfort the little girl, but the fused warrior was stubbornly staring at something. Following his gaze led to Son Bra, the other tearful and devastated girl.

Son Bra had overheard Vegeta’s words. But the guilt she felt had only been worsened by them, her heart was like a bottomless pit of shame that gnawed at her more and more by the second. How was Vegeta such an understanding and encouraging father? It was no wonder her double of the 18th had so much personality, so much confidence in herself and who she was — meanwhile she hid behind a facade and covered her insecurities and self-doubt with insults and ego... that pathetic lack of self-esteem is what had allowed her to become a brainless puppet in the first place. And she felt all the more upset that it wasn’t even her sense of guilt that had actually freed her from Babidi.

As she stood behind her father and Pan, Bra of Universe 18 was glancing around a bit nervously. She didn’t know what her universal double had meant earlier, saying this had been her only chance, but the truth of what had happened here couldn’t be kept secret. Son Bra looked utterly terrified still, but why? Vegeta’s daughter wondered how she should break the news...

“My friends!” Buu greeted everyone in a cheerful voice, which echoed through the stadium. They all turned.

“Listen to this!” he announced. “In order to understand everything that happened here, I just read the memories of the survivors, including the dead spirits that are floating invisibly around us. Believe me, it’s one hell of a story!”

“Is it possible to do that?” wondered Uub.

“Incredible,” added Eleim.

Buu sneered. Of course he knew how to do it. Telepathy was an art he had mastered to perfection, even necromancy and other forms of communication with the dead. But in this case, he actually hadn’t needed to, since he’d been present for all that had transpired personally — though of course that was a secret.

“I’ll prove it to you all, without a doubt,” Buu continued. “Allow me to share these souvenirs with you, as if you were there !”

With that, Buu magically projected all the events that had transpired into the minds present. There was quite a lot to tell, but Buu’s spell was thorough, and produced images in an non-confusing way — everything in a timeline from the very moment they had disappeared until they returned.

They saw how the corrupted minions of Babidi stormed the arena. Their number was staggering. Vegeta let out an audible curse, upset at himself for not having taken care of Babidi sooner, given the extent of his schemes.

There was the taking of hostages, the resistance of the Kaioshins, Cell who had threatened the Gohans and their loved ones...

Son Goku felt immense pride seeing Goten rush towards the Cell Juniors despite knowing he was greatly outmatched. In spite of living the life of an average human, the blood of a Saiyan still flowed through him, the blood of a brother, of a son; of a member of their family. His courage and bold action strengthened the pride he felt in his younger son greatly.

For their part, Trunks of the 16th and Gotenks felt admiration as well. But they also were hit by the reality and remorse of knowing they’d have been just as unprepared as he to face this kind of difficulty. As individuals, they’d have fared no better. They weren’t strong enough to actually protect their friends and families, as Son Gohan did, while having less fighting spirit than them. By allowing Vegetto, or Goku and Vegeta, to take responsibility for the safety of the Earth and its enduring peace, they had become passive. They’d learned to evade threats, when they had the power and ability to defend against them.

Then came the fierce resistance of the innocent against Babidi’s enslaved minions. The climactic battle between Universe 16’s Gohan and Cell. Vegetto felt pride in his son proving to be so strong and valiant, but also dismay at the true might of Cell — the bio-android had proven technical superiority over Gohan and gave him serious problems.

The Kaioshins had then confronted Dabra, the Demon King who was then slain by Phipsil of Universe 19. North Kaioshin had faced Piccolo Daimao. The latter had been killed by collateral damage from another Heloite later on.

Vegeta of Universe 13’s eyes bulged wide at the fight that took place on the Universe 18 balcony. Kakarotto had battled Universe 19’s Nedwook, and unveiled his Super Saiyan 2 transformation during the fight. That crazy madman was already a problem in Super Saiyan, the return of his tail meant yet another threat to the stability of his reign. And now Kakarotto had also achieved the next level of Super Saiyan? His potential for growth was far too great, Vegeta would have to find a solution to the Kakarotto problem quickly.

Buu deliberately refrained from telling everyone what was taking place in the Universe 9 apartments. They were alive and well, and nothing all that interesting had happened to them anyway. Moreover, he wanted to keep the surprise that Raditz of Universe 13 was saving for the Imperial Lord Vegeta a secret.

Son Goten had lurched at Kakarotto from behind, restraining him long enough for Nedwook to take him down. Son Goku, Vegeta, and the half-Saiyans were all impressed by his actions.

The battle against the Frost Demons continued next, with Piccolo being overwhelmed against the sibling/father combo. Piccolo did however manage to kill Freeza and seriously injure Coola. Cold, meanwhile, was busy with the Kaioshins. But the body snatcher was able to infiltrate and murder each of them with extreme cruelty. South Kaioshin’s rage boiled at the sight.

An extraordinary battle then began to unfold between Cell and Son Gohan of Universe 16. Once again, Cell had exceeded expectations, his advanced techniques surprising Vegetto as well as Goku and Vegeta. He had certainly improved upon perfection, and was giving Son Gohan serious difficulty.

Nappa had gone after Bra and Videl of Universe 18. He had tortured Gohan’s wife sadistically, and abused Bra as well. Her father clenched his fists furiously, inwardly resolving to extend his ex-comrade a beating he would never forget if he got the chance.

Son Gohan then abandoned his fight with Cell in order to save the girls. As a result, the Heloites had been struck down. Not only that, but Cell’s miraculous regeneration had been accompanied by a further increase in power. Everyone had been shocked by that, Vegetto had even begun to see a scenario where Cell had pushed his kamikaze technique even further in order to give Son Bra an unprecedented fight. He clung to this eventuality as possible, but also feared with each unfolding image that what actually happened was something worse. Buu relished his reaction.

Son Gohan pulverized Nappa, then Kakarotto as well, who had surprisingly survived the Ultra Waver. Gohan then destroyed Cold.

Then, horrifyingly, Cell had killed both Piccolos and the Videls in cold blood. Seeing those images, both Pans fell again to the ground in devastation. Vegeta and Goku tried to comfort them again, while others such as Gotenks and Trunks could only look on with grief.

Then, to Vegetto’s great surprise, Universe 16’s Gohan had broken through his psychological boundaries and unleashed his infinite rage. The fused warrior was speechless at the power his son had displayed. This is exactly what he’d been asking about for years now! With this level of power, he could definitely offer him a more memorable fight! Above all, Vegetto had wished for something like this — secretly, he’d even considered threatening Pan in order to force Gohan into such a state... He of course felt incredibly guilty at such thoughts, especially since that same scenario had played out here in such terrible fashion.

Buu continued his story, disregarding any potential trauma that was about to be caused.

Son Gohan of the 18th had appeared suddenly in the middle of the arena, having been magically repelled by Babidi from the apartment interiors. But regardless, Gohan had crushed Majin Buu within seconds, his amazing Kienzan shredding Universe 11 to bits.

The Kienzan was then sliced in half.

The two Gohans met in the center of the arena.

Then Vegetto’s worst nightmares were confirmed, he had already begun to feel faint. The fusion staggered seeing the flesh of his flesh appear, the daughter of Bulma, his pride and heiress... with a Majin marking on her forehead. For her part, Son Bra trembled even more, as the fateful moment she had been dreading had arrived. Everything about to transpire was her own fault, and she knew the coming consequences all too well.

Son Bra stunned everyone seeing the retelling as she emerged from the wreckage of Babidi’s apartments, transformed into Super Saiyan 2, and proudly boasting her master’s insignia.

Buu was willing to faithfully render the events for everyone, so he replayed the conversations from every perspective. That included Gohan, Son Bra, Babidi, Piccolo, Heloites, and the regenerated Cell.

He also had a pretty good grasp on all of the various personalities of those in the telepathic circle. If he played this right, the situation could totally escalate and provide him with even more chaotic distraction!

As Son Bra began to verbally antagonize her adversaries, the fighting began for real, the sheer violence of each scene striking all those witnessing it. The Saiyan girl displayed incredibly fierce resistance against her enemies. Or was it the other way around?

Only a few of those present had a real gauge for just how much stronger Son Bra was than all the rest of the fighters. But in spite of the power gap, she had taken serious damage from the two Gohans as well as others.

The fighting was fierce, endless. Each time Son Bra seemed to be on the ropes after a desperate strategy by the others, she would find a way to heal herself and come back at full strength. No one blamed Piccolo for keeping the Senzu, what else could they have done in the face of such a destructive plague?

Cell’s about-face turn was just as staggering to the Saiyans. In the end, he had proven to be the only fighter capable of truly resisting against Vegetto’s daughter.

Then came the most terrible moments. Son Bra snapped Nedwook’s neck, and shortly thereafter sliced Gohan of the 16th in half with an energy blade.

The image was immediately etched into Pan’s mind, making her whole face go cold. Devastated and even worse than before, she wept.

“Da... Daddy...”

Vegetto’s brain had seemed to freeze, as if he couldn’t quite accept the reality of it either.

“No... no, no, anything but this...”

Buu didn’t dare to peer closer into Vegetto’s mind, certain that the fusion would sense it. But nonetheless he was absolutely thrilled to see the torment Vegetto was being subjected to. For Buu, this type of thing was what he reveled in.

All the while, Son Bra could only watch helplessly, weighed down by her pain and guilt. Only this time, she was watching everything that had transpired with a clear mind, almost like an out of body experience — but certainly through new eyes, as she was now cursing herself for every word and deed. Everything her father had always told her, all of Gohan’s efforts, she’d brushed them aside without hesitation. She had become a perversion of everything good in her, an uncontrollable monster. Her heart was breaking seeing it all again, and she just wanted someone to put an end to this terrible nightmare.

But Buu continued on, this time with the brutal death of Piccolo. Majin Buu and Son Gohan of the 18th prepared their final stand. Cell was pulverized in the blink of an eye and his core was obliterated. Phipsil tried to get close enough to use carbonite, self-sacrificially. Her comrades had already been shaken by Nedwook’s brutal murder, they couldn’t stand seeing hers as well, ragingly shutting their eyes while seeing the super-powered Saiyan murder again.

Finally, Son Gohan and Majin Buu tried a final suicidal assault. Gohan’s kamikaze attack narrowly failed. Son Bra crushed his face in with her fist, then his body collapsed into the arms of Bra.

It was Pan of the 18th’s turn to once again be overcome with grief and unrestrainedly whining. Vegeta calmed her as best he could, but even he had been shaken by the brutal death of both Gohans. Likewise, Goku felt a rising sense of righteous anger, but he also instinctively understood that this wasn’t a cut and dry situation. The perplexity of looking over and seeing Son Bra now, helpless and trembling on the ground, softened his anger somewhat. In spite of what she’d done, he ultimately didn’t feel resentment towards the young teenager who, truthfully, was just another victim of Babidi’s perfidy, forced to obey him. But, Goku’s forgiving heart was not shared by everyone...

The final moments of Buu’s retelling came with the dialogue of the two Bras, with some help from Goten of the 18th who was in terrible shape. Son Bra continued reciting her pathetic rationalizations for her actions, each time being perfectly countered in a lecture by Vegeta’s daughter. Son Bra, her pride stricken by the truth, finally began to feel the guilt of her actions. With those realizations, the Saiyan girl freed herself at last from Babidi’s spell and collapsed in the crater.

Buu had finished the telepathic memory share, and peacefully contemplated his handiwork with satisfaction.

The tension in the group was palpable.

In turn, each one present slowly shifted their gaze towards Son Bra, then instinctively to Vegetto.

The latter’s indecipherable look was only given away by his clenched fists.

How would he react? How would the others? Would they kill Son Bra? Would they forgive her? Could they actually forgive her? Or would they all fight over what to do?

Buu hissed in his head, smiling with excitement, then exclaimed.

“Alright. Now it’s your turn!”

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