DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 9, Chapter 43.


Chapter 43

Translated by Qtjinla15 and Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

In the space that was reserved for Universe 4, Buu watched every little movement between the two combatants. In fact, he saw nothing that particularly excited him. Their current strengths were not much higher than his.

With an impassive gaze, a motionless body and crossed arms he thought, "What the heck is Vegetto doing? Can't he see that his opponent is unique? Yet he is not trying his best to win, so is he just toying around? Is he just amusing himself?"

Buu understood Broly's main feature: an invincible body, unique to his being. Him withstanding Vegetto's powerful attack had made that clear! Through the smoke, Buu could sense that he was still alive and that his ki wasn’t lowering. Vegetto must have known exactly that. Why did he attack like a madman if he knew it wouldn't have any effect?

Soon Buu was going to see the second ability of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

"Come on Broly, I know you want some more!" Vegetto cried, wiping his chin slightly to ease the pain where Broly flanked him.

The former, however, sustained no injury. Only a single drop of sweat reflected the strength he used to attack Broly. Besides that, his shining golden aura blazed around him; it seemed to get lost in spades over his head in a characteristic blowing, like thousands of leaves tossed by an untiringly turbulent wind.

Faced with this warrior with golden hair and straightened-back locks, except for two that preferred to remain at the front, Broly clenched his fists. His rage increased, and his strength also grew... The smoke cleared entirely, revealing him out of the depths of the dust. Shouting louder than ever, he showed his determination to overcome his opponent, "I am the Legendary Super Saiyan!"

Faced with this display of power, a green aura appeared around him. Even greater than before, it seemed to compete and outpace Vegetto with a much more serious and noisy sound. From the bleachers, the spectators, who had been seeing a yellow light almost since Vegetto's attack, now saw a huge green glow. To top it off, the yellow flashes tinged with green and surrounded Broly and his aura for a demonstration of unbeatable ki. From Universe 18's space, Goku commented, followed by many others:

"Broly's ki just doubled!"

"He's much too strong now!!" Piccolo slipped out.

"We should have helped Vegetto before!" Son Gohan added.

But it did not seem that Vegetto was frightened by Broly's new ki. Instead of being stunned, he smiled, shielding his face with one arm against the will of the Millennium Warrior who assailed at him.

"Come on, show me your maximum power!" he cried at Broly, shaking his fist a little more excitedly.

Buu was therefore now in full understanding Broly's true unique feature: the ability to double his ki in a few seconds without any real superhuman effort, almost at will... He had never seen such a thing in his universe. Broly was really unique. If the Saiyan was absorbed, Buu wondered what it would be the effect on his own body.

Broly suddenly rushed at Vegetto, who was flying above him. Surprised by the sudden increase of speed acquired by Broly, Vegetto did not dodge the blow, and instead Broly dealt him a hook which distorted the video image for two seconds during which Broly continued to unrestrainedly beat he who had dared to launch a such an attack from the back. Broly fought back with both his fists and feet, as well as elbows, knees, and even used his head to strike again and again at Vegetto, who, for once, found himself at a disadvantage.

Various emotions coursed through the spectators and participants, but not one of disinterest; some were frightened, many were amazed as the chained attacks and the plight of the Saiyan continued for several minutes. The tension was palpable in Universe 18. On the contrary, in Universe 16, although they were wondering what Vegetto was feeling, only one thing was clear, he felt no fear... no fear at all...

And because they knew about Vegetto’s ability, like Broly, he could not be defeated in the traditional way. He would not lose from a few physical blows! Even if they were dealt by the Legendary Super Saiyan ...

Broly finally stopped his succession of blows that would have killed most people, then followed up with a powerful and fast right hook. Carried away by the force, Vegetto fell, three hundred times faster than a stone crashing several meters underground, in an earthquake that was felt by the entire audience. A cloud of dust rose somewhat from the gaping hole created by the event. Broly finally moved, flying tens of meters over there, catching his breath. He rarely stopped himself from hitting a single person as well. In fact... Perhaps it was the first time someone had actually resisted his melee attack? Anyway, he let out a rather diabolical laugh, revived his green aura that, for some viewers, was beautiful to see...

Among the participants, it was quite different. Nobody lingered on the green aura, even if it was unique. In the space 13, for example:

"That's it ... The true power of Legendary Super Saiyan!" Vegeta said, more to himself, remaining speechless as the Legendary saiyan continued to laugh non-stop.

The Prince of Saiyans could not believe his eyes. It was so hard to follow their movements... but he felt the power of the impacts ... He was clearly below this level... Like many others... In space 1, the gods themselves were impressed.

"Broly... The Legendary Super Saiyan," the South Kaiôshin repeated. "We had killed him while he was still a baby... a wise decision!"

"I was against it..." the Eastern Kaioshin added. He recognized some of the participants, particularly those in Universes 9, 16 and 18. "But I understand your reasons, now!" said the small Kaiôshin, finally realizing that making the decision they had taken at the time was clearly the right one...

He was a young god compared to the others ... he was often at odds with the others, and their decisions to often meddle in the affairs of mortals and remove threats in advance. It was a bit normal... but then he had to admit he was wrong to question the decision of the Ancients... In fact, it was not at all the killing in advance Legendary Super Saiyan what he was against... It was the act of killing a poor baby, an obviously helpless being... it was against his principles. Yet, a thousand years ago, he had fought the previous Legendary Warrior with all other Kaioshins ... a fact that West Kaioshin reminded him.

"We studied him a thousand years ago... Once transformed, he was completely insensitive to blows, indestructible! And he had non-stop rising power! He lost all sense of reason!"

"I remember..." the North Kaiô Shin added. It was the three of them against him, but all that happened was that they had met him and he had even exceeded their strength! To defeat him, they threw him into a star ... But this one... They couldn't even push him!

A thousand years ago in Universes 1 and 10, the Kaioshins, who left nothing to chance, had actually detected and killed the Legendary Warrior on the Planet Plant. In almost all other universes, as East Kaioshin was living alone, it was he who came with Kibito to meet this warrior. The Kaioshins in both cases used the same technique: get rid of him using the sun. *Read Hanasia of Salagir*

The ground shook again... and a hole was formed due to the impact of Vegetto, who dislodge himself and sprung to the air, surrounded by his golden aura. He flew up to meet Broly face-to-face as he finally stopped laughing stupidly.

"Finally," he said, smiling for the first time since his birth... "I have to fight all out!" cried he finally releasing his strength.

His aura took on a more violent aspect and the light also began to be covered blue flashes of lightning when Vegetto shook his fists high, contracting three quarters of all the muscles of his body at the same time. His hair, which was already bristling back, seemed to stiffen a little more. Both of the locks from before finally went to press against each other. The whole body of the warrior born of a fusion of two outstanding fighters began to glow yellow and white, dazzling everyone.

Everything was covered in a bright flash for a few seconds, and when it faded they saw Vegetto, right there, smiling, fists clenched, ready to face Broly who still illuminated with a green aura. But this time, it seemed to be chewed by that of Vegetto, which was shining brighter than ever before. His clothes reflected the golden light of the aura, blue lightning traveled throughout the body.

Vegetto was now a Super Saiyan 2... The audience was shocked ... They couldn't even form a thought, but they now realized that from the beginning he was holding back his true strength! To combat this monster that was Broly, he had to be releas it. What was he thinking? Goku asked the same question to Buu: So is that what Vegetto was playing at? He placed his level at a state to remain equal to Broly... So basically, he gave himself a handicap! Until he could no longer keep up... Vegetto was so sure of himself, he allowed himself to play along while in front of him was the most dangerous being in all the universes... And now he had let it up; he was the only one who could stop the beast. He endangered everyone for the sheer adrenaline!

But if it was Goku in his place, would it be different? He wasn't so sure of himself. He too, on several occasions, had jeopardized the Earth, and even the entire universe! Once when he left Freeza alive, or even when he let him achieve a hundred percent of his power. Another time against Cell, giving him a Senzu after his fight, while his son was to fight right after the fight. And then against Buu, destroying the Potala Earrings... This desire to fight a powerful opponent, despite the risks, associated with the spirit of Vegeta; his desire to be the undisputed number 1, had been passed on to Vegetto ...

Undaunted by this sudden transformation, unlike those of the Universe 16, Broly rushed again at his foe, both excited to see him alive and happy to strike again as he wanted. Broly raised his arms and fists over his head as he attacked Vegetto, whereas the latter said two words before avoiding the blow by flying above the Legendary Warrior.

"Round two!"

He flung at Broly and kicked him in the face, which made him look back. Vegetto took the opportunity to give a second kick in the stomach that was unprotected by his opponent, and then went on to a third, a back kick to the face. Before Broly could defend, he rushed at him to fling two quick and accurate shots to the face!

Buu was a little more content than before this time. Here, slightly surpassing Vegetto, Broly... He did not stay long but it was enough to take a moment... a short amount of time...

Indeed, after giving several powerful blows, Broly was able to stop Vegetto in his tracks. His hands wrapped around his opponent's head, and he struck his with forehead that of Vegetto. The blow was very violent, but for Broly, it was not enough. Of the two, it was he who suffered least from the impact. He then went on three or four times doing the same thing, drawing in the golden hair of the warrior to bring him back for greater impact. When Broly attempted another attack, he wanted an even stronger one; he bent his head a little further back... the few centimeters between them gave Vegetto the few milliseconds he needed to counterattack: a violent kick under the chin. Broly released his grip and Vegetto retreated a few meters before attacking... just two seconds later.

His fist went flying... the punch connected with Broly’s jaw also... Another shot by Vegetto connected with his opponent's face... who returned the favor. For once since the beginning of the match, every shot was made​​, one after the other, for several minutes only powerful hits were launched. They remained at the same spot, no shot was launched by either fighter more than the previous... They were the same power level...

"The power of these two far exceeds all of ours together!" Vegeta told the others of Universe 18 without missing a crumb of the fighting that took place above him.

Others were on the far side of the same opinion ... In Universe 16, Gohan told Piccolo, "Dad has never before been beaten at the second level. Even against Bra."

Indeed, in their universe, and Vegetto and his daughter Bra often fought against one another. Often for a workout... but sometimes because Bra was either angry or upset or... Well in this state of mind there, the opposite. Bra had never been strong enough to force Vegetto to exceed the first level of Super Saiyan...

This annoyed her a little... the difference between them was visibly greater than she had thought... But for the moment, she said nothing and remained motionless, gazing at the battle of her father, at a level that she had never imagined... Finally, in this way, if she had faced Broly, she would surely have lost... Beside her, Trunks and Goten were both delighted with the power of their father... and disgusted:

"He's tougher than we expected!" Trunks said.

"In fact, it sucks for Gotenks, man!" Son Goten added.

In Universe 18, their counterparts held the same kind of speech.

"Hey, Broly is much stronger than when we were decked with just two shots, said Trunks."

"In fact, it sucks for Gotenks, man!" Goten added.

Another Trunks in the stadium, one of Universe 12, was not especially afraid of the overwhelmingly overpowered two fighters. He had encountered other power values that were almost overwhelming in his time, that of a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan that, from the time when he defeated Cell, he was surprised. Vegetto with this transformation there, far exceeded that of Gohan and his. But it was no more surprising that it eventually... He was told that Vegetto was his "half-father alternative" somehow... He was concerned, that he was to meet his father from Universe 18 in the next round if Vegeta was just twice as strong as Vegetto... the fight would be impossible!

For a lot of other fighters, the same kind of conclusion fell... Universes 2 and 19, for example, were no longer able to follow the movements of the two fighters for long. Zangya and Bujin from Universe 6 were also in the same situation. They were paralyzed. Bojack could still see them, but not always... He had to admit deep inside that they were much stronger than him and he just appreciated the fact that there was not one or the other of these two fighters in his own universe.

A lull seemed to suddenly appear: the two warriors were overpowered slightly away from each other. Broly screamed again, and took the opportunity to attack Vegetto. From Vegetto's right hand appeared a glimmer, a concentration of yellowish energy. He immediately launched it at the Legendary Super Saiyan. The explosion was almost as strong as the Big Bang he used previously. Thick brown and white smoke enveloped the monster, which ultimately was not at all affected. Angry, he threw himself at Vegetto with his whole body, leaving the smoke like a demon, arms forward to catch the person he hated and wanted to see suffer. Vegetto didn't have much time to defend himself. In his left hand, a yellow light appeared and he quickly threw it at Broly's head.

Carried away by his weight, he crushed Vegetto, while they were both covered by the smoke of the explosion. The spectators were able to see more for several seconds ... Only agreed new moves, shock waves, what gave both fighters without seeing. When the smoke cleared enough, the two warriors finally went away, covered with a few scratches here and there.

Suddenly, Broly and Vegetto rushed towards each other, as if their next punch would make a difference. Howling, both their fists smote one against another. Broly's fist was two times larger than Vegetto, but their strength was the same. The strike violently created a shock wave that everyone in the stadium felt, followed by an explosion caused by the crash and ki auras of two ultimate warriors. It dazzled many spectators and participants protected the eyes, feeling light after a violent blow, like a sudden storm that had just lifted. The few pieces that still managed to ring float exploded and fell to the earth, becoming little more than dust.

The smoke around the two combatants vanished, still revealing fist against fist. None had yielded a single iota. With the way their eyes met, you would have thought they were fighting! A psychological battle on a physical combat. Broly still indestructible, had no scratches, but burn marks everywhere... Vegetto as well as various minor scratches and his greatest injury was just at the mouth. Blood had flowed a little to the bottom of his jaw. Nothing else could determine who could win. Physical combat was no longer anything ...

Broly swung slightly, still pushing as he could with his fist to his left hand free, preparing his ki to attack... his famous emerald green wave of energy. At this distance, even Vegetto would be damaged! He quickly retreated and prepared his against attack, which began with the same posture as Kamehameha.

"Big Bang..." Vegetto then cried a deep blue light appeared in his hands and sent Broly's energy ball at him, screaming. "Kamehameha!"

With hands stretched forward to attack, Vegetto attacked, much like the Kamehameha, but with a more extraordinary power, right at Broly. The two attacks each impacted for a few seconds and then seemed to combine, and merged to become a mass of light that began to cover the first two fighters before spreading.

"Look out!" Goku yelled as he turned into Super Saiyan.

"Piccolo, get behind us!" Gohan said deploying the strength he obtained from the Old Kaioshin, wanting to use it to protect the Namek.

Around them, other warriors prepared to feel the shock of the two titanic powers. Vegeta and Kakarotto from Universe 13 and Trunks of the 12th Universe, Goten and his friend in Universe 16... they went all Super Saiyan before the light covered the huge stage with an earthquake and loud noise... Finally, a huge explosion was heard.

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