DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 16, Chapter 76.


Chapter 76

Translated by Davidstarlingm

In the space of Universe 8, each member of the Cold clan sent his soldiers to search for the Dragon Balls. All returned with the same conclusion: “No Dragon Balls; I was spotted and threatened with exclusion from the tournament.” But ultimately, they all found something to report.

“Nothing in the bleachers and in the corridors of the other universes. Only the main building of the Vargas is left,” one of the soldiers reported to Freeza, who sat lazily on a stool.

“But it is guarded by Nameks; none of us could get in,” said a second soldier, standing at attention.

“I’ll go; there is no one faster than me!” boasted Butta as he approached with a smile.

“And no one bigger either!” retorted Freeza. “You are incapable of discretion.”

“Not to mention that you’ve been miserably beaten by someone much faster than you,” added Coola, who didn’t hesitate to criticize one of his brother’s commandos.

Freeza paid no attention and continued. “It takes someone small, fast, and smart...”

Coola immediately reverted to his original form, then gestured to himself. “You’re talking about me.”

“No, about me,” replied Frieza with a smile.

“It’s simple,” interrupted their father Cold. “Each of you take a different part of the building. And not a single argument, is that clear?”

“Yes, dad,” replied both sons simultaneously. But there was clearly a rivalry here: whoever would find the location of the Dragon Balls would win.

They only had to wait for the middle of the night, when the participants and spectators in the tournament were mostly asleep, to look themselves for the Dragon Balls as much as they wished.

Some of the fighters in the multiverse tournament didn’t need sleep. This was the case for Cell, who remained planted like a statue in the middle of his space. Waiting a few hours was nothing to him; he had waited ten days before the beginning of the Cell Games. Buu of Universe 4 had no need for sleep, and neither did Majin Buu from Universe 11, who simply pretended to be asleep for the fun of it.

Another participant not sleeping was Dr. Raichi. He was alone in his room, in the dark, floating a few inches above the ground. As usual, he was deep in thought. He had never spent an hour of his existence without preparing or rethinking the plans he was so carefully building for so many years. His last major work had been to assist Tapion. Before that, he had been consumed with nothing but his hatred for the Saiyans. This hatred had calmed somewhat, but it had been revived by the arrival of the Vargas. If they had not announced that Saiyans would be participating, he wouldn’t have even come!

And there were Saiyans in many different worlds!

Some had even dared to approach him and speak to him. All these Saiyans...a constant threat, a virus that haunted too many universes. Raichi wanted to get rid of them all.

In his own universe, he had accomplished his mission. He believed it was all over, that his role was no longer needed. But the arrival of the Vargas, with their mention that Saiyans could be at the tournament, had proven him wrong. He hadn’t taken long before he saw the first set: the Saiyans dressed in animal skins, echoing their barbaric nature. After seeing them, he had initially retreated to his apartments to think.

Others, more Saiyans from more universes, had arrived later. Some he recognized immediately, others he simply guessed about: a Saiyan could disguise himself in any way, but he would sniff them out! All he wanted to do was destroy them. He simply had to fight and win.

But the rapid defeat of Universe 10 made him realize that his plan was flawed. He wanted to exterminate these Saiyans, and if they left, it would prove impossible.

Now, as the note wore on in the arena, they were probably all already dead.

Dr. Raichi had devised a plan quickly: a plan that was rapidly put into action. These Saiyans were not strong at all; he had encountered much more powerful ones. They were weak enough that a single minion, if chosen correctly, could defeat them. And he made his selection quickly.

It didn’t take him long to prepare his device, enabling his soldier to appear once the Saiyans returned home in Universe 10. The tiny chip was embedded on the Varga shuttle. By monitoring the external environment, it would activate when the time was right.

The microchip watched as the Saiyans attacked the Nameks. The latter counter-attacked, and the ship crashed. The microchip remained dormant while the ship was reconstructed using the Dragon Balls. The warrior within waited quietly during the duel between one Saiyan and one Namek. She had seen the horde of Oozarus defeated and returned to their normal form, naked and hairless.

The Saiyans had suffered another setback. After losing the tournament and failing to gain access to advanced technology, they had been incapable of beating even one of the Nameks. Anger and disappointment were obvious on the faces of the barbarians who now were slowly getting dressed.

The soldier sent by Raichi decided it was time to emerge from hiding. The microchip released the small amount of energy it contained...a hatred that took the form of a warrior.

It was a Saiyan. Who better than one of their own to exterminate them? She had long hair, black armor and a guard on her right shoulder, as well as a guard over her right hip. A single red cloth garment covered her arms, and she wore a red skirt as well.

She had memories of her life up until her death...and a little beyond it. She could think for herself, but she could only follow the one order she had been given: destroy all Saiyans.

When her body had completely materialized, she took a few seconds to contemplate the world, a world that had disappeared in many universes. Then she flew to the city...if you could call it that. It was a group of archaic huts in poor condition. Hanasia had a plan: she could infiltrate, then kill each small group as they fled before her. But she didn’t want to waste time chasing them.

By killing several Saiyans secretly here and there, she could create a small panic. The Saiyans would group together to defend themselves and hunt down whatever it was that was killing them. Once grouped, she could eliminate them all.

Hanasia was fast. There was no doubt, she was indeed the most powerful warrior on this planet! It was not difficult to kill her first victims, something she did separately in isolated conditions. Then she began eliminating groups of two, then more. None of them could see anything but a shadow, a slight, deadly movement in the air.

After several hours, all the Saiyans were asking questions. Some believed it was a group of vengeful Nameks who had decided to eliminate them all. Hanasia loved to hear their terrified whispers as they wondered what was happening. When a group left to inform the king, she decided to follow them, while others were gathering in the main square of their small village.

In the shabby palace of King Vegeta, an incredible scene was taking place. King Vegeta, escorted by several of his most loyal warriors, was faced with another small group of Saiyans. They seemed to want to seize power, overthrow the king, they said. They pointed out that they had lost everything due to his leadership.

“We want a new kind who will rule us as well as your father!” cried one of the separatists.

“Idiots! I am better than my father!” roared Vegeta. “I am the King! And for your betrayal, I’ll kill you!”

“If you’re still king, it’s because we allow it! We only left you the throne out of consideration for your father, who saved us from the Tsufuls: nothing else. Long ago, you were exceeded in power! Many of us can defeat you. If you do not immediately resign, we will obtain the throne by force!”

Indeed, Vegeta’s father (the former King Vegeta) was a war hero. At the time, he had been nothing more than a warrior with a decent power level under the command of an idiotic leader. He had manipulated his way into a position of leadership at the end of the war against the Tsufuls: a war he managed from start to finish, maintaining strategy, logistics, and organization. Since then, he had remained the undisputed king, and his son had been the logical successor. Swept up by the crown, he had never really tried to keep the highest power level, even while many others were constantly improving themselves.

Hanasia smiled. This was interesting. Looking around, she noticed that several other Saiyans stood away from the two groups facing each other...the two groups that could overthrow the other at any time. These other Saiyans who remained apart would be the type to follow orders regardless of who was King. Among them, Hanasia identified Baddack...it was then that she decided to intervene, to show herself. She walked slowly toward the two groups that were arguing. Initially, no one noticed, then the first murmurs were heard among the Saiyans watching. Finally, all faces turned toward her: faces with wide eyes.

It was obvious; almost everyone knew her. She’d had a good reputation up until the day she had died suddenly. Her presence suddenly shocked many people...but most of all King Vegeta and his followers. Stupidly, in front of all his people, he blurted out:

“You...it’s impossible! You’re dead! We killed you!”

All the Saiyans stopped watching her and turned to look coldly at King Vegeta.

“How?” stammered Baddack, approaching nervously. He was now the only one between her and King Vegeta.

The king cringed. It seemed to mean something...maybe this was justified? but he changed his mind. He still didn’t understand.

Hanasia understood immediately. Everything made sense. “King Vegeta has always feared losing power, I suppose. Some were already beginning to surpass him, and wanted to dethrone him. He took his place at the head in front of his brother before they could...is it not so?”

Vegeta panicked, and responded by sending a strong energy attack in the direction of the Saiyan. Baddack, who was still between the two, instinctively threw himself into the attack, blocking it. There was an explosion, which dissipated to reveal Baddack still standing, the left side of his chest and shoulder now burned. He smiled. “I, too, have become stronger than y..ARGGH!”

He felt an incredible pain in his chest and spat blood. He felt himself suddenly falter. His vision was swimming. Lowering his head, he saw an arm that pierced his back...an arm whose hand held his still-beating heart.

Baddack fell heavily to the ground. Hanasia smiled. Vegeta gave an order. It was not immediately followed, but then the Saiyans reacted. A dozen of them charged the warrior whose right arm still dripped with blood. Hanasia let them approach, then reacted with speed, precision and grace. She gave a violent punches and kicks, seemingly at random, to each of the attackers. Some fell; others went flying away into the walls which collapsed from the shock.

Some preferred to avoid melee attacks, sending energy blasts toward Hanasia. These she avoided, or countered with a wave of her hand. Her own attacks were far more devastating, shredding both her enemies and half of the palace.

At the end of the battle, she found herself alone with Vegeta. She had saved him for last, savoring his look of despair and fear. She grabbed him by the neck and decided to leave the palace.

“My poor Vegeta,” she said. “I’ve seen you younger and cuter...and a lot stronger!”

Outside, hundreds more of the Saiyans had gathered. They began to approach the smoldering ruins of the castle, but stopped when they saw Hanasia burst from the rubble, dragging their king who was already choking. Without losing her smile, she flung the deposed king into the air and threw a ball of energy that collided with him. After a violent explosion, his burning body fell amid the Saiyans.

A dead silence ensued. Nobody moved; they all wondered what was happening. Finally, they came to their senses, watching Hanasia. They could see the murderous gleam in her eyes, the desire which showed she would kill them all.

But they would not give up without a fight. They attacked first.

Hanasia amused herself at the beginning, killing one by one with precision, stopping the attacks they sent and counter-attacking brutally. But she soon tired of this. She flew at once, straight up while watching the insects below her, then charged a highly concentrated ki blast in her hands. The ball of energy dazzled the Saiyans below; some flew toward it, others away.

She struck.

The massive attack shredded the few Saiyans who had flown toward Hanasia, bringing them crashing to the ground, which shuddered and then gave way. The blue energy attack continued disintegrating the land, burrowing deep and releasing terrible earthquakes. Massive crevasses opened up, releasing flows of lava. The cataclysm went on and on.

The whole area was devastated. The planet had failed to explode. For thousands of miles, the land...nothing but rock now...no longer resembled anything. There was no forest, no grass, no animals. The desolation couldn’t even be called a land; it was just a wrinkled muck of rock and lava.

All Saiyans had been surely destroyed.

To make certain, Hanasia circled the globe, her senses attuned to note even the slightest movement or energy. But no, there was nothing. She turned one last time over the vast cemetery where hundreds...no, thousands...of Saiyans had lived, looking one last time.

Suddenly, she felt a presence beside her, a few dozen meters away. Someone had appeared from nowhere. He was not of this planet...he was a rather small being with purple skin, pointed ears, and hair in a crest on his head. He wore a blue uniform.

Hanasia continued looking without moving. He looked at what she had done, surprised. The purple-skinned man had many questions. Then, finally, he spotted her. He flew toward her, shouting.

“Who are you? What happened!?”

Hanasia closed her eyes, smiling, and replied.

“The Saiyans are all gone.”

“What!? But who are you? Answer! I am the Kaioshin of the East! Answer me!”

Hanasia turned her head toward him without losing her smile. “I am a ghost,” she answered finally, her body already beginning to disappear in smoke.

The Kaioshin seemed to want to stop her, reaching out, but she disappeared too quickly in midair, as if she had never existed. Her mission accomplished, she had no reason to be here...because Saiyans had disappeared from the universe.

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