DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 24, Chapter 118.


Chapter 118

Translated by npberryhill

Buu left the boy’s room, next visiting the young prodigy from universe 18, a boy that possessed greater potential than he even knew himself — a reincarnation of pure destructive power. Arriving near him, Buu watched the boy attentively. Upon getting close, he could immediately sense his own presence inside of him, ‘a share of Buu’ per say. But that remnant had been from Buu’s original form, Kid Buu, an uncontrolled and unintelligent version. It was only thanks to his intelligence that Buu of universe 4 had become aware of what he once was and was quite glad that he had prevented Vegeta from detaching the cocoon that held fat Buu when he and Goku had snuck inside of him. Devolving into his most primitive form was undoubtedly the djinn’s worst nightmare, as he had lost all appreciation for what the universe had to offer — pleasures, struggles, experiences, even life. Fortunately, this young man, Uub, was opposite the horror of Kid Buu in every way, indeed all ways except his potential for destructive power. In fact, he seemed to even possess a strong moral fortitude towards justice and peace. Thus, the djinn had taken quite a liking to the boy, and planned to personally instruct him in how to use many of his latent powers, abilities unique and inherent to the Majin. After all, being a reincarnation, he undoubtedly had the potential faculties inside of him.

“Hmm, how to best go about it... I’d really prefer to explain it to you myself. Perhaps I could assume the form of a childhood friend, that might do the trick — just a tiny and unobtrusive inception into the lad’s dream.”

Without waiting, Bibidi’s creation transferred his consciousness into the boy’s mind, gathering memories and creating the location of their meeting, a scene from Uub’s youth. Upon analyzing, Buu discovered a suitable form as well, a girl of quite noticeable beauty for whom the lad had quite more than friendship in mind.

“Hehe,” he chuckled, “this will be fun...”

Buu took on the appearance of the human girl, materializing himself into Uub’s dream, and set things in motion. The boy from universe 18 was walking through the streets of his village, but it was completely deserted.

“Hello! Is anyone there? Where is everybody?” he cried out.

“It’s only us, silly,” a female voice said from behind him. “I figured you’d be able to realize when you’re dreaming.”

“Anju!?” Uub exclaimed, turning around slowly to his childhood crush. He gulped audibly. “What’s...uh going on?”

He suddenly realized these were the first words he’d ever spoken in front of her, and was so flushed by the thought that he again fell silent.

“So, all grown up and you finally return to the village, a powerful fighter in your own right, but you’re still afraid to talk to me?” the girl said. “It’s just a dream, Uub, there’s no reason to be nervous. You can say whatever you want!”

“Oh...yeah...right...” he somehow managed to reply, his cheeks crimson.

“Don’t be nervous. You’re the strongest human being on the planet, and you’re a man now...I know you want to talk to me every time you come back to the village, so just do it. If you can’t do it now in a dream, you never will for real!”

“Oh...I suppose...” he replied, still fidgeting and staring at the ground.

“Quit that now!” Anju said abruptly.

He slowly raised his head, daring to look in her eyes.

“I know you’re shy,” his childhood friend said, “but you should think about how your actions affect other people. You haven’t spoken to me once since my boobs started to grow, in fact it seems like you’ve been avoiding me.”

“I’m sorry...it’s just...that...”

“That you think I’m cute?” she giggled. “And you wanna get to know be better, but you’re too afraid. Except, you didn’t realize that you pushed me away? And hidden behind your shield of shyness, you’ve actually been insulting me and making me cry!”

“Wha...what? I’ve never insulted you...” he stumbled

“Oh really? So when you come back to the village and talk to everyone else, but see me and immediately turn away blushing, not even saying hello, you don’t think that’s insulting? You hate me, don’t you! That’s what I think, and you want to avoid me at any cost!”

Uub was speechless. He’d never really thought of it that way, his eyes were suddenly opened. By not paying attention to the impact of his neglect...and letting his timidity win out...he had been very selfish! And by fear of approaching her, he’d hurt Anju’s feelings.”

“So, now you understand.”

“Yes, and I am sorry.”

“Good. Now, make sure you go apologize to the real Anju.”

Uub scratched the back of his head looking around, half expecting that another Anju would appear out of nowhere.

“Huh?” he asked.

“We’re still in a dream!” she yelled. “The real Anju is light years away, in a whole other universe...”

“Right sorry. So then, who are you?”

“Just a friend, passing through your subconscious. And as the flow within dreams in malleable, we have all the time we need to discuss whatever we like and learn from one another!”

“Oh really?” Uub smiled. This Anju had set him at ease, restoring his confidence and setting his mind to make sure he spoke to the pretty girl upon his return home.

“Why don’t we have a seat...”

The young man sat down on a bench beside Anju. She shuddered, imagining she had something up her sleeve, but she sat a both a close and respectful distance. He couldn’t find anything to say, and so for a few moments he merely took in the sights of his village — it was quite calm, emptied of inhabitants. But the silence didn’t last.

“So, do you know how to use magic, like Buu?”

“Huh? No, I’m just a normal human, I don’t have that kind of power...”

Uub was taken aback at how this ‘friend’ seemed to know everything about him, his village, his origins... and the questions being asked almost sounded rhetorical. The being seemed to be guiding their conversation in a particular direction, towards very specific subjects. But regardless, Uub knew he couldn’t do magic. He’d visited Buu back in his own universe and observed him using magic, and it was clearly something not possible for a human!

But the Majin disguised as his childhood friend wasn’t surprised by the answer. She smiled back, using her big black eyes against Uub, playfully and even a little maliciously. She lowered her voice, like she was telling him a dark and naughty secret.

“Do you want me show you how...?”

“Uh...” Uub hesitated. “Well, I...wouldn’t say no...do you really think you could teach me?”

The girl clapped her fingers together, causing a rabbit to appear between them.

“Hold your arm towards me, then focus on what it is you want to change. You’ll probably feel some discomfort in your body, but you’ll get used to it, it’s the Majin energy flowing through you. You won’t be able to regenerate yourself like Buu, but you can certainly turn his magic attacks back towards him. Come on, give it a try!”

Hesitantly, he obeyed, focusing his mind on the object of a carrot. A shiver ran down through his body, and he felt a kind of odd fluid flowing down through his muscles and nerves. The strange sensation was almost enough to convince him to stop, but he pushed through. A flickering violet gleam appeared around his hand, shimmering and causing the apprentice magician to tremble. Placing one knee on the ground, he braced his arm with the other and formed a magical spiral that struck the rabbit. Rather than becoming a carrot, however, it grew exponentially until it was several meters tall. Uub panicked as the mammal jumped on him, no doubt with the intention of devouring him. The young man was ready to fire a Kikoha at the monster, when it was suddenly struck by the same wave of purple energy, turning it into a giant cookie — of which only the most perceptive eye might distinguish Buu’s face encrusted inside. Uub didn’t notice, as he was too stunned. Anju tried to compose him, disappointed at his failure but still proud he had succeeded in tapping into magic on his first try.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “we’ll keep working on it, at least you managed to find your magic. But mastering it will be up to you. We’ve got all night if we need it, but you’re on the right track.”

“All right,” Uub sighed, still shocked that he’d had such power inside himself all along. If he managed to learn to control it, the possibilities that would be revealed were endless — and certainly could make a difference in the upcoming fight against his counterpart, not to mention the possibility of a fight with his master. He knew full well that he could not yet defeat Goku, not with his teacher’s enormous power, but with this new asset he might be able to make things much more interesting. Now motivated, he continued practicing.

After several long sessions, which took advantage of the malleability of time within dreams, Buu was finally satisfied. He left the youth’s mind, leaving only the residue of Anju’s form behind to act as a guide going forward. It was then that Buu felt a movement nearby. Panicked, he teleported himself immediately as Goku woke up, stood to his feet, and began scanning the room. He wasn’t sure what had caused his sudden awakening, but Vegeta rushed out of his room a second later, also alert, frowning but trying not to wake the others.

“What’s going on, Kakarotto?” he murmured. “Something startled your ki, what did you sense?”

“I’m not sure, Vegeta,” Goku replied, still looking serious. “I swear I felt something pass over me, but it could’ve just been my imagination. Uub doesn’t seem to have felt anything, he couldn’t be sleeping any more peacefully.”

“Hmph,” Vegeta grunted. “I wouldn’t be so quick to discard your suspicions. We’re surrounded by old foes, anything could happen at any moment.”


Vegeta exhaled, lowering his arms back to his sides. “Just be more attentive next time, and get some rest. You’ll need it.”

The other Saiyan returned to his room, locking the door, but Goku lay awake few minutes longer, holding his breath silently as he felt out his surroundings. The chill of his sudden awakening was valid, he was almost sure of it. Then again, Piccolo was just outside, as was Vegetto. Surely nothing could get by them.

Buu finally relaxed as Goku resumed his normal breathing.

‘I should’ve suspected those two might perceive my presence almost instinctively,’ he thought. ‘I was lucky this time.’

Without losing another second, he resumed his route, his spirits still high. He even began to hum.

“Nananananana...Oh, you my guys,

“Guess who’s stopping by tonight

“Pop on by, don’t need no call

“Tomorrow them battles gonna stun them all!”

“Like Santa Claus you know I’m generous

“And I only like to see fights on that nice list

“Ya’ll just sleep, the whole night through

“Buu’s gonna take good care of you

“Soon the show’s gonna start again

“A clash of men and freaky aliens

“The blood will flow, the Earth will shake

“Let the bodies hit the floor while I eat cake

“But don’t you fear about keepin it real

“Ole’ Buu’s gonna even up the playing field!


The djinn was quite pleased with himself, sneaking out without being noticed, manipulating things to his own ends. But he was still aware of his surroundings. As he passed the areas of universe 17 and 16 he was quite careful.

‘Cell never sleeps, so there’s no way to approach him — but he’ll be fine on his own anyway. Same goes for that furious little girl from the 16th,’ he thought to himself.

He next found himself in the corridor of the 15th universe, where the pregnant old woman who had not been seen for quite some time dwelt. The demon paused a moment, thinking. He could peek a glance inside, but he had no time to lose. There were many universes left to visit, and he wasn’t THAT curious after all. Suddenly, he felt a presence appear nearby, and in a hundredth of a second had hidden himself behind a pink-budded plant. His two eyes peaked out from behind it, seeing South Kaioshin and Vegetto zipping around on their “night patrol” — the pair was quite annoying. Once they’d gone, Buu entered the 14th universe’s apartments where the two cyborgs were fast asleep. He paused as he hovered over #18, recalling what he’d heard a few hours earlier: they were both in need of repairs, and the decay in their energy cores was building up.

Buu stretched his head tentacle towards her, enveloping the girl in a magic ray. Her entire body glowed as her insides were restored.

“There, good as new!”

He could have also taken care of her twin brother, but the latter no longer had any matches to fight in and thus, no more value in Buu’s eyes. But #18 promised to be a surprise the next day. Without pause, he hurried to the next universe, singing again as he flew, rolling his head side to side.

“When Buu descends from heaven...

“With powers in the thousands...

“Don’t miss my epic victory...!

Meanwhile, in universe 1, the Kaiôshins had gone to see their leader — whose hand maintained the imprisonment spell on the pink demon, whose mind seemed caught up elsewhere. The Northern Kaioshin seemed anxious, and spoke first.

“Is everything alright? Has he tried to escape?”

“No, all is well!” the great Kaioshin replied, a great smile on his face. “I’m fully in control of him, don’t worry. He is as wise and motionless as the sacred Z sword, still planted in rock.

Still suspicious, his companion gods didn’t speak again, glancing at each other.

“If I may,” East Kaioshin added, “perhaps you wouldn’t mind if I assisted you in monitoring him.”

“Why not,” he replied. “You’ll certainly make for better company, all the more pleasant for me.”

“Thank you,” the young Kaioshin responded.

Still wary, he glanced at the pink being every so often. The latter didn’t even look at him, though, seeming to be absorbed in his own thoughts. What connection could there possibly be between the two? It was clear the great Kaioshin wasn’t being manipulated, that was now certain. Though still in doubt, he wouldn’t dare confront his leader openly without some sort of proof.

In universe 13 there remained a single fighter still in contention: Kakarotto. According to Buu’s estimates, the Saiyan had absolutely no chance in his upcoming fight against Vegeta of universe 18. If he were a betting djinn, he’d have put the defeat at a matter of seconds. But making the fight more equitable, finding a way to actually challenge Vegeta, would be tricky.

‘Let’s see,’ the Majin thought. ‘What on Earth am I going to do with you? Hmm, if I recall, you have those mini lamp transplants in your eyes that allow you to transform yourself at will. So if I merely regenerate your tail, then... yeah, why not... you should be able to transform yourself and go Super Saiyan at the same time. This could be fun!’

Buu left once more, passing the apartments of the 12th universe, knowing that Trunks and #16 had both already lost. Upon entering the living room of the 11th universe, he met his alter-ego, sitting at the central table, staring off into space. Buu needed only a few seconds of sleep, and not often, so he found himself alone quite frequently while his master rested. Babidi had, for years, insisted he not get into trouble — or for that matter do anything at all — when he was sleeping. The last thing he wanted was to wake up and find the world upside down and all the trees and plants turned into pastries and sweets!

The great djinn heaved a sigh at the sight of Fat Buu. How had he ever been reduced to such a creature? He inwardly cursed the great Kaioshin, who upon being absorbed had dramatically reduced his power and dumbed down his mind to that of a baby seal. Although, he never would’ve become who he was today if it hadn’t been so, as this led to him facing stronger opponents and becoming who he was today. In spite of the differences between them, the fat blob that sat before him was still a version of himself, and he couldn’t leave the poor creature helpless at the mercy of his future opponents’ tricks — especially with Uub sleeping nearby, practicing the magical arts in his dreams. It would be a shame if their battle was cut short by the blissful ignorance of Fat Buu.

As Buu approached, his eternally childish counterpart turned and saw him

“Buddy!” he exclaimed joyfully.

“Shuuush!” Buu quickly cried, panicked. “Don’t be so loud, no one can know that I was here!”

“Okay okay!” fat Buu replied naively, smiling all the while. “Buu like you, you Buu’s friend. We play game now?”

Before the floating head could respond, the other Buu continued blabbing.

“Buu say...you go hide, then me find you. Buu a really good finder... ready, go!”

Ultimate Buu sighed, lowering his eyes. This was really not going to be easy, but it was the best way to help him.

“Another time, buddy,” the djinn replied. “Now, listen closely. I’m going to explain to you the rules of the tournament, otherwise you’re likely to do something stupid, for sure...”

Over the next few minutes, he went over each of the rules in detail. Buu was sure to make the memorization process into a sort of game, and speak his words poetically so as to attract the attention of his absent minded counterpart. He had to dig quite deep, drawing on teaching methods from many different civilizations, relying on the experiences of many professors he’d absorbed — otherwise everything he said was sure to go in one ear and right out the other. He also advised fat Buu to disseminate pieces of his body over the combat surface, just as he did himself. That way, he would be protected were his main body to be destroyed or disappear.

In spite of a few interruptions, in which the pink demon applauded loudly, and in spite of his apparent naivety, he seemed to have learned all he needed to know. Finally satisfied, the visitor from Universe 4 left, but not without a certain apprehension. Once in the corridor, he paused, nearly turning around and going back. The temptation to explain to fat Buu how to rid himself of Babidi was strong, but he’d already demonstrated how to do so when he had swamped the entire arena in pink — stop him from speaking and finish him off. But, his counterpart clearly hadn’t understood this, and would probably remain under the sorcerer’s control for hundreds of years. Should he go and explain it? No, Buu’s nightly escapades had but a single goal: to ensure those fighters still in contention were at their best. He didn’t have time to get distracted.

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