DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 18, Chapter 89.


Chapter 89

Translated by Ledgic

Eleim, Xeniloum, Naurb and another fourth U19 fighter dealt with the Kaioshin's of Universe 1. Fortunately, they didn't have to sleep with all the people who came to watch them. Yet again, it had to do with a request that had been addressed to them:

"He stole it! I want my armor back!" repeated Xeniloum for the second time.

"This isn't about a childish demand." added Eleim, advancing ahead a step, leaving his comrade behind him. Now deprived of his armor, Xeniloum was indeed somewhat stressed.

"Our armies are extremely dangerous and difficult to handle." Naurb intervened. "This 'Majin Buu' knows absolutely nothing about it! He could atomize us all while he's trying to figure out how it works!"

"This threat is real..." Eleim finished. "We must recover it at once."

The Kaioshin's looked around and took a few seconds before coming to a decision. The West Kaioshin broke the silence:

"Very well, I will go with you. Let's go and see the fighter from Universe 4."

She was already walking toward the exit, the four warriors of the Universe 19 on her heels. Outside, no was around, it was only the five of them. They entered space 4 and the West Kaioshin knocked on the only one door. Majin Buu invited them in immediately. Did he already expect this visit? Although the room was made solely for him, there were six chairs around a large table which Buu installed prior to the visit. Smiling, he addressed them a greeting of the hand and invited his guests to sit, which they all did, with the exception of the fourth warrior.

"What can I do for you?" asked Buu in an amused tone, already knowing their motives.

"These men would like to recover the armor that you stole during your battle" began the Western Kaioshin.

"I earned it fair and square. Nowhere in the tournament rules does it state I could not absorb it."

He answered quick; he prepared his argument ahead of time to support his defense.

Xeniloum threw an interrogative glance at the Western Kaioshin, who immediately answered:

"Indeed, you are correct... However, they affirm that their armor is incredibly dangerous, and difficult to handle. They merely wish to get it back as soon as possible, in order to avoid an accident.

"Dangerous for somebody who does not know how to operate it." he retorted.

"What?" shouted Xeniloum. "You know how to use it?! That's impossible!"

"Calm down!" intervened the Kaioshin before diverting her attention to Buu. "I appeal to your 'fair play': return him his armor. If you wish to keep it, we will think it over at the end of the tournament."

Buu turned to Xeniloum.

"I know who Ginyû is. Because one of the members of Universe 8 is not in his true body.

Xeniloum raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth, however, no words came out. Buu blinked twice, then said:

"Sorry, I was elsewhere. If you want your armor back, you will have to go through me, just as you did in the ring.

With those words, he stood up, his body expanding on all sides, but then shriveled to become very fine, just as it was when he absorbed the armor during his match.

'In any case, I'm done with this armor. It will pose no problems if I return it.'

In front of Buu, the warriors of U19 hesitated.

"I will do it." said Xeniloum. "I won't miss my chance."

He was desperate to recover his armor at all costs in spite of what his comrades might think.

"Anytime!" said Buu, with a smile on his lips.

In the heat of the moment, Xeniloum wasn't sure what to do next: walk toward him? Run? Jump? He did a bit of all three. He took a firm step forward, then after a short dash, he sprang with outstretched arms as if he was protecting himself.

He had a small expression of dislike as he crossed his arms, a feeling which he had no time for during a fight. Then, a mysterious force caused him to uncross his arms, then hold them tightly to the sides of his body. Xeniloum closed his eyes until he felt the floor touch the soles of his feet. He opened his eyes and noticed with pleasure that he was once again wearing his armor. It had suffered no damage, in fact, it looked even better than before. Behind him, he heard his comrades insult Majin Buu: how long had it been before reappearing? Was this a trick? Nonetheless, he had retrieved his armor back.

On the other hand, Xeniloum didn't know that Buu had time to analyze his DNA, his digital fingerprints, eyepieces, his cerebral waves, and his Ki. All in all, everything of use within the armor. He had the time necessary to creat an exact replica. With the new data acquired, he would have no trouble using it in the future. Majin Buu resumed his normal shape and looked at the other three warriors and the West Kaioshin as well. They all stood up, none of them pointing out the deceit. With a snap of the fingers, Buu could reveal the armor and nobody would doubt it for a moment.

Xeniloum, with a smile, thanked Buu, the West Kaioshin doing the same. Eleim as well thanked him in order to set an example among the group, but the others weren't convinced. They still remained cautious and wary. Majin Buu smiled back at them and let them go. When the door was shut, his smile became even greater.

"Ah, finally! Let's see what I can do now after copying his cerebral waves! It should be most amusing. I also need to check on something...

Buu placed two fingers on his forehead and suddenly disappeared.

'Night' soon came to an end. Many contestants began to wake as the first spectators arrived aboard the Vargas' vessels. In space 8, the Frost Demon clan never slept at all. King Cold had attempted a nap, Freeza kept recalling the past, and Coola sought the Dragon Balls all night, even after being knocked down. He wasn't aware that, to avoid disqualification of his universe, someone had helped him pass unnoticed. Vegetto had stopped him dead in his tracks while he headed toward a group of Nameks and Vargas by chance. Subsequently, Buu sometimes remained hidden from the eyes of the supervisor Nameks!

But the Dragon Balls weren't there, causing Coola to return to his space in disappointment. Sitting on a chair next to his father, he turned to him and said:

"I searched all night... And nothing, absolutely nothing."

He rested his head on his hand, his elbow sitting firmly on the table.

"What's more, I don't even know who it was that attacked me..."

Cold raised and eyebrow. Who dared to take on one of his offspring? He asked:

"And where's your brother?"

"He returned to the ship. I think something is disturbing him. Maybe he's sulking. However, this is the start of the second round."

Cold barely paid any attention to Coola's protest. He preferred turning to one of their henchmen:

"Hey, you! Fetch me a new armor with a beautiful cape. The second round is about to start and I want to show my royal presence! I won't look like a king without a cape!" said Cold, who then turned back to his son.

"Ye-Yes! I'll get on that immediately!" said the little blue creature who quickly slipped away in order to complete his new mission.

A little later, a door opened in the 9th space located next the Frost Demons. Inside, Videl and Trunks were still fast asleep in their splendidly decorated double king-sized bed. The room was illuminated by the light from the corridor, through a small opening in which someone entered quietly.

On the tip of their toes, this mysterious visitor walked to the side of the bed. He first saw Trunks who was sleeping with closed fists. The man moved to the other side of the bed. Videl slept on her back, one arm above her head. The cover was slightly lowered.

"Oh, oh!" said the mysterious person with a large smile from ear to ear.

He tightened his hand, which he had posed delicately on the chest of the woman... Who woke up immediately, her eyes now wide open. Instantly, her body surrounded itself with a strong crimson aura, and, with one hand, she smacked the visitor, then with the other hand in a fist, struck the visitor's eye. No matter who it was, they deserved punishment!

The pervert crashed against the opposite wall; the room lit up immediately. Alarmed by the shouting of Videl, Kulilin and Tenshinhan arrived in the room while Trunks slowly woke up.

"Let me sleep, I learned at my expense." said the boy with a tired voice.

Kulilin looked at the man against the wall: it was the Elder Kaioshin!

"You struck a God?!"

"That pervert put his hand on my chest! God or not, he deserved it!"

"N-No!" the Kaioshin replied in a trembling voice. I... I'm just in the wrong room!"


Kulilin and Tenshinhan helped the God get back up. Tien made him leave the room while Trunks passed a hand through his hair.

"More fear than harm." said Kulilin. Now that we're all up, let's meet for breakfast in a few minutes.

Kulilin kept a smile, amused by the situation. He recalled the serious times, where, after his death, he had gone to see the North Kaioh intent on learning techniques that would help him protect the Earth from an alien invasion. This God had forced Tenshinhan and himself to tell a good joke, they had to make him laugh in order to receive training. If they were unsuccessful, the final fate of the Earth would have been significantly different. Are all of the Gods jokers?

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