DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 27, Chapter 132.


Chapter 132

Translated by npberryhill

As Yamcha returned Android Eighteen’s inanimate body to her universe, there was some agitation taking place amongst those of universe 18. Uub and Videl had emerged from the apartments dragging the four captives that had broken in and attacked. They immediately requested to speak with a Varga, and of the group only Vegeta had paid attention to what transpired between the old wizard and the cyborg. He had a bad feeling he couldn’t shake, and the attack of these idiots in their own apartments wasn’t helping. Seeing the four spectators act out of their minds not only added to the uneasiness but seemed oddly familiar...

The Varga assigned to their universe hurried to meet them, and was joined by a few of his peers who had been helping clean the arena up after Cell and Hildegan’s mess. He had observed the members of universe 18 to be respectful of the rules, finding them trustworthy — which in this case had allowed him freedom to vomit as necessary, horrified by the last match. Hearing their summons, he approached Piccolo.

“Yes, what is it?”

“We were attacked by these individuals, I believe them to be spectators who snuck into our apartments. See for yourself...”

He shifted, revealing the four majins, still trapped by Uub’s magical rings that served to restrain them. They were desperately trying to break free, but were far inferior to Goku’s apprentice. At the sight, the Varga was flabbergasted.

“What... they attacked you?” he repeated, dismayed.

“Indeed,” Piccolo said. “And something about their energy feels abnormal.”


The Varga quickly raised his arm and gestured to the control center. Four Nameks were quickly on their way to the Universe 18 balcony, many of the neighbors turning in curiosity. Uub released his attack so the Namekians could restrain and lead them away. The Vargas, seeming quite troubled, turned to address those of the 18th.

“We are terribly sorry about this. We’ll have them returned to our own universe to investigate, and of course we’ll keep you informed.”

“Thank you,” Piccolo said.

As the Namek spoke, his eyes crossed the path of Vegeta, who at a glance could tell he suspected something. He was about to speak, when a gesture almost imperceptible in Vegeta’s glance dissuaded him. The Saiyan turned to the ring silently, while Gohan and Goku complimented Uub on his good work. Vegeta himself recognized those symptoms, regardless of any mental tampering preventing the proper account being given. But if the one responsible was who he thought, he couldn’t let on that he had figured it out. The puppeteer was surely watching them, and any suspicious behavior might draw further unneeded attention. He would handle the situation later, discreetly.


Up in the press box, the Varga announcer spoke again. “At this point we’ll resume our secondary tournament for the next two matches. This time, we’ll start with the pairing of Butta from Universe 8 and Trunks from Universe 16. They’ll be facing Xeniloum from Universe 19 and #16 from Universe 12!”

The last fight had left the audience hungry for more action, and they cheered at the promise of more double fights — regardless of whether or not the participants were in a loser’s bracket. About the only one letdown was Buu of Universe 4, who sighed from Grand Kaioshin’s hand. He’d have to wait through two more matches, and he hadn’t been able to help any of these competitors during the night. It bothered him, so he decided to mentally withdraw, imagining himself up against his old arch-rivals Vegetto and Gohan at the same time — a much more acceptable fight than the trash before him, a thrilling but not impossible challenge. Before zoning out, he telepathically contacted the Grand Kaioshin.


‘I’m gonna take a short nap, these fights don’t interest me. Wake me up when it’s my turn.’

‘You could at least make the effort to watch,’ the god reprimanded. ‘It could be quite the show, a spectacle you’d hate to miss.’

Buu flashed his eyes to the arena where Butta imitated his friend Reacum and assumed one of the commando poses, inviting an exasperated Trunks to join him. #16 and Xeniloum, a bit further away, shook hands and smiled at one another. Buu suspected what they were saying. Let’s fight honorably, make it a good fight, blah, blah, blah... Without a word, Buu locked himself off in his mental playground, hoping the filler would end quickly.

“Rrrh,” Babidi huffed, pacing side to side. “Why is it always him, again and again? If he’s actually wised up to my schemes, I’ll have to tamper with his memories as well. But what if he were to notice? Vegeta, what a nuisance!”

Hidden in the universe 11 apartments, Babidi nervously tapped his foot against the floor. Dabra, perplexed, merely stared silently at the glass ball. It was the expression on Vegeta’s face, that indecipherable look, that had him so worked up. The master wizard had once possessed Vegeta, and as a result the Saiyan warrior was fully aware of not only the symptoms but of possibly how to break free. Although his face gave nothing away, Babidi wasn’t keen to take that gamble. There had to be a way to ensure he would stay quiet, but attacking his mind directly could so easily backfire, revealing the whole charade before it even began. The ancient magician was so consumed by his doubts that he’d momentarily paused his conversion of the impure. It was an ideal opportunity to build up his majin forces, during the double fighting, but was being wasted by danger of Vegeta.

As Babidi paced the room, arms crossed behind his back, all was silent for what felt like several minutes. Buu amused himself quietly in the corner, while cheers sounded from the arena, certainly to applaud the end of the fight.

“Buu!” the wizard suddenly shouted.

The djinn turned silently, puzzled, as Babidi twitched.

“I need you to stand guard in the hallway, and listen closely. If you see even a single Vegeta, you are to immediately make him chocolate or candy and devour him! But you are not to bother the Vargas or Nameks, do you understand? Oh, and if you don’t obey, I’ll seal you right back up in your ball this instant!” he added, punctuating his demands. His servant huffed and grumbled as he left the room as ordered.

“Master, if I may ask, what is our status? Have you come to a conclusion about how to handle Vegeta?” Dabra asked hesitantly.

“Indeed I have,” Babid answered with a grin. “And not only him, but all those who might threaten us. This time, my plan is infallible, both the arena and the universes will be ours! Hehe hehehehe...”

Dabra grinned, his sharp incisors visible. If his master was so confident, surely the sorcerer’s wrath would soon be appropriately dealt out. They even had pawns such as Cell now, who had far outclassed him, as well as many others. Finally, they’d see some action.

Back in the arena, a rather one-sided battle had been taking shape. Trunks, transformed into Super Saiyan, was fighting against both opponents at once — while his teammate Butta once again boasted about his unmatched speed only to be taken out in a single blow. The remaining Saiyan now realized just what his friend Goten had been up against, facing two high-level opponents simultaneously.

“Ruuugh,” he grumbled, blocking against the cyborg’s tireless pursuit.

He leapt backwards a few meters, now being chased by Xeniloum, trying to keep him at bay with a flurry of ki blasts. The Heloite crossed his arms, negating the incoming damage while #16 took the opportunity to gain the high ground and retract his fists.

“Hell’s Flash!” Sixteen exclaimed.

Two energy rays burst out of his forearms towards Trunks, who darted between the attacks to try and use the small opening. As an explosion echoed behind him, he used the shockwave to propel his acceleration towards the android. #16 was hit hard and crashed into the ground, while Trunks hurriedly began concentrating his energy.

“Take this! Big Bang... Attack!”

His father’s signature move, an intensely massed ki ball, fired from his open palm and struck the defenseless Android. As the explosion sounded, enshrouding the arena, Trunks smiled. Finally, he was stronger than his friend Goten. But his celebration was cut short as Xeniloum appeared through the smoke — wrapped in an energy shield, having absorbed most of the damage. The Android sketched a grateful smile to his teammate as he reassembled his hands onto each arm.

Trunks could hardly believe his bad luck, but deployed his aura nonetheless and charged into a fierce melee combat. It was two on one, and he quickly exhausted all his stamina trying to keep up. #16 took advantage of an opening and launched him into the ground below with a blow to the skull. Xeniloum wasted no time hurrying after and engaging his enhanced gravity simulator. Trunks, although still conscious, was immobilized and couldn’t even straighten up. The fight was over, if it could even be called a fight.

“I... I give up!”

“Victory for Xeniloum of Universe 19 and #16 from Universe 12!”

As the vanquished half-Saiyan returned to his universe's viewing area, Bra immediately began chastising both he and Goten, reminding them of their mediocrity. Meanwhile, Trunks of Universe 12 and the others from Universe 19 congratulated the victors.

“Pssh, I could’ve done way better than that,” Trunks of the 18th said, humiliated by his alter-ego’s failure.

“Wrong. The two of you are identical,” Vegeta commented in his usual mocking tone. “Baiting you into that stupid trap would’ve proven just as easy, don’t kid yourself. But if you’re finally tired of being treated as second-rate, I suggest doing some actual training instead of always relying on Gotenks. There may be some small hope for you yet...”

Uub and Goku giggled, raising eyebrows at one another while Trunks scowled. Nearby, the healers were quick to the scene, restoring the combatants while the next fight was announced.

“Next, we call Tenshinhan of Universe 9 and Baddack of Universe 3. They’ll be facing Sauza of Universe 8 and Trunks of Universe 12!”

Upon hearing his name, Baddack slowly exited the dark corridor in which he’d been standing. He passed Raichi on the way, whose gloomy expression toward him was unchanged. It wouldn’t be long until he could get rid of not only this vermin, but every Saiyan in existence — he just had to wait a little longer, until he’d won the tournament. For now, all he could do was plan.


As Baddack landed in the arena, the universe 9 Varga representative came to meet him. “Sir, I regretfully must inform you that your partner has withdrawn from the competition. Would you like us to find a replacement? It shouldn’t take long...”

“I’m a Saiyan,” Baddack replied, “same as my opponent. The other one’s so weak he’s inconsequential. I don’t need a teammate, this will be a one on one duel from the beginning.”

“If you say so, sir. Best of luck.”

Trunks and Sauza stood at some distance from one another. Coola’s henchmen was rather reluctant to join forces with the same man that had defeated his lord, but in this instance he had no choice. The thought briefly crossed his mind to try a sneak attack on him from behind and get revenge, but the rules were strict and the last thing he wanted was to cause his universe trouble. So, he’d have to fight, to represent his master and his squad.

Trunks, on the other hand, glanced at Coola’s soldier only once briefly. He was a peon in this fight, a bout that was about to become a Saiyan duel. As he turned back forwards, he sensed a strong power-level rushing him at high speed. Trunks flashed into Super Saiyan and raised his left arm, blocking Baddack’s fist — the other Saiyan, also transformed, wasn’t waiting around.

The shockwave blasted Sauza backwards, his feet trying to dig into the ground. “That...?” He knew he was outclassed, but the incredible collision of the two Super Saiyans was far more intense than he’d imagined. It was a whirlwind of golden energy, constant and violent shockwaves pulsing all around him.


“Woah!” both Pans exclaimed. They were blown away by Baddack’s unparalleled ferocity, and also by the level of control displayed by Trunks. Son Gohan’s training in the future had clearly been put to good use, but not only that, Trunks also held the advantage in raw power. Very quickly, he began alternating between the hulked up ultra state and his agile regular Super Saiyan physique — it was more than Baddack could handle.

“Don’t think this is over already, kid!” the older Saiyan yelled, gritting his teeth.

Suddenly, the prophetic Saiyan’s own muscles began to expand, powering up a great deal. Trunks paused, worriedly observing the crackles of lightning he knew all too well as a sign of Super Saiyan 2. But apparently, Goku’s father couldn’t fully complete the transformation either, not yet anyway. Trunks knew he’d have to finish things before that happened, and once again relied on his own mastery of switching between states.

The two Super Saiyans traded devastating blows, but despite Baddack’s emerging powers, Trunks was able to evade and outspeed just enough to wear him down. Eventually, when he found the right opening, Vegeta’s son swiped his opponents left leg with his right foot, knocking him off balance.

“Bitch!” Baddack tensed.

Trunks’ next blow to the face cut him off before he could say more. This time, the older Saiyan collapsed a few meters away, though Trunks remained on guard as the Vargas began their count.

Over on the Universe 18 patio, Vegeta cracked a slight grin. Goku, beside him, didn’t know quite what to think as he rubbed the back of his hair absentmindedly. On the one hand was a version of his father, and on the other the son of his friend. Picking who to root for was no simple matter, but regardless he was impressed by the amount of power Baddack was able to wield. He even wondered if that partly explained his own potential. It wasn’t anything more than a superfluous muse, as what he most cared about was facing Uub in the next round and then Vegeta. In fact, he was so impatient that he secretly wished Vegeta would attack him right now. He suspected his rival was feeling just as impatient, although he had a score to settle with Cell first — a promising match without a doubt.

A thud rang out in the arena, followed by an ovation, drawing Goku’s focus back to the match. Sauza had attempted a sneak attack on Baddack with his energy blade, but the Saiyan had dodged. When he did, Trunks took the opportunity to land a powerful blow in his ribs that took him down. The half-Saiyan then held Baddack’s head into the ground, arms pulled behind, knee in his back. Once the Vargas announced their victory, Trunks was quick to release him. As Sauza hurriedly left the ring, Vegeta’s son flashed him a slight nod while the healers attended to the loser. Raichi’s ever disdainful gaze continued to fall on Baddack, but what he saw now seemed different. In a face he’d memorized and hated for so long, even the slightest changes were noticeable, and he had never before seen such darkness. The doctor was perplexed at the Saiyan’s sneer, an intense rage in his eyes. Baddack was changed, and no longer cared about his defeat — he had a new cause, one he’d only just become aware of while on the ground, a voice inside his head egging his rage on...

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