DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 10, Chapter 50.


Chapter 50

Translated by Davidstarlingm & Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

Android 18 and Yamcha stood face to face a few meters away from each other. The former stood upright, arms crossed, with a weary expression on her face. The latter’s fists were clenched, but he was quiet. The two adversaries took a few seconds to observe each other closely.

For the cyborg, this match was a waste of time. Her brother has already killed Yamcha in their universe by deflecting a kienzan from Krillin – the bandit’s own friend – into him. This fighter was weak; he couldn’t dodge. This was no challenge. Yamcha, on the other hand, had never met her. Though he had never seen her, he knew roughly what to expect. He wasn’t afraid. Instead, he was pleased to face her.

“I don’t really want to hit a girl,” he said with affected seriousness. “Can’t you forfeit?” Number 18 shook her head. Yamcha continued flirting awkwardly.

“We’ll go for a drink together,” he said, a mischievous, glib look in his eyes.

The cyborg sighed, uncrossing her arms and stretching her right hand toward Yamcha, opening it wide. An energy beam sped out of her palm toward Yamcha, who jumped up, dodging easily. Darting forward quickly, he dropped down within a few inches of the woman. He leaned forward.

“Now I’m sure of it!”

Surprised to see her opponent only an inch away, she leaned back reflexively. 18 wasted no time. At this distance, she could hit him with all her strength. But her right hook merely brushed the air. Yamcha leaned back nimbly, avoiding the blow without any problem. As he dodged, he continued to speak.

“You didn’t release any energy when you attacked. Your name is a number…”

He dodged a kick from the cyborg aimed at his gut. Flipping around her, he stopped at her back. “This badge on your jacket…”

Yamcha leapt back several meters and stood upright. “You’re an artificial human.” (Note: this was the way that Toriyama referred to the cyborgs/androids in the original Japanese: “Jinzo Ningen”.)

Number 18 seemed shocked. But it wasn’t the revelation that surprised. In her world, Yamcha knew exactly who she was…at least, until her brother killed him. Why, in this universe 9, had he sought evidence for what he should have already known? She quickly regained her wits and smiled at him. “Yeah. So what?”

Yamcha paused for a second before answering, choosing his words carefully. “You must have suffered the worst. You even forgot your real name! Let me help you.”

18’s smile disappeared. Who did this man think he was? She was more powerful than any human being; she didn’t need his help.

“Help me? Fuck off!” she shouted, swinging her hands together and stretching them forward. Fifty energy beams exploded out of her palms, colliding violently with the energy shield that the Vargas had in place to protect the spectators. The people immediately behind it covered their eyes, fearing that the shield would give the same way it had when Vegetto fought Broly. But it stood firm; #18 was on a different level. Continuing to attack, she cried out:

“I’ve killed more people than you can imagine! I don’t need anybody!”

“I can read the pain on your face.” Yamcha had appeared suddenly behind her. He was calm and completely uninjured; he had managed to dodge the cyborg’s attack effortlessly. Number 18 jumped back, while Yamcha continued to reason with her.

“You regret the massacres you did, but you’re afraid of saying it. You suffer because you don’t know your past. All these pains, I know them well.”

He had a beaming face, a sincere smile…he seemed completely friendly, with no animosity. But 18 wasn’t about to fall into his trap. “Oh yeah? What do you know about them?” she shouted, shaking her fist angrily.

Without hesitating, Yamcha revealed his true identity…something that no one in the other eighteen universes could have guessed:

“I am also a cyborg! I used to be called number 17!” he confessed with a smile, gesturing toward himself with his thumb.

With scars on his face, long hair, confident stance…he really was a handsome charmer. It was even more alarming that he was a cyborg – now he was a really interesting opponent to 18. She didn’t move, wondering if it was really the truth. It could explain how he managed to dodge her attacks, but…how could it be possible?

In the space for Universe 14, her brother, number 17, was equally stunned. At home, and in so many other universes…11, 12, 16, 17, 18…the twins had been captured simultaneously by Gero to be guinea pigs for his experiments. In universe 9, how could he have ended up in their place? If he was number 17, then where was number 18? It made no sense.

Cell found the entire sequence of events interesting and returned once again to an idea that he had earlier: if only Dr. Gero had planned on the existence of other cyborgs which could, one way or another, be absorbed and integrated into his system... If only he could have double the number of Androids, like the more powerful Yamcha... What kind of power could he have attained in his time? Once again, Cell internally criticized Gero for not thinking of outlandish scenarios such as this in his hypotheses...

In Universe 18's space, the surprising revelation gave way to satisfaction amongst the majority of the group. Vegeta was laughing royally; Trunks and Goten loved it as much as Goku. He was happy that his old friend was strong, just as he was pleased to see a version of Kulilin become the worthy successor of Muten Roshi. Gohan and Piccolo were slightly more reserved. If Yamcha was a cyborg, it could have been that he had killed a lot of people in his universe before, obviously, returning to the good side. It was perhaps his past, but it was still concerning.

"You? A cyborg? So what?" cried #18, taking the bull by the horns and quickly springing forward into melee combat. Yamcha avoided nearly every one of her attacks.

"You won't touch me. Our bodies are the same, but our strengths are miles apart."

#18, raging internally and continuing her attack, did not want to hear more. This guy was stronger than her? It was just impossible! It was too humiliating to be true!

Yamcha continued talking while repeatedly dodging the cyborg's assault. "First, I'm a real fighter. My technique is way superior to yours."

He parried an attack from #18 and placed himself behind her, knocking her to the ground on her knee. "And I have learned to overcome the limits of my body. But even without that..."

Yamcha, stopped, waiting for a new shot from #18, who rose, upset.

In Universe 12's Space, Trunks turned to #16:

"He's telling the truth. He's at a much higher level than anything a human could have, and he's much stronger than #18," he said without turning his eyes away from the ring.

Trunks thought for a moment. From what he knew, Gero had captured the twins to avenge Son Goku who had destroyed the Red Ribbon Army. If he had captured Yamcha, what did that mean? Who was the other cyborg? Kulilin had aged, Tenshinhan too, although it didn't show as much. Then who?

#18 attacked first, but her fist was parried easily with one hand by Yamcha, who continued to speak, but now with a more serious air.

"You become less powerful over time. Infinite energy... it doesn't exist."

He tightly clenched his hand on #18's fist, which he clasped in his hand, and in a single movement of his arm, he made the cyborg get down on one knee in front of him. "Our energy decreases with time, making us increasingly weaker. But you don't realize it because the process is incredibly slow."

#18 tried to resist, but even with the strength from her other free hand, she did not have enough strength to break free from Yamcha's grip. He was ridiculing her! She tried to ignore what he said...yet it was the only explanation for the difference in their power!

"If you don't do a maintenance check-up on your body, in ten years max, you won't even be able to walk!" #18 didn't need help! Not from him, anyway! She had never needed help from anyone, except perhaps her brother, but this was something entirely different. #17 stood motionless in his spot, watching the fight that had advanced further. The eyes of the two cyborgs in the ring met once again.

"So? Do you still not want my help?"

#18, with her free hand, tried an energy attack directed at her opponent's head, but Yamcha flicked it aside. As punishment, he twisted his arms, placing his knee on her spine, and violently slammed her to the ground. The impact left a slight ring in a crater. He pulled on the same arm with his right hand and slammed against her left elbow. With this position, he completely dominated her. She couldn't move now. If she tried to force herself out, she would break her arm.

In the Vargas control center, the timer was set to go off immediately. One of the Vargas sat there, staring at his lap and informed his feathered friends that there was still some time before they could declare Yamcha the winner. "If he keeps her on the ground that way for 13 seconds, Yamcha will win."

#17 of Universe 9 counted down the seconds. He had expected that he would have more time. He urged on #18, "Trust me. I'm on your side."

"You won't win this match!" she cried simply in response.

"I don't care about winning. I want to help you," Yamcha repeated calmly.

"Five... four... three..." counted the little Varga, ready to press the intercom button to announce Universe 9's victory.

Yamcha's victory was quickly approaching! At the last second, he smiled. "I give up," said Yamcha just in time, to the surprise of all the spectators, fighters, friends, and especially the two cyborgs from Universe 14.

Yamcha released his grip and stood up. He flew off slightly, then paused. #18 remained on the ground (but facing him), and was still amazed by what had happened. "Have fun in the tournament. And whenever you want, meet me in Universe 9's balcony.

He flew to his wing where Kulilin, Tien, Videl, and his son Trunks were waiting.

"Pff, that idiot fell for her beautiful eyes, yes! How naive..." said the old Kulilin. "Look at me! I wasn't swooning like that simpleton at the first sight of that blonde! Erf, it's a shame..."

He was disappointed that he didn't pass on to the second round, something Tenshinhan didn't fail to note. "Really, Yamcha is incapable of passing the first few rounds..." Was there a curse on this tournament for Yamcha?

"That's my father," said Trunks behind the other two. "Always wanting to help the damsels in distress."

"You’re one to talk!” intervened Videl, who stepped beside him. “You do the exact same thing!”

“Like father, like son. And I’m proud of it,” Trunks simply responded.

“Sorry, guys! I changed my mind!” Yamcha apologized as he arrived in his wing. “Instead of having fun in the tournament, I’ll save these lost souls.”

“As long as you don’t do anything stupid...” Kulilin retorted.

In Universe 14’s space, #17 retrieved his sister. They did not speak, but the blonde risked a glance at that Universe 9. This Yamcha was much more different than she could know. What was he really? Was he telling the truth? Did he really want to help? Or was it just a trap? Forfeiting like that... it could just as easily show that he was telling the truth rather than manipulating her.

And she hated being manipulated... She had had enough of it with Gero, who promised them a better life before turning them into cyborgs. But Yamcha seemed... happy. He was much happier in his place that she was... It was good fun to destroy everything on Earth, but... Was he right? Did she expect more? Anything else? To end the killing and destruction? And the little old man in their group... seeing him hurt Eighteen’s heart. However, she pretended to ignore it...

She did not know if she had to talk to her brother. She did not know how he would react... She, herself, did not know how to react to his. She just stared into Universe 9’s space...

She had to make a decision... Anyway, one thing was certain: her power level was weaker than that of Yamcha. Would she really be unable to walk at all if she did not perform maintenance?

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