DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 8, Chapter 38.


Chapter 38

Translated by Arcane Super Saiyan

Broly was born with amazing strength. With ten thousand units of power, he was born with a power well above the vast majority of beings in the universe. As a child, Broly was already using this power for selfish reasons. He did whatever he wanted and he got everything he wanted. No one could control him. No one could beat him.

Even during his adolescence, his incredible power lead him to want more. To destroy more. He continued to increase his strength as he destroyed people, planets, and even suns. All it took was for him to have the desire to murder something and it would explode in a second. Throughout all this, he had always wanted something. It all lacked something that he unconsciously sought for.

Broly could have been a hero, had he used his powers to help those in need. However, he became a terrifying monster that came to be feared throughout the galaxy. He became known as the Destroyer of Worlds. His father was the only one who could still have any influence on him. Until he betrayed his son by taking control of him.

Even under his father's control, within the depths of his being, Broly kept a fierce rage that continued to grow with each passing minute he spent as a slave to his father, Paragus's will. The one person he thought had loved him was now keeping him a prisoner.

In the depths of his being, a memory hidden for decades resurfaced and with it awoke a great rage. A memory of... A face? A voice? A cry? Of someone named... Kakarotto.

Nothing would stop him. No prison, no bonds regardless of their strength, would stop him. KAKAROTTO. This is what he had sought for his whole life. This ultimate desire that began to dominate his entire being. KAKAROTTO. He wanted to kill. To destroy, to annihilate this miserable being that stood before him, annoying him.

Broly lost himself completely in his insatiable rage. What little mind he had left, drowned in the depths of his incredible fury. To annihilate Kakarotto... he would use all of his strength, all of his anger, all of his madness!

Broly changed completely. When they had first met, Vegeta and the others had noticed his large size and musculature differed from the other warriors Paragus had recruited. Now that he had transformed into the Legendary Super Saiyan, his muscles had tripled in size and he looked more like a giant with his huge white eyes hungry for destruction. As for his strength, his ki already equaled that of Son Goku as a Super Saiyan. But it continued to steadily increase with every passing second. Son Goku and Vegeta had no idea that the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan would be so great.

"He really is the legend... This power... it's the legendary power that will never be equaled. Everything is lost ... His power is beyond our understanding .... He'll destroy us all!" thought that Vegeta lost all desire to fight.

Broly charged Goku, who dodged easily. Broly may be more powerful, but because of his musculature, his agility was reduced. Dodging several punches and kicks, Goku distanced himself from Broly by flying away. Goku was joined by his son, Gohan and Trunks who was quick to realize just how dangerous their opponent really was. A sadistic smile formed on Broly's lips.

From his hand Broly produced a ball of green energy that dropped to the trio. The attack then divided into a multitude of Kikoha that swept across them, forcing them to keep dodging as quickly as they could.

The explosions that followed startled the Earthlings who were still in the palace. Curious and frightened, Yamcha and Kulilin quickly peeked out from a window to see the devastation caused by Broly. They could see that Son Goku was already fighting against him, but he seemed overwhelmed by the giant he was facing.

It was obvious that the humans were no match. "Don't tell me you want to go there?" Yamcha thought to himself. But when Kulilin, who was concerned for his friends, flew closer to the scene of the battle, the former desert bandit decided to follow him, but not without grumbling a bit. As he set one foot on the edge of the window, he saw several of Paragus's soldiers who watching what was happening with disbelief.

Yamcha descended from the air near the group of soldiers. He heard snatches of conversation. Did these guys work for Paragus without really knowing what his intentions were. Or did they have that much faith in him? Was it their intention to conquer the universe with this army?

One thing Yamcha was certain about was that they weren't very strong. He could take them all down himself. As they continued to look at the destroyed landscape, Yamcha approached one of them who seemed to have a higher rank than the others, and said,

"You guys should get out of here, quick. This place is dangerous."

"We don't take orders from you, Earthman. We serve Paragus."

"You won't serve anyone if you're dead. This castle can be shattered in an instant."

Yamcha tried to remain calm as explosions echoed from a few kilometers away him. Goku was really fighting against someone who has such immense power...

"Listen," Yamcha replied shaking his fist "take your ship and get out of here!"

He flew off immediately following this sentence. He had no time left to lose. Could he really save a few hundred lives like this? He hoped they would all come together to one big ship in the world. Several hundred meters away, Son Gohan fought passionately with all of his might. This was his first fight of this level against anyone other than his father. At first he thought it would be a great opportunity to face a Super Saiyan other than his father. He would get to see a different style of fighting. He thought it would be great for preparing him for Cell's tournament in a few days.

Unfortunately, Broly was not the type to develop techniques. His fighting style consisted of pure brutality... And as time passed, his brutality and strength continued to increase. The Legendary Super Saiyan loved every second he spent beating down Goku and the others, he laughed maniacally the entire time. Stray balls of his green energy destroyed the already damaged landscape even more, but he didn't care. In fact, he felt a sadistic joy in destroying everything around him, and spreading terror into everyone's hearts. Not only had his transformation into the Legendary Super Saiyan increased his strength, but it increased the madness that was already within him as well.

Piccolo knew he had to end this battle quickly. Despite the fact that three Super Saiyans were against him, Broly obviously had the upper hand. He had focused on Goku and the other two since the beginning of the battle. Piccolo decided to use his secret weapon. He had already used it several times before and it had proven to be effective even against enemies much more powerful than him. It was the technique he had used to kill Raditz, Goku's older brother...

Charging his energy to its maximum, Piccolo fired the Makankosappo at Broly, knocking him back. The spiral of light pushed Broly back a bit before exploding a few seconds later. It was a fierce blow... but it was completely ineffective!

Piccolo and the others had to face the truth: Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan truly was invincible. Once the gray smoke from the explosion had cleared, he turned to face the insect that had dared to attack him from behind. Piccolo felt paralyzed as the most fearsome opponent he had ever faced rushed towards him smashing a mighty knee into his stomach. And as if that was not enough to satisfy the anger and madness of the colossus, he followed up with a barrage of blows at Piccolo.

Gohan couldn't stand idly by, he had to protect his former teacher and mentor. Gohan rushed Broly, yelling, but his attacks were in vain. Broly sent Piccolo plummeting to the ground anyway and then turned and struck Gohan in the face. Broly intended to finish Gohan off with a powerful ball of green energy, when Goku intervened. The explosion was enormous, but Son Goku managed to survive it, but it left a hole in the back of his shirt. With his back still burning and Gohan in his arms, Goku fell to the ground.

Broly still had one other insect to crush before finishing off Goku, his nemesis, the man who had disturbed him with his constant crying when they were both newborns. Trunks was still still standing, still at full strength. He had used this time to power up in the same way as he had done a few days earlier against Cell after he had achieved his perfect form. He knew very well that this form of Super Saiyan came at the cost of his speed. But right now, it was the power they needed. Broly smiled maliciously as he bombarded the son of Bulma and Vegeta with balls of green energy.

Below them, Piccolo, Gohan and Goku were on the ground.

"His power... is incredible..." Piccolo uttered, trembling slightly.

Son Goku and his son said nothing. Gohan felt ashamed to have been a burden on his father, even after all the time he had spent training in the Room of Spirit and Time.

"Damn that Vegeta! I can't believe how gutless he is! He's just standing there, with a blank look on his face instead of helping us!" Piccolo shouted in frustration.

"Leave him alone Piccolo" Goku interrupted. "If he doesn't want to fight, then that's his problem. But if we don't stop this guy... the entire universe will be in danger!"

Turning away to face Broly again, Goku flew back up to rejoin the fight. Gohan looked up at Piccolo before following his father... Even at his full power, Trunks was no match for the Legendary Super Saiyan. Piccolo, who could not bear to see Vegeta who was usually so proud of what he was, give up without even putting up a fight. He went to where Vegeta stood, grabbing him by the hair with the intention of giving him a lecture.

The Vegeta he knew would never allow himself to be insulted like this. Ever! But he simply remained motionless. His eyes and face were devoid of any emotion, it was as if he had really given up on everything. He had absolutely no will to fight. Piccolo began to feel even more contempt for the Saiyan Prince than before if that was even possible.

"You claim to be the Prince of the Saiyans... the greatest warrior in the universe? Yet you're nothing but a coward! If you had any pride at all then you'd stand up and fight!"

"What for...?" Vegeta replied. "No one can stand up to the Legendary Super Saiyan. No one!"

Piccolo was disgusted at Vegeta's words, he left to rejoin the fight, leaving Vegeta in his corner. But against Broly, Piccolo hardly made much of a difference... One after another, they were all beaten down.

"Vegeta," Paragus said, from just behind the Saiyan Prince, who was on his knees, motionless. "You are right to stay here. No one can match the Legend Super Saiyan. You know this. You can feel it. Broly is far stronger than all of us. Unlike your friends, you're a good judge of your opponent. You can see that Broly's power exceeds that of any mortal. I had kept his immense power restrained for a time, but that time is over. Broly has broken free from my control! Now nothing can prevent him from annihilating the entire universe!"

Vegeta made no reply. He barely even listened. But Paragus continued anyway:

"You look so much like your father.... You cannot even imagine how much I hated him... I served him for years... and what did I get in return? I was sentenced to death because I dared ask him to spare the life of my only son. Then he tried to kill me and Broly all because he was too great a threat to his rule. We were thrown out like trash and left to die... Of course, as fate would have it, Frieza would destroy our planet that very same day. And that's when Broly's power awakened, he saved us both from planet Vegeta's explosion. It was then that I realized that my own son was the Legendary Super Saiyan! I swore then and there that I would have revenge for the pain and humiliation we had endured at the hands of your father!"

A few seconds passed. Vegeta was still motionless, but many thoughts passed through his head. As Paragus went on and on, Vegeta stood, still staring at the others fighting Broly with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Just as Broly seemed to be about to finish off Goku, Vegeta's rival and nemesis, Vegeta finally intervened striking under Broly's chin with his fist and following up with a kick to his neck. He had finally come to a conclusion. Kakarotto and the others, they were all inferior to him, yet they dared to fight against an invincible opponent when he, had given up without a fight. Vegeta couldn't stand for that! He'd rather be killed by the Legendary Super Saiyan! Royal blood flowed through his veins, there was no way he'd go down without a fight!

Unfortunately, his punches had no effect, despite the great power of the Saiyan Prince. He had attempted to prove to everyone that he was not weak, that he was the mightiest warrior of them all... But all he had proved was that Broly was better than him... and so Vegeta was beaten down just like the others. Although he was exhausted, Goku alone, was still barely able to stand. He fearfully waited for the next attack... But Broly had his sights set on someone else... his own father.

While everyone was busy fighting, Paragus was trying to escape the planet in a small space pod. He hoped that the comet that was approaching the planet would wipe them all out, including his son. He was useless to him now that he was out of his control.

Paragus never left his capsule... Broly appeared before him suddenly with a sadistic smile.

"You're going to leave without me, Father?" he asked with a psychotic look on his face.

"N-no, of course not! I was preparing the ship so that we could both escape before the comet hits this planet!"

Paragus hoped that the crazy side of Broly would believe such nonsense, but it wasn't the case. Broly crushed the space pod with his father still inside it, and hurled it with great force straight into the approaching blue comet...

And then he turned around to face Son Goku...

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: I was brought out of retirement to help redo the translation for this chapter for Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?(sorta like how Rambo and Solid Snake get brought out of retirement eheh heh) Anyway, I did this chapter in a bit of a hurry so let me know if you spot any errors.

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