DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 7, Chapter 32.


Chapter 32

Translated by Arcane Super Saiyan

As Buu sat, waiting for his food to be served, he followed the conversations that were forming here and there, including the one about Broly. He was so eager to face him! This desire came directly from the traits of Goku that still existed in him. The Vegeta in him also wanted to prove his superiority, but there was more to it than that. Buu had absorbed thousands of different people, and his thinking was partially influenced by them all, not by one or two in particular. He had absorbed people even prouder than Vegeta! All those influences inside him gave him a great urge to fight Vegetto as well.

Buu knew that Vegetto shared this feeling...but there was a dilemma. Buu guessed that Vegetto would refuse to allow Broly to fight anyone but him...but had Vegetto guessed his intentions?

"Well...I'll eat first and take care of it after..." Buu thought as finally, his freshly made meal was served to him.

After all, Vegetto would be obliged to defend himself, if Buu decided to attack...

"Your order has arrived, sir. The dishes are hot and were prepared with great care", said a Varga.

Buu was slightly surprised... The poor Vargas...

"Thank you...I will improve the quality a little." he said simply as he rose from his seat to approach his steaming hot food.

The tentacle on his head moved, pointing at the vehicles that were transporting all the food he had ordered and in a flash of light, everything turned into loads of candy!

The Varga was shocked for a good ten seconds, there were loads of candy... What a waste! If he told it to the cook, he would surely commit suicide! All that good food that was so beloved by the Vargas...changed into vulgar sweets...the Varga in charge of the fourth universe had already disliked the fighter he was serving, but with that, he hated him outright!

"This guy is a real demon! How could he do this to us?" he uttered to himself quickly starting to leave; he couldn't stand the sight of seeing Buu eat his candy.

Buu threw candy into his mouth with a big smile after he had reduced the gourmet meal into a load of sweets that he liked! He certainly could have ordered sweets from the start, but then he would have missed the bewilderment of the Varga, and that would have been a shame! In universe 11, the other Majin Buu had not missed this transformation of food into candy, and it gave him great ideas for later... coming soon ... See you soon!

Unlike the space for Universe 5, in which no participant had seemed to appear, the space for Universe 6 was served several dishes. But for the girls, there was a lack of appetite as they questioned their presence in this tournament...

Kat had lost and she had the greatest physical strength out of them all... Even worse, by coming here, they had revealed themselves to Bojack. They had shown their strength and special skills, and it came with a great risk. Bojack couldn't possibly know where they came from, but couldn't he figure it out? It was a huge risk for something so little, thought the charm-wielding fighter.

Two separate tables had appeared earlier for the two groups to eat separately. Good thing considering cohabitation between them would have been impossibly tense. Around their round table, the four girls sat silently at first, then began to discuss their next move...as Bojack watched them, smiling. Bojack, the space pirate, who had even killed a little girl, would surely continue to kill many more after this tournament, in order to know where these girls came from. He was curious. Kat had surprised him, she was pretty strong, and he did not think that there were people like that left in his world. She was far from being on his level, but still.

"Some of them seem friendly...I like the one with dark brown hair, myself. The one with the cape over there next to that 'Cabbage' guy," said the oldest of the young women.

"You have strange taste" replied the second fighter.

"This is scary!" Kat interrupted. "Imagine if I had fought against Bojack, he would have had no mercy! He killed a young girl with his bare hands!"

"Calm down Kat, it's over", comforted the fourth participant. “Stay calm, we'll keep fighting and... If we all lose in the first round, then we'll go...and Bojack won't be able to follow us since he'll be continuing to the second round... In the meantime, let's just eat..."

Kat was slightly comforted at the idea. Still, waiting until the end of the first round was a bit too long for her, but she had no choice, she didn't want to go home alone! But in the back of her head...she hoped that her friends would lose their matches...without dying of course. She didn't usually think so selfishly, but her fight against Kakarotto had temporarily traumatized her.

The redheaded Zangya, at the other table, was satisfied. She loved to see others cower in fear of their strength. This Kat was reacting just like so many other victims before her had. The only thing she hated was that in their world, people feared Bojack's very name and not hers... She was much less well-known than her boss, and it bothered her a bit.

As she drank from her glass, she glanced at Bojack... He was quiet despite his appearance. He was delighted to have broken a young girl, even if he had been momentarily surprised by her speed. Now he was eagerly anticipating his second round match against Cell. "A fight between two greenish monsters, interesting!" Zangya said with a smile as she put down her empty glass.

Looking straight ahead, she noticed the large Namek in Universe 7. He too was very green... He had been drinking for ten minutes; many large empty glasses were already lined up at the head of the table. Many others were left as he slowly emptied another through a straw. He almost seemed like a tourist on holiday. This guy had remained calm the entire time, a little too calm. At times he almost seemed to be sleeping! Yet the matches that took place were interesting and noisy... It was strange that a big guy like him didn't bother to even take a look at these fights. Was he so powerful that he was sure of his victory, and therefore felt no need to pay attention to the matches between his opponents? He had opened his eyes when Bojack had killed the girl and her father had been enraged...but what could that really mean? Many people in the arena waited impatiently for his fight to come, eager to see what he could do. Not to mention finding out who was the participant from the fifth universe.

Conversely, everyone knew the potential of the eighth universe, and no one expected much from them. Coola had fought with all his might, and hadn't lased very long. His right hand, Sauza, had been killed. Three members of the Ginyu squad had already been defeated. One had been left in a critical condition, Reacum, who was still in the treatment room. It seemed it would all be up to the strength of Freeza, who had passed the second round after Jeece had forfeited. He would be up against Nappa of the Universe 13. However, perhaps there would be others participating from this universe.

The meal allowed the members of the Ginyu squad to recuperate, while leaving Reacum in the care of the Vargas. Two tables had appeared in space eight: one was prepared for the lords of the universe: Freeza, Coola, and their father King Cold. The second, longer table was for all of their minions. The first to be served were obviously King Cold and his sons. Only Coola did not eat his portion; he just drank the green liquor that had been served, which had a very good taste, but without moderation, was quickly making his head a little fuzzy. Opposite from Cold and Freeza, Coola muttered to himself, mumbling about his opponent allegedly cheating in their match... Depressed, he chose this moment to reflect on a lot of bad memories of other things that he had gone wrong in his life. Freeza took this opportunity to mock his older brother.

"Oh oh oh oh! You are in a lamentable state Coola. It's been a while since I've seen you like this! In fact, the last time..." Freeza continued, pretending to be trying to remember, "... I believe it was when you could not manage to have a son!"

"Silence Freeza!" Coola shouted with a deep distorted voice, "You don't know what you're talking about!"

"Bah," Freeza shrugged, "this explains why my empire is always greater than yours. Just because you won our last fight you think you're better than me, but your fondness for alcohol should slow you down in your progression, and slow your reflexes!"

"Freeza," Freeza's father, Cold intervened. "Stop behaving like a child...It's unbecoming."

"But if our positions had been reversed, he would have done the same!" Freeza protested quietly.

"And you, Coola, stop drinking..." Cold continued, with a stern look at Coola.

After all, he did not like to see his eldest son like this. Since when did he like to drink this kind of drink? It had a strange effect on his son... The more he drank...the more he wanted, and when he drank he would complain and whine. It would soon become unbearable.

"Anyway, I will show you what true strength is," continued Freeza. "I will beat that Saiyan, Nappa, quickly! I will humiliate him! That pathetic Saiyan, he won't even touch me!"

Freeza laughed almost stupidly. Even in the unlikely event that he'd be beaten by Nappa, he had at least passed to the second round. And oh my, it was a nice win against Coola! After Nappa he would either be matched against another Saiyan, whose name he had forgotten, or a humanoid with a number for a name...neither seemed too dangerous... But he decided he should be cautious: Coola had been beaten by a weak looking guy...

Aside from the three conquerors of the eighth universe, the Ginyu squad also discussed the upcoming fight. Unfortunately they didn't have much left to be hopeful for in this tournament. They spoke only of dishonor, defeat, and humiliation.

"If only I hadn't been so unlucky!" Jeece grumbled while eating a big piece of meat. "I could have won if I had not been matched against Lord Freeza!"

"We lost our strength and our chance a long time ago." Butta said before gulping his entire drink in one go.

"You're all zeroes" Kiwi interrupted, "You were pathetic! You should have let me participate instead!"

"Don't you say anything!" Jeece said, defending himself, "You're no match for the fighters of this tournament either! And either way, you played the game! And you lost!"

Kiwi thought back to what they had done several days earlier, when the Vargas had arrived with their idea of the Multiverse Tournament... The three members of Ginyu squad and Kiwi were present at a fight to the death between two fighters, or rather, two slaves. The event wasn't exactly rare, but in this battle, it was clear to everyone who would win. So Reacum, Butta, and Jeece placed bets on the better warrior and, when Kiwi would do the same Jeece said:

"You can't bet on the same one as us, it takes at least one that bets on the other to make a real bet. If you don't do it, then you might as well be criticizing Lord Freeza!"

He had no choice...as usual. He had long been oppressed by these three of the Ginyu Squad. On this bet, the one who lost would be forced to resign from the Multiverse Tournament of the Vargas... And voila! Now he was unable to participate, and the other three had lost!

"But now look at you!" Kiwi defended himself to make fun of the Ginyu Squad's losers. "A coward who forfeits, a fool who thinks he's the fastest in the universe and is defeated with one hit, and another getting screwed up by a simple Namek! Pitiful!"

Jeece and Butta said nothing. Kiwi had a point...

"If only Captain Ginyu was still here...it wouldn't have been like this..." Jeece added, aware that everything happening to them was due to the absence of their leader. "Had he been here...he wouldn't have lost, he would have given us courage and strength... He was the best... He would have won his first match, and the next one!"

"Without him," said Butta, "our squad really isn't the same...not to mention Guldo... How can we compare to how we used to be with just the three of us? Our combat effectiveness is greatly reduced..."

"It could have been worse though..." Jeece said, trying to comfort his companions, and himself. "Coola's commando lost too. Sauza was the only one who participated and he was killed, by a decrepit old man no less!"

They looked at the other end of the table where the two companions of Sauza mourned the death of their leader, whose body, or rather the two separate pieces of it, had been taken back to the ship.

But Butta recalled something... At one time, Sauza and Ginyu had fought over who would be the leader of the Freeza's special squadron. The fight had been long and hard for both elite soldiers, and Ginyu had managed to win...but their strength was nearly equal. Sauza was stronger than Reacum or Jeece, and faster than Butta, even he had to admit... And he lost against an old man of Universe 9. Sauza...had he weakened that much over the years? Or was this old turtle man really so strong? And what of his two companions who had come along with him?

Butta looked to his left at the universe next door... Universe 9... he was curious to know just how strong they really were.

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