DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 27, Chapter 135.


Chapter 135

Translated by npberryhill

Mealtime was met with enthusiastic agreement from the spectators and competitors alike. As before, the universes each ate together with their companions. At the Universe 16 table, Vegetto laughed at his sons as they complained about the power of the other Gotenks. Bra, throwing feminine charm and manners to the wayside, devoured a massive hunk of meat. Nearby, Future Trunks chatted with #16, who seemed somewhat distracted. The Saiyan noticed, but didn’t bring it up in conversation, assuming his friend was merely being cautious in scanning the entire arena. Suddenly, the android turned to Trunks.

“Something is odd,” he began. “The Saiyans of the 13th Universe are not the types to disregard mealtime, and yet three of them are missing.”

Trunks glanced over at Vegeta, sitting alone, visibly displeased. They could hear him murmuring aloud.

“Dammit, what are those fools up to? Raditz I understand, but the other two idiots... I suppose Kakarotto could still be too mad to show his face, and I did order Nappa to keep a close eye on him...”

“Well, you heard him, 16,” Trunks said with a smile. “It seems like their Kakarotto got humiliated after his loss and is being stubborn. Guess it was nothing to worry about after all...”

The silent giant did not answer. It wasn’t that Trunks’ assessment was illogical, but something about it seemed off. There was almost certainly more to it than that, he had suspected for a while now.

Outside the arena, on the Frost Demon ship, a soldier had reported to the ship to inform them all of mealtime. He met one of the Ginyu Commandos, Jeece, in one of the first rooms, discussing with his tall blue friend.

“Yeh, whadda ya need?”

“Sir, lunch is being served in the arena!” the soldier exclaimed. “Lord Freeza and King Cold have requested all our troops to attend his triumph in the fight that begins immediately after. Come with me!”

Butta chuckled. “Sure, we’ve just got to finish a little business here...”

He suddenly moved behind the soldier and grabbed him forcefully. The alien didn’t even have time to shout, his mouth covered by Jeece, grinning cruelly. The warrior let out a muffled scream, but was then released from behind before being slapped on the shoulder.

“Welcome to the ranks of Master Babidi. Now then, let's attend to the wishes of our old lords!”

As usual, the Universe 5 patio was deserted. XXI remained in his apartment, and the attending Varga was unable to even approach the door. The balcony of the 4th was empty as well, Buu of course being held captive by the Great Kaioshin. He tried asking his jailers nicely for some candy, but the four deities implacably refused. However, what attracted the attention of both Piccolos was the strange absence of Cell from between their two areas. He’d never reappeared after his clash with Tapion, and it was peculiar. They’d heard him mention taking a shower, but surely it couldn’t have lasted this long. What else could he be doing?

Beside the Namek, Trunks and Goten were lamenting their humiliations at the hands of Bra and the rest of her friends. Reluctantly, they served everyone’s dishes, waiting hand and foot on Goku, Vegeta, and Bra in particular. Goku’s appetite was insatiable, asking for several refills. Vegeta forced them to serve him on their knees, but the worst was Bra. She not only belittled them, but made them walk around on their hands and knees, inspired by Vegeta. Nothing was worse than this. The two boys would’ve rather faced Broly in Super Saiyan 3, the shame even greater now than their fear of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Even Pan was relentless.

“Ooh, is there any more cake?” she asked.

“I’ll have more of this dish!” Uub added.

“And don’t forget the hot wings!” Goku exclaimed, laughing.

“On all fours,” Vegeta grunted contemptuously.

“When will the misery end?” Trunks mourned.

“For pity’s sake, just let me die,” Goten echoed, over-dramatic.

“Still, it’s intriguing,” Piccolo said, a glass of water in his hand. “Just how did you two manage to create the new fusion?”

“Yeah, it’s really amazing!” Son Goku exclaimed, both hands dredged in spicy barbecue sauce. “The Metamorans never even mentioned there was an improved version, I had no idea it existed!”

“Well, actually, we’re not exactly uh... sure,” Trunks answered honestly, embarrassed. “All I really know is when we woke up this morning both of us had dreamed about the same new ideas. We tested it out in secret earlier and it just worked. I guess, in light of our fight with Buu, we were too preoccupied to even consider how we came up with the idea.”

“Hmph, yet another miraculous advancement, like Uub’s sudden progress with using magic?” Vegeta grunted, his eyes dark.

“What are you insinuating?” Goten wondered.

“Freeza with his new mental faculties, Majin Buu actually understanding the tournament rules, Gotenks further advancing the fusion technique, not to mention Uub’s new powers... if you think that’s all coincidence, you’re a bigger fool than I thought. Something happened while we slept.”

“And maybe that’s what woke you and I up last night!” exclaimed Goku, striking the table. "I knew I wasn't imagining it!"

Piccolo and Son Gohan glanced suspiciously at the Kaioshin balcony. Still imprisoned, Buu displayed tearful eyes towards his captor, who was eating with his comrades silently. Could it be that the djinn was actually able to break free? No, it was impossible that the greatest of the gods could be deceived. He had even mastered the same technique as Gast Carcolh — and at the time Buu had definitely not been able to escape from it! But who else could have manipulated things?

“In any case, Gotenks is now the strongest being in our Universe!” Trunks rejoiced with a broad smile. “If there’s ever a problem, your universe's superhero will be there to save the day!”

“Actually, I do have a problem,” Vegeta interrupted disdainfully. The boys paused, turning to him awaiting his response. The prince’s lips curled down into a frown. “My plate’s empty, go fill it!”

Bra smirked wide, chuckling. "Savage, Dad. Savage."

Trunks looked down, humiliated, following his equally ashamed comrade towards the kitchens.

Their counterparts watched as they ate at the 16th table without a care in the world. It certainly helped to temper their jealousy at the others for their new Insta Gotenks. As usual, the two understood each other with just a single glance, turning to Vegetto who was swallowing astronomical quantities of food.

“Dad! Teach us the new fusion! We know you memorized it.”

The Saiyan, surprised by the passion behind their words, nearly choked and fell backwards. Piccolo and Bra looked away, embarrassed, while Pan and Gohan helped him up. Swallowing and clearing his throat, he answered.

“Sorry boys, I can’t right now, I’m eating.”

“No, once you’re done come show us the poses, anything and everything you can remember. You did memorize it, didn’t you?”

“Well yeah,” Vegetto proudly answered. “It’s actually ingenious, I wouldn’t have expected it from them. I guess there’s hope for you two after all, even if it wasn’t you exactly. Finally something good came from Gotenks, y’know?”

Trunks and Goten sagged under their sister’s mocking and disdainful look. That last remark would’ve typically silenced them, but they were more persistent this time. For the sake of their dignity, they had to find a way to unlock the new secrets, and they would need them against foes like Buu.

“So? What’s your answer?” Goten repeated.

Vegetto sighed. “Fine, I’ll teach you. Just let me eat first, I ordered a few ox ribs a second ago.”

At his request, about twenty Vargas appeared carrying a huge dish with the infamous sides Vegetto had demanded. The two boys banged their heads against the table. This could take a while...

Cell, in his apartment, was engaged in an intense mental training exercise. Though restricted by the small space, he imagined himself fighting both Gohans in shadow-boxing. He kept upping the difficulty, using real force and that caused very sharp and real pain. However, he didn’t see himself losing. In real combat, the pair of them together would be too much for him, he knew, but alone was a different story. True, he hadn’t seen either fight to their fullest, but he himself was far from having unveiled his true strength at the moment.

The Super Saiyan 2 form that had once utterly decimated him was nothing compared to his new powers, not to mention what he had gained from his new master. He was thrilled to discover that the wizard’s plans would enable him to fulfill his greatest desire as well. Defending Babidi against all who dared oppose him was a small price to pay for his revenge. Additionally, Cell was the new centerpiece of the wizard’s forces and the strongest majin — far beyond Dabra. He found a certain satisfaction in his new role, and even began to wonder why he’d resisted so strongly to begin with. Babidi was a twisted and evil master, and through him there were new and exciting possibilities available in his quest for perfection!

As long as he could have his revenge against Gohan, he would be satisfied and obey Babidi without question. All Cell truly wanted was a full out battle — unrestricted, with nothing held back. For the two old enemies, the score had to be settled. Motivated, he swung a powerful kick that devastated the apartment, destroying furniture and dishes. Yes, he was ready to fight.

Back in a room in the Universe 14 apartments, Yamcha was examining #18 carefully. Her twin had been acting strangely, which Yamcha ignored, assuming he was just angry and needed to be left alone. Raising the young woman’s hand, he confirmed with anger that she was truly dead. The cyborg’s lifeforce had been completely extinguished, and yet her face was still frozen in that expression of intense terror. She’d seen something, Yamcha was sure of it — something utterly horrifying in the magician. In fact, it mirrored the panic that Elder Kai had shown when he’d first heard XXI’s name announced.

“You know, perhaps I should take her back to our apartments,” he murmured aloud. “The Old Kaioshin might know some way to revive her, and I’ve got to ask him more about that trickster anyway. But, I shouldn’t leave her brother alone, not in the condition he’s in — plus, he probably wouldn’t let me take her. What should I do?”

He held #18 in his arms, deep in thought. His priority was to somehow revive her, and he made a promise to at the very least protect her no matter what.

An hour later the meal came to an end. Goten and Trunks of the 18th cried out in relief that their ordeal was finally over, embracing. In the meantime, their counterparts had left with Vegetto — that is, once he deflated after eating an overabundance of food. The Vargas had been in tears at the trauma of watching him eat.

“Well, it’s the turn of the Saiyan girl, isn’t it?” Eleim of Universe 19 said. “I can’t wait to see this fight, especially after the discouraging display earlier. We’ve got to all cheer for her together!”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait,” Gohan said from the adjoining space. “There are two double fights coming up next I think.”

“We hope everyone’s meal was excellent,” a Varga announced loudly. “Before resuming the main competition, we have the last two double matches!”

“Just as I thought,” Gohan smiled, having guessed correctly.

“The first team will be Videl of Universe 9 and Tidar from Universe 19... against Coola from Universe 8 and Gotenks from Universe 16!”

The members of Universe 16 glanced at one another, as Trunks and Goten were currently out training with Vegetto. He was probably giving them an endless tutorial on the intricate details of each part of the pose, via his impeccable memory.

“So, you think we should go get them?” Piccolo asked.

“Ooh, I will!” Pan shouted joyfully.

“No, wait,” Bra huffed, stopping her by the shoulder. “It was their choice to leave, those two idiots will have to suffer the consequences.”

“Bra...” Gohan sighed. “You can’t—”

“—Oh yes I can,” she replied haughtily. “We’ve all had enough of those two, we get it already. Gotenks has enormous power, but he’s totally incompetent, completely frustrating, and pathetically laughable. Let them go learn their stupid dance with Daddy and save us all from having to suffer their idiocy again. At least this way it’ll give others a chance to fight, people who didn’t acquire their strength by being lazy I might add. And don’t even try to argue with me,” she concluded.

Piccolo, although he disagreed, had to admit that Gotenks was the clear favorite to win the secondary tournament. No one else would even hold a candle to him, and thus, it would just be him beating up on those vastly weaker. Gohan seemed to have the same reasoning, even if he would’ve rather given them a chance. But Bra had laid down the law, and for the sake of all they decided not to cause a scene. Piccolo informed the Varga that Gotenks would not participate, which discouraged the bird.

On the other side of the arena, Videl was leaving the Universe 9 apartments, visibly anxious to fight. Many in the audience were surprised when she came out. As no one had been seen in that area for some time, spectators had assumed that the members had returned home after their defeat. But, clearly, they were still present.

The Earthling joined the Heloite in the ring, greeting one another. Nearby, Vegeta of the 13th wore a look of frustration on his face. The negotiations with Raditz had been going on for quite a while now, and yet the Universe 9 member that appeared never glanced his way. Either his emissary was taking his damn time, or the deliberations with the Earthlings were at a standstill. Even worse, the other two Saiyans were nowhere to be found...

Those who were expecting a spectacular and intense fight were soon to be disappointed. Coola transformed right from the start. He knew the Earthling was strong, enough to put up a good fight against his father and even force him to transform all the way to his original form. Even in his 5th form, Coola was nowhere near that level. As for the Heloite, he knew full well their technology was capable of mortally wounding him. For even Buu of Universe 4 to acquire their armor spoke of how it could be an asset to even the strongest fighters. As it was two on one, the frost demon knew he was unlikely to win, and Tidar’s armor was enough to deter a direct attack in and of itself. He had to keep him at a distance no matter what.

Instead, he dashed towards the woman and threw a quick but powerful jab in her face. Videl merely swayed backwards with the blow, shocking Coola who hadn’t yet taken a defensive stance. Her right leg tensed, swung, and pulverized the belly of the Frost Demon — who yelled as he was hurled into the air. Coola barely had caught his balance when a wave of energy blasts bombarded him from the side. Tidar, now re-equipped with his own set of Ultra Armor, was using the wrist-mounted plasma cannon to submerge the prince in fire. Videl then raised her Kaioken to the maximum and engaged her foe in combat from the other side. The combined assault left him unable to properly defend against either, and neither retreat nor counter. The Frost Prince roared with rage, flaring his ki as high as it would go and forcing Videl back. But as soon as he pursued her, Tidar cut him off and began delivering powerful punches of his own. Then the girl moved behind and began firing her own energy barrage.

The Frost Demon couldn’t possibly hold out against the strategy, overwhelmed and forgetting that he was up against the ultra armor now. He widened his eyes a second too late, aware of his mistake but not able to react. Tidar had already grabbed him by the shoulder and activated his maximum gravity well — Coola fell to his knees instantly, immobilized. His face full of hatred, he glanced up at his foe, who was sweating from the effort. Keeping a creature as powerful as a Frost Demon pinned down was difficult, but at this point victory was assured. Suddenly, Tidar shut off his gravity and leapt away from a rather confused Coola. Before the prince realized what was happening, Videl bashed his head in from above causing him to faceplant into the ring, unconscious. Mr. Satan’s daughter had pushed the Kaioken to its limits, but this time she managed it well and ended things quickly.

The Vargas quickly declared Tidar and Videl the victors, the pair shaking hands. The universe 8 warrior was removed by his soldiers and brought back to their observation platform to regain consciousness. Freeza seemed quite distressed at the scene, though Cold merely watched from the corner of his eye. “Pathetic,” he thought...

Buu of Universe 4 was again deep in introspection, bored out of his mind so to speak. According to his estimates, the remaining match would be the two Piccolo against Dabra and another of the Heliotes. Neither Namekian still trained seriously, and the nano-technology no longer interested Buu. He might as well take a short nap while waiting on Vegetto’s daughter to take on the galactic goliath.

“For the last fight of round 1, we’ll now call the participating warriors! Piccolo of Universe 16 and Piccolo of Universe 18, against Dabra of Universe 11 and Naurb of Universe 19!”

“May the best team win!” the Heliote exclaimed, addressing the Namekian on the adjoining patio.

Piccolo nodded, smiling as he and his counterpart walked to the ring synchronously. The two Nameks had seen the armor used a good deal now, knowing what to watch out for. While they could regenerate, they weren’t quite at Buu’s level — and their power level wasn’t even to the point of Super Saiyan 2. At the same time, this was just an exhibition tournament and the Heliote wasn’t likely to be using the armor’s full power; he certainly wouldn’t be trying to mortally wound his opponents, as it was against the rules. A few seconds later Dabra arrived. East Kaioshin was quite suspicious of Universe 11 still, and the presence of his subordinate testified that they were indeed still at the tournament. Discreetly, she made her way to the hallways of Universe 11 to have a word with them.

“Why can’t Buu fight too? No fair!” the fat majin complained.

“You know why, Buu! Now shut up and let me concentrate!”

Behind his master, who stubbornly stared at his crystal ball, Majin Buu balled his yellow-gloved fists, feeling really mad. He hated being treated like this. He liked nice people, like the warrior who had turned him into watermelon, and he wished he could have a life like his. The yellow-skinned wizard, to whom he owed his freedom, prevented him from even making the simplest of his own decisions. No fair! He was strong, he was handsome, he was Buu! So what was preventing him from breaking the chains and finally being free? He raised his fists slightly at the thought. He was so close, it would be so easy. All he had to do was reach out and kill the fragile little insect...

A door burst open violently, startling Buu and Babidi, the two jumping and turned to one another. The Kaioshin that faced them was one of the gods Babidi hated most, they’d murdered his father so many years ago! A grimace of hate twisted across his face.

“You! What do you think you’re doing barging in here like this? I should sick my Buu on you, filthy assassin!”

“Don’t even,” the deity retorted. “The door is wide open, anyone can sense what’s going on in here. Grand Kaioshin will have you expelled in a second if he even feels a hint of aggression.”

The wizard grit his teeth, his nose hairs tingling with rage.

“Now tell me, Babidi, just what devilry are you in here plotting?”

“And what makes you think I’d do anything like that?” Babidi chuckled. “I have an entire universe at my beck and call, why would I risk dying here where there are so many beings stronger than my Buu?”

“Then why stay at all?” growled the Kaioshin. “Return to your own realm.”

“Ah, but there are still so many beings here that intrigue me,” Babidi lied, closing off his mind to possible intrusion. “That child who ridiculed me, he uses the same magic as my Buu. Not to mention the other Buu which you’re holding prisoner, talk about power. In spite of how he disrespected me, he’s the Majin I’ve always dreamed of! And let’s not forget that other wizard, the one who keeps hold up in his apartment — I’ve never seen such a mastery of the mystical arts! If I’m to understand more about them, quite simply, I must stay and see for myself. In the meantime I allowed Dabra to have a bit of fun!”

The best lies held some truth, and this was no exception. Although in reality he planned to seize all the universes at once, the wizard was indeed quite curious about each of the three mysteries he’d mentioned. In fact he planned to solve each one himself. The Kaioshin tried probing his mind, but found nothing threatening or suspicious. Remaining quite unconvinced, she left the room, but not without offering one last gloomy glance at the grinning wizard. Sighing in frustration, Babidi turned back to his crystal ball and Buu returned to his corner, having forgotten all about his plan to be free of the controlling wizard.

Meanwhile, the fight in the arena was heating up. Each of the Piccolo had split in half, making it four identical Namekians vs the two others. While Dabra held his opponents at a distance, Naurb couldn’t seem to gain any advantage against the two he was fighting, mainly due to their skill in martial arts. With his armor he was faster and stronger, but the Nameks were masters of their craft. The fact there were two of them only increased the difficulty.

One of the Piccolos passed through Naurb and gave him a powerful blow in the chest, managing to crack the armor. The Heloite gasped, spewing saliva from his mouth. Before he had time to recover, another Piccolo dashed in and used all his strength to knock him out. The armored warrior collapsed, unconscious.

Nearby, another Piccolo managed to sneak up behind Dabra and restrain him by the midsection, pinning him down with great effort. The Demon King was enraged at the audacity.

“Just what do you think you’re doing, scum? You won’t hold me for long!”

“You should be more worried about them than me,” whispered Piccolo from behind, a bead of sweat on his forehead.

Dabra froze as the three other Piccolo appeared in front of him, all concentrating their energy in the palms of their hands. It wasn’t enough power to destroy him, but it was definitely still a threat. Panicked, he fired up his red aura, inflicting great pain on the Piccolo that was pinning him down. The other Nameks yelled and fired their energy attacks, striking Dabra with instant pain. The blastwave flung him backwards, his white cloak singed and his blue garb ripped and torn. As for himself, the demon was mostly unharmed and tried to get back to his feet. But the Piccolo surrounding him each extended their arms across the distance and crushed him back to the ground, his head buried in the rock by clawed hands. Dabra cursed and roared as twenty seconds passed, but in vain.

“Victory for... Piccolo of Universe 16 and 18!”

The four Namekians became two once again, repairing their respective outfits before shaking hands and smiling. Dabra and Naurb were still lying on the ground receiving treatment from the healers. The Heliote seemed fine, almost as if he’d enjoyed himself, while his teammate only continued to grumble and swear. Soon, he told himself, Master Babidi will take his revenge on all the other universes. It wouldn’t be long now, they just had to finish ensnaring the last few competitors discreetly...

Shortly after, Goten and Trunks returned with Vegetto, who looked satisfied and superior as always. Apparently, their eyes had been too slow to catch his demonstration and thus, they hadn’t learned a thing. And, as expected, Bra extended to them her usual warm and courteous charm.

“You missed your fight, morons!” she chuckled. “But, at least the rest of us didn’t have to watch Gotenks flail around again, enough is enough you know.”

“What!?” the two cried in unison. “But, why didn’t anyone come and get us?”

“Well, you know Bra...” Gohan sighed, looking down. Piccolo and Videl looked away as well, avoiding eye contact with Trunks and Goten.

“Nevermind that,” Vegetto sneered. “Being taught by me is a lot better than some lame loser’s-bracket match. You were treated to a demonstration of my fabulous talents! Consider yourselves lucky, you should be just as strong as your counterparts now — assuming you followed my instructions perfectly.”

“Oh is that so?” Bra scolded. “I seem to recall you being upset that you didn’t get to fight in the infamous “loser’s bracket” yourself, Dad. But I suppose it would’ve been shameful for the divine Vegetto to participate in a weak tournament. Give me a break.”

The fused Saiyan looked peeved, Trunks and Goten smirking behind his back. A Varga voice suddenly rang out.

“All preparations are complete. We will now return to the main competition, the secondary tournament will continue during the fourth round! For this match, we call Cold of Universe 8 and Bra of Universe 16!”

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