DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 17, Chapter 83.


Chapter 83 by Lunecume

Translated by Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

Her mind clouded with doubt, Son Bra watched the band of heroes who delivered the assault. Something felt wrong... ever since she woke up. But what? She couldn’t put her finger on it...

Staring intently through his malefic eyes, Ozotto evoked two powerful red rays from his eyes. The group separated to dodge the attack; the ring exploded, hit by the destructive beam, and shattered into pieces of different sizes and shapes.

Mirai Gohan swerved over the blocks, jumping on each of them to launch himself further, before jumpingly fiercely towards the monster. He waved his missing arm--his stump, if you prefer--and bellowed, “Go go gadget fist!!”

And from his forearm a boxing glove (which had been mounted on a spring) popped out, striking his enemy right in the face. A molar tooth popped right out of its socket and shone for a brief moment in the soft spotlight. Ozotto ran his tongue over the empty space in his mouth, his smile quickly fading.

“Hell and damnation! And to think... Mic please!”

One of the Vargas hastened to bring a microphone, which the shadowy figure swiftly seized.

“And to think,” he pursued, “that I killed the last prosthetic dentist in my universe just last Saturday!! It’s high time that I extend my supremacy upon ALL the universes, so that I can receive I dese...”

The terrible monster did not finish because, just as he was describing his life with such great passion, Marron had launched a Frisbee in the shape of a crescent moon between his lips, which drew an awful displeased grin on Ozotto’s face.

“Marron, my necklace!” Broly Jr. shouted as fled full speed towards Ozotto to recover his property.

“It’s about time that you got rid of these girls ornaments,” Chuck growled as he rushed after Broly Junior.

Ozotto spit the crescent-shaped disc so violently that the young Saiyan was hit with a volley of spit in his face. He stopped dead in his tracks and wiped his face with frantic gestures. Chuck hesitated for a moment and finally decided to help the boy. His hair was thick enough to clean the spit of the evil and unhygienic Ozotto, for sure.

Meanwhile, the molar that had fallen to the ground had mutated into some sort of albino Saibaman; Yajirobe, followed closely by Marron, faced it off with the ends of his blade. The little ivory monster moved with strength and agility. The young girl with blonde braids tried to reach it... but in vain! The transformed molar had the grace of a ballerina and it spun between the swings of the sword, punching and kicking as if it had carefully studied the choreography of his opponents.

Broly was now as clean as new; he could finally go in search of his necklace. His eyes shone with concern; it seemed that this piece of jewelry was of particular importance to him. A lucky charm, perhaps?

Whatever it was, the boy had unwittingly offered an easy target for the cruel Ozotto. Fortunately, Mirai Gohan, like the eye of the ranger hanging over his town, was watching. The semi-Saiyan with the slashed cheek threw himself forward.

“Go Go Gadget La Ra’Fa Bian!”

Translator’s Note: Lara Fabian (aka La Voix Millenaire, or the Millenium Voice), from what I have researched, is a famous multilingual singer; she has sung many songs in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Greek and German. She’s a lyric soprano with a vocal range that spans THREE octaves from C3 to G#6 in live performances. In 1998, her single “Je T’Aime”, which means “I Love You”, was voted Most Popular Song of the Year. The song was particularly notable for its chorus, in which she stretches out the words “Je T’aime” for a ridiculously long time. I assume that it’s a French Classic and that the reference was immediately noticeable for the original French readers; I can’t say for certain because I’m not French. I thought I’d do a bit of extra research to help you guys catch the reference too. For this reason, I have intentionally left parts of the next paragraph untranslated. We now return to your regularly scheduled program...

“JE T’AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMEUUUUUUUUUUH!” The singer appeared on the stump, which had exploded with La Voix Millénaire. It literally bore into the eardrums of Ozotto, whose ear canals began to bleed.

It was now or never! The enemy, confused and disoriented, could be defeated!

Chuck then dashed forward, uttering a manly groan, and struck the monster in his stomach with both feet joined together.

Ozotto was catapulted back, but he came to his senses and retorted with an avenging hand, which grasped Chuck’s thick mane of hair.

“Tic, toc, tic, toc,” stated the creature sardonically. “It’s time to die!”

“I don’t wear a watch!!” Chuck yelled. “I decide what time it is!”

With a brisk movement, the Terran tore from the grip of his opponent, leaving behind a some of his hair, which left a gaping hole at the top of his head. In his eye, a flash of rage swirled, and his fist hit Ozotto’s chin with a roar of all the demons!

“And I counted to infinity... twice!” Chuck ended as ozotto collapsed to the ground.

“He’ll make us look good,”Son Bra cried, her eyes still riveted on the strange spectacle.

Ozotto’s silhouette was deployed into the air, as if in a movie in slow motion, and hit the ground with the thud... and with general indifference. Wherever you looked, whether in the stands, or in the spaces reserved for the fighters, everyone seemed to go about their business. Finally, Vegetto had started a game of tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) with Gast Carcolh. The armored fighters from Universe 19 discussed clothing while they polished their equipment with almost religious dedication. In Universe 6, the gang of girls engaged in a game of truth-or-dare. Moreover, Son Bra remarked at the same time that one of the girls chose dare.

“You must bear the child of Kakarotto before the end of the tournament!”

“Hmm, not interesting...” Bra of Universe 16 murmured, turning her head disdainfully.

The only people who were really concerned with these events were the Vargas, whose chirpings had depicted the fight. One of these sparrows, moreover, had taken the battle so close to heart that he had laid an egg.

The troupe of five heroes gathered around the lifeless body of their enemy. They exchanged happy looks and satisfied smiles, and nothing in their hearts created doubt of their victory.

It was then that the creature vaguely resembling a white Saibaman came to greet them by bowing.

“Thank you, Oh mighty heroes! You’ve released the terrible curse that has imprisoned me for so long! I am Princess Fat-Molar, and for a hundred years I have been helpless and submissive, chewing the odious food that the sinister Ozotto ingested. I’ll spare the sordid details, but it was far from organic. I went through the horrors of malnutrition, fat, and sugar all at once! NOw I can finally find my family, my friends, my love... and realize my dream of becoming a dancer! And it’s all thanks to you!!

Mirai Gohan nodded knowingly, Chuck had laid a hand on his own heart, sighing with a softened look, and Marron helped Broly Junior put his necklace on with an air of exasperation.

“Don’t thank us,” Yajirobe replied, sheathing his sword. “We are the Chuck Super Sentai after a...”


A thunderous cry had pierced the air and filled the entire arena. A powerful and shrill voice that seemed to come from nowhere started to echo everywhere. Mirai Gohan frowned at the source: a dimensional portal, which had opened above them in a thick white glow. A vessel shaped like an arrow appeared and slowly descended. Its predominant colrs were a mix of red, yellow, and blue.

The stunning saucer, which did not change form, opened from the bottom and the voice resounded once again:

“NO! NO! NO! Nobody believes that! Nobody wants to! What?! All of that for that?! The most extraordinary, most gargantuan, most daunting, the most elephantine tournament of all time and of all the universes, disturbed, polluted by a monster like no other evil... the terrible, sinister, hideous, stinking Lord Ozotto... And the fight ends with a quick kick to the gut and the molar tooth who will go on to play in Swan Lake?! You know what comes after that?! A failing audience, deprogramming! BANKRUPTCY!”

Marron stomped her foot on the ground with gritted teeth; she raised her forehead to the source of the voice. “Stop getting excited, Bansa! We don’t work for you! Save your bogus scenarios for your TV shows! We’re talking about reality here! Our fight against Ozotto shone with coherence and relevance! (......)

“Whatever you believe! I have nothing against the honeyed and good-intention-filled, yet convoluted Princess Fat-Molar... No, sorry, I don’t believe it for a second! It wouldn’t be anything more than a last minute reve...

“Oh!” exclaimed Mary Sue from Universe 2, “Fat-Molar, my cousin!”

“Mary Sue!” exclaimed Princess Fat-Molar in turn, her eyes filled with tears. “But no, you’re wrong. You’re my second aunt as well as my grandmother!”

“….. Aaaaaarrrrrrghhhh!” yelled Bansa. “No, it’s too much! I’m suffering. I’m dying. I’m dead and already buried!”

While pursuing his complaint of pure agony, Bansa revealed himself, or rather... herself. She was a Namek... A Namek of small stature with two blond duvets. She had candy-blond hair and a crimson-colored robe, which added a degree of horror to the spectacle.

Son Bra put a hand over her eyes like a visor, as if she had been seeing things, and her nose wrinkled in disgust.

“Aren’t Nameks normally asexual?” she asked.

Around her, the members of her universe crowded.

“Well,” said Trunks, “there’s never been formal proof...”

And the intrusive pupils Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Bra dug their heels towards Piccolo, who stood in silence heavy with implications.

“.....Nothing to hide, and nothing to show anymore! Stop staring at me!” he coldly growled through gritted teeth.

They didn’t have the time to pursue the topic further, as Bansa left again with thousands of complaints against the Chuck Super Sentai. Mirai Gohan, clenching his fist, eventually interrupted:

“That’s enough Bansa! Stop with this ridiculous quest! We don’t work, never mind for you or for anyone else! We are freer than the wind that breezes through the plain. We don’t belong to you... I don’t belong to you!

“After all I went through for you,” replied Bansa, acerbic, “I could not satisfy myself with such a speech!”

“You want to fight us?!” Marron challenged, ready to fight.

“Don’t bother,” added Yajirobe, unsheathing his sword.

Furious with rage, Bansa jumped on his vessel and his mouth opened wide, his sharp teeth showing.

“Final Yoshi Flash!” he cried, and a moment later, he began to spit globular eggs that gushed from his stomach to his throat at the pace of a machine gun.

“I got this!” Broly Junior yelled with a confident voice. The boy could not shine as he wished to during the fight against Ozotto, and he hoped to make up for that now.

Waving his hands in front, he launched a burst of energy that radiated with sweltering heat. The burning waves zipped forwards without breaking any of the eggs and... It was a miracle! The heat caused the projectiles to crack, and hundreds of chicks fell as if it were yellow snow.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooh!” said the Vargas, whose paternal instinct was fueled by the so much cuteness.

Bansa ceased his attack suddenly, stunned by the deluge of poultry. He let himself fall gently to a piece of the ring that was floating in the air.

“My audience... in free fall,” he muttered, and started to cry loudly.

“Come on,” said Mirai Gohan, joining him. “Stop being so ridiculous. It’s time you stopped the charade and became yourself...”

“Myself?!” yelped the Namek, pulling his blond duvets. “Become that insignificant person I once was?! The one that was never noticed?! The one that was there just to treat sores and thrown away after use?!”

“Come on, Dende...” sighed Mirai Gohan.

“WHAT?!” screamed the Gohans from Universes 16 and 18, while the Trunkses and Gotens from these same universes gaped their mouths in shock.

Dende?! The almighty guardian of their world was, in another reality, a producer disguised as a cougar?!

As if he had foreseen their incredulity, Bansa aka Dende turned to them with a look of contempt.

“I forbid you to judge me! You don’t know what I went through. Oh, I know your universe; I’ve studied it well. No! None! Although I must admit that my situation in your reality is more enviable than mine. Know that where I am, I have not had the chance to be selected to become the new Kami-sama... I was playing scrabble when you guys went to New Namek to find a candidate! I had won a triple word score; I couldn’t give up... I just couldn’t!! And so I missed my only chance to go to Earth... My only chance of finding the one I’ve always loved, the one for whom my insides were consumed the first minute I saw him...

Dende stared intensely at Mirai Gohan and a thread of snot ran from his nose.

The jaws of the Gohans from Universes 16 and 18 failed to unhinge.

In Universe 16, Trunks and Goten somehow restrained to laugh, and Trunks finally asked, “Hey Bra, any comments?”

“No... Didn’t you see that I actually tried to kill myself by holding my breath?”

The Gohan of the future, meanwhile, seemed terrible annoyed and tired, as if he was used to hearing this same tune over and over.

“Dende... I’ve already said it a hundred times. Whether you get beautiful hair implants or wear provocative dresses... You and me... it’s impossible.

The little Namek bowed his head and seemed more somber than ever.

“So, you’ll never change your mind. I guess I have no choice.”

He flew suddenly and landed on his ship, which had not moved at all, and the Namek spread his arms quickly shouting, “I’ll have to use my secret technique! Waltz of Phantoms... to me!”

And greed plumes of smoke swirled around him; time and space seemed to stretch while a long mournful complaint, which seemed to emit from hell it self, was heard. Several figures appeared... First, the knight in shining armor that was killed by Uub, then the girl who was atomized by Vegeta of Universe 13...

“Super...” Son Bra muttered, “He’s summoning all the pathetic lo..."

and... Pan! It was Pan of Universe 16! Her spectre had taken form in between those of the others.

Son Bra stopped suddenly, and without taking the time to think, rushed into air, chasing the phantom.

“Pan!” she cried, reaching out for her late friend and niece.

The ghost grinned and held out her all-too transparent hand and said... “Pull my finger!”

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