DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 11, Chapter 53.


Chapter 53

Translated by Qtjinla15 and Davidstarlingm

After the long match between both Gotenks and the rapid reconstruction of the ring, the announcer Varga announced that the next fight would now take place:

“The next match will be between Romanesco of Universe 10 and Nekomajin of the universe 2; once again, another forfeit!” he stated, announcing that one of the fighters had previously quit.

The victory had already been given to the fighter from universe 2. A few words passed between the inhabitants of that space, just as Trunks and Goten were having their own discussion in the wake of this announcement.

“It's gotta be Saiyan,” Trunks said. “It's a long and ugly name, just like the name Kakarotto.”

“Of course the fighter is a Saiyan,” Goten replied, ignoring the insult to his father. “The Nameks have short, bouncy names like Dende.”

“Bouncy?” Bra asked, already exasperated. “Just what are you two talking about now?”

“The people of Universe 10, the Nameks, have already left. We’re guessing the species of the fighter who’s going to fight next based on their names.”

“What? At most, you know three Saiyan names and three Namek names, not including your own. How can you come to a conclusion based on that?”

“It’s very simple, my dear,” Trunks began with a faux scholarly tone. “We noticed that there are some common names that we recognize, and in fact, it’s something of a rule! In fact, the names of both the Nameks and the Saiyans fit with one overall system!

“Wh ... what?”

Goku, Vegetto, and Universe 18 all seemed to be interested. Commonalities between all the names of Saiyans and Nameks? It was an interesting theory.

Trunks pretended to adjust a pair of imaginary glasses that hung on the ridge of his nose.

“It's easy! The name of Saiyans are hard and sharp, strong and crackly-sounding. Saiyan names have more than one syllable and they are spoken in a threatening manner.”

“While Nameks,” continued Goten, “have names that are mild and short -- green-sounding -- spoken in a melodious tone.”

“Green, melodious?” Bra questioned, still feigning disinterest.

“Yes. Piccolo can confirm the theory, right?”

The great Namek had already taken a spot away from the group and looked straight ahead, pretending to completely ignore the conversation.

In space 2, Nékomajin snapped his fingers and walked forward, looking as serious as he could.

“Where you going?” asked Beelzebub from behind him just before Nékomajin headed to the ring.

“I have to fight, I was called,” he answered, turning to the little demon.

“You don't need to! Your opponent has already forfeited!” Beelzebub replied.

“I won’t flee! Even against a forfeit!” the fighter stubbornly replied.

“That’s the point, you don’t need to fight.”

“What? There is another Nekomajin here? I'm sorry that I tried to take his place. I'll let him fight, then. I'll wait my turn. We magical cats have an understanding.”

Another character from their universe came to the rescue of the two little devils. He finished rolling his cigarette. Despite his enormous head, he seemed the most adult person in the group.

“Universe 10 abandoned the tournament earlier, remember? You've already won.”

“Really? I won before even stepping into the ring? I'm very disappointed! Once, I fought against a dead leaf that fell from a tree -- even that took longer than this!”

“You see,” Dr. Slump said to Beelzebub, “use simple words and speak in a straightforward fashion. You can trust me; talking to idiots is my specialty!”

“N'Cha!” cried little Arale, pouncing on him and planting a Varga feather from the ground in his hair. “Indian! The Doctor is an Indian!”

“Ouch! Silly little child, do not plant things in my head!” As he spoke, his mouth seemed to become greater than his body.

“But when do I get to fight?” asked the blue cat, who still looked quite disappointed.

“Well, the next round....” Beelzebuub replied.

“Ugh, I wanted to fight. Why did those other fighters leave? They could have stayed; I wonder what are they doing now?”

“I guess they all returned home?” Beelzebub answered, unsure of the answer himself.

Piccolo in space 18, due to his highly developed hearing and his space's proximity to space 2, listened to their conversation. He commented to his friends: “The blue cat really wanted to fight....”

“I wonder how strong it is.” Gohan wondered. Unlike most of the competitors the docile warrior did not wear a look of fierceness.

“Have you noticed? It has the same outfit as Grandfather,” remarked Pan.

“Yes, it's strange, I wonder what connection there is between him and us,” murmured her father. “Maybe this is a coincidence?”

“He was lucky, I think, not to fight,” continued Piccolo. “He does not look stronger than the Saiyans from universe 10, and his intelligence is primitive at best.”

“If the Saiyans all stayed on their home planet, of course they are not that strong,” Uub interrupted. He glanced at Vegeta, fearing that he would take any insults launched against the Saiyans badly.

But Vegeta gave no indication that he cared. Many years had passed, and the prince no longer cared for the planet that was annihilated by Freeza. It was true that Planet Vegeta was not at all like the Earth. Their standard of living without Freeza would not have moved all that fast. Even if he was the king, he understood that ruling such a planet would not have brought him happiness.

Still consumed by his thoughts, Vegeta wondered something about his double in the tenth universe ... And strangely, his counterpart of 13 thought the same thing:

“Those other Saiyans are really queers.”

“They would have been easy victories....” added Raditz, agreeing with him.

“If there is no challenge, it is pointless; you wouldn't be able to improve,” interjected Kakarotto.

“If I had fought, instead of the other -- that other one of the universe 18,” Vegeta began to say, “I would have had a very interesting fight.”

“Yeah, your counterpart was humiliated,” Raditz added. “Even as an Oozaru, he was so easily beaten.”

“Those Saiyans did not deserve to be here,” Vegeta continued, speaking of universe 10. “It was only the scum who did not fight. Your father,” he said, looking Kakarot and Raditz “...was humiliated by a girl. That was ridiculous!”

Raditz, who, unlike Kakarotto had known his father, gritted his teeth but controlled himself. Family didn't mean much to Saiyans, but still....

Kakarotto smiled. “I am fighting the next round; I’ll massacre my next opponent!”

Nappa snorted. “There's nothing honorable about that,” the bald warrior quipped. “A girl will be your next opponent! I, on the other hand, will face Freeza...now THAT is the challenge!”

“Yes, that's it, you're going to be ripped to bloody ribbons.” Kakarotto laughed loudly at the older Nappa.

“Whether against Freeza or against a kid, we have to win,” Vegeta announced. “We need to show others that we are the most powerful race, the only ones capable of ruling a universe and more. That's much more than ruling a single planet that’s almost entirely desert.”

The four Saiyans in the universe 13 thought for a moment about the possible reign of the shabby, bearded Vegeta. They all came to the same conclusion: without Freeza and his empire, they would have remained small, harmless gorillas. Even if the tyrant DID destroy their planet...was it a blessing in disguise? Vegeta wondered what he would have chosen if he could go back: a nation of hundreds of thousands of warriors, living sadly on one planet...or just four strong warriors and lordship of the universe?

No, the choice was an easy one. He would have had nothing different. He would have preferred ruling over the universe to mere reign over Planet Vegeta. But he understood, after the fights so far, that he could do nothing.

When the Vargas first arrived, he began to develop plans...a way to expand his kingdom. But this tournament had shattered those plans. He was nowhere near strong enough to do anything; his only choice was to flee, abandon his dreams and go home.

Vegeta of Universe 10 could never reach the level and the rank of the Vegeta from Universe 13. But that didn't mean that he lacked the desire....

A few hours earlier, shortly after the victory of Universe 18's Pan, Baddack returned to the Saiyans in the space for Universe 10. All the Nameks from that universe forfeited and asked the Vargas to take them home.

The leader of the Saiyans pulled a simple, light blanket, dirty and brown, around his waist to cover himself. King Vegeta was furious. He paced around the space, careful to stay outwardly calm. He had been humiliated! He was even more furious that one of the warrior Nameks had won his match. Victory for them, but none for his Saiyans. It was an unbearable shame. How could he be so miserable in their universe?

Other thoughts plagued the king’s mind. How could warriors exist who were so much more powerful -- by far! Baddack, the strongest warrior after Vegeta, had lost against a mere teenager. What powers could her parents have? Another Vegeta, his counterpart in the world 18, was much more powerful than him. Despite his transformation into the Oozaru, which always multiplied Saiyan powers tenfold, his double had conquered him in one kick. This other Vegeta hadn't transformed at all. He had no tail -- such a disgrace. What a humiliation!

Vegeta recognized that his group of Saiyans seemed too unsophisticated compared to others. They sorely lacked technology, he realized. Many of the other groups had armor. A third "double" had a white and red cape. No doubt, such trappings commanded respect. This was far different from the skins that all the Saiyans wore.

Not too long ago, the Saiyans had destroyed a people, Tsuffles. Vegeta had not participated, but his father was the greatest hero of the fight. He became King after that terrible night of the full moon where all transformed into Oozaru, when they had destroyed all the Tsuffules’ cities. Baddack had fought at the time as well. Should they have appropriated the Tsuffle knowledge? Instead of destroying everything, should they have let a few Tsuffles live to acquire technology?

Today, the Saiyans were overcrowded. Only a small minority had come to the tournament, and an even smaller portion of those were even registered. Barely half had participated before forfeiting, and they hadn't won a single battle.

The population of Planet Vegeta currently exceeded ten thousand. Any more, and the planet could not really survive at all, not with their current technology. The Saiyans were combatants, not farmers. Revolts broke out every day, fights between neighbors. Their thirst for killing was all too obvious. The Saiyans were too close to the animals. If they had a better world to feed everyone, they would not be there. Travel, like the Vargas were capable of -- if only they could colonize other planets!

As if his thoughts had been heard, the older Baddack approached Vegeta quietly.

“Should we seize their ship?” he asked, just as they left the stadium at the moment and followed three Vargas onto a ship.

Vegeta did not answer. He glanced at his father, who followed slowly. The former king's eyes said it all -- he had the same look as when he had planned the genocide of the Tsuffles. The king, without speaking, began to do some calculations.

Roughly speaking, they were as numerous as the Nameks, who continued to follow their victorious fighter. The Vargas appeared weak. In the ship, there wouldn't be more than twenty. The other Nameks would not be so numerous either. What was their firepower? What level were the other warriors and the Namek Nail? Were they stronger than them? And what of the Oozaru form? Vegeta hoped that it wouldn't be necessary. Anyway, if they decide to attack, it should be done soon...but they needed to wait for the right opportunity. They needed to be both discreet and extremely effective. Acquiring the technology, and seeing the ship as a whole, would be a great step for his people.

Still walking, Vegeta set his plan into action. “These sparrows will pay for having humiliated us,” he thought.

As the group boarded the ship, the Vargas asked their passengers which home planet they should visit first.

“Bring the Nameks home first,” Vegeta answered immediately, surprising everyone.

Baddack and former King Vegeta would have answered the opposite. If they returned to Planet Vegeta first, they could have acquired reinforcements...why Planet Namek?

“Is that okay with the Namekians?,” inquired the blue haired Varga, speaking to the green warriors.

“Absolutely.” Nail spoke for his group.

The Varga left without a word, presumably to set up the navigation system. Another took his place to direct the Nameks and Saiyans to their respective quarters. The Nameks immediately took their places on the shuttle in preparation for landing on their planet, while the Saiyans remained in the main section of the mothership ready to take their own turn.

Once alone, Vegeta explained his plan to his warriors. They would make two groups. The first was to move toward the bridge of the mothership and take control. The second would stay with him, watching the group of Nameks in the other ship in the hangar. If they destroyed it, all those on board would perish, leaving them in control.

“I have a question, my king,” asked Mahissu at the end of the Vegeta's explanation. “Why did we not ask to land on Planet Vegeta instead?”

“It is obvious,” replied Baddack. “Being the first to go home, they are the first to enter the shuttle. Once they are on the planet, we will have both the shuttle and the mothership under our control,” he said, looking at Vegeta to make sure he had guessed correctly.

“We do not need the shuttle,” Vegeta corrected. “If the mothership can land on the asteroid here, it can land on a planet. If worst comes to worst, we fly out on our own, if the mothership stays in space. In addition, we will be near a habitable planet, so that will be our first conquest...I heard it was some rare kind of planet.”

Nobody said a word. They had never flown so high in the sky. It is true that some played games, racing to see who could fly the highest without suffocating. Vegeta had never participated in such "activities". But if his counterparts said they could fly in space for a few minutes, then he should be able to as well. Unless this was a trick? One way to seem the strongest? But the question would be settled later. The most important thing was to take possession of the bridge.

The two groups were chosen. Mahissu and ten other warriors would be responsible for destroying the shuttle and Nameks. Others had to attack the bridge. Calmly, they waited for the signal from Vegeta. It was enough to wait until they arrive in their world, and the planet Namek.

The Vargas mothership took off with a loud roar, kicking up a thick cloud of dust. The asteroid faded away quickly behind the vessel, which stopped after a few minutes. Clearly, to activate the transition from one universe to another required a different engine. This took place quickly, without the Saiyans noticing. Then, the vessel resumed its route on its way to Namek. The planet was quickly reached. No beings in their universe had a spaceship as fast as that of the Vargas.

When Vegeta decided to launch an attack, the Nameks and Vargas around the shuttle were preparing for the landing. Vegeta and his group walked calmly towards the single corridor leading to the bridge, and when the shuttle opened, they burst into action. All moved at high speeds, killing Vargas and Nameks by surprise. In moments, they had arrived at the heavy white door leading to the bridge.

Mahissu and his group launched their own attack. Half the group took care of Vargas and Nameks outside the shuttle; the other half launched dozens of energy beams at the shuttle until its engines ignited. Everything happened in the space of a few seconds. The shuttle exploded, collapsing in on itself in a shower of fire and sparks. The rest of the Nameks and Vargas died either at the hands of a Saiyan or by the violent explosion of the shuttle. The swift and coordinated attack had worked.

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