DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 12, Chapter 56.


Chapter 56

Translated by Ledgic

After the long fight between both Gotenks of universes 16 and 18, victory without confrontation was universe 2's Nekomajin following the abandonment of the universe 10. Two new warriors would be called by the host Varga. Speaking into the microphone, his voice came out of multiple loudspeakers installed throughout the stadium, including the twenty participant's spaces.

"The next fight is between Xeniloum of universe 19, and Majin Buu of universe 4."

Not surprisingly, Buu flew, arms crossed to arise above the ring, waiting for his opponent. Deciding to do a little more again, the moderator added:

"Universe 19 has lost one of their fighters earlier, facing a young man from universe 18. Let us all have a thought for Tidar, the first death of this tournament. Without any doubt Xeniloum will avenge the companion by confronting his opponent!"

"Well, it's time to show them..." Said Xeniloum, activating the combat armor made of composite carbon-based materials.

Epaulettes appeared as well as a ventral protection just after the formation of a triangle protecting the warrior's heart. Other protections for elbows and knees appeared at the same time. Near the warriors of universe 19, the group of the universe 18 were astonished.

"What? You didn't all forfeit?" asked Uub surprised, approaching the wall delimiting their territory.

"Hey you, don't get us started! If you do your evil..." Magsuns began to shout, one of the two blond members of the group.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry for your friend, But I won!" Promptly apologized the young man while thinking: 'He still cut my arm, mind you...'

The space fighter from universe 19 calmed down and straightened. After a light white of a few seconds where the two men stared, Uub, who didn't wish they'd lose another one of their own, replied:

"But you should. Didn't you see the power of others? Your armors are cool and all, but it won't be enough for..."

"Our armor? You don't understand! You have not seen our real equipment, in fact!..." Magsuns exclaimed, glancing behind him to his three other friends who listened.

"Didn't you see that we changed our armours? Added largest of the combatants.

Uub and his friends noticed most of them changed their armor at the moment. The largest had swapped his impressive armor with something much simpler and also seemed less impressive and effective. The second detail Uub noticed that every fighter of space 19 had exactly the same type of armor: Without any customization, they all looked the same. Armor manufactured in series? Unthinkable... On the contrary, fabricating the same type of armor based on the same technology is devastating...

"We didn't think we'd need our war armor for a mere tournament..." Simply added the guy to the right of the largest before the latter continues its momentum:

"But when it turned out that the level is much higher than that of the Frost Demons, we asked permission to use our 'Ultra' equipment. The Varga had sent a message to the hierarchy."

"What are Frost Demons?" Son Goku asked softly to Piccolo beside him.

"Freeza, Coola and King Cold..." Vegeta said before them. "The last representatives of the species of the Frost Demons."

"Ah well, do they have this name there then? Not very impressive…"

"In any case, we understand their lousy names!" added Trunks, looking at Goten.

"And yours, you've got it?" Vegeta retorted, which was again exasperated by the attitude of his son.

No doubt that the Trunks of universe of 12 should have been his "real" son...

"How do you know they were the last?" Gohan asked, returning to the main topic.

"There are stories that were told..." Vegeta replied, beginning to feel tired of these explanations. "I remember there was a book somewhere that talked about the people... It was called Hanasia, I think..."

The warriors of the universe 19, also tired of having another history lesson, took their explanations about their armor they loved:

"The geezers are always slow to decide," The great warrior continued without worrying about a small discussion which could now take place at the same time he spoke. "But now it's good. We'll really be able to fight.

Gohan decided to intervene to turn this topic:

"I'm happy for you, but you must have noticed that most people here are stronger than Freeza..."

This time, it was the third guy of the group of space 19 who decided to intervene:

"Strength is nothing. This Broly that scares you so much? With this armor, I would have destroyed him in one strike.

"Didn't you see that he was invincible? That nothing can hurt him at all?" Gohan replied, amazed at the great confidence that these men placed their equipment at.

"Yes, but it is useless against our-"

"Enough, Naurb," curtly cut in his friend. "Don't reveal our weapons. Watch Xeniloum fight instead."

Xeniloum had indeed jumped on to reach Buu, who had been patiently waiting in the ring for two minutes already... However, the struggle had obviously not started yet. Viewers began to get impatient. Xeniloum stood waiting for his opponent to pay attention to him... When he was tired of the Demon not being interested in anything other than himself, he tried to call:

"Hey! Uh... Buu! Are you ready?" asked Xeniloum.

"Sorry..." said the latter, noticing the space fighter at last. I was listening to the passionate discussion below... But you can attack, you know, the fight began." The pink Demon finally said with a smile.

Xeniloum sighed, stretched out his left arm, his index finger pointing at Buu. He wasn't going to be deprived of an attack now. If Buu didn't want to get serious, it would only get worse for him.

A light appeared at the end of his finger. Xeniloum seemed to quickly draw a backwards "Z", a design that was now found on the pink Demon's body, divided into four major parts throughout the torso. The invisible laser continued its way to pierce the shield energy stadium bleachers and continuing through one of the pillars which stood above the crowd.

"Yeah..." Buu said, while regenerating his body.

"It's just as I thought..." Xeniloum said. "You have the same powers as the other Buu!"

In the control center, the Vargas, were in a bit of a panic. A few calculations and especially comments fused here and there.

"He cut through a spike!" cried one of the controller Varga.

"One hundred percent of the energy through passed through the shield!" informed a second.

"If he shoots again into people,they will be cut and killed!" said the first. "Does their technology surpass ours?"

A Namek intervened in the room to answer this question:

"I think I can say yes. When we found them, we discovered a very advanced people, in all areas... It was very impressive..."

Many Vargas were surprised. They believed they were the most advanced among all the universes... They watched the battle from a new perspective.

Xeniloum maintained his calm despite the failure of his first weapon, but he still had a few tricks up his sleeve.

"And that?" He said again, holding the left arm to Buu.

Using his right arm, he activated a small mechanism that conjured a ball of light which flickered, and proceeded to Buu rather slowly. It was a weapon that was easy to avoid and one which had as much recoil as a large rifle. Once he attacked, Xeniloum took advantage of the recoil, and jumped back far away from the ring, while Buu was amused:

"You're such a cute one! What's your little name?" He mocked, smiling and pointing his right index finger to the ball of energy approaching inexorably to the touch...

The ball of energy explode violently. The blast touched Xeniloum, however, he managed to control his levitation, demonstrating a complete mastery over his armor.

The smoke cleared on the ring, revealing that the upper third of the Demons body had disappeared, disintegrated, due to the explosion.

Once again, the Vargas tried some technological comparisons. The Piccolo of universe 16 and 18, however, preferred to keep their thoughts to themselves:

"An expert can see that this attack is highly concentrated. A Super Saiyan 2 wouldn't survive... These warriors don't lie this armor is much more powerful! With this exoskeleton, even that idiot Satan could defeat Cell!"

"It's called 'Farewell Buu,'" said Xeniloum, turning to his opponent as if he was present on the ring. "I'm sorry I completely destroyed you and killed you... But it seems to me that there was no alternative."

As he was already heading to his area, something called out: Just above the ring, something was forming. First vaporous, it began to take shape, and a pinkish color. From the head and took the body of Buu. Not yet complete, he said:

"You've convinced me. Your armor is cool. Give it to me!" He commanded, snapping his fingers to come to him the armor of his opponent, still surprised that the second attack had failed.

But nothing happened.

"Huh? This is the first time that my technique doesn't work!"

Buu was more than surprised this time. That an adversary astonished him thanks to an original technology, but that one of his techniques didn't work… That was really new!

"Ah, I see!" Xeniloum said, smiling, though a bit worried. You wanted me to take it off of me with your powers! Our systems are protected against telekinesis, sorry..."

"In this case...!" replied the universe 4 Buu, then pouncing on his opponent.

Reacting by clenching his teeth, Xeniloum retreated at full speed while firing several bursts of energy from the device from his left arm. But these normally fatal shots for mere mortals, pierced Buu and did no harm whatsoever. He regenerated almost instantly.

Now within two meters of Xeniloum, Buu suddenly changed shape, becoming a sort of large area coverage, which was twice the size of the warrior, while half as wide.

"He's going to absorb him!" shouted Gohan.

"Is that allowed?" Goten asked confused, a little less troubled than his brother.

Buu completely engulfed his opponent. Rather quickly, he regained his normal shape. But his skin at the small of his back seemed to tear, and the head of Xeniloum, conscious and sweating, emerged. With is right fist, he tore the skin of the pink Demon and began to finally be released unharmed outside of Buu's body, left wearing nothing but his underpants! His armor was gone.

Initially, Xeniloum friends thought he had managed to get himself out, by using his strength and armor to help. But if he somehow came out half naked, there was only one explanation: Buu had accomplished his goal, and Xeniloum had just been released on purpose.

Xeniloum began to fall, when he touched his forehead, checking himself, he realized absolutely all his equipment had disappeared, swallowed by his opponent who was not too slow stand in front of him to taunt him a bit:

"I'm keeping the armor ... I will study it peacefully."

Quickly, he flung a heavy kick to the face of the warrior, now without the protection his armor provided, Xeniloum fell heavily on the ground that cracked under his weight. Xeniloum's friend Naurb, ran towards him, frightened, while the facilitator Varga began to count. Buu began to enter his space.

"Thirty seconds unconscious..." The Varga finally counted, allowing at the same time, Naurb to carry his friend to return him to their space. "Winner: Buu from universe 4!"

Two Nameks joined Naurb and Xeniloum to offer their support and care. In the space 19, the warriors were suddenly panicked.

"Damn! The moment we use the Ultra, we get it stolen! We must get it back!" cried the largest.

"Stay calm!" Eleim intervened, with a hairstyle resembling that of Vegeta, but in fair-haired manner as though he were a Super Saiyan. "Only Xeniloum's ceberal waves can make his armor work... This Buu won't be able to do anything with it..."

"It better..." replied the large warrior. "Because Buu has just acquired you-know-what... He is now extremely dangerous!"

Buu had just posted a foot at his space, and had heard what one had just said about him.

"Only now? You're funny..." He said gently, both amused and a little upset that he has not been taken for someone dangerous long before.

'Don't they know that among all those which I've absorbed, there are very intelligent beings?' He thought. 'Whatever defences this armour has, I'll figure out how to use it...'

In the space 18, Vegeta didn't seek to avoid demeaning an entire universe. If they could all surrender to accelerate the tournament, it suited:

"Ha Indeed, with this armor, it changes everything! What a victory!"

'They are much more powerful than you can imagine. They weren't lucky to face Buu, that's all...' thought Piccolo, not wanting to openly contradict Vegeta.

" Their armors are not to be taken lightly... Goku said he had no problem contradicting his rival. "Because us... We can't regenerate."

Vegeta answered nothing. He definitely knew, also, that such weapon could in reality be lethal. But it wasn't a problem.

Taking a little example of his father for once, Trunks, with Goten obviously, approached the space 19. They made pretence of speaking between them, but rather extremely to put on a bit of a spectacle. They made exaggerated pouts, and badly imitated the arrogance of Naurb:

"Phooey! These were not our true armours of war!"

"Yes!" Goten added. We will put on our 'Giga-Ultra' armor! With them, we'd destroy Buu in one strike!

"I'm going to kill them!" Magsuns shouted before being restrained by his compatriot.

Vegeta diverted his glance from universe 19, which didn't interest him. He wanted his next turn, against his alternate son, Trunks.

"When will this round even be finished? I would like to get to my next fight." said Vegeta, arms crossed, waiting for the announcement of the next fight while the ring was reformed once again.

"It's far from finished, Vegeta." Gohan replied, avoiding taking him for an idiot by naming him the number of remaining battles to finish the first turn, then those of the second before his battle.

"That's too long! It feels like it's been two years since I've been standing here..."

Suddenly, a Varga Facilitator announced combat that would unfold, a fight that Son Goku and a few others would follow closely...

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