DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 8, Chapter 40.


Chapter 40

Translated by Davidstarlingm

Trunks and Goten reflected again as they retrieved the Dragon Ball … If they had used a capsule submarine, this would not have happened. It was as if they were immediately punished for what they had done.

“Hey, don’t you feel anything?” Trunks asked his friend, who looked at him quizzically.

He felt it too, without knowing the mortal danger approaching them. As they turned, they found themselves violently attacked by a … mountain? A mountain of muscle. They didn’t have time to see who it was before the impact knocked the wind out of them!

Before they could react, Broly threw a violent right hook into the face of Trunks who immediately dropped into the water, unconscious. Then he struck Goten hard in the stomach with his knee – a knee that was nearly the size of the seven-year-old boy. Broly grabbed him by the neck and began to strangle him, then finally noticed that they were mere children. Was it he who had grown up faster than Kakarotto? No, impossible…

Far from the battle, those who had previously fought Broly were scared. Gohan, who was with Piccolo, felt his little brother losing; Vegeta felt his son’s ki falter along with Kulilin and Yamcha. At present, Bulma was with Vegeta. But when the Prince of Saiyans took off, Yamcha stayed with his ex-girlfriend. Someone had to stay with her to explain the situation, and comfort her with the knowledge that her husband and son were all right … the truth was, he didn’t want to fight such a monster again!

Kulilin asked his wife, cyborg 18, to come with him right away. She didn’t understand what was happening, but her husband explained as they flew. 18 noticed that even while flying, her husband wsa trembling…he could have died there…he was afraid! But Gohan was there, the most powerful warrior in the world. Not to mention Vegeta, who was necessarily getting stronger.

But not Kulilin – ever since Cell, he had given up fighting. He had grown out his hair and achieved his oldest dream: to marry. He even had a daughter, a little girl he would protect no matter what, at any cost, risking his life. That was why he flew toward the monster that was attacking. Despite its strength, which made even 18 seem weak in comparison, he had to try something…

Goten was choking…he was already unconscious when Broly finally let go. It was not that he had tired of playing with the boy, but he sensed someone else approaching. He dropped Son Goten and gave him a violent kick that nearly killed him, sending him falling into the ocean. Just then, someone intervened.

Vegeta, it seemed, came out of nowhere. Already transformed into his Super Saiyan state, he had flown at top speed to be first on the scene. His first punch sent the giant tumbling several dozen meters down. Vegeta charged again, yelling at Broly. “WHERE IS MY SON!?” But the Legendary Super Saiyan was very strong, and despite Vegeta’s seven years of intensive training, they were on an even playing field. Blows, parries, and dodges rained back and forth quickly between the two warriors.

Son Gohan was fast approaching. He had already realized that Vegeta was on the scene, fighting with all his strength. But he could no longer sense the two boys… Very worried, he plunged into the water in search of his little brother and Trunks, fearing it was too late. If the worst had happened, they could still be revived with the Dragon Balls, but it was best if they didn’t have to be used. As he searched, he felt the powerful auras clashing far above him. The battle between Vegeta and Broly was really intense! Broly was a Super Saiyan, but he had not yet changed into his muscle-bound, invincible Legendary form, so they could still hope to win…

Just then, #18 appeared in front of Gohan. It only took a moment for him to understand what the cyborg wanted. Leaving her to find the two kids, Son Gohan rose toward the surface at full speed.

As he burst out of the water, poised to hit their enemy at maximum speed, Broly and Vegeta were locked together arm-to-arm. Broly took the opportunity to spit a remark at the Prince of Saiyans, the son of the man who had ordered the execution of him and his father Paragus.

“Not afraid of me any more, Prince Vegeta?”

“You remembered how to talk?” the father of Trunks replied, uninterested in his opponent’s remarks.

The Super Saiyan states changes a Saiyan’s behavior, particularly the first time they transform. One example is the trend toward increasing violence. Super Saiyan Goku, too excited to think clearly, had chosen to fight Frieza alone on a planet doomed to destruction. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan had gone from an innocent boy to a shrewd, arrogant sadist determined to prolong the agony of Cell until the monster knew he was no longer the most powerful being in the universe.

Super Saiyan Broly was not very different. However, when changed into his Legendary Super Saiyan state, his intelligence evaporated, thinking only of destruction and death. At their previous meeting, Broly had remained silent, aloof, because of the forced slavery imposed by his father. Once released from that bondage, he was immediately transformed into the Legendary warrior, his vocabulary reduced to sadistic laughter punctuated by screams.

Vegeta’s remark, though careless, was not a taunt. It was, in fact, the first time he heard Broly speak clearly…

Broly had not noticed Gohan, and the wind was knocked out of him when the son of Goku hit him: driven by momentum, both fists forward, he seemed to want to pierce the Legendary warrior through and through. Broly’s abs were taut enough to withstand the blow. But the pain was too much. He would kill them, crush them like bugs…

“Quick, Vegeta!” shouted Gohan, his fists clenched. “We must finish him before he turns into the…”

Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly could transform whenever he wanted. At that precise moment, his body exploded dramatically in size. Gohan was desperate. What could he do?

“Now that he’s like this, nothing will hurt him!”

“I know that already!” Vegeta replied curtly before turning to Broly, sneering. “It’s been a long time since Cell. You’re beneath our level now, legendary failure!”

He rushed Broly again, despite Gohan’s attempts to stop him. His fist struck Broly under the chin…but just as before…there was no effect. The monster reacted with a powerful right hook. Gohan started to help him when he noticed Kulinin’s wife lifting two very badly injured children out of the water. Very injured – could they be dead?

“Goten!” cried Gohan, seeing his little brother unconscious and bleeding.

For the first time since the fight against Bojack, Gohan flew into a rage deep enough to awaken the Super Saiyan 2 state. His hair straightened and lighting erupted around his body. Driven with new strength, he rushed Broly, smashing a knee into his face. Broly lost the ball of energy he was preparing to throw at Vegeta, falling back. Gohan followed up his advantage, keeping Broly on the defensive and giving him no chance to rest.

Vegeta watched, remembering the fight against Cell – the moment when Gohan was unquestionably the most powerful of all.

“Yes, he is the strongest…for the moment,” said the Namek Piccolo, who had finally arrived on the scene. He floated slightly higher than the Prince of Saiyans, his arms crossed. “But, as you know, Broly’s strength only increases! He can’t be beaten the normal way.”

Kulilin joined #18. Each carried one of the children, flying toward the palace of Dende so they could be healed. The cyborg asked her husband why they weren’t joining the fight.

“No, no way! I don’t want to be beaten in a single blow,” replied her husband. “And I don’t want you to be injured, either. The important thing is to get the children to a safe place and let Gohan and the others do the rest.”

#18 thought she might be useful in combat…but if Kulilin considered it futile, that was that. He was very good at assessing the level of his opponents, even after years without training. She could trust him. Holding Trunks tightly, she followed her husband to Dende’s palace.

“We must attack him all at once,” Piccolo said to Vegeta insistently.

“Keep your plans; we don’t need them!”

But he was wrong. Broly had just awakened. His ki was already rising, and it now exceeded that of Son Gohan who still resisted as hard as he could. Far away in paradise, Son Goku could feel the power released by Broly…

“You’re going to like my plan,” said Piccolo to Vegeta. “We’ll keep Broly busy while you charge your most powerful attack to finish him.”

“This won’t do any…”

“And your attack will push him into the sun.”

Vegeta thought for a moment, but soon accepted the Namek’s idea. After all, Gohan really was in trouble…and he knew the power of Broly would increase again. Piccolo prepared to intervene while Vegeta readied his Final Flash. For his part, Goku did not stay without doing anything…he stood up, ready to go, two fingers pressed to his forehead. He knew it was forbidden, but he had already done it once…a second time couldn’t hurt…and with Broly, the fate of the entire universe was at stake!

“Broly is a sufficient danger so you can go,” said Kaio-sama, “but we need an authorization first!”

“We don’t have the time!”

“I’m with you, Goku, but you can’t leave for more than a second.”

“Me?” replied the Saiyan with a mischievous look in his eye. “I’m not leaving…I’m just training a little.”

In an instant, he transformed effortlessly into his Super Saiyan 3 state. Not losing energy in paradise was a real luxury! His long golden hair fell down his back. He no longer held a teleporting position, but instead charged a Kamehameha as if he was about to launch it into the sky.

“You see?” he said to King Kai with a smile.

Son Gohan was losing ground against Broly. The monster caught him by the jaw, ready to crush him. Suddenly, Broly felt something like a tingling on his back. Turning, he saw that Piccolo had come to rescue his former pupil with a beam attack, however insignificant it was against the enemy.

“Do as Vegeta, Gohan!” cried the Namek as Broly dropped him.

Piccolo faced Broly boldly, but he was shaking inside. Did the monster know what they were preparing?

Gohan thanked Piccolo, retreating to where Vegeta was while the Namek attacked Broly. Broly, of course, felt none of the blows. He caught Piccolo, crushing him against his iron chest, then yanked on his arm so hard that it ripped off as he strangled him. At this rate, the Namek would be dead in a few seconds…

Filled with vengeful fury, Gohan launched his violent Kamehameha. Surprised by the premature attack, Vegeta launched his Final Flash. Behind and between them, Goku appeared by Instant Transmission. His Super Saiyan 3 Kamehameha was already prepared; he had only to release it.

The three attacks combined on contact with Broly, who had dropped the poor Namek. Piccolo had already lost both his legs in addition to one of his arms. The Legendary Super Saiyan was unable to emerge. Blocked by the force of the three powerful beams, he was pushed into the sun. The shock caused him to lose his transformation. Once again in his base state, the sun destroyed his body in mere seconds.

“Ka…ka…ro…tto…” It was the last word he uttered before being completely reduced to ashes.

Immediately after the attack, Gohan turned. He had felt his father’s ki, and had seen something for a split second! A mirage? Or had he really been there? Vegeta didn’t seem to notice, heaving a sigh of relief.

“If you aimed well, Broly won’t come back. The sun burns much more than our attacks,” said Piccolo to Vegeta and Gohan after regenerating his missing limbs. (For once, we see a barefoot Namek – that’s a first!)

In Universes 4, 16, and 18, they never saw Broly again. He was completely destroyed by the sun. But in the universe designated “#20” by the Vargas, the Legendary Super Saiyan narrowly avoided the sun, ultimately triumphing…

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