DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 26, Chapter 126.


Chapter 126

Translated by npberryhill

The two Super Saiyans faced one another, unflinching, neither making a move to attack. Kakarotto, still dizzy, trembled as his anger continued to rise. His sworn worst enemy hadn’t been content to merely crush the Golden Oozaru and yank off his tail — now he intended to further the humiliation by powering all the way down to Super Saiyan 1, ‘lowering himself’ to the same level. This indignation was a step too far, there was no way he’d allow it.

“You...” he spat, his voice dripping with resentment. “Golden...scum! Fight at full power, I don’t want your pity, you bastard! I swear... I’m gonna kill you! Piece of shit!”

All of a sudden, Kakarotto reached his hand forward and launched a quick burst of energy — his opponent sidestepped, easily avoiding it. Already feeling his patience slip, Kakarotto fully committed to the barrage and began chaining ki balls at Vegeta. The prince dodged each one without appearing to apply much effort. All around the arena, they exploded against the energy barrier, but no longer contained enough force to be a concern. The level of power he’d displayed as a Great Golden Ape had clearly been lost, as evidenced by the disappointed looks of spectators all around. The universe 13 subordinate snarled with hate, concentrating energy in his fists and surrounding them with a strong purple light. Vegeta jerked to a halt, stooping suddenly and barely avoiding the incoming hook. He then planted his foot into the ring, breaking a chunk of stone from below and causing it to rise into the air. The prince seized the boulder and launched it at his crazed foe, which was met by the extended fists of Kakarotto. The stone block was disintegrated, but the reaction had been a confirmation in the eyes of Vegeta. In spite of his madness and even apparent lack of intelligence, Kakarotto possessed true Saiyan battle instincts. He was a warrior capable of showing ingenuity and even occasional talent during a fight. Facing an opponent capable of handling himself had somewhat lit a spark under Vegeta, though he’d undoubtedly been limiting himself. Sketching a grin on his face, the universe 18 Saiyan threw a kick at Kakarotto’s head, who evaded decapitation just in the nick of time. The crazed Saiyan retaliated with wildly swinging fists, blows Vegeta weaved through easily before striking his opponent’s fists head on. The ferocious duel heated up immediately, countless cracks thundering through the arena with each deadly strike.

In the Universe 18 balcony, Pan was shivering with excitement, though stunned at Vegeta’s fearlessness. One of the people she admired most, a true and loyal hero, was risking his life in a battle he could end instantly if he wanted. But she understood now, she could sense his thrill like a deep vibration in the bowels of every true Saiyan — the same feeling she herself had discovered after finally transforming and standing up to Kakarotto. Thanks to Vegeta’s words of encouragement, she’d been emboldened to accost that madman, an experience that had helped her grow beyond her years. Now, Vegeta was consciously limiting himself in order to feel that same thrill of confrontation, to further hone his senses at every level, and to demonstrate to her the ever-present need for improvement. One day, she’d be able to compete in a fight this intense, and there was no doubt she’d reach her goal. Pan steeled herself, returning her attention to the ring and affixing her focus on the Saiyan prince. Behind her, Piccolo and Gohan shared a friendly glance.

Nearby, Vegeta of the 13th found himself grinning as well, though for quite different reasons. The pretentious Kakarotto was currently being pummeled into a pathetic pulp. In spite of his boasting, and even a shocking and frightful new transformation, Vegeta’s eternal enemy was being put in his place by a Saiyan born of royalty. As he further reflected, the emperor of Universe 13 was unsure if his own Super Saiyan 2 would’ve been able to stand up to the Golden Ape — certainly if he’d had to face the transformed Oozaru before ascending against Raichi, things might’ve proved inauspicious...

In the ring, Vegeta suddenly found an opening, accelerating and planting a violent elbow in his foe’s face. As blood instantly spewed from his mouth, Kakarotto crashed a few meters away, trying to roll back to his feet as quickly as possible. Barely reacting to the approaching prince, who had a ball of ki already formed in his right hand, Kakarotto hoisted two fingers high, causing the part of the ring beneath Vegeta to explode. The attack sent a fine layer of dust in all directions, a thick grey wave of finely ground ring particles thrown in all directions by a strong wind. He couldn’t tell if he’d been able to actually hit his target though.

“Hey, you still alive after that?” he panted, fatigued. “I can’t hear your boasting anymore so it’s tough to tell! Bring it on, I dare you!”

“You’re getting desperate,” a deep voice replied from high above the arena.

Vegeta New Attack

Kakarotto jerked his head up, spotting his opponent at the outer edge of the asteroid’s atmosphere, nearly in space. The spiky haired warrior stretched his arm up to the infinite blackness, accumulating energy in the palm of his hand from the galactic depths. Around his body a maelstrom of purplish energy began to swirl, its epicenter located in a small spherical globe above. Those watching from the universe 18 balcony were astounded, seeing this new technique for the very first time — as was Vegeta of the 13th. It was yet another chance for him to observe and study his counterpart’s skills.

“Gah...” Kakarotto spat, grumbling. “I was hoping I’d never have to use this stupid attack. But fuck my pride, all that matters is destroying Vegeta. I don’t give a shit about anything else, you hear me, Vegeta? I’ll crush you if it’s the last thing I do!!”

Planting his feet and bracing, Kakarotto pulled his hands back to his right hip, adopting a stance familiar to many present at the tournament. A blue orb of ki appeared between the soft of his palms, confirming his ability to perform Roshi’s signature move.

Kakarotto Kamehameha

“It’s the Kamehameha!” Pan exclaimed, worried. “I know he said he knew how to use it, but he made fun of it, said it was pathetic and amatuer.”

“True, but he made it clear that he did know how to use it,” Gohan replied. “It probably stings that it’s come to this, but he doesn’t have much other choice. He’s too weak to keep going blow for blow with Vegeta in melee, and his remaining energy will barely be enough for a final energy wave.”

Goku nodded. “It kind of reminds me of the first time I fought Vegeta! He fired his Galick Gun, threatening to blow up the Earth — I was already exhausted from the Kaioken, but I had to block it with a Kamehameha at full strength! I wonder how this one will play out...”

As Vegeta continued to charge his new energy attack, he too recognized the stance of his opponent, though it came as no surprise. He knew that Kakarotto wouldn’t regain the upper hand now, no matter what he did. In demonstrating this new technique, he could give both Cell and his rival Goku a small glimpse at the battle they were in store for. The violet hued sphere of ki in his hand began to shimmer more brightly, now fully charged.

Below, a panicked Kakarotto threw forward his hands, releasing a gigantic Kamehameha. Cell smiled, noting that it was nearly as strong as the one he’d fired against Son Gohan all those years ago, before losing #18 and returning as Super Perfect Cell. Above, an expressionless Vegeta watched silently as the massive wave surged towards him.

“Take this!” he announced, finally extending his arm and unleashing the energy ball.

The purple orb slammed into Kakarotto’s Kamehameha, rotating violently like an angry turbine as the two collided. But the signature blue wave engulfed Vegeta’s attack, continuing its journey high into the sky towards the prince. Kakarotto grinned madly. Pan shook with fear. The azure beam reached Vegeta an instant later, but just as it touched him it split in two, passing around the Saiyan as he floated, motionless, as if he’d just won a staring contest with the failed attack.

“What!?” Vegeta of the 13th universe exclaimed. “What did he just do, I don’t understand!”

“It must be that strange energy ball!” Raditz replied, also stupefied.

Kakarotto was dumbfounded, in disbelief that his last attack had failed and just as confused as to how. He discharged the Kamehameha, conserving his remaining energy — only to suddenly find himself face to face with the spinning purple sphere, rushing straight at him at full speed. Terrified, he leapt out of the way with full abandon, the attack just barely grazing his shoulder as it passed. When he spun back around, he was met by the glaring eyes of Vegeta, standing over him.

“That attack is a concentrated mass of energy, compiled from the environment all around us and mingled with my own. It will obliterate absolutely everything in its path until it dissipates a few hours from now. Even as we speak, it cut through the entire asteroid and is now lost in space. If you hadn’t managed to avoid it, you’d just be an idiot with a hole in your chest.”

There was a mutual feeling of amazement from the spectators of universe 13, 16, 17 and 18.

“What an attack!” both Piccolo exclaimed. “Not only did he manage to capture energy from the very atmosphere around us, he integrated it with his own and made a new type of attack. It’s enough to give me chills!”

“Yeah, not bad, I admit,” Vegetto acknowledged. “A self sustaining and extremely destructive attack... Of course, I could’ve thought of it too. And I’ve got far better secret abilities myself, but I can definitely appreciate his inventiveness.”

Standing on the universe 17 patio, Cell was delighted as well. Seeing such ingenuity from his next opponent made their upcoming fight even more exciting; he could hardly stand the anticipation. Vegeta had intended the display as a tease, and though Cell fully realized it was directed at himself, he would be more than glad to meet the prince in battle with his own new techniques.

As for the Saiyans from Universe 13, each was thoroughly impressed. Universe 18’s Vegeta was full of surprises, and with each new revelation their own leader was equally blown away.

“That technique... it felt similar to the fake moons we used to create... only, he channeled it into an entirely different form,” Vegeta mumbled aloud.

He permitted his curiosity to take precedence over his jealousy, determining to go and speak with his counterpart afterwards. If he could swallow his pride, he might even further his knowledge with clarification from the source.

On the ground in front of Vegeta, Kakarotto had recovered his bearings, though still out of breath and trembling. Above him, the Saiyan prince wore an unrelenting frown. The mad Super Saiyan started to swing, but was flooded with pain as he took a hard right from his opponent. Kakarotto once again spewed blood from his mouth, tasting the dirt and dust on the ring.

“That one’s for that magician girl you abused,” Vegeta condemned him. “Both your lust both for blood and for fornication are problems I suggest you learn to manage — and while I don’t care about the girl, you really pissed me off.”

The crazy Saiyan, blinded by rage, stood and swung again at the spiky haired prince. Another kick in the belly knocked the breath out of him, followed by a backhand that laid the dog Kakarotto out on the ground.

“That one was for Pan. She’s a thousand times braver than you; she’s becoming a true warrior, one who will humiliate all kinds of idiots like yourself. If you have even an ounce of intelligence, you will learn from her and realize why you’re so pathetic. Until then, you’ll never be worthy of respect.”

He landed yet another sweeping kick in Kakarotto’s ribcage, throwing him a few feet away as he cried out in agony. The physical torment of each painstaking breath was only increased by Vegeta’s self-righteous lectures. The prince grabbed him by the neck of his armor, holding his foe up straight in spite of his wobbly legs being unable to support his own weight. He then nudged his back, forcing Kakarotto down submissively onto his knees.

“And that’s because you don’t deserve to look me in the eyes, welp! You’re a sad excuse for a Saiyan warrior, just think of what you could’ve become. What a waste.”

The Saiyan on the ground could bear it no longer. How could he be treated like this — by a virtuous preachy version of his worst enemy!? He refused to hear another word of it, only guided by his murderous instincts.

“...If you think for a second, that you’re superior to me...” Kakarotto uttered, somehow maneuvering back to his feet. “Then you’re a fool!!”

Kakarotto Kienzan

With all his remaining energy, which he’d been accumulating in his hand, he spun and flung a Kienzan at Vegeta’s neck. The prince, who’d been slowly advancing towards him, would be beheaded for all to see — he’d even use his head as a ball to play with! Yes, after all that he’d suffered it would be even more fitting!

“Didn’t see that coming, did you!? HAHA!”

Back in Universe 18, on planet Earth, specifically Capsule Corporation, Bulma suddenly reached for her heart. A foreboding premonition had suddenly come over her, one not altogether dissimilar to what she’d felt when Vegeta sacrificed himself against Majin Buu. Chi Chi, who was there sipping coffee with her, suddenly grabbed her wrist.

“Bulma, are you alright? What’s wrong?”

“I... don’t know. I had a strange feeling just now, that something terrible has happened... Vegeta? I hope he’s alright...”

“Do you think something could’ve happened to them?” Chi Chi worried.

“I’m not sure, hopefully not,” Bulma replied. “But, I know Vegeta’s been training tirelessly for an opportunity just like this one. With how hard he’s worked, I’m sure nothing bad can happen.”

“Hey, don’t forget about my Goku and Gohan,” the other woman replied. “They’re quite capable of handling themselves in a crisis too, y’know! Plus, Goten and Trunks have gotten pretty strong, I’m sure together there won’t be any trouble!”

“Hmph,” Bulma uttered, adopting the same mocking tone of her husband. “I’ll admit Goku’s always been the hero of our planet, even Vegeta has accepted him as number one — but you don’t know how hard he’s been working all these years. Even I don’t know what he’s truly capable of, only that he’s as adept as Goku ever was at dealing with sensitive situations!”

“We’ll see... after Goku comes home the victor!” Chi Chi replied, chuckling. “But you know, Vegeta seems to have really taken a liking to Pan, don’t you think? She admires him a lot, as much as her own grandfather — she goes on and on about him.”

“Oh absolutely,” Bulma agreed. “Vegeta’s become a great role model for her, and a genuinely respectable man. Even if he does spend all his time training, I’ve never been so happy. I really do love him with all my heart.”

Blushing, she took another sip of coffee as her friend merely stared blankly at the liquid in her mug. True, Goku and Vegeta are the two greatest warriors alive... nothing could possibly overwhelm them. But win or lose, both women just wanted their families to come back alive and unharmed.

“Fuck...” Kakarotto gasped, sinking to the floor exhausted.

Vegeta gazed at him diagonally, having effortlessly tilted his head to the side to avoid the Kienzan. He’d sensed the move when it was merely an emotion, a raw idea in Kakarotto’s mind tempting him into one last foolish and desperate attempt. At this point, nothing would surprise him. His enemy was barely managing to stay standing, earning him some admiration from the spectators, but this fight was over.

“You are truly pitiful, Kakarotto,” he stated simply.

With all his remaining strength, Kakarotto tried to lift his fist into the air, only to suddenly spew a huge wad of blood and saliva. His eyes glossed over as he saw the blurred shape of Vegeta’s hand and forearm piercing through his armor and torso — the white glove now stained a dark red. Kakarotto collapsed on his knees under the glare of his brother from the universe 13 patio. Before he blacked out, he made out his nemesis’ last words.

“You should follow the example of a certain little girl and her valiant grandfather... a great Saiyan named Son Goku.”

Shadows surrounded him on all sides, engulfing the Saiyan. He was suddenly adrift, washed upon an endless abyss, a sea of darkness. From deep inside his soul, he could hear weeping. His mind began flashing through memories of his life. He was again a developing infant in the womb; he heard his mother’s voice — ordering the slaughter of anyone who crossed her path. Sorrow unimaginable began to overtake him, and a loneliness deeper than anything he’d ever known.

Then he was a baby, running wild destroying everything in sight — the weaklings were his punching bags, their faces mere target practice. He could still hear the echoed voice in his head: “Kill all the humans!”

The budding gratification of breaking bones awakened in his mind again, as if he were experiencing it for the first time, unleashing his strength. He was a Saiyan, the most powerful race in the universe, conquering warriors and destroyers! His mission to the distant planet Earth was for the glory of his people. He came across an old man named after food, one of the elite among his targets, and allowed himself to be taken in and educated — though he never took the time to understand his lessons. Once he became strong enough, he took the advice of that same female voice he’d heard as an infant. He stared up at the moon, becoming a monster and trampling the old man underfoot like an insignificant ant, destroying the landscape and anything in sight.

Growing up after that, he’d lived in solitude, spreading terror wherever he went. Thousands fell to him as a madness began to take root in his spirit. The only things able to satiate his twisted cravings were the terrified screams, the sound of splintering bones, the blood spatter, the tiniest of ki signatures vanishing, and the utter wake of destruction left behind in each city he visited. As an adult, he’d eradicated almost the entirety of mankind, only a few resistance fighters remained — including a bald man with three eyes and a scarred warrior. Having nothing else to do, he chased them endlessly, only to finally find them having already been slaughtered. Their killer was a long-haired warrior whose appearance invoked a strange sense of déjà-vu. His strength was impressive but, undaunted, Kakarotto’s instincts drove him to attack anyway. He was defeated easily, taken away against his will and locked up for many long months in an unknown place.

“Kill all the humans!”

His isolation only strengthened his bloodlust to the point that he attacked anyone who even neared his cage, even those trying to merely observe or feed him. The other warrior, his captor, then appeared and instantly controlled him with far superior power. This man claimed to be his brother, and somewhere deep inside him, memories were reawakened. The so-called ‘Raditz’ explained everything — why he’d been sent on a mission and why he’d come to get him. For months, they trained together, both improving significantly. Kakarotto actually began to develop a connection with someone, for the first time in his life feeling affection for another. The old turtle hermit no longer counted as someone he cared for. After that, they’d traveled to a well defended planet, one that would be difficult to conquer — but for him who had developed new abilities on Earth, he knew what to do.

“Kill all the humans!”

Kakarotto choked briefly back to consciousness, spitting blood and hearing a voice that grumbled with contempt. He didn’t know where he was, nor was his mind able to recover. The pain overwhelmed him again, plunging him back into his nightmarish dreams.

He recalled his first meeting with the other two members of the Saiyan race, a former prince and his subordinate — who greeted him only with insults and disdain, even though he’d conquered the enemy. An unending hatred was born in him, mingled with his madness and distress, driving the fearsome warrior crazy. Next they’d gone after seven magic balls, arriving on a green planet whose inhabitants resembled the one who called himself ‘Kami’ back on Earth.

“Kill them! Come on, kill them!”

There was a long and difficult battle against a tyrant and his underlings, who claimed to be their masters. The prince, after many trials, discovered a new transformation and defeated the Sovereign. A new emperor took his place, and after many fierce struggles Kakarotto also discovered the transformation — a level that made him indispensable, but did not provide him the strength needed to pursue his vengeance. All he wanted was to crush the object of his resentment, that face he hated so much; it was now the entire purpose of his existence. Nothing else would matter if he could break Vegeta’s ribs, splatter his blood, taste his flesh, and mount his head as a trophy. His only wish was to satisfy that vendetta, to trample his insolent superior who constantly talked down to him, belittled and lectured him, mocked and insulted him....

“Kill them, Kakarotto!”

The mad Saiyan opened his eyes, hacking up a clot of thick blood. He was shocked to still be alive, especially when realizing the impalement in his torso still remained. Shaken, he recalled the final blow the other Vegeta had given him. So...he lost. Grinding his teeth, he wondered how long he had been unconscious. He turned his head towards the arena, hearing intense fighting sounds. There were four people competing in the ring, though he didn't have the sense to realize this was part of the secondary tournament. One was an Earthling he recognized, now a cyborg, the same man that had been killed by Raditz right before his eyes. There was also the Namek from Universe 3 fighting against the son of his counterpart from universe 18 (actually Goten of the 16th, but Kakarotto forgot about Vegetto). Lastly there was Reacum, one of Freeza’s soldiers that they had crushed a long time ago — who had been manhandled and disfigured by the Namekian.

Kakarotto had lost a lot of blood, barely able to reason or think due to the pain.

“Conscious already?” a man remarked near him. “Damn, what a pain...”

A flash of hate jolted through the half-dead fighter as he jerked his head towards the source — Vegeta, who had his back turned to see the fight but was watching him out of the corner of his eye. Upon realizing what the bastard had done to him, Kakarotto’s outrage multiplied ten times over.

“Why haven’t my injuries been treated?” he groaned from where he lay. “Vegeta, you shitstain!” he yelled as his leader kept his back turned stubbornly.

“Watch your mouth,” his leader replied sternly. “Unless you want another hole through your chest you will address me as your superior, understand? I’m far more powerful than you, and my counterpart just crushed you without even seriously fighting. Stay down like the earthworm you are, the ground is all that suits you.”

“Bastard...” Kakarotto whispered. “What do you hope to gain by this, a laugh at my suffering? And where’s my brother Radtiz? Fucking healer, come now!”

A nearby Namek, who heard the call in spite of the Saiyan’s voice being weak, hurriedly flew over to him, laying his hands on Kakarotto’s chest. After such an injury it was amazing he was alive at all. Slowly, the gaping wound in flesh was stitched together, the lost blood regenerated, but not without apparent pain from the Saiyan — who continued cursing. Finally on his feet, the Saiyan glared at Vegeta with all his hatred a moment, before entering the apartment alone, silent. Nappa’s eyes followed him to the entrance of the corridor.

He intended to find his elder brother, appalled at how he could’ve been left on the brink of death for so long. It wasn’t typical for Saiyans to show much affection, but he and Raditz were connected and had always protected one another — he’d even saved his life several times! For his own brother to have abandoned him like this was inconceivable. He had to find him and demand an explanation, and employ a little discipline with his fists if needed. He was so pissed off that he didn’t notice the imposing figure following behind him.

“Raditz!” he kicked the door of his brother’s room, yelling. “Get out here! How could you let me...”

“He’s not here,” interrupted a grumpy voice he knew all too well.

Veins of anger pulsed through Kakarotto’s fists and forehead as he turned and glared directly into Nappa’s eyes. The latter, leaning against the doorway, stared sternly back. Kakarotto had no doubts as to the reason for his presence.

“So Vegeta’s lapdog is here to keep tabs on me, huh!?” he shouted. “Scram, you dog! Go back to your kennel! You all think I’m a moron, that I’m crazy...!”

Nappa frowned. As he was about to insult him, his comrade suddenly reached for his head with both hands, uttering a loud cry. Chalking it up to the so-called madness, Nappa continued with his mockery.

“Oh, there’s no doubt about it. You’re crazy...”

Kakarotto slowly raised his head, giving a look so full of cruelty that even the bald Saiyan’s hair would’ve stood on end — had he still had any. It was no longer disgust, contempt, or frustration that he now felt on seeing him, it was real and genuine fear.

“...But,” Kakarotto whispered through a wide grin, “...my mind has never been clearer...”

Nappa remained frozen in terror a moment longer, before himself being seized by a sudden headache as well. Grasping it in both hands, he heard Kakarotto sneer, realizing something was definitely wrong. The pain intensified, bringing him to his knees. In his tormented spirit, dozens of mesmerizing images paraded through his mind: Lord Vegeta kissing his feet, exotic dancers surrounding and caressing him, a power level higher than his wildest dreams, the entire Universe bowing to him in submission...

All his envy and ambitions were swarmed to the surface, and what being could resist such shimmering promises? The Saiyan was certainly no exception, and Babidi had probed his heart and uncovered his weaknesses easily. These monkeys would make valuable servants, both easily ensnared by the evil in their hearts. However, he dared not test his luck with Vegeta of the 13th. Even the fourth Saiyan present might be difficult to corrupt now. He instead focused on Nappa, others would follow later. In a few seconds, he felt the Saiyan’s spirit give in. The bald warrior straightened to attention, now sporting the same grin as his companion.

“What is your bidding, master?” they both exclaimed in unison.

“You? Oh, nothing for now,” Babidi chuckled behind his crystal ball. “Remain in your apartment for the time being, I have big plans for you later.”

“As you command, Master Babidi,” the Saiyans replied, bowing.

The wizard’s image faded from within their minds and he turned his attention to a group of corrupted spectators. He’d subtly managed to sneak them into the Universe 18 apartments, clearly the most dangerous group apart from the KaiôShins of Universe 1. Not a single member could be subjugated, and they were all powerful. In the event that they became a problem, he would need leverage, so he’d determined to take one of the women among them hostage. The youngest of them, Pan, could transform like her companions and would hardly be easy to capture. The same might be true of Vegeta’s daughter... especially if she was anything like her universe 16 companion. The third woman, however, was much more easily captured — she seemed completely ordinary. He would seize her and threaten to kill her if any others from that universe interfered in his affairs. Yes, it was the wise to think ahead...

All the moving pieces were in place, he only needed to give the order. As he signaled his majin servants, he changed the image on his crystal ball to the current fight — watching the gigantic Cell. Once this battle was over, if the bio-android survived, he too would make a very useful slave. While something about the green creature was reminiscent of Vegeta, he was so evil that it would hardly matter; not to mention he’d be weakened after his battle. Not even one as mighty as Cell would resist the great and terrible wizard Babidi!

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