DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 29, Chapter 142.


Chapter 142

Translated by npberryhill

As Vegeta continued walking, he paused briefly in front of the Universe 12 balcony. Trunks straightened up and met him.

“Father, what are you doing here? If you’ve come to check on me don’t worry, 16 and I are okay.”

“Fine,” Vegeta replied without a smile, “but that’s not why I’m here. This is about your ill-mannered neighbors.”

“Who, the other Vegeta?” Trunks wondered aloud. “But you just passed him...”

“The other neighbors, boy...” the Saiyan whispered, his face darkened.

His son’s eyes opened wide, turning to the empty Universe 11 patio. Next door, the other Vegeta watched his counterpart carefully. He knew that look well, it was one he himself wore often, whenever he was about to act. The act in question, this time, would be a simple and complete extermination.

Vegeta of the 18th cut the conversation short, quickly crossing the barrier onto the 11th universe’s veranda. He'd guessed who was behind the spectator's attack on universe 18's apartments earlier, and the time had come to bring a definitive end to that problem. But before entering the corridor leading to the apartments, a noise in the arena caught his attention. Spinning and scanning the area, he was among the first to locate a circular metal plate in the center of the stadium floor — it was unmistakably similar to the ones he’d seen on Babidi’s ship years ago.

“But, that’s...” Gohan of the 16th said with surprise.

“My data indicates there’s some strong force at work all around us!” Eleim exclaimed from Universe 19’s patio, partially in answer to Gohan.

“That’s right, I feel it too!” Uub said loudly, looking all around.

“And here...we...go!” Zen Buu chuckled with a smile.

Right before the shocked eyes of his divine guardian, the pink ball of gum suddenly vanished. And he wasn’t the only one, as cries of shock and surprise were heard all around the ring. Grand Kaioshin scanned his field of vision in a single glance, taking note. It was the voice of Piccolo from the 18th that confirmed his suspicions.

“All the participants are gone!”

On a distant planet, frighteningly far from the arena itself, in a lost corner of the vast Universe 0...

Son Goku took a step backwards, stunned. A mere moment before he was standing by his son, Piccolo, and Uub, chatting away. But the sudden unexplained disappearance of Gohan and the Namek was accompanied by the scenery from his balcony being totally removed. This had to be teleportation.

There were others present, notably Trunks and Pan just behind him. He could also still see the silhouette of Vegeta from across the way, having kept an eye on the Saiyan as he had walked to the other side of the ring. There were other shadows surrounding him as well, the members corresponding to the different arrangement of universes. Two Heloites were on his right, and a little further down was South Kaioshin.

All this he’d observed in a single moment, his senses on high alert. But as he opened his mouth for the next breath, the scent of bitter mist filled his lungs. Goku grabbed his throat, coughing heavily, just as others around him. His vision blurred at the sight, but it was clear the toxins all around them would soon lead to asphyxiation. The Heloites seemed notably unaffected, their armor creating a breathable bubble automatically. Each of them looked around, dazed and uncertain if they could help.

Son Goku collapsed to his knees, air deprived, arms and body trembling. His mind wouldn’t hold out long at this rate, everything around him had gone black. Was this really how he was going to die? As the last of his vision faded, a white light struck and engulfed him. He believed it to be his end, and resigned to his fate. However, it wasn’t the icy embrace of death that enveloped him, but the gentle caress of life, and the blessing of air filling his lungs once again. Gasping deeply, he savored the oxygen like never before and sat back up. At the center of all the fighters, Gast Carcolh was standing upright, arms outstretched. The Super Namek had created a huge dome all around them, encompassing all present — a truly amazing feat, Goku admired. This Namek continued to prove himself extraordinary. Realizing he could speak once again, the Saiyan turned to his friends.

“Is everyone alright? Anybody hurt?”

“We’re fine,” Uub answered, coughing. “What happened?”

“Where are we?” Pan asked, trepidation in her voice.

Noticing Vegeta heading to the center of the group, Goku hurried to meet him — followed by Uub, Pan, Trunks, and the two Heloites.

“Thanks for saving us, Gast!” Son offered his gratitude. “I’ve never been so glad to breathe air as I am now!”

“No problem,” Gast replied, looking around. “The gas here was poisonous, a common occurance in a lifeless place like this. But, I neutralized the toxins, including those you had already inhaled. You shouldn’t experience any lingering after-effects.”

“Incredible!” exclaimed Xeniloum, complimenting the Namek’s talents.

“That’s all fine and good,” Goten of the 16th began, “but where the heck are we? And why are we here?”

Trunks of the 12th answered, approaching them. “Well, if you think about it, only participants in the tournament were transported here. But, not all those that participated...”

“You’re right,” his double from the 18th chimed in. “Let’s see... Freeza, Cold, Cell, Kakarotto, Dabra... none of those bastards in sight.”

“Hold on a moment!” South Kaioshin yelled, the tone in his voice reactionary. “Just where are Buu and Vegetto!?”

“Right behind you,” an angry voice grumbled.

Upon turning, the Kaioshin set eyes on the two in question, the two superpowers standing side by side. Buu wore a mocking smile while Vegetto narrowed his eyes in dismay.

“Just what were you insinuating? That I’m a bastard? That I’m...”

“—No, not at all! You misunderstand!” the Kaioshin panicked.

“Just forget it,” Buu said, having returned to his normal appearance instead of the ball. “I’m more interested in where we actually are.”

“Well that’s no mystery!” Xeniloum exclaimed, approaching the djinn furiously. “You did this of course! Back to your old ways, huh!?”

“Not at all,” Buu answered honestly, raising his hands. “I’m just as much a victim as you!”

“Yeah, and you expect us to believe that?”

“Be calm,” Gast interrupted. “If he were responsible, he would not be with us right now. Remember, he was imprisoned at the time, unable to use his abilities. Each and everyone here is an innocent party in the matter. Xeniloum continued to stare accusingly at Buu a few seconds, but eventually relented and walked away, still keeping an eye on him. The Djinn grinned mischievously in response.

“Hey, I’ve got a theory,” Goku suddenly said. “It’s possible Freeza sent us all to ‘his place’! It’s a dimension in his mind where we’ll all age super fast.”

Everyone turned to him strangely, thinking the Saiyan might have inhaled a little too much of the poison gas. Son merely chuckled in astonishment.

“What? It’s not that crazy, right?”

“While it’s true you fought Freeza inside his mind,” Vegetto pointed out, “I would sense it if we were in the same situation. This is definitely different, I’m convinced we’ve been physically transported to another planet — one far from the arena. I can’t feel the presence of Gohan or anyone else back there.”

“Then how did we get here?” Pan of the 16th asked.

A sudden thud was heard behind them as Vegeta of the 18th knelt down and punched a metal plate — everyone turned in response. Several, including Son Goku and Vegetto recognized the device in question, while Vegeta’s face soured.

“Impudent whelp! I should’ve acted sooner, I could have prevented this whole mess. It’s my fault!”

“What are you talking about, Dad?” Trunks worried, before noticing the plate himself. “Hey, isn’t that...”

“One of Babidi’s traps,” Vegetto finished his sentence, standing beside Vegeta. “He used his witchcraft to teleport us away from the arena. And since we’re here, that means anyone not present is likely under the influence of his corruption, the majinization spell.”

“Not everyone here is, shall we say, pure of heart,” Buu added. “Perhaps because we were too powerful, he was unable to use his spell on us,” he added mockingly, noticing everyone’s gaze turn suddenly to him.

“There are many formidable beings among those corrupted,” said Gast. “The Frost Demons and the Saiyans must have been the first to fall to his control. And there are several Saiyans with great strength that are not present here...”

“Not necessarily,” Son Goku said, understanding what Gast was implying. “My son Gohan is a Saiyan, yes, but there’s no chance he could ever be corrupted by Babidi! His heart is way to pure for that...”

“He wasn’t a competitor though,” added Vegetto. “Leave it to Babidi to take no interest in those who didn’t participate; Piccolo too. Though I’d say it was a missed oversight to exclude the other Kaioshin, perhaps he was planning a more personal revenge and only wanted South out of the way.”

South Kaioshin nodded, pondering.

“Then everyone that was left behind is under attack from Babidi’s damn slaves!” Vegeta furiously exclaimed. “Bra... she doesn’t know how to defend herself properly. If anything happens to her... I swear!”

The others didn’t say a word, watching Vegeta tremble with anger, averting their eyes from him. Meanwhile, Vegeta of Universe 13 frowned, puzzled by his counterpart’s attitude. Yet again, this copy of himself was not acting like royalty — in spite of his great power. It both intrigued and irritated him to the highest degree. He was about to give him an earful when Trunks of Universe 16 suddenly addressed him.

“Hey, if anyone that could be corrupted was left behind at the arena, why is that Vegeta here?”

The Saiyan emperor tensed as Pan of the same universe approached him as well.

“Yeah, he’s right. Aren’t you like, super evil?”

“Leave me alone, you brats!” Vegeta yelled, scowling. “The hell if I know why I’m here. Maybe that shoddy little wizard was scared of me, who knows!”

“Yep, definitely corruptible. Quite the mystery,” Goten said.

“Not really,” Vegetto said, thinking aloud. “Babidi could’ve attacked me, y’know. I’ve been known to throw the occasional tantrum... I’m not blind to my own faults.”

“Now’s not the time, dad,” muttered Trunks.

“...but that’s just it. All three versions of your dad are here. Me, bad Vegeta, and plain grumpy Vegeta. I’ll bet he came across us back in his universe and so he avoided us on purpose. He knew that once he tried to take control of our minds, we’d just break free using our pride. He fears the indomitable will of a true Saiyan!”

“That’s solid reasoning,” interrupted Eleim, “but what good does it do? We’re all stuck here including you Saiyans.”

“Y’know,” Son Goku thought aloud, “I haven’t seen our Goten anywhere. Don’t tell me he was corrupted by Babidi!?”

“Nah, he just went to the bathroom right before we were teleported here,” Trunks replied. “He’s back in the apartments.”

“Everyone from Universe 9 was in their apartment as well,” Uub said. “That explains their absence.”

“Yeah, I doubt Yamcha, Tenshinhan, or Kulilin could be corrupted,” Goku agreed. “If they’re not here, that means anyone in the apartments was immune to the transportation spell. So who else had gone back to their room?”

Gast cleared his throat. “XXI, the Frost Demons and their forces, the Androids of Universe 14, Cell of the 17th, and all the warriors from Universe 3.” He had been reflecting on the potential threats that might await them upon their return. “Aside from the wizard from the 5th, I highly suspect everyone else I mentioned has been corrupted. We’ll have our work cut out for us.”

“Then we’ve got to hurry back and stop Babidi!” exclaimed Son Goku.

“Nah,” Vegetto sighed, shutting his eyes. “His coup has already failed. Our Son Bra is back in her apartment napping. And even without her, Gohan is enough to handle those insects — and there are two! No reason to panic, Babidi is in over his head.”

Vegetto’s shut eyes indicated he expected to be the center of attention, as always, but after a few seconds there were still no sighs of relief. His presence alone was enough to reassure most but, opening his eyes, he saw Son Goku and Vegeta totally stealing his spotlight. Everyone had gathered around the other two Saiyans, examining the metal plate.

“How dare they just ignore me like that...”

Son Goku, squatting in front of the plate, turned to Buu. He too was stuck in their same situation, which made him less of a threat in this instance. In fact, knowing how useful his immense power might prove, Goku was almost glad to have him along — in spite of his shenanigans the previous day.

“Last time I saw one of these it led inside Babidi’s ship. I think it works by magic though, any chance you can get it open, Buu?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the Djinn, who knelt and put his hand on the device. Emitting a weak pink aura, he closed his eyes a moment before straightening back up and putting a hand on his hip.

“If it was an entry I’d be able to. But this isn’t connected to the ship at all. I’d say Babidi enchanted it specifically for a one-way teleportation, hoping we’d all die of suffocation or poisoning. I can’t do anything with it, though if it had been functional I doubt our dear Vegeta’s punch would’ve helped me in getting it serviceable.”

“Hmph,” Vegeta of the 18th grumbled.

“So what are we gonna do then?” Pan of the 18th worried.

“Guys, quit worrying!” Vegetto interrupted loudly, everyone turning to him with a puzzled look. “Just stay calm, there’s no point in panicking! Son Bra and Gohan are there, we’ve got nothing to be concerned about! Seriously, what is it with you guys?”

“Oh you think everything is fine,” Vegeta glared at him. “Well unlike you, I’m not content to just leave my daughter at the mercy of those monsters — it’s called thinking of others! Gohan may be strong, yes, but don’t forget that Cell may now be his equal! Only an idiot would be so casual at a time like this, and if you care about your family then you’ll quit lecturing and help us!”

Vegetto’s eyes sharpened, rage building in his subconscious even though he knew Vegeta was right.

“We may have allies there, but they will be vastly outnumbered,” Southern Kaioshin added. “The Frost Demon army will no doubt have been corrupted, not to mention all the spectators that might’ve been turned. I don’t know enough to speculate on XXI, but Babidi still has a Majin Buu and Dabra at his side as well. If we’re not able to get back soon, who knows how things might degenerate!”

“Well, we were teleported here, we should all be able to get back the same way,” Son Goku said.

Again, everyone turned to Vegetto, who set his anger aside at the surprise. They were all depending on him, again. With a weary sigh he placed two fingers on his forehead and began to imagine the arena. The Kai Kai ability he’d learned from Kibitoshin allowed him to go anywhere he wanted without needing an aura to lock onto — yet, despite his efforts, he couldn’t locate their destination. For him to be totally lost like this Babidi would’ve had to truly send them to the other end of the universe. Not only could he not feel even an inkling of energy from the stadium, but there was absolute nothingness in every direction as far as he could reach. Space was indeed vast, yet in Universe 0 the endless abyss felt even more cold and heartless, a type of emptiness that marked an infinitely lifeless and dead void. Searching it would take hours, he guessed, maybe more.

“I can’t get back,” the supposed-god Vegetto reluctantly admitted, clenching his fists. “We’re lost in some corner of this universe, we could be anywhere — I don’t even know where to start looking!” It was humiliating for him, who always had the answers, to even say the words. He felt useless for the first time he could remember — he, the unstoppable vigilante, unable to overcome a simple obstacle in such an urgent situation!

Son Goku stared at him a second, understanding the hit to his pride, but wasn’t about to give up yet. He would take things into his own hands if needed.

“Then we’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way, good ole instant transmission. All we have to do is find the stadium, so we should try to focus in on the strongest energy signatures there. Take Gohan, Son Bra, or Cell, they’re the highest so they’ll be the easiest to find!”

“I can’t begin to imagine how terribly far off they are!” Uub exclaimed, trying not to think about how many millions of galaxies they would have to probe individually. The magnitude of such an ask was gargantuan.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find them!” Goku replied with a smile. “It’s a lot better than standing here doing nothing. So, everyone, pick a different direction and try to feel even the faintest energy signature — really reach out with your senses to the absolute max!”

Almost everyone present turned and did as instructed. Gast closed his eyes, covering himself in a bright green light. The Heloites activated their nano-scouters, scanning various star systems, while Uub, Vegeta, the three Trunks, Goten, and the two Pans spread out and began trying to sense auras. Only two individuals didn’t join in the collective effort. Emperor Vegeta watched on in silence, unwilling to help in a rescue effort to save weaklings or equally futile family members. As for Zen Buu, he was inwardly sneering. He already knew exactly where the arena was. From the very start of the tournament, he’d planted parts of himself all over the asteroid, like little security cameras stationed everywhere, constantly reporting in. Of course, they’d been caught up in Gast’s technique and he had to start all over after that — but he’d managed to cover a good portion of the area already. Parts of himself were hidden inside the apartments and even outside the stadium, so only his main body had actually been teleported.

‘Oh, it’s indeed an awfully long distance away,’ he thought, focusing his thoughts on an eye he had formed back at the tournament. It observed everything from a perch on the dividing wall with the spectators. “I’ll let you all do the searching for now. If I helped, I’d certainly miss out on quite the show.”

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