DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 14.


Chapter 14

Translated by Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

Tidar had no intention of losing. He had been trained for that, and after many years of practice, he had mastered his armor. Tidar was indeed the oldest of the military elite commando on Helior, their home planet. The group was composed of the best fighters with the best technology. They were directly selected by representatives of the Supreme Council of the Heliotes. And the group arrived in order to make a wish on their behalf.

A fighter with a big heart, Tidar had engraved two principles into his brain: fight and win.

"Careful, Tidar," said one of his companions behind him, "My radar's getting some crazy readings on this group. Use full strength from the beginning."

"Right," he replied simply, before thinking, "no need to tell me."

Motivated, he activated his jetpack, with an old reactor connected to the back, and flew into the ring. During the few seconds of flight, Tidar grumbled inwardly. He was wearing armor from the previous generations, but from what they had seen so far... it should be more than enough to win the fight.

Tidar arrived at the ring, where his opponent, Uub of Universe 18, was waiting calmly.

The latter was also ready to win. Equally motivated, he could not see himself disappoint Goku nor Vegeta, for whom he had gained great respect as a result of his fight with Goku nine years ago.

Tidar barely had time to land one foot onto the ring, when suddenly...

"Let the fight begin!" cried the announcer, as Uub nervously assumed his fighting stance.

Immediately, Tidar reactivated his jet-pack and rushed right over to his opponent. Despite the armor's size and bulk, his speed was quite impressive. He raised his fists, never imagining that he'd have to resort to using such a pathetic move. However, he had been able to judge Uub's speed. The latter easily dodged his opponent with a quick dash to the side. As the nano-warrior maneuvered his jet-pack, he drew his first conclusion. Uub was moving very fast, without armor too, and without unnecessary movements.

Anticipating a counterattack, Tidar maneuvered to take off vertically in the air. Luckily for him, he had avoided a right uppercut from Uub. The boy stood down on the ring while the Formerly Elite Fighter flew higher, several feet above him. Tidar thought to himself, "What's going on? Doesn't he know how to fly? Even still, it wouldn't matter. It'd be the exact same scenario even if all he knew was how to jump high enough."

He descended to the ground a little further, turning off his jet-pack and preparing his next attack as Uub resumed his fighting stance with a smile.

In Universe 19, several members of the Elite Commando discussed.

"He seems to know what he's doing," said one.

"That's good," said another, "But this dark-skinned boy is far from fully–"

"You think the boy's just testing Tidar's power level?" asked the first man.

There was no response... the other man didn't reply. A mere look at the ring spoke volumes. He hoped that Tidar wouldn't underestimate his opponent. His fear suddenly vanished for a moment when he recognized Tidar assuming the strike position for performing the missile attack that he knew so well.

Uub attacked. Tidar activated his armor and rapidly fired his missiles. His armor seemed to morph, especially in the back. Several flaps opened to reveal mini-missile launchers. Forty shots were released, whistling, humming, and emitting thick smoke. The attack lasted no longer than three seconds. However, the young fighter had plenty of time to avoid and even play leap-frog with the missiles. It was not difficult for Uub to avoid the attack and he soon found himself right in front of the grand Tidar, who had seen Uub vanish for a movement; his eyes were unable to follow him.

Uub struck his palms against the mighty soldier's torso, but not with maximum force. Nevertheless, Tidar flew backwards, crashing heavily on his back, smashing half of the missile launchers. As he rose, he noticed that Uub was looking at his own hand with a strange look.

"Woah," Uub spoke aloud, "His armor weighs a ton! Good thing I'm okay right now. ... If I had hit him harder without noticing, I..."

He stopped, clearly hearing a strange whistle... the missiles had returned to him!

"Homing missiles... His electronics have better reflexes than he does," laughed Uub.

With a single wave of his arm, Uub created a shockwave that exploded all the missiles into nothing but large clouds of smoke after a deafening noise... Suddenly, the clouds seemed to head towards Uub, who dodged them with several backward somersaults.

"These explosions are very powerful and concentrated," Uub analyzed once far enough. The clouds dissipated quickly without reaching him. "Are these... chemical clouds? Woah! It's a good thing I didn't touch any of them."

"Hmm, your student is quite cautious," remarked Gohan to Goku in Universe 18's wing.

"Oh, you think so?" Vegeta replied with, again, an unpleasant look.

"Those acrobatics just brought him closer to Tidar," Goku said, his eyes fixed on the fighting.

Tidar used the distraction to take the advantage and because of Uub's distraction to grab him from behind. The latter's reflexes kicked in and Uub elbowed the man, breaking free from his grip. He walked away, leaving Universe 19's fighter's armor's right flank broken as a result of the impact. Uub turned around an assumed a defensive stance, staring down his opponent.

Tidar knelt on one knee, one hand lying limp on his thigh, the other on the ground. He clenched his teeth in pain from the blow.

In Universe 19's wing, everyone suddenly seemed disappointed, as if they were watching a sports game in which a key player had lost a great chance to score a point.

"Shit! Just a little more and it would've been perfect!"

"If only he had released it a bit later!"

"God DAMMIT! It was too good of an opportunity!"

"Don't worry guys, Tidar's not giving up yet! Look at his stance!"

Next to Universe 19, Goten and Trunk from Universe 18 overheard the men talking about Tidar. However, they didn't understand what the last guy meant. Tidar was just kneeling in a weakened state. The two friends looked at each other, unsure of what they should expect. But EVERYONE understood a few seconds later.

All around Uub, ten cylindrical objects seemed to rise out of the ground. The young man jumped at the same time as the strange objects exploded. The flames rose to devour Uub's pant's leg, cutting it short. His boots and skin withstood the heat, besides a minor burn here and there.

"Tsk, what a joke," said Uub. "These bombs... he had to have launched them when he put his hand on the ground..."

Tidar didn't stop there. He activated his other gadgets quickly. He aimed his left arm towards his opponent, his left cuff shot off three blue laser beams and Uub was able to barely able to move his arm in time. Tidar spun and pointed his second arm, shooting three more laser beams. Uub jumped again, suddenly screaming in pain as a shot hit his arm. He looked at his left arm where there were three intense burn marks, depicting the immense power in the laser beams. Avoiding more bursts, Uub rushed towards Tidar to attack, but he inadvertently activated another defense mechanism.

From the cuff of Tidar's left arm, came a small missile that exploded two meters from Uub. Suddenly, a gray stripe emerged from it, widening for a split second before morphing into a net. It was made of an extremely resistant special alloy. Tidar hit a button on his forearm and activated the electricity. With the lightning running through the net, the volume began to close in and the temperature rose rapidly.

Uub yelled, thinking of only one thing: FREEDOM!! Augmenting his strength with a simple Kaioken, he managed to break through the net. His body raged with a crimson red aura as he rushed towards Tidar, on edge. But the armored warrior flew away with his jet-pack.

This time, Uub attempted to chase his opponent, but his attack was already anticipated. The armored soldier dropped several objects designed to explode at the slightest physical contact. Uub hit each of them individually and sped away right before they exploded.

Uub's hands felt numb. Despite their small size, the explosives were quite dense. Uub wasted no more time to think about it and dashed up to Tidar. Uub punched Tidar violently, crashing him into the energy shield. The attack created a small shock wave, accompanied by a shrill noise. Tidar tried to kick Uub horizontally, but the latter evaded it and took the opportunity to get behind his enemy.

Grinning, Uub grabbed Tidar in a bear hug similar to how Tidar had done to Uub earlier. He thought he had the advantage. But his opponent still had more tricks up his sleeve. This time, Tidar sent another electric shock down his armor, making Uub scream violently. The pain was surprisingly strong and as the current continued to flow, the muscles of the young man remained contracted. He could not let go.

Tidar would normally be protected by his armor. But he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right flank. Remembering his drive to join the Elite Commando Unit, he resisted the pain to the best of his ability. After dozens of seconds, Tidar turned off the electric current, assuming Uub would die by the voltage.

Uub stopped screaming, slipping into unconsciousness as he crashed to the floor. Tidar sweated and breathed heavily. His whole body trembled and he was suddenly very cold. He glanced at Uub, who was still smoking as he fell through the air. Tidar smiled to himself, "What luck!"

"He's gonna fall onto the missiles' shrapnel!" cried one of Tidar's friends in Universe 19.

"C'mon, wake up, Uub!" yelled a stressed Goku. He didn't want the tournament to end so quickly for his pupil.

Uub slammed into the ground, the shockwave waking him up. His body in pain, Uub rose painfully and by that time Tidar was shouting in victory. He pressed another button and activated a new trap. The shrapnel burst into flame, creating long red flames rising two meters above the ring... Uub swallowed in fear.

Tidar stopped smiling when he noticed the location of where is opponent was standing. The flames had taken a strange shape, a type of bulb. Unwilling to take any chances, Tidar hurried towards Uub, knowing that there were only a few seconds before the flames dissipated. He maneuvered his jet-pack to get behind Uub. He didn't descend normally to save time, rather he chose to simply turn off the propulsion and crash to the ground. He fell a few meters, and the flames died down as he planted his feet firmly into the ground. Uub was standing before him with his back facing his opponent, his white aura protecting him from the flame.

"Motherfucker!" yelled Tidar as he released a blade from the right cuff of his armor.

Uub turned his head, but had no time to avoid the attack.

"God's Blade!" cried Tidar, giving his blade a quick wave upwards. Suddenly a large wind was emitted from the bottom of the blade moving rapidly towards Uub. Uub covered his face with his arm to protect himself, but he felt nothing. Nothing but a small shockwave. This surprised him, but after all... the sword itself had not touched him.

"Impossible! He found a way to avoid it!" grumbled one of Tidar's partners.

"No! Look!"

The planet-ring... was cut in two. Tidar smiled in certain victory. Uub folded his arms, smiling, too.

"And?" said Uub, still sneering.

A sudden silence fell over the area. Suddenly, Uub's left arm came clean off his shoulder and fell to the ground, surprising EVERYONE, including the spectators. Uub stood motionless, staring down at his arm, stunned.

"Not only did he cut down the ring, but he also cut down Uub's arm!!" yelled the announcer.

The young warrior looked at his shoulder, afraid of what he would see... Nothing. Well, not really. His arm was lying limp on the floor! Uub's eyes widened, he ceased breathing and the pain of the fierce attack on his left shoulder augmented. No longer able to stand the pain or sight of his arm, he yelled.

Tidar screamed as well, believing that it'd be fun to gloat and explain how he defeated his opponent.

"This blade is extendable and forged to a nanometer's dimensions. It cuts through anything!"

Uub lost all sense of reason. Trembling, sweating, with a sudden headache and obscured vision.. he could no longer bear to hear Tidar's words. It was too much! Once again, he had been tricked. What would he tell his teacher? Uub turned quickly to face Tidar, held out his remaining arm and yelled with all his might, releasing a torrent of violent energy that he launched at the man who had cut off his arm.

Surprised, Tidar had barely had any time to activate his shields. It held out... only for a few seconds...

"N.. NO!!"

His shield shone like glass. His armor burst open in a few microseconds and his body vaporized in an instant...

In Universe 19, 18, and in the audience, everyone was surprised by the terrible attack that left no chance for the Heloïte... Uub, trying to regain his senses, exhaled.

"Tidar was..." began one of the announcers.

"Reduced to ashes!" finished a second.

"Uub is the winner!" announced a third announcer, as the victor picked up his arm.

In Universe 18's wing, Goku did not seem very happy about the announcement...

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