DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 12, Chapter 60.


Chapter 60

Translated by Qtjinla15

The battle between #16 of Universe 12 and Eleim of Universe 19 was well underway. Attacks and parries between the two fighters were rapidly exchanged between the two combatants. Between the two of them no real advantage was gained.

Nanoguerrier's armor made him as strong and physically imposing as the cyborg created by Gero. The fight between the two warriors was found amazing the audience.

After the two fighters launched a simultaneous punch to the face, sending them both flying back several meters Eleim found an opening. "This is my chance!" he thought, as small retros activated from his dorsal armor, propelling the warrior as he suddenly accelerated at 16 with great speed, his arms stretched forward. He was able to easily push the robot to the edge of ring, causing crashes in the middle of the crater that had formed by the Waver Ball and Hell's Flash. With his armor and nanodevices circulating in his blood, Eleim reached quickly punched #16in the belly before it could counter his attack, and then slammed his hands into # 16’s back, causing him to crash into the ground.

"The gravity! Its increasing bit by bit!” # 16 noticed as he could no longer move just as easily as he could before.

His opponent took the opportunity to boast. “My anti-G not only allows me to float, but also increases the severity of what I touch. You are a prisoner!” he informed the warrior space 19.

“... damn!” the cyborg promptly began looking for a solution to get out.

Eleim, felt that If the fight dragged on he would certainly lose. After all, his opponent was a machine and machine did not tire, so he quickly prepared an attack to finish the fight. He cried:

“ My Ultra Waver will melt you into scrap you machine!” His Ultra Waver attack was different from Waver Ultra Ball. At the origin of the Ultra Waver, it was a ray of waves, coupled with a high density particle bombardment of photons, a kind of mega microwave brought to their climax. They would burn to an extreme heat, liquefying and partially evaporate the metal of just about any material. A living being would reduce to the state of vapor. The form of the attack itself, the Ultra Waver Ball was simply shaping a ball of flame-throwers this particular and destructive.

# 16 found no solution. Despite his strength, he could not fight against the gravity system, which seemed to be growing stronger. His earrings were removed from his ears by the force of the heavy ring, falling to the ground as if they weighed a hundred pounds. Smiling, he said:

“Sorry ... Trunks ... I hope that Dragon Balls ... have compassion for a robot like me.”

“No! Give up #16, it’s not worth dying over!” Trunks shouted from space 12. Fear washed over him, would Eleim simply erase # 16, like this? Thirty seconds to pass for the Vargas to declare a winner. Was sixteen going to give up, just like that? The worst part was the fact he had brought up the Dragonballs, which, despite Cell’s defeat in the fact in the other universe and Shenron’s summoning, the android was not ‘’ressurected’’ by the eternal dragon. If Eleim destroyed # 16, it would be the end of him. It would be impossible to bring him back.

And that’s when it finally struck. Trunks was afraid of losing his friend ...

Since Bulma and Trunks had resurrected # 16 in the world, every week Bulma would monitor his programming and everything was fine. For months, everything went normally. And for months, Trunks did not hesitate to monitor and follow the cyborg.

One morning, while # 16 was with Bulma at Capsule Corp. Trunks went to another city to help construct a building or two. It was that day that Bulma received a call from the power plant in the city:

“This is a disaster!” said a technician from the other end of the line. “Because of a leak, the engine loses fuel! If it stops it won’t restart means months! This is a disaster!”

“We must repair the leak then!” Bulma react.

“Impossible, radioactivity is enormously high! The only equipment still in a state to protect us is in another city, and you do not have time to recover! All we can do is leave the reactor off!”

“We're screwed, you must evacuate the city. If the reactor continues to operate, but it no longer has fuel, it could explode! It must be stopped immediately!”

“Impossible! The temperature of the reactor heart is just too high! Nobody could survive!”

“ But I could, “ intervened # 16 who was standing right next to Bulma.

The latter looked at him. He was right: it was the only one who could do something. Probably even Trunks wouldn’t be able to survive such an intense dose of radiation not survive ... Bulma made a decision that would not have pleased her son.

“Okay, let's go.”

In less than five minutes, they were there: # 16 who had carried Bulma in the air arrived with little incident. This time his smile was gone and he looked really serious. He understood very well the seriousness of the situation ...

On site, they explained in detail the situation: he had to go to the heart of the reactor, find the console on and off. Then he had to fix the leak. A technician showed Bulma and # 16 and the location of each thing on a plane, the cyborg memorized it without any difficulty.

But when performing its mission, a girl shouted the name of the cyborg. The latter turned to see her running toward him, crying. She must have been four or five years ...

“ What are you doing here? I told you to go home!” one of the technicians told the little girl . It was obviously his daughter.

“Mr. Robot,” she said, stopping at # 16, who had knelt down until he was about her height, before even turning off the engine, “ if my mom isn’t sent to the hospital she will stay sick as much other moms ...”

The father said nothing. He did not move. He did not say anything ... probably because he knew that the best solution was to save the city ... at the expense of his wife…

Bulma had also tried to think of something, but no solution came to mind. They could not keep the reactor in operation...

“I'll take care it, do not worry about your mom,” # 16 replied smiling. It had an idea.

He stood up and turned to Bulma:

“I am able to feed the reactor with my energy. Trunks should be able to fix the leak. I will wait.”

“No you cannot! It would take an hour to find and explain the situation! By the time time he returns you’ll be melted and have lost all your energy!

“If I deactivate several of system functions it will help me store up save my energy. Do not waste time. If my life can save the lives of others, do not hesitate.”

# 16 went immediately to the entrance of the factory. Bulma stood there a few seconds, founding herself more reassured about the good intentions of cyborgs. She could no longer waste any time, she borrowed the vehicle from a technician to go find his son.

# 16 was congratulated by many employees of the factories, who saw him as a hero. And it pleased him! Once inside the plant, he hurried, running through the multitude of hallway, smashing some armored doors to pass, and reached the heart of the reactor. Temperature exceeded a thousand degrees. At first glance, nothing alarming: his body was able to bear the intense heat.

He stood in front of one of the large pipes that brought fuel, so he opened a hatch, detached his hands from his forearm and performed his Hell's Flash. The energy he continuously sent allowed the reactor to regain its normal performance. But because of the leak, he had to maintain this level energy input continuously ... The deactivation of several programs had indeed saved him some energy ... thought it would only be a few minutes ... but it was, he hoped, enough to be sufficient.

It is a little over an hour later whan Trunks arrived at the factory. He took half a second plan a technician had in his hands and immediately transformed into a Super Saiyan, and hoping that his golden aura would protect some measure of protection from the radiation.

His mother told him to fix the leak first. After browsing through the corridors, he found himself just above the heart of the reactor room. He glanced downwards to see the # 16 standing still sending energy through a huge pipe. The heat was unbearable. The cylindrical glass surrounding the bridge was melting from the intense heat, gradually losing its shape. Trunks had no time to lose, if he just stood there and the glass broke he would overwhelmed by the sudden rise and intensity of heat.

Picking his way with a hint of nervousness, he mentally noted how courageous the android was being. Just as his counterpart was during his sacrifice against Cell ... After a few seconds and a few corridors later, Trunks finally arrived to where that infamous fight: because of cyborgs # 17 and # 18, the city suffered a lot of damage, and could not rebuild everything from scratch. Most of the debris, rubble, was nearly cleared and a few places were primed for new structures to be built. A piece of pipe had been damaged and would explode any moment under the pressure of energy.

Trunks pulled a metal plate of the corridor, placed at the location of the hole, and with his ki melted and seal the plate to the pipe. It was a makeshift repair, but it would do for the time being, until a permanent repair could be made.

Trunks than quickly retraced his steps on the bridge above the heart of the reactor. But nothing had moved. # 16 seemed disconnected, while continuing to provide energy. But now that the leak was repaired, a surplus of energy could blow everything up! And if # 16 was "off", there was no way to stop him.

Trunks would risk his life for that of # 16 and the inhabitants of the city ...

Still in his Super Saiyan state he crossed the molten glass and went to the side of # 16. Already he could feel the enormous surge of heat around him. His aura shielded him to some degree, but it should not remain long!

He suddenly knocked # 16 on the cheek, knocking. This shock stopped the Hell's Flash. Trunks did not linger and closed the hatch. Then he ran toward the exit of the room. He did not look back once until he noticed that # 16 was still on the ground. He thought it would have immediately responded and follow, but this was not the case.

Once again, Trunks thought to leave it there and quickly get to safety ... but thinking it over # 16 risked his well-being to protect human. He was not like the other murderous androids that plagued his world.


Turning around, he swore and ran back to # 16...

Arriving with the android everyone cheered the son of Bulma and the robot. # 16 had definitely earned the title of hero and savior of the city. But there was fear that # 16 never wakes up ...

Bulma managed to rectify it. The body of # 16 had not been damaged. His programs were all intact, just as they were from yesterday’s inspection. The only thing Bulma noticed was that his energy levels were down, but because of the plant operation that was to be expected.

# 16 finally woke up after some time, only to be personally thanked by Trunks:

“What you have done for us, humans, was brave ... You did not have to but you did. Everyone talks about you as a hero.”

“I only did what needed to be done,” said the robot.

“I know. I always knew ... But I did not want to believe it ... I couldn’t help but think of you as another monster created by Dr. Gero, but you’ve proved me wrong. In a sense, these last few months, you had more sense than me. It took your sacrifice for me to realize that you are not only valuable as an ally, but as a friend.”

“As a friend?” # 16 repeated, preferring to retain the essential.

“# 16, work for humanity, not as master and slave ... but as equals, as friends,” Trunks asked, holding out his hand toward cyborgs, smiling.

# 16 smiled back and accepted this proposal. He shook hands with his friend Trunks. Thus, the son of Bulma and Vegeta freed himself from this malaise, this anger against the cyborg, while the only fault laid with Gero himself.

"Why do I hesitate to finish this machine? No matter, he is a robot!" Eleim thought outstretching his arm at # 16 below it, ready to melt him with this last attack.

“# 16 should give up if he wants to survive.” Yamcha of universe 9 noted his friends. “This Eleim is serious.” He noted.

“And hesitating ... “ Kulilin added. He had gained many decades worth of experiences from all the battles he witnessed and fought. One of the things he aptly recognized was subtle cue in body language.

At the control center a Varga, began spectating:

“ Another sixteen seconds before Eleim claims victory.”

In the ring, # 16 kept looking at Eleim looking, smiling and waiting for his final shot. But the warrior of the universe 19 did not attack again.

“Say, robot! Say you quit! Otherwise I will destroy you!”

“Sorry ... replied. “ # 16, for both Eleim, whom would have to reluctantly destroy him, that mouch he could see in the warriors eyes, he wanted to avoid the finishing blow, and for Trunks as well. “Farewell, Trunks,” he continued. “I was delighted ... to be your friend.”

“ You ... you have a friend .... but if I have to shoot a man down for our vow, I will!” Eleim cried again, trying for the last time to avoid a "senseless killing.”

“That's it, I'm a man in your eyes? You are not without heart ... Allies and compassion you have,” replied # 16, suddenly causing the other warrior to slightly recoil. “I am reassured; your world is in good hands. I give up.”

“W- what?” the warrior stammered. “You risked your life to check it? Why?” asked the chief warriors of the space 19 by disabling the anti-G.

“This is the victory of the universe Eleim 19! “ cried the host, Varga while # 16 stood up.

“Everyone here has their ambitions, “ # 16 began as he faced the winner of the fight. “Thirst for power, revenge, challenge, and other vows ... If I attended, it was to defeat someone, because it was my mission to my original creation. But I could not. When I saw Yamcha forfiet to help another cyborg, I wanted to follow his example a bit. Now I know that your world is not ruled by demonic beings ...”

# 16 had just finished his tirade and was already turning back to Eleim, preparing to return to his space. Eleim did not stir a few seconds, and then called out his opponent:

“Wait! I ... I was delighted to fight against you.”

# 16 turned, once more facing Eleim, still wearing the smile.

“It is the same for me.”

“I'm sorry about your hand. But kudos for this fight!” stated the nanoguerrier, holding out her hand to # 16.

The smile grew a little more, and he agreed to shake hands with his opponent. That was not only the best evidence of fair sportsmanship, but the first of the tournament. They parted finally back in their respective space.

“So was this, if not a victory?” he wondered, making a loop around to spaces, passing by Son Goku on his way back to his Universe space.”

“You should definitely feel proud. You did your best,” Goku congratulated, with no malice in his voice.

And of course, the Warrior face took ill and was tempted to insult Goku ... but managed to change his mind and just go... But still, # 16 couldn’t help what he felt. What was the pain in his head? Was there bits of residual Dr. Gero programming still in his head? Dismissing it, he decided to return to Trunks just as the Universe 19 fighter was welcomed among his friends.

This chapter marks the end of the second volume of the novel printed DBM available in convention.

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