DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 8, Chapter 39.


Chapter 39

Translated by Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai? and Arcane Super Saiyan

Broly had murdered his father in cold blood without any remorse. The destructive madness that had guided him hadn’t necessarily blinded his thoughts. He scrutinized Kakarotto and the other insects who served him as friends from afar and turned slightly to the right. Facing him, a few hundred meters on top of a small cliff, sat the only spacecraft that could bring everyone back. And behind him, stood Paragus’ castle. … Two things to destroy before annihilating the larvae just below him. Broly laughed as he destroyed the living area leading to the only exit, trapping Paragus’ poor soldiers inside.

Taking advantage of these few minutes of respite, Yamcha, Kulilin, and Master Roshi (who was carrying Oolong under his arm) joined their friends… There was an air of great anxiety… The Saiyans and the Namek seemed beaten and were gasping for breath. The others didn’t know what to say… They were overwhelmed by the recent events. Suddenly, they all sensed Broly’s power increase even further. He screamed.

“Goku!” Piccolo shouted. “He’s getting stronger! We have to finish him now! Use the Genkidama! We’ll give you energy!"

Trunks didn’t know of this technique, but he soon realized the principle behind it. Give energy to Goku to defeat Broly. Trunks was all for it!

“Yeah, but… He needs to be distracted!” said Goku.

He was right. He would never have time to prepare the technique if Broly was focused on him. Gohan said nothing, but he had an idea in mind. His father had repeatedly protected him… and now it was to Gohan to do his best to buy some time. His father counted on him!

Vegeta was skeptical. He had suffered against the Genkidama the first time he had arrived on Earth, and it didn’t even kill him. Broly was much more powerful than him at the time, so why would it work this time? Yamcha remembered that the technique also failed against Freeza… But he preferred to give his energy rather than die against this monster named Broly.

“We’re counting on you, Goku!” he said. “We’ll give you all of our energy!”

“Wait, Yamcha,” Kulilin intervened. “It would do almost nothing. We’re not strong enough make a difference.”

Unlike the Saiyans, their strength was rather weak. If they gave their energy to the Genkidama it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. On the other hand, they were capable of holding of Broly… for a few seconds. And that was already more useful.

“Let’s try to buy a few seconds against Broly! Not with our strength, but with our heads!”

Yamcha smiled nervously. But what was his friend saying? Was he suicidal? Had he lost his mind?

“Alright,” he answered anyway.

Yamcha might have been a coward sometimes, but he never let his friends down!

Son Goku immediately began to prepare the Genkidama. Almost shouting his despair, he asked each energy form of life around them, even the planets and surrounding stars. Soon, the first wave of energy gathered over his head.

Broly had already charged back to the fight. Gohan let his power explode, and a strong aura surrounded him. He was determined to do everything he could to help his father. Kulilin, next to him, wanted to help. Flying first, he went to face Broly, alone, for half a second… long enough to use the Taiyoken. Before it kicked in, Broly had enough time to release one of his energy attacks… Yamcha was quick as lightning, and he wouldn’t let Kulilin get killed like that! He tried to deflect the luminescent ball with a powerful ki attack, but the collision made them both explode. The blast enveloped Kulilin, who found himself ejected away, covered with burns and injuries… Unconscious but still alive. Yamcha regarded Broly, who was still blind.

“Dammit! He’ll see me! I have to hide!”

Son Gohan saw Kulilin get hurt and it was too much for him. He attacked immediately before Broly definitely regained his sight. Facing a blind Broly was an asset that he wanted to use. He punched hard, very hard… empowered by the anger and beginning to lose control. He couldn’t stand that Broly could feel so much sadistic pleasure in chaos and destruction.

Piccolo raised his hands to the sky to give Son Goku his energy. Trunks did the same, right after Kulilin was rendered unconscious. Vegeta, however, didn’t want to share his power. To fight against Broly was one thing, but to link himself directly to the others… no! He was the Prince of Saiyans, it was his job to defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan, but he wasn’t strong enough to fight him alone. However, to help Goku was an even greater humiliation in his eyes. His rival once again would dispossess him of his glory! And that Son Gohan… he was fighting alone against Broly! He was emitting a powerful force… as if he was really convinced that he made the right choice. That he would succeed… his father would succeed. That was more like it. Gohan had faith in his father and that technique, and that was why he was engaged in this desperate attempt to restrain this monster.

Vegeta had a choice. He could give up and become the others’ laughing stock if Broly was defeated… or help Gohan and be beaten again… or be directly involved in the technique that could beat the giant… or fail. Still not entirely convinced of his choice, he raised his hands to the heavens in turn, almost insulting Son Goku, the miserable low-level Saiyan who once again had ridiculed him.

“Don’t you dare miss!”

Vegeta’s strength was impressive, and Goku felt he would be ready soon. His son, on the other hand, was done. He had done what he could, but was almost beaten to death by the giant in front of him. He now had his head in the ground, crushed by Broly, who was about to deal the coup de grace.

But luckily, Son Goku and his son had very good friends on whom they could rely . Among them, Yamcha. Though he was a womanizer, a joker, and a bit shy at times, he didn’t hesitate to help Gohan the same way he helped Kulilin. He fired his Sokidan from a distance so that Broly wouldn’t find him, and led his energy ball right at his head, which stopped him in his killing frenzy. The smoke cleared, and the Legendary Warrior sought the one who attacked him. Muten Roshi took advantage of the moment. With a kick in the butt, he sent Oolong into the fight!

The pig, completely frightened and trembling, was forced to resort to the plan that the senile old man proposed: to metamorphose into Paragus.

Not at all confident, he cried out loud, “Broly! How dare you kill me!”

Broly, looking livid, took a few steps towards the transformed pig, who said that even though it was a bad idea. Once again, Muten Roshi took the opportunity to run full speed, and carried Gohan on his back an away from the battlefield. It was the best he could do…

Broly was only two steps away from his phony father, who, after a sort of small explosion followed by white smoke dissipated in one second, transformed into t a pic. Behind him, Son Goku turned into a Super Saiyan. With the attack finally ready, he launched the Genkidama at Broly, shouting at Oolong to duck. Fortunately, the attack passed right over him, just a few centimeters. He thought for a moment that he was going to be a roast pig! Broly, surprised, couldn’t avoid the attack that pushed him so far back without any visible damage. He was pushed into the comet… which exploded on impact, with Broly caught between the two… As he lay, suspended in space for a moment, he remembered the crying Goku at his side when they were just mere babies.

It was over… Goku had succeeded!

“Tsss,” said Vegeta, noting that Goku had finally pulled it off and that his son had taken the necessary time. He couldn’t stand the idea of always having to ally with the person he despised most in the world.

Son Goku dismounted and sat down, panting. Muten Roshi joined him and Gohan lay beside his father. Yamcha helped Kulilin recover before joining everyone.

“Thanks, Yamcha. I wasn’t sure if you were gonna face off against Broly. I heard you create a Sokidan, but I was too weak to see anything.”

“Oh, you know, it wasn’t much, ha ha!”

‘Well, to be honest,’ he thought, ‘it’s probably best not to mention the fact that I was hiding the entire time…’

The planet was no longer in danger, so the heroes took a long rest… The ship was destroyed, so they had to wait for Goku to gather enough energy to teleport everyone to Earth. When Gohan regained consciousness, he was congratulated by his father. He had shown his guts… but that didn’t mean he had time to rest. The father asked his son to transform into a Super Saiyan again, as they had done so last week… because they couldn’t forget Cell, who was more formidable than Broly… Not by power, but through his diverse knowledge of fighting techniques.

“Cell is much stronger than Broly,” Son Goku added to convince his friends Kulilin, who remained convinced that Dr. Gero’s creature was now just a pushover. “The tactics he’ll use are going to be far more deadly than anything Broly could dish out. And there are also the fighting techniques. Cell knows almost all of us and has a variety of techniques. Broly, with his fists and green energy balls, only had raw power that grew steadily.

“Cell’s only weakness,” Piccolo went on to add, “is that he’s not invincible or immune to our attacks like Broly.”

“Two entirely different fighters, with entirely different strengths… and different weaknesses….” Gohan whispered to himself.

“Okay, I’ve rested enough. I can teleport us all to Earth. We deserve a day off!”

Goku stood up, put two fingers to his forehead, and teleported everyone to Earth… Home at last.

They all believed that Broly was actually defeated, and that all that remained for peace was to defeat Cell. But seven years later, the Legendary Super Saiyan returned… on Earth!

It was two weeks before the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament…

It had been seven years since Goku died following the fight against Cell. Soon after his death, Chichi gave birth to a second son, Goten. When he heard that the tournament was approaching, Goku had promised his friends that he would return to Earth for one day. Gohan began to train his little brother for the occasion. But that day, Goten had another plan. Trunks had ‘borrowed’ the Dragon Radar from his mother. Basically, they wanted to ask Shenron who was going to win the famous tournament… but they soon found out that they had to change their plans. When they collected the sixth Dragon Ball, they agreed to ask for a private amusement park and a bunch of candy. …

Goten and Trunks were like that. They were just children of seven and eight years who were continuously trying to have fun. Trunks was far from developing the maturity of his counterpart from the future seven years ago. Life was easy for him. He was spoiled by his mother and had inherited his father’s personality. Vegeta, who in this timeline had not been killed by the Androids, did not let his presence harden Trunks’ personality, as his other son’s personality had after Future Vegeta’s death. Rather, it was Bulma who had controlled her son’s education. Although she knew he was potentially very strong, she also saw him as the future CEO of Capsule Corporation. Fortunately, that didn’t stop Vegeta from training his son from time to time in the artificial high-gravity chamber. And it was not uncommon for Trunks to ditch and go play with Goten.

The former would just have to train with his big brother in order to be able to fight his best friend Trunks as a reward. But seeing that Goten was absent from their training area, Gohan went off looking for him. He was with Videl in the morning, to train her too, but it was more necessary that Goten progressed. It wasn’t long since he had learned to fly and ki control was quite new to him, but he could do those both quite well. Gohan couldn’t sense his brother anywhere.

The final Dragon Ball was trapped by two urchins at the bottom of the ocean. Trunks, who didn’t want to get wet, persuaded his young friend to go first. He was the oldest and Goten was a bit naïve, as Trunks often convinced him to do stuff in his place. Goten looked for a long time but it was too deep for him to see anything. He didn’t really want to dive back into the water, as it was a little too cold for his taste and because he could not hold his breath for too long. With an unhappy sigh, he asked Trunks to try for himself… The latter, not yet ready to dive into the icy water had no other idea than to throw a little of his ki into the water below him. The shockwave was enough to create a tsunami! But he completely missed the Dragon Ball…. And Goten took advantage of the opportunity to reprimand him. It was not often that Trunks was full of shit and that Goten could imagine himself superior to him.

The tsunami woke up someone who had arrived on Earth shortly before… Broly slowly emerged from the waves, the water flowing over his thick muscles. At first a little disturbed, he tried to remember what had happened…

When Kakarotto used his attack, Broly had struck the comet that had exploded immediately. Fortunately, the power of the Legendary Warrior kept him alive… but the explosion was so violent that he sank into unconsciousness… He survived, and New Planet Vegeta’s gravity pulled him back. There, he recuperated his strength slowly, managing to survive in the place’s uninhabited desert… For six years, he waited to regain his strength. When he felt ready, he focused on one goal: to find and eliminate Kakarotto! He transformed into a Suepr Saiyan and went towards the power that he had sensed from afar…. Without air, without the ship, his body was able to resist the long journey… and when he came to Earth, he stopped, sank into unconsciousness and dropped onto the planet…

He had just woken up and he felt two powers. He knew had not forgotten Trunks and Kakarotto… even though they seemed slightly different. He did not think for a moment longer. He had waited for this moment for a long time! He turned into a Super Saiyan and rushed two small powers that he had sensed.

“It’s them!” he cried. “I’m on the right planet!”

For the first time in several years, he had found his smile and one goal: to destroy Kakarotto and the insects around him! This time, yes this time, he would win! He would even destroy this planet! What he would he have done, however, had he known immediately that Goku was killed by Cell several years earlier…?

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