DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 14, Chapter 70.


Chapter 70

Translated by Qtjinla15

Everyone patiently waited, but few people actually knew who would compete in the final match of the first round. There were many inhabitants from different worlds who were potentially next.

Considering the inhabitants of one of the worlds, one couldn't help but wonder if the Kaioshin got involved or not? In the space of Universe 2, there were at least a dozen spectators. One of them was most likely registered. Four of them had already participated: Mary Sue, Arale, Nékomajin Z, Sun 6 Wukong.

In another universe, there were two women in the group of four, eight in the world in all composed of a whole bunch of warrior races and of different body types. In the ninth universe remained a dark young man who was also participating involved, as one or both of the universe counterparts 16 and 18 the name of Son Gohan. Finally, Universe 19 had many warriors equipped in armor and all ready to fight.

The Varga, armed with a microphone, placed end to the speculation. Shouting happily, he announced the final battle of the first round:

"And now the last fight of the round!" he began, taking some time to announce the names to bring a touch of suspense.

"Indeed," Raichi from the universe 3 space stated. He was still sitting on his luminous ball, just as he turned into the entrance to his room saying:

"This is the last fight of the first round ... You can come out now, nameless one."

They were not only three in this universe, despite what Raichi and Tapion had originally thought, before the sudden onset of the Saiyan Baddack who asked to keep his presence secret.

There were four. And while he went out, the fighter finally showed his face at the sight of millions of viewers, the host finished his announcement:

"The last Battle of the first round is Beelzebub of Universe 2 against the Great Demon King Piccolo of universe 3."

"And well, the name he gave him ... He did not believe it too ... " thought the Varga after turning off his microphone.

Piccolo, a name that was well known to many of the participants in this tournament, especially among the two Piccolo counterparts of worlds 16 and 18. An obvious difference existed between them: the Grand Demon King Piccolo was their father, they were his reincarnation. They were conceived as an egg from the last breath of life Piccolo Daimao breathed following his defeat by Son Goku.

The great Demon King retained his youth, meaning he was built for fighting. In no doubt, he had managed to get the youth eternal life through Shenron, like its counterparts in many other universes.

Universe in 2, a Paifu World Cowa, cried in delight: "Oh? I'm going to ask them both for an autograph!"

Paifu was a monster and proud of it! He found that there were too many people in this tournament, when everyone knew that they were weak and the monsters were the strong ones! Finally, the people would see that the ones who changed their hairs weren't the only impressive ones, as his friend Mako. This round would end in beauty since the announcement promised two things: two monsters of the highest quality! Beelzebub was well known among both monsters and demons. He was one of legends of their world, and was very nasty. He had ended a sun that was devastating their world! Monsters preferred the night after all. As for the Grand Demon King, he did not know of him, but the title spoke for itself.

It was time for the fighters to approach. The famous hopping Beelzebub stood against the wall, his cape fluttering in the wind thanks to another inhabitant, the s good old Thief air that made powerful swinging motions with a fan. He was already tired and sweaty, but the fact that it was on its prince was worth it!

"Demon King huh? I know the King of the demons, and he did not look like that! You'll regret pretending to be my father.

In the space 11, another demon, the same skin color as Beelzebub, though somewhat darker, murmured: "Nice little devil, I would love to have a son like him!"

He was sitting quietly on a bench. The hole in the stomach, the result of his match against Cell, had disappeared. He had been completely healed, perhaps from the assistance of a Namek.

"But? Why you are healed you? Babidi cried, astonished to see Dabura not dying on the ground.

"Uh ..."

Dabra would have liked to be more discreet in that time, but now...

"It is I who healed!" the Fat Buu did, joyfully. "He gave me this candy in return!"

He showed: a candy still wrapped in his little colored paper, between two of his thick fingers. He was proud of not having yet begun.

Babidi hysterical, replied as kindly as usual:

"Fool, that was a candy that you created yourself at lunch!"

Majin Buu lost his smile. With a little pouting face, he turned to look towards the ring while swallowing a sudden his candy. "I was still given some ..."

For its part, Babidi could do nothing. Oh, of course he had to have a spell or two to suffer Dabra, but now why bother? He would wipe the slate clean, but it still would want a moment to be lost.

In the space 13, the four warriors of them commented:

"Tss, another creature from this universe 2," Nappa grumbled, not happy to attend a future game uninteresting.

"And another Namek," Raditz added. Had they not realized that they were outmatched?

In the space of Universe 18, the participants also spectated the unlikely turn of events.

"Well, well, its Daimao!" despite the revelation Son Goku wore a smile on his face. This was the enemy responsible for Kulilin first’s death, but Goku avenged him. There was no sense making disturbance about it now, seeing as that was in the past.

"So this is it, the famous Piccolo Daimao..." Son Gohan stated.

He had heard a lot about him from not only Piccolo himself, but also his father when he was little. It was obvious this was first time Gohan could see in the flesh. This multiverse tournament was definitely a place full of surprises.

"I feel that there's something different." Piccolo stated.

"Yes, now that you mention it," said Goku losing his smile, "I feel it too."

In the space 16, another warrior felt too:

"Yes, it is not the same Piccolo that Son Goku confronted and defeated before. I remember his strength very well. It is much stronger here ... But there's something else ... It's not just Piccolo Daimao ..."

The two fighters began moving to the ring, ready to fight, but not in a position of typical martial arts fighter. The fighter of universe three wore a wicked grin as he his opponent landed on the ring.

"What's that ridiculous imp?"

"Keuf! You're not a demon, you're a Namthing like the organizers!" replied the little demon."Hey, we're super heavy ball on this,” he thought at the same time. But the fighter did not flinch. He continued to taunt his opponent: "Me, I'm a demon!" he said, pointing to the thumb, smiling, frowning, and proud. "For example, a few days ago, I was given chocolates, and I have not even shared with my friends!" He let a few seconds pass before he continued. "In addition, I ate them just before dinner."

In space 2, Paifun'en was amazed:

"Wow! What demon! I bet he has not brushed their teeth afterwards! Beelzebub can do anything!"

The Old Thief, to help the reputation of his prince nodded beside the monster.

“Oh yes, oh yes," he said. "Our prince is terrible!"

Piccolo was indeed a shock, albeit discreetly. He wondered what he had heard could be considered impressive in any capacity. Then he realized that his opponent was a child. He had no idea of the real world. Perfect! Piccolo Daimao adored breaking children. It was not difficult to put it back Beelzebub, always armed with his evil grin:

"Me, I have killed millions of people."

"What? Are you out of your mind? You're a sick!" cried the little demon, shocked.

"Sick? No!" Yelled the Namek in rushing towards his opponent. "Just evil!" he said, launching a punch that Beelzebub had no time to dodge or parry.

Beelzebub bounced on the ground with his feet and returned to the attack. He knew he couldn't let himself be bullied. Despite the pain in his cheek from the attack, he tried to forget about it as he gritted teeth. But the Piccolo continued the attack with a large vertical kick, which sent the small daemon flying. He fell to the ground with a remarkable heavy force.

"He has a great reach this cheater!" the little demon thought.

Piccolo charged again, when suddenly he thought he heard a voice telling him to pay attention to the left. He stopped, turned to his left guard. But there was nothing.

Beelzebub struck him with all his might to the ear, and then walked away quickly.

The Namek sent a ball of energy, but the little demon dodged a jump on the side, as if he had guessed what he would do. Piccolo again heard a voice in his head: "Behind you!"

Instinctively, he listened and turned. He felt a surge of pain on his right calf, and then a punch landed on the hollow of his back. He had felt it, but it was not powerful enough to cause him to lose balance. He turned, stamping his foot, which did not touch the target. The demon was gone.

"Look up!"

"Oh I see," 'said the Grand Demon King. "You know communicate thought, do you not? It may be practical. I'll admit that..."

"It looks like he guessed it, I'll have to give him the secret blow, I'll tell him to look exactly the place where I'm coming! It will not look, and I can claim the victory!' Beelzebub thought.

"I can read minds also, so to speak. Do not try to tell me what direction you come next time, because I will counter it.”

"That can't be true! How are you doing this!?" Beelzebub was completely surprised.

“I guess you can also read my mind, which explains how you managed to avoid a few shots ... Well, I just have to speed up, or not think about my battle strategy!"

He complied. He thought of several good moments in his life, such as his domination of the Earth, while channeling his energy into his arms and his hands, which gleamed yellow in color.

He pulled in front of him, holding his right arm. He voluntarily launched his hand at the foot of Beelzebub, to make him jump, and he did. With his other hand, Piccolo pulled towards his enemy. He could not fly and was going to be burnt to a crisp by the attack.

But the little rose devil still had a few surprises! He opened his mouth wide while the energy ball hurtled straight towards his head and took a deep breath to swallow ... the attack!

He did not keep it long in the mouth, it slightly burned his tongue! Beelzebub spit the fireball down to his opponent. Surprised, Piccolo did not avoid.

After the explosion in the ring and the smoke has cleared, the Great Demon King Piccolo stood erect, his shirt torn slightly, his skin burned slightly in some places.

"Not bad ... But even if the attack would have killed you; it hardly fazes me."

Piccolo flew quickly into the idea of hitting Beelzebub foot. Beelzebub couldn't fly, so he could not avoid the attack to which he freaked out! To which the great King of Demons was satisfied.

The blow was powerful, sending Beelzebub crashing into the ring, completely burying his head while his legs were in the air. The countdown began, but after ten seconds, Beelzebub ceased to be buried like an ostrich. He staggered, looking up his opponent, and fell on his back, unconscious. The countdown resumed and the time reached thirty seconds without any further movement of the young demon.

"Winner of the round, Great Demon King Piccolo of universe 3!"

"I am displaying an infinite amount of kindness to have let a little mosquito like you live," the demon Piccolo commented. "But on the other hand, with no survivors, who will attend my triumph?"

He took a few steps into the ring and quickly found himself upside down, eyes on the shelves of other universes, which in his view, was now the ceiling. The universe 7 ... His next opponent was a, Namek. And not just any Namek... it was like him, the Great Satan yet at the same time he was different.

They had many things in common: they were two Super Nameks, two incredible warriors. And the King of Demons also had nothing in common with him. Gast had not absorbed Piccolo.

Piccolo returned to his room when several characters from the universe came for 2 Beelzebub. A Namek trainer came at the same time, and began his care, placing his hand on the chest of the demon. He woke up a few seconds, but remained on the ground.

"It's a pity you did not have time to make use all your powers!" Theif consoled him.

"Yes, but I'm not sure it would have changed anything, he was incredibly strong."

"You were great anyway!" Paifu said. "And you're a great demon! Its super bad snacking between meals!"

"Thank you ..."

After two minutes of care, Beelzebub was now in better shape. He rose, and with his friends and fans, regained his space in Universe 2. Like many others, he had now become a spectator, like the beautiful Mary Sue, or monkey Sun Wukong.

"I'm glad I ran into him anyway, " confessed Beelzebub. "If I had been Stronger, I would have not almost been killed. I still have the opportunity to see if any of those four are a demon like my father."

"I could come as well right?" asked Paifu.

This would allow him to follow his idol at the time, and meet another demon.

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