DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 18, Chapter 86.


Chapter 86

Translated by npberryhill

The arena was plunged into total silence, just as calm and quiet as the universe 0 had been since the dawn of time. It was the complete opposite of earlier that day; the shouts of fighting had echoed throughout the stadium, the applause of countless spectators a constant background rumble. But now...it was peaceful once again.

Most of the fighters slept. But while some took a well deserved rest, others wanted to start warming up for the second round at the earliest opportunity. Of those, a few warriors remained awake all night long. In some cases, the sleepless ones were wary, keeping an eye out for trouble just in case. Others simply had nothing else to do; their biology didn’t need to rest nor did they even know what it was like to sleep. But for some fighters, staying awake all night allowed them to strategize and plan.

Son Gohan of universe 18 was among that group. He had left Videl asleep in their bed, tip-toeing off in silence. Once outside, he paused for a few seconds in the middle of his space’s hallway, looking around. He then spotted someone sneaking out of the dormitory to the right--his counterpart from the sixteenth universe. The other Gohan noticed him as well, both stopping at the sight of each other. There was an brief silence, each staring and wondering what the other had been up to or was planning to do. Thinking the same thing, the two men quickly decided to meet and talk.

Gohan of Vegetto’s universe confessed that he had just returned from talking to the Kaioshins; not only those of universe 1, but also the universe 9 Kaioshin, who had escaped from Videl’s sword. The presence of Gohan had surprised them and, even after introducing himself, they were initially hesitant to believe him. But when Old Kai from universe 9 confirmed that Gohan had clearly been affected by his power raising ability, the gods decided to carefully consider what he had to say.

At their request, Son Gohan described to them all the tournament participants he knew: Freeza, Cell, Bojack, Buu (Gohan had learned much about the djinn from Kibitoshin)...and also Vegetto. The other Gohan thought for a moment. It seemed the presence of Vegetto was the biggest difference between universes 16 and 18, so he wondered what exactly had prompted his counterpart to talk to the Kaioshins. Could the Saiyan fusion be just as dangerous as a Cell or Majin Buu?

“I also talked to them about Bra...I’ve noticed she is very different from the one in your universe,” Gohan of universe 16 said.

“Right, I doubt anyone could help but notice that...but she seems to have an unusual feel to her energy....almost unstable.”

“That’s an understatement...she can’t control her Super Saiyan 2 state at all. She becomes a reckless rage-monster every time. I felt it only wise to warn the gods about her.”

“I understand,” Son Gohan of universe 18 said. He knew he would have done the same thing if their roles were reversed.

The counterpart of the sixteenth universe next confessed to having spoken to Tapion. He had explained to the sword-wielding hero that in his universe they had actually been able to defeat Hildegarn. Gohan of universe 18 nodded, knowing his father had also done so.

“But the reason I went to them...I had to ask them a favor,” Gohan said, interrupting the reflection of his counterpart about Tapion.

"I could tell the Kaioshins would be hesitant before I’d even finished explaining. But I also knew from the beginning that I was asking a lot." The South Kaioshin, in particular, was uncomfortable seeing the line between the high ranking gods and mere mortals blurred so easily. But he remained silent nonetheless, listening to the others.

“I know that you plan to raise the dead at the end of the tournament...but I'm still concerned. On behalf of all the families of all the victims, I would ask that you resurrect them sooner.”

Gohan bore a serious look, lowering his head in respect. Pondering his request, the Grand Kaioshin answered first.

“Well, we have enough Dragon Balls to do it.”

“But this is insane. We can’t just make a decision like this with no discussion!” the South Kaioshin immediately argued.

The gods withdrew for a couple minutes, deliberating before giving Gohan their reply.

“We will consider your request. In the meantime, go get some rest. We will give you our answer at the end of the second round. And thanks again for sharing this information.”

With that, Gohan thanked them for their attention and left the space of universe one.

Now that he was finished explaining the adventures of his own nightlife to Gohan of universe 18, it was the latter’s turn:

“Well, I plan to go have a ‘talk’ with the Saiyans of universe 13,” Gohan said. “There are a few choice words I have for this Kakarotto regarding his upcoming fight with my Pan.”

Gohan’s intent was clearly understood by his counterpart and after a few more minutes of general discussions, they parted. He from universe 16 returned to his sleeping wife and the one from universe 18 went to visit the quarters of universe 13.

Along the way he didn’t cross paths with anyone, not even the Vargas or Namekian organizers of universe 1. The interior spaces were empty. A single door adorned the long dimly lit corridor. Even though Gohan couldn’t identify the energy signatures within the single apartment of universe 13, he knew that the four Saiyans were there.

He knocked twice, hesitating a moment, then, realizing they might not even answer, pushed the door open and entered.

The Saiyans inside looked bored. Vegeta sat at a round table resting his chin on his fist; Nappa appeared completely at ease, having removed his armor. Raditz was leaning against a wall and Kakarotto was staring blankly out a window...in spite of the fact that the window’s only view was of a solid rock wall.

“Who gave you permission to enter?” Vegeta grumbled immediately.

Though the others stood, the Prince of Saiyans didn’t rise, either to greet the visitor or threaten him. He had scoped Gohan’s strength out earlier: Vegeta had seen his violent release of energy when the half-Saiyan’s daughter had been killed. Even if this Gohan was from a different universe, he suspected that, based on their similarities, it could be assumed this one was just as strong. All the same, Vegeta was not afraid. He knew he was safe here, that there was no real threat. Gohan wouldn’t risk breaking any rules lest his daughter not be revived.

But the other three Saiyans spun towards Gohan, their battle senses alert. Yet Gohan did not move. He looked in turn to each of them, recalling to his mind the distant memories he had of each. As if narrating, Gohan organized his thoughts into an inner monologue.

‘Raditz...you turned my innocent childhood into a living nightmare...if only you'd never come to Earth, none of this would have happened. I would have lived peacefully without fighting, without seeing my friends or family die. And you, Nappa...you killed all my father's friends; your merciless slaughter made me absolutely terrified of you...if my father hadn’t arrived in time, you would have killed us all without feeling even an ounce of guilt...’

“Answer my question!” Vegeta said in a more commanding tone, still sitting in his chair.

Lastly, Gohan thought about Vegeta. At first glance, he had seemed so much weaker than Nappa was. Who could have known the prince was powerful enough to nearly defeat his father? Then, on Namek, the boy had encountered him for the first time on his own. If he recalled correctly, he had just discovered a hidden Dragon Ball and was returning to Kululin and Bulma. But the prince had met him along the way; naturally, Gohan feared for his life. But, through bravery and deception, he got away safely with just a knee in the stomach, having safely hidden the Dragon Ball. He had been very lucky indeed.

‘I'm an adult now...and stronger than all of them,’ Gohan thought. ‘I fear nothing and no one, and am able to protect myself and others from the likes of scum like this.’

“I would like to have a word with Kakarotto,” he said at last. “I have a proposal that may interest you, a simple exchange. But first, a challenge.”

Gohan intended to prove his superiority, to convey to these men just how powerful a force he was.

“If you are true Saiyans, you cannot refuse. It’ll be me...against all four of you.

He then sat down in front of Vegeta.

“Oh by all means, make yourself at home,” Vegeta grumbled. “Would you care for tea...or cupcakes?” Vegeta was clearly annoyed by the man’s emboldened approach.

But Gohan paid no attention to him, simply smiling.

“We’re not supposed to fight outside the tournament. I therefore propose arm wrestling...”

Gohan rested his elbow on the table and presented his open hand.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Son Gohan of universe 18. I didn’t want to participate in the tournament...because I am the weakest of my group. You can all push my hand together, even use two arms, and try any angle you want. I challenge you to move my hand an inch. And I won’t even transform into a Super Saiyan!”

Claiming to be the weakest of his group was a huge lie, but it was for a good cause so he didn’t mind; his ego wasn’t tied to his strength like full blooded Saiyans. At his words, he thought he detected a glimmer of fear in the eyes of Nappa. He was sure of it when he saw the bald giant gulp! Obviously, these Saiyans didn’t know that Gohan was able to release his full power without needing to transform. Had it not been for his gift from the gods, though, he wouldn’t have been able to stand up to even ordinary Super Saiyans without transforming. He was expecting a pathetic scene in which the terrible enemies of yesterday tried to force his hand, using all their power against him, and he would effortlessly restrain them. Part of him would have even enjoyed the small revenge, but this was not the case.

“We won’t play your silly games,” Vegeta replied, his arms crossed.

“Hmm. I see you aren’t wearing scouters anymore, so you must know how to sense energy...you already know that I am stronger than you, no need to test me,” guessed Gohan, smiling. “So lets move on. My power is not natural, it’s magical. You didn’t really think that our power came from simple training, did you? Vegetto and I, we aren’t normal. And it so happens, our abilities come from the same source.”

Indeed, Vegetto was wearing the Potalas. And Old Kaioshin, who was responsible for increasing the power of Son Gohan, had been the one to reveal that type of fusion. Everything he said was true from a certain point of view. To the Saiyans, however, the information was incomplete and misleading; a series of grotesque lies.

“All the elements needed to repeat this magic can be found right here, in this very arena. I can explain it all to you, practically hand you the keys for you to replicate every bit of it. In exchange...” Gohan paused, hardening his look. “In exchange, I want you, Kakarotto, to have an honorable fight against my daughter. She is the one you are set to battle in the second round.”

“Honorable?” asked the evil version of Son Goku.

“No unnecessary violence. No killing or use of excessive force. And none of your sadistic madness. Fight with virtue for once, Kakarotto! I’m not even asking you to lose. But don't you dare cross that line!"

“Peuh! Who do you think I...”

Gohan immediately tackled Kakarotto against the wall, toppling the table with the wake of his rush. Nobody had time to move, he was too fast for them. The demi-Saiyan had Kakarotto pinned against the wall with a single hand. Re-focusing himself, he quickly turned into a Super Saiyan, but he still couldn’t free himself from the powerful grip of Gohan.

“Listen to me, you mass murderer,” Gohan hissed between his teeth, his speech angry and uncontrolled. “The only good thing you’ve ever done is accidentally hitting your head and allowing the great man my father is to be born!”

He was damn tired of these arrogant monsters, only seeing honor in killing and slaughter.

Behind Gohan, Nappa and Raditz instantly charged. Without turning around, Gohan swung his free arm back and sent them careening in the other direction. It was nothing but a light flick, but they still crashed helplessly into the opposite wall, neither able to recover immediately.

“Don’t you want to try as well, Vegeta?” Gohan asked, looking away from Kakarotto; the Saiyan was still trying to get away.

Vegeta remained imperturbable in his chair:

“What for? Kakarotto will follow your demands, I'll make sure of that. Now, tell us more about this magic.”

Gohan then released his hold on Kakarotto, who started to fall clumsily on his back. But before he could hit, Gohan barely ignited his aura, grabbed Kakarotto by the chest, and spun him into the ground. Satisfied, he once again took a seat facing Vegeta and began to speak of the famous magic. That is, without disclosing exactly what the elements he had spoken of, those present in the arena, were. The other three Saiyans remained standing, upset, but not daring to attack the warrior again.

Gohan then answered a few of the Saiyan’s questions. They discussed Majin Buu, including all the djinn’s various forms, among other things, before Gohan decided to take his leave, saying he had explained plenty. He hoped that Vegeta would not only heed his words, but also keep true on his promise that Kakarotto would fight fairly.

Leaving, Gohan noticed that the Piccolos of universes 16 and 18 were "sleeping" in the same position. They both sat cross-legged, levitating in the air, with eyes closed; but there could be no doubt they were alert to everything transpiring around them.

To the left of Son Gohan, Old Kaioshin of universe 9 was just leaving from the quarters of the organizers. But he went back to his room without even glancing at Gohan. In the area of the sixteenth, Vegetto was also leaving. He had just finished discussing things with his universe’s Gohan, who had then gone to bed, leaving Vegetto alone to resume his walk. As Gohan continued back to the apartments of the 18th, he also crossed paths with a few warriors of universe 19, who were also just heading inside. Among them were Eleim and Xeniloum.

Meanwhile, as the son of Son Goku was about to enter his room, he felt a familiar aura. Someone was sneaking around the apartments of universe 18, someone he immediately recognized.

“Freeza...really? Hah, some night! It’s like I’m bumping into everyone that used to scare the hell out of me back when I was a kid!”

Gohan vanished immediately, super speeding his way towards the creeping aura of Freeza. He found the frost demon immediately, Gohan deciding to be stealthy himself: It was childs play, as Freeza had no chance of detecting his energy without using a scouter. King Cold's son moved stealthily, quickly and quietly nonetheless. He was looking for something, that much was obvious. But it was Gohan that he found instead.

Freeza was stunned when the business-dressed Saiyan suddenly appeared just in front of his face, but he didn’t run. Rather, he froze, the two warriors staring at one another in silence. Gohan finally spoke.

“Freeza...In my universe you were a tyrant. You made everyone around you suffer for the sake of your own ambition. You nearly wiped out the entire Namekian race in pursuit of your evil whims...but you were defeated...”

“You...You're a Saiyan?” Freeza asked quizzically, wanting to confirm his hypothesis.

“Half-Saiyan, yes,” Gohan replied. But he had questions of his own. “Freeza, I could just turn you in, but first answer me this. I’m sure you recognize Vegeta, but do you know any of the other people from universe 18?”

Freeza didn’t immediately respond, seeming to turn the question over in his mind. He looked Gohan in the eyes, then said:

"No, I only know Vegeta.”


Surprised, Gohan started to leave, turning his back to the Frost Demon, but then said one last thing:

“I’m not going to fight you, Freeza, even if I could knock you out in one fell swoop. You deserve it; you’re responsible for a great many evils in my universe. I could vaporize your head with a thought, but you're in luck: I'm very peaceful. Now, leave our space immediately and stop your snooping around! Someone other than me could catch you next time, and they might not be so nice...”

Gohan then left quietly for his room, monitoring the aura of Freeza to make sure he left their space.

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