DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 6, Chapter 27.


Chapter 27

Translated by Jake Devaro

Ba-dum ba-dum, ba-dum ba-dum, ba-dum ba-dum. Pan's heart rate was accelerating rapidly and beating loudly. Bojack was bearing down on her and she felt completely outmatched, nothing she did worked! The fear she felt caused her to panic, so much so that she was unable to dodge her gree attacker's powerful punch to her belly. Pan flew at full speed toward the stands, unable to move or catch her breath.

She struck the Vargas' energy shield that was protecting the public. The shock of the impact gave her some idea of where she was, and gradually she was able to regain her breathing. Holding her stomach, she remained suspended, away from the ring, and specifically away from Bojack.

What a blow! She was almost knocked in in a single shot... he was so powerful, and so fast! She had to come up with a solution fast!

Suddenly a strange noise was heard from the ring, which now consisted of each piece revolving around the others according to physical laws governed by the amazing Vargas' technology. Bojack was still not finished demonstrating his power... he had a big smile on his face, revealing his large white teeth.

Pan managed to avoid the next enormous punch thrown by her opponent by dropping a few meters below it. His attack struck the shield, which vibrated violently for a few seconds, causing the spectators to shake from the impact. Some spectators were fleeing the arena after getting an up close look at the Universe 6 fighter.

Pan dashed away from her opponent, she still had a hand holding her stomach, causing her to move more slowly that she wanted to. She headed toward the smashed ring, where she hoped to use the ring and her agility to her advantage. Bojack followed in hot pursuit.

The small girl turned and threw a small ball of energy that hit her target right in the head, stopping him dead in his tracks. The surprise attack gave the girl the time to hide behind a piece of the ring. She quickly let her aura disperse, lowering her power in hopes that he would not be able to detect her.

The smoke that was encompassing Bojack's head dissipated to reveal his face, completely injury free. He was a bit dusty, but still smiling. Then he started laughing. The whole stadium could hear his big, crazy laugh. He was so certain of his victory. He stopped suddenly, his smile fading momentarily. In his right hand appeared a small ball of energy. With a shrill whistle he hurled it at the ring. The explosion destroyed another piece of the small planet, and caused Bojack to start laughing anew.

The granddaughter of Vegetto took advantage of this moment to hide behind a piece of the ring. While she hid she gathered her strength and thanked her lucky stars that she wasn't hit by her opponent's long ranged blast.

"Show yourself!" yelled the pirate before rushing into the pile of debris that was left of the ring.

Pan changed her positioning but soon found herself face to face with the a murderous, sadistic looking Bojack. Letting out a small squeak of surprise, she panicked and launch one of her less effective attacks. It didn't compare to the kamehameha, but was useful at times. Quickly she placed her hands against her forehead, shouted the name of the technique, and launched the attack at Bojack:


It was an attack she had inherited from her father, who had learned it from Piccolo when he was just five years old. This technique had diminished power but rewarded the user with a short charge up time. Using the explosion as a distraction, she quickly flew up and stood on the largest piece of the ring.

Back emerged from the attack completely unscathed and quickly set down on the opposite side of the same piece. The he slowly started walking towards the girl, who again began to panic. She could clearly hear her opponents slow but sure footsteps. It seemed like nothing she could do would stop him.

But she must do something! Putting aside her growing fear, she got into position:


Bojack continued to advance, he was just twenty meters away now.


The pirate smiled and stopped after taking a few more steps, examining his opponent's attack: a bright blue light was eminating from between the girl's hands.


Reaching towards Bojack, Pan unleashed the full power of her Kamehameha wave. The sudden attack was both powerful and fast at the same time, quickly spanning the fifteen meter gap between herself and the green humanoid. The latter, smiling as always, waited patiently for the kid's strongest technique: reaching out a single hand, he stopped the kamehameha! Then, with a quick upward movement of his arm, he forced the attack to deviate from it's path. The blast harmlessly crashed into the shield behind him.

Pan knelt on the ground, trembling, sweating, her breathing shallow. Her heart was pounding. Opposite her, Bojack was still laughing. He felt a slight sting in his hand but that was it. He was simply amused by the child.

What could she do? Pan was distraught, even her best technique had been ridiculed... she thought of her father, Gohan. What would he say if she lost? Surely it would be nothing, he would just be happy she was safe and sound. Vegetto? He would be disappointed, but he would understand. What about her counterpart in Universe 18? They have the same character so she would also be disappointed, but she would realize how strong he was. But Bra? Bra would certainly make fun of her! She was always boasting around her, she would remind her of her defeat for years to come! No! She couldn't let that happen! She must persevere by any means!

Pan stood up, a new look on her face: she looked determined, strong, unbreakable. She clenched her fists and her golden aura reappeared. Her strength seemed even higher than before, although only slightly. In any case, she would use all her power to win!

With a shout she lunged at Bojack, who was still smiling. She threw a punch at him, which Bojack blocked with his arm. She threw a second punch, which was again parried. She picked up the pace launching kicks and punches but all we blocked. Worse than this: Bojack was not even fazed by the attack. He didn't even move, just stood there blocking attacks. He was an indestructible wall that Pan could simply not break through. Sore legs and hands were the only things she had to show for her efforts.

She redoubled her efforts, striking at him constantly, again and again. She was losing speed and strength though, becoming more and more exhausted. Suddenly, Bojack caught her in his arms. He started to squeeze and shake her, hard. Pan screamed in pain, to the horror of her mother. She endured the pain for several long seconds.

"It's time to give up little one" said the attacker, finally dropping her at his feet.

Give up... suddenly the words sounded sweet in Pan's ears. Give up... it would be so simple, so easy... and the pain would go away. She would return to Universe 16 where she would be comforted by her parents, and protected by her grandfather...

Protected by her grandfather... always... always?

Bojack laughed, but was suddenly stopped dead: the girl at his feet, almost inert, suddenly sprang back to life. Her golden aura reappeared. Without giving him a chance to more she violently turned herself, kicking the ankle of her opponent. The blow made him lose his equilibrium, and for a second he found himself floating horizontally. Pan jumped with all of her strength, headbutting him right in the belly. She continued the attack with a surprise knee to his belly, then an uppercut. She hurried away and clenched her fist, the intensity of her aura increasing.

Bojack flew a few meters into the air and stopped. Tired after taking a few shots, he remained levitating, looking at the girl below. Now she was starting to do well, he must kill her quickly. He saw the girl was planning a new attack. He waited a little bit, just to see.

Pan calmly focused her energy, then conjured a ball of energy in the palm of each hand that glowed yellow. Seconds later she threw them at Bojack. He easily deflected them. Pan tried again.. then again... the same attack, faster and faster each time. Bojack deflected it every time, then he noticed that some of the beams were missing him. So while continuing to deflect blows, he said to his opponent:

"Are you blind, or just so tired you can;t aim?"

He laughs again seeing that her direct attacks have ceased. Finally he stopped laughing, and understood: all of the attacks that he had deflected, and every one that passed by him... it was all calculated! Now Bojack found himself surrounded by hundreds of yellow energy spheres.

"Son of a bitch! I'll crush you!"

Pan permitted herself a smile. Then, as Piccolo had quire recently taught her, controlled the energy balls with her arms, quickly bringing them to bear on his chest. The first wave contacted Bojack. The explosion was huge. Pan repeated this twice, and each time some fifty balls instantly launched and the green pirate before exploding.

In the Universe 16 balcony, Vegetto glanced at Piccolo, smiling. He was delighted that he had taught Pan his technique. But she had improved it even more! It was impressive.

Pan from Universe 18 was even more impressed. She knew the masenko, but this new technique that her counterpart used, she had never seen it before. She hoped it was enough to finish off Bojack.

Pan, back in the ring, fell to her knees. Huge drops of sweat fell from her nose to the ground. She was completely exhausted, but it was worth it. Now, Bojack was surely... alive and without any serious damage?

"Impossible!" she thought when she saw her opponent in the air, uninjured even after this devastating attack... Pan smiled, not out of pleasure, but at herself, at her weakness. It was clearly over now. She knew it. Everyone knew it. So why sit there and be humiliated any longer?

Her father was right, she should have been more cautious. This guy was really powerful. How could she defeat him now? She was so young...

What weakness... what shame...

Pan stood up. Her legs trembled slightly under her weight, even though she did not weigh much. She closed her eyes for a moment, a smile on her face. Ah, if only she had met someone from Universe 10 like her counterpart! Now it was too late.

"Now... its time to give up..." Pan thought finally as she started to raise her right arm.

That's when Bojack suddenly landed in front of her! Pan stopped short, the smile faded from her face and her eyes open wide. He was so big she couldn't even see all of Bojack at the same time!

"You little brat..."

He quickly grabbed her by the neck. A strange noise coming from her throat, Pan immediate realized her inability to breathe and her blood went cold. Laughing heartily, Bojack lifted her with his arm outstretched.

Pan tried to free herself from his grop. She struck the edge of her hand repeatedly on Bojack's wrist... without success. She gradually weakened, tears streaming down her face. Her tongue, surrounded by drool, seemed to be searching for the last breath of air... her hair again became black. She sank into unconsciousness...

Meanwhile in the Universe 16 balcony Vegetto and Gohan stood their ground wanting more than anything to intervene, and Bra was trying to encourage the crying Videl next to her. The Videl and Pan from Universe 18 were also in tears, holding hands with each other.

Taking one last stand, with her last ounce of courage and strength, Pan tightened her fists. Her hair turned back to gold, and her aura reappeared after a few seconds. In a short span of time she bludgeoned a few kicks and punches onto the muscular arm of Bojack. In the Universe 16 balcony, Bra and Videl suddenly had hope that this would work.

Suddenly, time seemed to stop, along with the laughter of Bojack. He ended the young teenager before she ever had a chance to give up. A crack sounded in the arena. Her hair turned black, and from the labored breathing and the terrible pain in her neck... she was delivered... it was all over: Bojack had squeezed hard enough to break the neck of Pan. Not content with just killing her; he tossed her away, like a discarded rag. The frail and lifeless body of the young girl fell...

The second death of the tournament involved a teenager...

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