DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 9, Chapter 44.


Chapter 44

Translated by Jake Devaro

There was a stampede going on amidst the Varga troops in the control center. Orders upon orders were being shouted back and forth less than ten seconds apart. They were in the process of analyzing the technical problem that was preventing them from returning Broly to his cold and empty home. The Vargas were scouring their trans-dimensional machine for any mechanical problem, thinking perhaps some disgruntled employee had cut a wire or that there was some faulty software coding.

Amid the the tumult of fruitless searches, the highest ranking Vargas and the Namekians continued to watch the fight between Broly and Vegetto. They were fortunate that the fighters were of equal strength or the crazy fighter would have certainly destroyed everything! However, they were both suddenly showing increases in their powers. If one of them increased their powers to greater than their opponent's, it would be all over. One Namekian crossed his fingers hoping that Vegetto would be the winner, he didn't want to die quite yet in that place.

"Right now, I think Vegetto can contain him," declared a Varga with blue hair, breaking both the heavy silence of those beholding the battle on the monitors and the background noise and chirping of those who sought to find the source of the bug. "But we absolutely have to fix the failure!" the Varga cried to the others, who started to work even harder.

The wait lasted for several long moments before a small bird finally found the Holy Grail:

"Found it! It's a part that got burned!" he said with glee, knowing he would surely receive a promotion soon!

"Replace it! We have to send this Broly dude back... The sooner, the better!" again cried the chief Varga, a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead.

"Big Bang..." Heard everybody in the control room. The voice had resonated out of small speakers... Vegetto was about to attack!

"Too late!" A Nemekian managed to say as he stepped back, realizing how much this attack's strength exceeded the previous ones.

The attack that Vegetto launched crashed into Broly with an incredible shock. The explosion that ensued astonished everyone in attendance while simultaneously deafening them. Everybody stole a view whether on the monitors or through large bay windows. The shield protecting the spectators withstood the shock for a moment, before yielding slightly.

Everybody felt that the energy should not affect them through the shields, they would not let energy through... However Uub sensed it a little better than the rest:

"The energy is piercing through the shield! The spectators are going to be harmed!" He cried to nobody in particular.

At least if one of the Vargas could hear him maybe they could increase the power of the shield... but nobody could really hear each other anymore due to the din of the attack.

Uub quickly looked around him. There were people here who were not going to be fighting, and children too. There was Pan, and Videl standing behind Bra... He had to protect them. It's what Goku would have done!

Placing himself between the girls and the duo of Trunks and Goten he stretched him hands out before him, let out a cry, and concentrated part of his ki to create a shield around them. He obviously could not protect the whole stadium like that, but if even a hundred people could avoid being hurt thanks to him that would be good.

Uub stood firm: the bulk of the blast was finally losing power and was actually a little less dangerous than he had believed. The Vargas' shields ultimately resisted, only allowing a small surplus of energy through.

In the control center, the same conclusion was reached. A Varga had just finished informing his superiors.

"The protective fields held up but the 1% of energy that went through stunned and hurt the spectators. Send healers right away." Ordered the chief Varga.

"Yes boss." Could be heard as three little birds began to run as fast as their furry little legs would carry them to quickly fetch the Namekians and inform them of the orders.

The spectators were definitely getting their money's worth. The majority were still in a good mood, enjoying the incredible spectacle. Few of them were severely in the end... The other fighters were starting to comment:

"Such power!" Exclaimed Kakarotto of Universe 13, still clutching his fists as a Super Saiyan. "Lucky I won't see him til the end!"

Beside him, Vegeta was enraged.

"Rah..." He grunted while shaking his right fist in anger at the sight of power greater than his.

Behind them, Raditz and Nappa, who were not Super Saiyans, had been forcefully swept away by the explosion, and were smashed into the wall. They had tried to resist, but were easily dragged backwards, as evidenced by the marks on the floor, before being literally lifted off the floor.

Not far from them, in Cell's balcony, his junior had suffered a similar fate, and because of his size and slow reflexes was now also embedded in the wall.

"Impossible..." Cell almost whispered while keeping his eyes glued to the starry sky above, where there was currently nothing to see.

"Huge..." Said Buu from Universe 4. He had known what to expect was was still quite surprised.

Many, like Bojack and Tapion, thought the same thing. Others had questions to pose...

"Are you okay Piccolo? Gohan asked his former teacher whom he had protected.

"Yes, of course." Said the Namekian, "But..."

"Did they survive? Or..." Interjected Son Goku, interested in the future of Vegetto and Broly... Piccolo and Vegeta crossed their arms, waiting and searching for the ki of both fighters.

"So that's the power you've been hiding, dad!" Bra from Universe 16 said with a smile, while in Super Saiyan form. She was proud to be his daughter, and also quite surprised.

In the command center, the new data controller was informing his superiors:

"We've spotted the two fighters! Each of them is in the opposite direction within thousands of miles!"

"So far? They've traveled that far?" Marveled a Namekian next to them. "Are they alive?" He asked after his surprise had passed.

"I'll check..."

On one side of space Broly opened his eyes, muttering:


He had hit a big meteor during his flight, and had completely broken through it, although it did manage to slow him a bit. When he hit a second asteroid, it managed to withstand the shock. His body still smoking, he exploded with anger as he launched himself toward the stadium, which was less than a two minute flight away for him, taking care to break the rest of the asteroid apart during his departure.

Broly was accustomed to travel in space. The sudden lack of oxygen and pressure was no longer a surprise for him. This happened all the time when he destroyed a planet or solar system ...

Trunks from Universe 12 was helping a spectator up. He was one of the ones who had fallen into their balcony when the shield had been damage and landed quite close to the young man with the sword.

"You okay?" he asked as he detected Broly's ki approaching. He quickly ushered the spectator back to the stands, groggy but uninjured, and then informed #16 of what he sensed.

"Broly's ki is coming back to us very fast," said Trunks about the Legendary Super Saiyan.

"And once again his power exceeds Vegetto's. As for him, he's not budging." Responded #16.

"Dead?" Trunks asked suddenly.

"No. He slowed down and then stopped in the middle of space..."

Indeed, Vegetto was alive and well aware. He had allowed himself to drift for a moment; looking at stars, smiling and overall feeling good. This fight was spectacular for him. A dream! Never before had he been tired out...

Buu had also detected Vegetto's stop. He knew him to be perfectly alive. He knew that for him to not return immediately to the ring he must be exhausted. Buu thought:

"Well done, Vegetto... You're exhausted and he is back at you. I understand you wanted to have fun. Oh sure, I understand... But what are you going to do now that your new power has been surpassed by Broly's? By wanting to play too much, you put yourself in danger, I know the feeling well. Twenty years ago, you almost destroyed me because I was not careful... And you will be destroyed because your attack wasn't strong enough. I thought you were more cautious than that, but I see that is not the case."

He concluded: "I'll have to end this fight myself, it'll be a real pleasure. And when you're back on your feet, I'll crush you next!"

His plan was perfect, there could be no hitch in it... Suddenly Vegetto's ki appeared very close. He had used instant transmission.

"There he is!" Bra was looking up to see her father. First she smiled, then she was surprised to see the state her father was in.

"Dad! He... He is wounded!" Gohan said aloud.

"Thinking of it, the last time Vegetto got injured, it was when... It never happened! Vegetto has never been hurt since he was born! Never!" Piccolo added in surprise.

Vegetto had scratches on his body, there was dried blood everywhere, and his clothes were torn in places. However, the warrior did not seem to have lost his desire to fight... Still in Super Saiyan 2, he kept a keen eye in the direction of Broly, who continued his mad dash toward him.

"Thanks for the fight, Broly. I don't think I'll have a stronger foe with such power ever again! But we have to put an end to this... Your power keeps increasing and I can't protect them all."

In the Universe 18 balcony, the group was wondering what to do:

"Broly's power has increased again... And it's higher than Vegetto's now!"

"Maybe we should have helped him when there was still time." Goku said to the Namekian.

"Let's go!" Said Gohan while powering up, a white aura surrounding him. "If we work together we can still help Vegetto! If we wait, we will definitely be destroyed!"

"I don't see any use, but you're right." Said Piccolo. Although he looked tense, he was brave and started to remove his turban.

"No, we'll stay here." Goku suddenly objected.

"I agree," Vegeta said, "nobody from Universe 16 is acting, so we will not intervene. Too bad for them if Vegetto is defeated. And I have no desire to fight in their place."

"But if Vegetto is beaten, we're all dead!" Gohan argued before stopping because someone had begun talking to him... in his mind. It was Piccolo... from Universe 16!

"Gohan, do not intervene. Have faith in us."

That was all. Gohan looked at Piccolo from his universe, then turned to the one from Universe 16, who was watching him. Bra and he, and Goten and Trunks were all trusting in Vegetto. Gohan turned... He did not seem to want to give up...

"If Piccolo trusts in Vegetto," spoke Goku, "then I will not intervene."

Vegeta smiled. It was what he wanted. Piccolo returned his turban and Gohan let his aura dim.

They would be all right. If Vegetto still had confidence, then they all too would share this mindset.

Yet in Universe 16's balcony, Bra and Gohan looked on. They certainly trusted Vegetto, but they had never seen him more powerful... They wondered what he might have left in his reserves. After all, although he had been able to fight back while in his Super Saiyan 2 form... With the power he had not, he could not hope to defeat Broly...

Vegetto finally moved. He spread his arms, his palms open and fingers extended.

"Until now, I've never shown this power to anyone... Aaahhhh!" He cried, amost in pain, bringing out all the energy he had.

A very blinding light seemed to emerge from the body of Vegetto, again dazzling all the spectators and participants. The Vargas detected a huge energy spike, which continued to climb. The Namekian giant from Universe 7, which until then had not moved except to blink from time to time, covered his eyes and was actually impressed by the force gushing forth... A force nobody seemed to be able to match!

Vegetto screamed. As he increased his aura, numerous and powerful lighting bolts showed off not just his strength but his sheer will. Still in some pain... Vegetto's hair began to lengthen as his eyebrows were disappearing... And his muscle mass doubled!

Vegetto completed his transformation... into a Super Saiyan 3!

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