DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 20, Chapter 97.


Chapter 97

Translated by npberryhill

“Our next combatants will be Cell of universe 17 and Bojack of universe 6!” announced the Varga. Cell grinned evilly, it was finally his turn. Unfolding his arms, he started towards the ring, briefly pausing beside the area of universe 16. Gohan turned to eye his approach.

“So, Gohan,” the bio android began, “how would you like for me to do something special to Bojack—in exchange for, say, a secret duel between us away from the arena? Surely you must be burning with wrath towards your daughter’s murderer...”

The grown son of Goku maintained his serious expression as he gazed into Cell’s eyes. After a moment, he noticed in the corner of his eye the Pan of universe 18 being welcomed back by her friends—congratulated for achieving the Super Saiyan transformation. His own counterpart carried the young girl in his arms with pride. Both wore smiles.

“My daughter died because she was brave, every bit as brave as her,” Gohan began, nodding with his eyes towards Pan of universe 18. “She passed the test, and will come back stronger than ever. I share no interest in your petty offer of revenge, Cell. Neither do I care to be mixed up in any of your games.”

“Well if you won’t, I can sure make a few suggestions,” Bra suddenly cut in, grinning somewhat cruelly.

“—No, Bra,” Gohan quickly silenced her.

The reply didn’t suit Cell at all. Somehow, a part of him was still desperate to face Gohan again—he’d been the only one capable of holding him in check once he’d reached his perfect form. In other universes the boy had even managed to defeat him. And now, here in this neutral universe devoid of all life, he finally had the opportunity to avenge his counterparts. Not only that, but it was his one and only opportunity to see, once and for all, who between them was the strongest. Gohan may have beaten his counterparts back then, but today he was far more perfect in every way. Even so, the youthful half-Saiyan was clearly much stronger than before as well.

Cell continued pondering. Despite the apparent reluctance of Gohan, the bio android was convinced that the fighter wanted to face him again as well. He also knew that with or without Gohan’s consent, he might have the opportunity to confront him again soon—if he could manipulate things just right.

As Cell turned to head into the ring, Bra interrupted again.

“Hey, don’t think you’re fooling us by pretending that you haven’t gotten stronger since the Cell Games? Because I’m sure you noticed by now that Gohan is way more powerful than when you two fought in your shitty tournament!”

“Ah, I see you’ve called my bluff,” Cell grinned casually, shutting his eyes and lowering his head smugly. “It was a bit of a game I was playing before, but now that we’ve all seen several of the behemoths here I do believe it’s run its course. I can undoubtedly guarantee you, if you must know, that I am immensely stronger than I was before!”

With a quiet smile, Gohan turned again towards Cell—the small change in his normally serene face surprised the perfect being. To the bio android, it was only further confirmation of Gohan’s earlier bluff. The Saiyan did want to fight, and Cell would insist upon it!

“This tournament would be so much more interesting if there were more fights, don’t you agree, Gohan? No matter how serious the lower level fighters take it, soon such pitiful battles become quite dull to watch. Such a bore if you ask me, and I’m sure your father would agree...”

Standing alone in a corner of universe 16’s area, Vegetto winced, but said nothing. Of course he was bored, but it couldn’t be helped with everyone in the multiverse being inferior to him in strength. That also gave him something to look forward to, though. The final fights would hopefully provide him the challenge he’d longed for. Cell, however, he didn’t expect much from. After all, he was a villain whose time was long passed! It was clear that Buu was stronger, and Vegetto failed to see how Cell could possibly pose a challenge for even Gohan, much less himself. Had the bio android found other cyborgs to absorb? He doubted it.

“We’ve each killed one another, Gohan. In the end, it’s destiny for us to decide the true victor!” Cell concluded, finally leaping towards the arena.

A Varga in the control center turned to his colleague, annoyed. “Ugh, finally! Do they really have so much to sit there blabbing about before the fight? It’s like those two are at war or something.”

“All these monsters and their disregard for us, the rules, the tournament. I just don’t understand them,” the other Varga agreed.

Cell landed on the ring with a TAC, Bojack waiting in front of him with crossed arms. The latter pondered silently whether or not he could win without even using his hands. Surely, with a full power kick, he thought he could.

“About time, bugboy,” the space pirate proudly chuckled.

Uncrossing his arms suddenly, Bojack unleashed his full power. It had been an instinct, perhaps to try impressing his opponent. ‘Am I really so vain?’ he wondered. Cell’s reaction, however, did not produce the awe he’d intended.

“So that’s it, huh?” the bio android smirked. “Really, I was so proud of my power back around the time of the Cell Games—and now fighters just as strong start showing up one after another to challenge me...”

“Heh!” the pirate grunted in reply, never losing his toothy grin. “You sure you haven’t shit yourself yet?”

Had Cell possessed eyebrows, he’d have definitely furrowed them. Him, the perfect being, afraid? How laughable that was. ‘Perhaps I should demonstrate to this fool how to inspire true fear in one’s opponent,’ he thought. There was no longer any reason to hold back anyway, though he didn’t have to employ the entirety of his perfect strength just yet.

“Those were the good old days, I had plenty of challenges back then...but today, I am incomparably stronger!” Cell suddenly yelled, widening his mouth as he clenched his fists together. Thick cutlets of blue lightning suddenly crackled out from his armored green torso, enveloped in the golden hued aura of his jagged energy. He hadn’t just become as powerful as Super Saiyan 2 Gohan—undeniably, he’d far surpassed that level.

“H—huh?” Bojack’s eyebrows raised, his bottom jaw slowly dropping in surprise. Just then, a galeforce of Cell’s energy crashed into him, provoking the space pirate to raise his right arm defensively against the sudden wind. It was more than he’d expected, but he quickly gathered himself and recovered his smile.

“You think blowing a little wind in my face is enough to scare me? Opponents who show off, pah—I’ve seen them my whole life! You’re no exception!”

Watching below from area 18, Goku turned to his Saiyan comrade. “Looks like our suspicions were right. He’s much stronger now.”

“Of course,” Vegeta replied nonchalantly. “He has our cells in him after all. It seems the drive to constantly become more powerful comes as naturally to him as it does to any other Saiyan. Still, just how far he’s come remains to be seen.”

Indeed, Vegeta was definitely curious about the progress Cell had made over the years. What if Gero had engineered the bio android to progress much more quickly than a normal Saiyan? If that were the case, he could quite possibly exceed—after twenty seven years of training—the level of anyone in universe 18. In any case, Vegeta knew from studying his side of the bracket that he’d likely get the chance to find out firsthand.

“Come on, you worm!” the leader of the Bojack gang yelled, charging in for the first strike. But his attack met only the empty vacuum of air. Cell had disappeared at the last instant. Anyone at or below the level of Bojack completely lost sight of the bio android for the next few seconds, until he suddenly reappeared behind the green-skinned pirate.

“You looking for someone?” Cell chuckled, startling his foe. “Don’t tell me I’m too fast for you already.”

Livid, Bojack spun, his hand outstretched for a point blank Ki blast. The huge energy beam burst forth immediately, engulfing a large portion of the energy shield protecting the audience as it widened.

“Hah! Even easier than expected!” the space pirate proudly announced, daring a smile. But as the dust before him began to clear, the fearful sight of a completely unblemished Cell stole away his confidence.

“So...that’s your best, is it?” Gero’s creature mocked with slight amusement.

Seeing that energy attacks weren’t going to work, the pirate deduced that he’d have to overpower his opponent with physical might. Gathering all his strength, Bojack rushed his foe at maximum speed. He’d never come across anyone could match his extreme agility...until now. Listing lazily to the left, then right, Cell dodged each attack with obvious ease.

“You’re quite sloppy, you know,” Cell commented, enjoying the growing expression of anxiety on his enemy's face.

“Rrrg!!! Just shut the fuck up!” Bojack raged, swinging his right fist as hard and as fast as he could.

Cell only grinned, catching the punch easily in his left hand. “Make me.” By only tightening his grip a little, Gero’s monster crushed his foe’s hand, easily breaking through his feeble defense. He immediately followed up with a perfectly executed blow to the pirate’s soft belly.

“Gaach!!” Bojack gasped, spewing blood and saliva from his mouth. “Im—Impossible!” he staggered backwards, wincing from the pain—agony like he’d never known.

Cell confidently stepped towards him once again, but this time greeted his opponent with both hands casually at his sides. Bojack flung himself at his foe, who neither dodged nor parried as the attacks poured on. He struck again and again, first with his fists and then flowing into various kicks as well. Every blow sent circular shockwaves booming throughout the arena, causing the ring to shake constantly. Yet through it all, the green insect-like being didn’t move an inch. Not only that, but the distinctly confident smile that Cell so proudly wore never even flinched. There wasn’t so much as a scratch on him, not the slightest bit of damage—a fact which Bojack was well aware of. But, if a melee brawl was also doomed to failure, he knew he still could rely on his special techniques!

“Energy Bonds!” he shouted, suddenly extending his hands forward.

Immediately, Cell was bound tightly by what looked like tiny threads of son energy, each wrapping and entangling his body.

“Hah!” the pirate goaded, finally regaining his smile. “You’re mine now. I won’t let you make the slightest move!”

“Ghrrk.” For a moment, Cell allowed himself to display a look of shock, of panic, as he struggled. But it was nothing but a facade, a ruse—just as he’d done when toying with Super Vegeta all those years ago. His false fright suddenly cracked once again into a devious smirk. “You’re not moving either.”

“Huh...” the space pirate murmured, suddenly losing his luster. Once again he’d been caught by surprise. Of course it was true, though he’d never paid any attention to it. The downside to the Energy Bonds technique was that in order to prevent Cell from moving, he couldn’t move either. It didn’t matter though, so long as he had his enemy contained he was safe from being attacked!

But Cell suddenly managed to hop, finding that his feet were not properly contained. He landed just to the right of Bojack, who barely found the time to spin and readjust his distance—all while strengthening the son energy. The space pirate knew he wouldn’t be able to contain a foe like this indefinitely, he had to do something. Increasing to full power, he hoped to ensure his victory with a series of swift slices.

“They’ll cut you to pieces!”

From Cell’s perspective, the binds definitely tightened a good deal. However, his unwavering smirk could not be overcome with such a juvenile tactic—particularly one with so great a weakness. The bio android’s eyes suddenly began to glow, concentrating two thin laser beams which he immediately fired. Bojack was struck full in the chest, completely unable to defend himself from the piercing energy. The impact alone hoisted him off his feet and hurled him angrily backwards until he slammed into the energy shield protecting the public—just as had happened with Zangya.

Fate, it seems, allowed him to fall to the ground in the area of universe 16.

“Another crushing defeat for the Bojack Gang!” Jet, a daughter of universe 6, cried joyfully.

“Yeah, I’m finally glad that I came!” Kat replied, equally glad to see their enemy’s defeat.

“Hey!” Bujin shouted from behind them, as if announcing his presence.

The two startled girls jumped with a shiver. They’d completely forgotten the last member of the gang, who had been quite discreet, was sitting right behind them.

“I was just joking,” Kat quickly tried to explain, laughing nervously. “I’ve got nothing against you.”

“Right...” he intoned with plentiful sarcasm. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning! You’re just here to kill Bojack, it’s obvious.”

Suddenly inspired with even more fear, Kat shook her hands out in front of her, shutting her eyes. How did he know? What exactly did he know? Maybe he was just guessing... Beside her, a large bead of sweat began trickling down the blonde Jet’s forehead.

‘Bravo for the reaction, stupid,’ the frustrated girl inwardly paraded. ‘If he wasn’t certain of our hidden agenda before, he certainly has no doubts about it now!’ Neither said a word in response.

Lying on the floor of area 16, Bojack lifted his bruised head. There was a chance that the thirty second time limit hadn’t yet expired. But as his eyes slowly opened, he saw only a dark black dress shoe. Blurred as his vision was, he couldn’t immediately make out its owner. But within a moment, he realized that it was none other than Gohan, the father of the little girl he had murdered.

Standing behind the man was his wife Videl, who was clutching his arm tightly at the sight of such a monster. To his left, however, stood the ever-confident Bra, fully Super Saiyan, cracking her fists together with a smirk.

“Bad luck falling here, jackass!”

Watching the scene from the tournament ring, Cell could only smile at his handiwork. Of course it had been deliberate, a careful calculation of the angle he’d sent his opponent—yet another part of his scheme. The outcome, however, remained to be seen. That is, what would be the reaction of Gohan towards the murderer of his precious child?

Gohan’s eyes were as severe as two supernova as they met with the fallen killer’s, but he restrained his anger. After a few long seconds, he finally turned his gaze away. Bra, however, did not.

“Hey, you’re in our area now. That means I’m gonna pound you to a pulp!” she yelled, twisting the rules out of context in hopes no one would object.

“No, no,” her father suddenly said, appearing beside her. He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, restraining the girl’s temper.

“I...” Bojack stuttered, pushing himself up with his hands.

Suddenly, everyone in the area of universe 16 turned up towards the ring. Bojack only saw their faces turn. It wasn’t until the excruciating pain in his back came that he understood. With a loud roar and a painful gasp, darkness was veiled over his eyes. Bojack was no more.

Since he’d fallen from the ring, Cell had awaited the proper moment to crush Bojack with a powerful knee. The reaction he’d expected from Gohan, however, did not come.

“Bojack has been killed! Victory goes to Cell of universe 17!” one of the overseeing Varga’s announced. Meanwhile, Cell grasped his dead foe’s head by the hair and raised him up.

“Already dead, huh? Such a fragile creature.” Seemingly satisfied, Cell dropped the pirate and began heading back towards the area of universe 17. Without turning to the others, he added a final remark.

“I’ll leave you to clean up the mess, hmm...”

But Bra, still in Super Saiyan, sped in front of the bio android. Turning and facing him angrily, she raised a hand, she let loose her temper once more.

“Gohan may not care about fighting you, but that doesn’t go for me! I WILL avenge Pan! Me, Son Bra! I accept your stupid challenge, the one you offered my brother!”

“Tch. Not interested,” Cell chuckled, resuming his exit. “You’re nothing. Beating up a fragile little girl like you isn’t even worth my time.”

“WHAT!!!!?” Bra immediately cried, angrily blocking the path of Gero’s monster once more. “You wanna say that again!!!?”

Just as before, though, the ever casual Vegetto made a quick move to intervene. “That’s enough, Bra. Let him go.”

While the Nameks and Vargas busily cleaned up Bojack’s remains, the Frost Demons of universe 8 watched on with interest.

“It seems to me that this Cell creature looks a bit like us,” Coola commented. “I’m not exactly sure what it is though...”

“Nonsense,” Freeza replied. “I see no resemblance whatsoever. Besides, you lost. Since when do you have any interest in commenting on the different fights or participants, huh?”

“Say what?” Coola responded, before being interrupted by one of their underlings. A bearded soldier had just arrived with a new set of armor which he handed to King Cold.

“Your new armor, sire. We worked on it all night long!”

The father of the Frost Demons pulled it over his head, testing it briefly for mobility and fit.

“Yes, that’s much better!” he smiled. “Far more dignified than before.”

For his two sons, it was not only the first time they’d seen their father in his original form, but certainly the first time he’d wore armor in any other form. Did that mean he intended to stay in this form indefinitely now? If he’d mastered it so well, why not do so sooner?

In universe 6’s area, the Vargas and Nameks returned the corpse of Bojack on a stretcher. But after an awkward moment of hesitation, Bujin spoke.

“I don’t need to see him, and I don’t care what you do with him either.”

For the second time, the Vargas wondered what was wrong with this group. Were they so cold as to not even care to collect the remains of a fallen friend or family member?

Jet cast a surprised look to Bujin. Dissention within Bojack’s ranks? Very interesting...

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