DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 30, Chapter 150.


Chapter 150

Translated by npberryhill

As several of the ongoing battles in the arena came to a close, and still others continued, one particularly fierce confrontation was taking place. West Kaioshin was engaged in an intense mental effort to restrain one of Babidi’s most dangerous servants: the Mighty King Cold.

Her telekinetic abilities as a Kaioshin far exceeded even the most skilled mortals. She possessed a natural disposition to psychic mastery, much like how the Frost Demons themselves boasted talents within the psychokinetic arts. Yet even they had been unable to compete with the gods, at least in Universe 1 that is.

This King Cold had proven himself far superior to the one they had eliminated along with his sons. It was painfully clear to the goddess that not only did this Frost Emperor own several new transformations and an insanely high power level — but he was able to resist her psychic hold more fervently than she’d dared imagine. With each passing second her imprisonment technique faltered further, the paralyzation she’d banked everything on slipping away as quickly as their chances of winning.

In all her existence, only two beings from the lower realm had managed to evoke terror in the Kaioshin — The Legendary Super Saiyan, and Majin Buu, the very incarnation of evil. Although she never had to directly face the unsealed djinn, as her fellow gods had kept him sealed away as best they could, the power that emanated from his ball had been enough to traumatize the deity. And rightly so, for she had now witnessed firsthand the overwhelming abilities of Buu, not only of Universe 4 but even the one from Universe 11. She still felt the bruise of Buu’s fist from the previous day, like a lingering burn on her face.

Now, it seemed more and more mortals were scaling the heights of power previously only attained by the gods — and her former enemy, once upon a time leagues beneath her, was now far better than she. The semi-immobilized Frost Demon, struggling violently, was gradually advancing in her direction.

Each earned inch increased the pit in her stomach as the West Kaioshin solicited all her remaining energy. With that power, she sent forth a shock-burst that flung the titan against the arena wall. Cold’s voice rumbled with a scowling groan, tones of frustration and fury at the damned deity. She’d held him at bay for far too long, and even if he were to break free of the psychic hold, his pride had been wounded.

The goddess took hold of his left arm with her right hand, restraining the monster now both physically and mentally. Though exhausted, a quick glance around ignited a spark of hope in her. Many allies had emerged victorious, and the enemies numbers were waning. She turned back toward the Frost Titan and glared.

“Don’t look now, but it seems this coo is almost over! You’re going to lose, look how few men you have left!”

“Lose? Rally the troops?”

Cold’s answer struck her as strange, as did the voice he spoke with. The Kaioshin raised an eyebrow, wondering if the great Demon was crying. But King Cold instead sneered a wide grin behind his mask.

“Us lose? Really? Why, because my two weak sons have been defeated and that insufferable Dabra? Hah! The pawns were always meant to be sacrificed, fool! I have no further need of such fragile warriors. Not only do we still have several of the most powerful fighters still within our ranks, but I’m enough to rip you to shreds by myself. The time for me to shed this form’s restricted power has come... I will exterminate you Kai vermin for the glory of Master Babidi!!!”

Folding his arms, the monstrous majin unleashed his aura all around. Thin streaks of lightning danced around him, and with each passing second his ki grew exponentially. West felt her telekinetic hold nearly shatter, gritting her teeth from exertion. Cold’s power now utterly dwarfed Dabra.

North Kaioshin suddenly appeared behind her.

“Need a hand?” he asked, summoning his own aura.

The goddess couldn’t even respond, her mental efforts straining well beyond her limits to keep up whatever tiny cobwebs of paralyzation still remained in effect... only to have them ripped apart the next instant. Above them suddenly appeared a Jurassic silhouette, the majin plunging the two gods into the shadows below.

“...I... I’m okay...” she finally answered in an uncertain voice.

Cold descended into the hollow, receiving the pair of defeated deities in two of his massive hands and lifting them high. His monstrous sixth form, the second of his augmentations, was now on full predatorial display. And with both himself and Cell now at their full power, no one remained that could possibly stop Babidi’s dominion!

Still laid out on the 18th veranda, Son Goten finally regained consciousness. Pulled back to reality by the pain of his burned and bruised form, he had almost no energy left. With what meager strength remained he managed to sit straight, back against the wall, wondering how he had managed to survive such an ordeal to begin with.

Upon first reawakening, he had seen Gohan panic and abandon his battle with Cell, who had then been intercepted by the Heloisian. His brother would’ve never left such an important fight without good reason, not with so much at stake. In fact, he could think of only one reason: Bra or Videl were under attack, and Nappa had caught up to them.

Goku’s youngest son cursed, feeling ashamed to be so helpless. He couldn’t do anything to protect them. He’d already promised to devote himself to training once he returned home, no matter what his mother or girlfriend thought. He never wanted to feel this helpless again, and more than that he never wanted his loved ones to know that pain — he had to at least reach Super Saiyan 2 in the future to better defend them. Trunks would probably complain at first, but he would come around as a training partner eventually. That would only further strengthen Gotenks in case a fusion was ever needed. They might never be able to reach the level of Zen Buu, who honestly seemed limitless at times, but enemies like Kakarotto would be well within his own power to handle. He glanced in disgust at the paternal counterpart he abhorred. The Saiyan’s charred torso, his glassy eyes... which shone with a sudden burst of hatred...

“What!?” Goten felt a shiver jolt him further awake.

Kakarotto’s eyes were wide open, and as mad and murderous as ever. No longer just a corpse, the Saiyan revealed his teeth through a crazy grin and got back to his feet. His cruel laugh was terrifying to Goten, who trembled in disbelief. This wasn’t possible! He was dead, the Heloite had made sure of it!

Kakarotto grabbed Son Goten by the neck and began to choke the remaining life out of him. The boy grimaced, unable to resist at all, whispering with the last of his breath.


“You really pissed me off, bastard. But I told you before you couldn’t win, and now I’m gonna skin you alive — might even wear your face like a mask, hahaha!”

Universe 11 apartments...

The great wizard Babidi was accompanied by his faithful Majin Buu, as well as the prophetic Saiyan Baddack. The room they were in had been protected by a powerful incantation, one which phazed it between dimensions and made it unreachable to anyone on the outside. The yellow-skinned magician was no longer concerned with any threat being able to reach them, believing himself well-hidden. Assured, he had observed all the events so far from his magical bunker, cheering and sneering in excitement with each victory and frowning at every defeat.

Seeing the Frost Demon princes killed was quite troublesome, but Dabra’s death had even brought him cold sweats. When Cell had been caught up in the blast and sliced apart, his fear had been truly terrible. But not only had his prized bio-android returned in full force, but King Cold had now unleashed his true power — and Kakarotto had risen once again, more ferocious than ever. With the competitors having been killed off in the depths of space, and the strongest of his enemies showing signs of weakness, he was feeling more confidence than ever. And he still had a few of his best cards yet to play.

“Ha ha ha ha!” he erupted with a shrill laugh. “We’ve completely taken over! These fools will regret ever having opposed me!”

Violent vibrations seized the room.

Before they could understand what was going on, cracks appeared all around them followed by an explosion that shattered their protection like glass.

In their midst stood a Saiyan — his grandson from another universe, who possessed phenomenal power. He didn’t want to acknowledge this half-breed as his heir, but the fact he was so powerful was hard to ignore and even made him a bit proud. And uncomfortable.

This descendant, garbed in his business dress, had appeared right among them, and bore a look stern enough to cause even he to pause. Master Babidi turned to him, panicked and making wild exclamations.

“Buu! Quick, attack him!”

The Djinn, appointed bodyguard of the master, rushed the intruder as ordered. Fat Buu, a being so powerful that few in the entire history of the universe itself could face him, could certainly take out a half-Saiyan child of an Earthling whore.

And yet, the Saiyan dealt a single punch to Buu’s face, jabbing in a quick motion that ejected the Majin after digging a deep hole in his pink cheek and causing his eyes to shoot from their sockets. He crashed into the furniture while Son Gohan the executioner had already approached the master, arm outstretched. He was efficient, moving quickly and not wasting any time.

“No!” Baddack cried, darting forward to try and protect the wizard. In vain.

The sorcerer’s head was instantly pulverized in a relentless energy wave. The Saiyan, shrugging his face, turned to him and announced with a determined and cutting tone.

“It’s over.”

“Master, I’ve just had a vision,” Baddack interrupted, grasping his head still from the headache.

“Ah?” Babidi replied, surprised by the sudden prophecy. “Speak, what did you see?”

“The twin of the Saiyan that fought Cell, he’s here in our apartment, back in the other dimension. In a moment, he’s going to break through the barrier that separates our realities and kill you.”

“What!? That’s not possible!” Babidi exclaimed, frightened. “And you just sat back and watched?”

“Buu attacked, but even he couldn’t defeat the Saiyan. We only have a minute to prepare, and we don’t have the power to fight him off. But, you might be able to trap him somewhere and get rid of him for good. That would make one less strong opponent for us to deal with.”

“Mmh, indeed,” replied the wizard, thinking. “Do you know where exactly he will appear?”

“Yes, it will be right here,” Baddack answered, pointing.

Several ideas had already come to mind on how to deal with this, one of them most mischievous and brilliant. Babidi was impressed with himself, but had to act quickly to neutralize the immediate threat.

Near the Universe 9 apartments...

Sauza and Jeece had stalked out the hiding place of the ‘weakling’ humans, taking their time and torturing various spectators along their way. Now the time had come for them to wipe out one of the last bands of resistance to their cause, all for the glory of lord Babidi.

The two Commandos busted down the door with a violent kick and brashly stepped through it’s entrance. Instantly, they struck a pose and proclaimed their loyalties.

“Onward, for master Babidi!”

“For the great master Babidi!”

“Copycat,” Sauzu murmured irritably.

“Amateur,” Jeece retorted under his breath.

In front of them stood Tenshinhan, Kulilin, Yamcha, and Videl from Universe 9, the four instantly blocking them off from Trunks and Bulma — who stood silently in the corner. Also in the back were the two individuals caught up in a rather strange ritual. The apparently senile old man was dancing around one of the execrable Saiyans.

Kulilin sighed wearily upon seeing them. “So you’re it? I thought at the very least we would face Freeza... for a second there I thought we might be in danger...

“Oh you bastard!” Sauza exclaimed, his pride insulted. “How dare you talk to me like that, dwarf!? I’ll crush you!”

He launched himself ahead without thinking, leaving Jeece behind. The latter preferred to stay back and observe anyway, he wasn’t going to allow himself to be manipulated into a blind attack. Coola’s commando was a complete idiot for not using his brain, he thought to himself.

As Sauza’s fist was about to land on the turtle hermit, a fierce knee struck his back while he was almost parallel to the ground. The crunch of bones breaking echoed throughout the room as the Coola Commando spat a small trail of blood on the floor near Kulilin. Yamcha, the instigator of the knockout blow, raised a satisfied thumbs up.

“You’re great as bait, you know, buddy? Haha,” he said cheerfully.

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?” Kulilin replied, vexed.

Still waiting and analyzing the situation, Jeece realized these Earthlings were attacking with precision and force. From what he could tell, they were keeping the two strange specimens behind them as if trying to protect them. That meant, his best move wouldn’t be to fight them at all but to blow up the entire apartment!

He struck his usual pose and formed a concentrated sphere of purple Ki above his palm. Immediately, the Earthlings understood the danger. Jeece was too weak to pose them any threat, but the collateral damage of his attack was a real problem. Their relatives and possibly even the Old Kaioshin might die.

“Not in here!” exclaimed Videl.

She moved so fast that Jeece didn’t even have time to make a gesture. Videl drove her knee hard into his chin and staggered him backwards — the energy attack falling out of his control. The red magma’s ki ball fell towards the center of the room, but was intercepted by Tenshinhan just in time. With a series of superfast and indistinguishable movements, the warrior managed to receive its momentum before taming it completely as his own. Then, with a sharp flick, he fired the purple sphere back at Jeece — whose defenses had been completely shattered by Videl’s previous attack. He was struck and flung out of the room by his own blast, right out the door in fact. Yamcha, quickly zipping towards the entrance, swung the door shut with a relaxed smile and shut his eyes as if to listen. The explosion that followed outside comically failing to even break through the door.

“That wasn’t even fun,” he said, pouting.

“You... infidels... you’re going... to regret that!”

Sauza had straightened back up. Babidi’s magic was rearing its head again, proving even broken bones were a mere trifle for his minions to overcome. The Coola Commando seemed to be hyping himself up as well — he was a member of one of the strongest commandos in the universe, and a proud warrior of the great wizard! These indignities would not go unpunished!

“I won’t let it end like this!”

As he screamed with hatred, Kulilin and Yamcha approached him, wearing exasperated looks. They’d already become bored of his maniacal rantings, seeing too many before him refuse to acknowledge irrefutable proof of their own inferiority.

After half a minute or so of ‘correcting’ his mindset, which involved breaking several fingers of the ex-Coola soldier, as well as shattering both kneecaps, Sauza was thrown out in the hallway unceremoniously where he landed on the body of his comrade and the two other Freeza soldiers. Tenshinhan, rubbing his hands, was glad to be done with the two ridiculous clowns.

“Well, that’s that...” he said, turning back to the apartment.

But as he spoke, a tiny bluish figure suddenly appeared behind him, right at head-level. This creature had crisscrossed the halls of the arena at full speed searching since the beginning of the assault. The Junior was enraged and boosted by adrenaline, having sensed the action taking place in the Universe 9 apartments. The little majin would destroy everything, guided by his new master, and obedient to his father — he had even come to terms with his unjust death at the hands of his own parent. His love for Papa Cell was unconditional, even when he had been replaced with a stronger Cell Junior, but now that he was controlled by Babidi his desire for murder and blood had been sent into overdrive. He was about to strike the bald Earthling with all his might, ready to unleash all his anger on this weak universe.

“Look out!” Kulilin cried, noticing the overpowered midget’s attack.

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