DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 31, Chapter 151.

PART THIRTY ONE: Ultimate Warriors


Chapter 151


Translated by npberryhill


At the heart of Universe 0, an indescribable chaos had been reigning for now a good ten minutes. Under the amused eyes of Buu of Universe 4, a small piece of himself in attendance to quietly observe, the death toll continued to rise and the scene grew bloodier and bloodier.


The Djinn reveled in the savagery, the magnificent slaughter of mortal life. Within every living being a thread of such bestiality lies, a thirst for blood, a desire to take life, to know firsthand that feeling of power. The struggle of good and evil, at its core, involved that very potential — the reality that anyone might be capable of such acts.


Watching the battles, he had witnessed a great deal, seeing each fighter through a new lense even, as he would report to the Grand Kaioshin. From the Saiyans to the Earthlings to the Frost Demons, each one had unlocked hidden new resources, struggling beyond their own limitations. They had been forced beyond their limits, surpassing themselves out of survival instinct, all due to an uncertainty that Buu appreciated above all else.


The surprise, the anticipation of what might happen — it was a sensation he’d almost forgotten. And it delighted him.



Whilst the Djinn continued to amuse himself at the chaos, laughing at the desperation and dismay of the heroic participants teleported far away to the depths of the Universe, a strange event was occurring in the Universe 5 corridors. The enchanted door of the crooked magician had just illuminated with strange undulating lights. A mixture of green, red, and purple crackled across its surface with small thrilling sparks.


This was not the same phenomenon as when, five minutes earlier, one of Babidi’s soldiers had been vaporized attempting to enter the apartment. This was an entirely different power, one overflowing with tension, of an obscured threat soon to be revealed to all.


Thus, within the entirety of the lifeless universe, an incomparable dark aura was suddenly felt by all — from participants and spectators, to those entrenched in their apartments, to the warriors lost in the vastness of space. One such person, Son Goku, began to tremble all of a sudden in shock.


“What... what is this enormous energy?” he gasped, looking around at the others. “It’s truly terrifying!”


“Impossible!” Vegeta yelled, tensing up and on guard. “It’s like it’s everywhere! Vegetto himself is like a mere infant in comparison!”


The fused warrior himself gave no answer, and Buu and Gast were silent. Everyone had turned to them, at first perceiving their silence as brief hope, that perhaps they were not impressed. But the disillusionment was brutal.


Vegetto slowly turned, his face in a state of dismay never before witnessed by any — not just fear, but actual terror.


“I... I hate to admit it but... even at 200% of my power, I would be entirely useless against whoever this enemy is.” The tone of his voice was desperate, still in a state of shock.


It wasn’t like the merged Saiyan to give up so easily. He’d always been on the hunt for an enemy capable of giving him the ultimate thrill, his Saiyan blood boiling for battle. But this sudden release of energy filling the entire universe had oppressed even him like a vice around his neck... he felt pure terror for the first time in his life. The chasm of difference in their powers was easily a multiple in the thousands.


As for Gast and Buu, the two sat down simultaneously. Pan of Universe 18 timidly approached the great Namekian, calling out to him with uncertainty.


“Mi... Mister Gast? You... Can you do something? Do you know what this is?”


The Namek Suddenly burst into tears, receiving only dumbfounded looks from those around him.


“No! Not after all of this!”


Gast Carcolh was completely demoralized. He instantly understood that an evil of unfathomable power had just been revealed. He didn’t yet know the identity or the origin, but the moment he’d felt it, the sensation alone had deprived him completely of even the smallest hope to resist. No one had a chance. Not even Vegetto. His people would never be revived through a wish. He himself would probably join them shortly.


Gotenks turned to Buu, beside him, with a concerned look. If Gast and Vegetto were this psychologically disturbed, what might happen to the infamously unpredictable Djinn, even loaded as he was with extraordinary abilities? To some extent, he saw Buu as their ultimate savior.


It was then that Buu broke out with sudden laughter, startling everyone. It wasn’t a laugh of joy or sadness, but of pure dementia. No one knew what strange thoughts ran through his mind, but they were certain that he’d lost his mind as well.


“Alright, alright!” Buu snickered twice. “It’s the end, la la la la! We’re all dead, la la, la la la! I can’t do anything. I had everything planned, but it’s all over now! This thing is millions of times too strong, I’m helpless against it. It’s funny really, who could have predicted something so impossible! HA HA HA HA!”


Everyone in the audience trembled at the sight of the those three warriors collapsing. Vegetto mumbled in depression as he lay on the ground. Gast was crying hot tears and sniffling loudly. Buu was full on tripping, his laughter now ringing with full abandon and resignation throughout the entire arena.


The end of the world had just come.



Near the heart of the arena...


As Son Gohan of the 16th had just rescued Videl from the clutches of Majin Nappa from Universe 3, he stopped suddenly — caught up in the new appearance of dark energy that was spreading everywhere around him. Stunned by the immense power, he landed quickly in confusion, the unknown signature exceeding his wildest imagination. And having lived with Vegetto, he could assert with full certainty that, whatever identity that energy belonged to, there was no greater force. Even his father was but a twig in the face of such a demonstration.


Everyone had now frozen mid-movement. Babidi, Nappa, Cold, the Kaiôshins, both Piccolo, the Gohans, Cell, the Earthlings in their apartment, the spectators — no one was spared by the phenomenon. Each person felt the paralyzing grip of dread, consumed with an all-engulfing distress. Even those who couldn’t sense energy were somehow able to perceive this dark aura that had enveloped everyone.


Only one person could recognize the origin of this energy, and that only very slightly. It emanated from the corridor of Universe 5. The Grand Kaiôshin, who was working together with Buu, knew deep down what this was all about: XXI had decided it was his turn.


Silence and fear settled throughout the arena. Moments later, a pair of new footsteps echoed lightly across the tournament ground, though you could say the entire galaxy echoed them like a funeral march.


Then followed a different sound, filled with a more... joyful tone. Chimes? The creatures determined steps were accompanied by a small jingle, causing further uncertainty amongst all living things. It seemed this monster was preparing a most dramatic atmosphere before he would make his entrance.


Shortly thereafter began a hum filled with a certain enthusiasm — a catchy rhythmic melody. For everyone, it was the equivalent of their requiem. For the monster, it was certainly a twisted ritual of torment he delighted in before massacring his prey.


Son Gohan wanted to move. He wanted to stand up to the inevitable fate that was approaching. But there was nothing he could do, just as immobilized by the immense power as the others — like an electronic device struck with an EMP. His mind was disconnected, drained of its resources. Only an intense fear remained, and an utter void of will throughout his body. He felt like a depowered android. He recalled #18, lifelessly shut down in front of XXI, and trembled at the thought that he and his family would soon suffer the same fate.


The Grand Kaioshin, who had an unobstructed view of the Universe 5 area, gradually distinguished a shape that had appeared in the darkness of the corridor. A being cloaked in a long black hood had entered the illuminated enclosure, holding a gray, rocky ball in his hand. Although hidden, the Grand Kaioshin recognized his stature and aura, it was indeed XXI, the mysterious magician. His energy was so monstrous and threatening that the god was on the verge of fainting. What could they do against such an enemy? The chaos of Babidi had certainly tired out the wizard, who had decided to try to resolve the situation on his own. But no one could’ve suspected the magnitude of this threat. No god or fusion could hope to compete.


XXI slowly raised his free arm horizontally, and snapped his fingers. Immediately, all the beings present in the Universe reappeared in the center of the arena, with the exception of those who had died. Son Goku and the others were immediately struck by the wizard’s breathtaking energy, and were also subjected to the strange paralysis it caused. Not even Buu or Vegetto could shake its crippling effect. The two superpowers widened their eyes, terrified by what this monster far beyond their level might do.


XXI approached slowly, each step echoing like a fatal march towards the worst horror. He stood in front of the assembly, wounded and able-bodied alike, staring at them sternly from under his hood. None could speak, or rather no one dared.


The sorcerer then cleared his throat before his paradoxically cold and melodious voice began to speak.


“So, then... It seems we have many present who have not been very wise of late...”


His eternally dark eyes landed on Babidi, who was trembling on his knees, terrified by the ever-growing intense aura of XXI. It was then that the gray ball in XXI’s hand took on a new color, a strong orange glow... and a black star appeared in its center. XXI lifted up the ball in the air, visibly delighted. He then addressed everyone again.


“It’s time that you each get what is coming to you! Contemplate the end of this ineffable and bygone cycle!”


An intense light emerged from the Dragon Ball, encompassing the entire arena as well as the asteroids and fake planets above. Each of those present believed the end had come, and prepared to wake up the next moment in a nameless infinite hell.



About fifteen seconds passed before Son Goku opened his eyes back up, the others all shortly after. To their utter shock, they had all been seated around a gigantic circular table in the middle of the battlefield. In the center of the table was a gargantuan fir tree decorated with a thousand and one colorful ornaments and lights. At the top, a green, red, and orange Dragon Ball that reflected hundreds of varied colors onto the walls around the arena.


“What’s going on?” stammered Uub of the 18th, sitting to the right of Son Goku.


The young man’s master gave him a look, taking note that they were now seated with those from their universe, and on chairs carved with highly detailed patterns of Dragon Balls and Shenron — only this dragon was covered with black scales and red eyes. The table was decorated with sheets of unknown textiles, but in shades corresponding to the tree and projected lights. Many chairs were empty. Everyone then heard two booming voices all of a sudden.


“What the hell is that?”


The voices of Son Bra and Vegetto of the 16th were unmistakable. The father and daughter, who still bore Babidi’s mark on her forehead, were struggling. Vegetto’s face was dark.


“You! Are you one of Babidi’s slaves? How is this possible? And what happened here, where are we and what is with this tree? We’re sick of these conn—”


“A light snap came from XXI’s fingers again, and Vegetto suddenly fell silent, now wearing a much calmer look. XXI, who was at the foot of the tree, approached Universe 16 with a reproving look in his eyes.


“I will not permit such rude outbursts, whippersnapper!” he said with annoyance. “Every single year, this whole tournament long, we’ve been treated to your constant bad attitude. Now, if you know what’s good, you’ll stay calm!”


The wizard flew into the air, hundreds of eyes locked onto him. He spawned a new Dragon Ball then spoke in a strangely playful tone.


“Ladies and gentlemen, combatants and spectators, I would like to officially announce the start... of Christmas Eve!”


He removed his dark hood and cloak, revealing the form of an old man in a red outfit and fluffy white-rimmed hat. The Dragon Ball had lit up and in an instant, all the chairs were filled with the people who had died during Babid’s rebellion. There was the Frost Demons and their forces, a multitude of spectators, and the participants of the third round — all of which reappeared abruptly, shocked by their sudden resurrection. A wave of emotion swept across everyone, especially those who had lost loved ones, though most of them did not understand anything that was happening.


“Noel?” Trunks of the 16th said, puzzled. “What’s that? Why should we celebrate it?”


“It’s a tradition, silly,” teased Buu, who seemed to have regained his senses. “It exists on Earth, but in cultures you have never bothered to learn about it would seem — and in many other Universes too.” Buu was fascinated and terrified by the event. He could hear Trunks as distinctly as if he were next to him, despite being across the arena. And apparently, this XXI had a personal set of Dragon Balls he could use as he saw fit. But... Could it be that...


“I see you’re beginning to understand, Buu,” XXI said, who had read his mind. “In my Universe, which the Vargas deemed as the 5th, my name is Santa Claus. And I regret that this holiday that celebrates joy and friendship has fallen into such chaos. So, I’ve interrupted your disaster scenario to bring you peace... And gifts!”


With another snap of his fingers, plates loaded with tasty food appeared before each and all those present, as well as gift packages of various sizes — placed down at the foot of their chairs or on the table. Enthusiastic exclamations were heard all around. Even Vegeta of Universe 18, seeing his daughter unharmed and delighted by the sudden royal treatment, relaxed and forgot his natural distrust. The festivity in the atmosphere penetrated into everyone from head to toe, prompting them all to relax. Even the cyborgs were included, #16 as well, who felt sincere joy. Although, some such as Cell, old Kaioshin, and Yamcha of Universe 9 were suspicious.


“Say,” the cyborg bandit from Earth asked, “if you’re some kind of holiday spirit that brings joy, what are you doing here? And why did you deactivate the poor girl with that damned remote control? And how did you get that anyway?”


“I’m sorry about that,” XXI apologized, scratching his hat and turning to address Yamcha and the two twins. “I took part in this tournament because I need to make a wish that only the Namekian Dragon can grant. However, I refused to use violence of any kind. I was looking for the most peaceful way to win my match, and with my magic not working on androids that was the only solution. Again, my apologies.”


In response, Yamcha relaxed, reassured by the goodwill manifested by the magician. Videl took the opportunity to mess with Old Kaioshin about it, who was still grumpy.



“So, didn’t you say that he was evil incarnate? He’s super cool in real life!”


“Are you telling me you still don’t see the problem?” the god grumbled back. “It’s a walking nightmare! It upsets the natural order of the universe, giving out gifts! Because of its intervention, nothing is playing out the way it should! It even locked me up just to please a demon!”


“He was a small child,” XXI replied, frowning. “You preached to him about how he belonged to the demon species. Have some decency, my friend, some tolerance!”


The Old Kaioshin scowled as XXI flew up to the top of the tree, centered in the arena, and made another announcement.


“And now... dear friends, let’s eat!”



For the next several hours, the Christmas party was in full swing. Although to start every universe had been separated and had spent a good part of Christmas Eve within their personal groups, by the end there had been a good deal of mingling. The friendly atmosphere seemed to only increase as time passed, spectators and combatants alike, as the celebration grew.


As usual, Universes 16 and 18 mixed together. Son Bra and Vegetto, having had the edge taken off by XXI’s magic, were as cheery as innocent children, laughing and telling jokes. The Majin and Babidi’s slaves had all recovered their original personalities, and without the yoke of their master were having a blast — the yellow-skinned wizard being possibly the only person unaffected by the spirit of Christmas. However, XXI had deprived him of his magical powers, preventing him from doing anything at all. The tiny wizard was therefore reduced to the role of baby-sitting Majin Buu, who kept transforming all the food into sweets. That, and the elegant poetry of Dabra, praising the beauty and grandeur of the Underworld, which he performed loudly.


Son Goku was drinking fruity drinks with his sons and granddaughter when he was joined by the Heloites of Universe 19 and the Trunks from the 16th and 12th. With the exception of the android who didn’t eat anything, the adults shared a round of drinks that XXI presented, red wine made from a parallel dimension’s vines. Not far from intoxication, XXI used a spell to prevent the adult’s heads clear — as he wanted to avoid any scandal. More than anything, he wanted to foster friendship and peace, not cause any drunken brawls.


While contemplating the party from afar, the Christmas wizard was joined by Buu of Universe 4 and the Grand Kaioshin.


“That magic you’re using there is very mysterious,” the Djinn said curiously. “Your energy has seized the whole universe, we were twigs in front of you. I admit my inferiority. But I still don’t understand. What are you really doing here, Christmas spirit? And why is your aura so evil?”


“Alala, if you only knew, dear friend,” XXI lamented, looking down in sadness. “In my world, I am one with creation itself. I am in the heart of all living beings, I represent the virtues of hope and peace, and my powers are unlimited. But a group of creative devils have put a curse on me that deprives me of much of my power — I only have my abilities on this mission. I am no longer hope, but rather a boogeyman. I have Dragon Balls that still allow me to grant limited wishes, but even my dragon has the appearance of an evil serpent. That’s why I’m here, in hopes that the original dragon will be able to fix my problem.”


“Indeed that is a very sad story, XXI,” replied the Grand Kaioshin. “Would you not like to join us in Universe 1?”


“Good idea, why not!” Buu exclaimed, raising a goblet filled with grape juice. “I’ll do you one better!”


Reading one another’s thoughts, XXI and the Djinn grinned then snapped their fingers in unison. Suddenly, the space around everyone tightened, giving the impression of them being compressed like a snowball. Everyone was mixed in tight, seated on a large red carpet. Light snow was falling from the starry sky above, down onto the foot of the immense fir tree, whose magic balls hummed sweet cantatas.


Everyone had a wonderful time filled with peace and kindness. The two Pans had been gifted personalized Nyoibo, in the uniform colors of their respective grandfathers. Gast’s heart was filled with emotion, having received a beautiful model representing his people, animated by magic so that they smiled and waved at him. Raichi, who had returned as well, received a blessing that gave him, for a few moments, a feeling of true serenity — immersing him in the good memories of his life without trauma. Tapion had the joy of communicating with his brother in the beyond. The Universe 16 and 18 Trunks and Gten were enabled to surpass their limits and each one achieved Super Saiyan 2. Playful, they were able to indulge in a friendly spar in a cube reinforced by Buu just a bit away.


Vegeta of Universe 13 was given a new imperial cape, tinged with ornate gold patterns in his likeness. Cell and his children gained the ability to change the color of their bodies, without affecting their powers, and the perfect family amused themselves by forming diverse garlands around the others. The Frost Demons and their troops, not having been very wise in their greed, were only entitled to a basket of ice cream cones. Coola and Cold scowled at them, while Freeza happily gulped them all down. The cyborgs of Universe 14 were sincerely touched by the generosity of XXI, who had restored to them their original human bodies. Mary Sue, who was stuck and forgotten by her classmates, was able to return to her world with the help of the Vargas.


Babidi was entitled to a review of his deaths in multiple universes — blown up by Majin Buu. He gnashed his teeth as his own servant cheered innocently. It wasn’t sadistic on the part of XXI, but hopefully a gesture to make the wizard rethink his actions.


Baddack was stripped of his gift of precognition, which he had grown completely dependent on over the years. If, by a happy combination of circumstances, the power had managed to be useful from time to time through optimized usage, it still had begun as a curse — the end result of which had ironically deprived Baddack of any personal clairvoyance.


XXI smiled broadly and tenderly as he watched the scene, not realizing that above them a huge red and black space eye was watching them... hidden by the darkness of space. The eye seemed filled with fun and satisfaction.


He suddenly turned up in the direction of the invisible eye that had been watching everything. Gradually, the eye narrowed to form a pink face with a long crest, and a hand appeared in turn. The face formed a sparkling smile, and with a knowing wink the hand snapped its fingers one last time.





“Hi, friends, readers! The forum!


“Yes, it’s me again, your dear Buu at the top of his game! What can you say, he he.


“This text is an invention that I put together from scratch. Since we don’t really know what this XXI can do, I imagined him as a good old Santa Claus come to visit the protagonists of our favorite tournament. This is my Christmas present to you all, a little script that I hope you enjoyed! So yes, XXI is not really the old red bouncy guy, and Piccolo cannot treat others, sorry for the disappointment!


“It’s a bit of a way to excuse myself, and my author, for the lack of chapter updates recently (particularly in my own personal novel which the English translators have certainly been lacking on — go read it if you haven’t!). These are busy times for all of us, I’m sure you understand.


“Anyway, don’t be afraid, dear readers! Even if the stories don’t progress at the most ideal pace, the following promises exciting adventures soon to come, and they will happen... eventually. The best things always need plenty of time to be developed!



“I won’t bore you with yet another monologue, then, I’ll conclude this little festive interlude with a usual and sober...


“Merry Christmas to all, and to all I love you!!!”


Picture by:

ZenBuu https      

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