DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 16, Chapter 80.


Chapter 80

Translated by Ledgic

While Bujin sat alone in the corner, Babidi grumbled once again at Dabra. He kept him alive; it was a precious present. But he was not going to leave him a chance furthermore. He still repeated to him and although in the slightest new wrong step, it was finished.

Though Dabra was very pleased he didn't have to fight another battle...

On the contrary, Babidi, as usual, congratulated Majin Buu, and still encouraged him as always. His next fight against the South Kaioshin thrilled him a lot. He knew that at the time of his father, millions of years before, he had conquered them. This time it would be different, the wizard was sure of it.

As for Nappa, he impatiently awaited his match against Freeza. As of right then, he was bored, just like his three other comrades. The Saiyans were avid of action, and were accustomed to a world where everything revolved around them. There was nothing to do in their quiet and solitary room… During a small discussion between Raditz and Nappa, the former learned of the large Saiyans plan he would use against Freeza. Planning wasn't Nappa's strong suit. Raditz decided to simply convince him to change the plan. He needed a moment to think so that a superb idea would pop into his head. He smiled, then explained his new idea to his comrade.

The Cyborgs of the universe 14, had no plan. Just simply "fight and win". It seemed to be working so far, since they both managed to quite easily win the first round, however the young blonde was still worried. It could be said that she had been beaten, by Yamcha! For #17, it was nothing. Of course he had no answer to give his sister, who started to no longer want to participate in the tournament. The teenage Cyborg only had his mind on one thing: Son Goku. He would finally be able to fight him soon enough. He was delighted to have the chance. However he made it clear to himself that he didn't want to fight him because Gero had intended it for revenge, but it was because he himself wanted to kill him.

The previous adversary #17 would have had to fight: I'k'l, still hadn't been born. His or her mother was probably in last few days of her pregnancy. Would he or she have been born that night? Or the morning? Or even before the end of the tournament? Perhaps the mother herself didn't even know…

In the universe 19 balcony, the warriors excelling in the field of the technology were mostly bored. With one death, and one Ultra armor lost, it was already much. Xeniloum couldn't bear the idea of losing, but it was still better than somehow losing his valuable armor. It was his life. Without it, he was nothing. Just a small creature.

Eleim was resting in his room, about ready to sleep when someone knocked on his door. It was Xeniloum.

" A problem?" asked the chief of the unit as Xeniloum entered.

" I... I want to recover my armour."

Eleim was surprised. He didn't answer immediately, as he considered his request. They could try and get their armor, in the in space of universe 4, however, it could be dangerous. There was perhaps only one way to recover it and also use diplomatic channels.

"We will go and see the Vargas." finally said Eleim.

Cell always waited standing in the middle of his space. He had no difficulty in perceiving his surroundings, without looking. Several members from the universe 19 headed for the Vargas. But Cell made fun of them. To him, the warriors of universe 19 were only midgets.

The self-proclaimed 'perfect' being shut his eyes.

When he opened them, he knew it was the right time to act. He uncrossed his arms and walked to his left, toward the universe 14 balcony. There was no one outside to observe 17 and 18. He found the twins in separate rooms. It was that simple again. He entered the boy's room without knocking. The latter had time to open your eyes. Cell quickly extracted his tail in an attempt to absorb # 17.

He was capable of it, having spent hours changing its metabolism to allow this evolution. All this thanks to the Vargas.

He took only a minute to absorb the first of the twins. However, as opposed to what he had imagined, Cellt didn't change a form like the previous times. It wasn't a problem, however. It was going to enable him to pass unperceived to the eyes of the other combatants.

Without losing an instant, the living being created by Dr. Gero entered 18's room. Like her brother, she smelt a foreign presence too late. Cell quickly absorbed her as well... however, once more, his body didn't change.

But her strength, had far exceeded his imagination! And that was only the beginning.

After leaving the space 14, he continued his road to go towards the universe 9 balcony. There was another Cyborg over there he could absorb: Yamcha. Trusting his instincts, Cell opened the door of a room. What he thought was the scar-faced Cyborg's room, was actually that of the girl, Videl's. He had no interest in her though. He was about to leave, but Videl had sensed his presence, got up at a great speed, picked up her half sword and, sounded the Kaioken technique at its at maximum power. She attacked him in the back. The rest of the blade broke on his spine but it was to no avail; Cell was completely unharmed. He turned around backhanded the young teen. Although he wanted to retain his full force, this attack broke the neck of the young Earthling. Too bad. Cell went to open another room. Bingo. Yamcha was inside with the old Bulma.

Cell prepared to absorb the Cyborg. He woke with a little more speed than the others, managing to stop Cell's attack. But the next shot didn't fly. Bulma tried stop him, throwing pathetic punches by his standards, tearfully, in vain. While Yamcha's absorption was almost complete, the old dwarf Kulilin made his entrance, red with anger, unless it was the effect of Kaioken. His anger was useless against the perfect creature. He reached out to the dwarf, and shot a blast of Ki energy. He was nothing more. Disintegrated. He resolved to remove Bulma in the same way.

Now that that was over, he only had one more person to see. Cell creeped into space 12. It was enough easy to find Android # 16. He sat in the hallway. Trunks should be in a room. It was to Cell's advantage since it's impossible to feel the external energy from inside.

#16 was activated, he stood up, and tightly clenched his fists. Unfortunately for him, his slow programming didn't enable him to avoid being pierced through his chest Cell's hand. When Cell withdrew his hand, the robot fell inert. He was holding 16's battery then he swallowed it. Again, another surge of energy travelled throughout his perfect body. This time it was good he couldn't go any further.

He regained his space, took exactly the same position, and waited again.

The tournament resumed. Cell had beaten his opponent Bojack by way of death. Snapping his neck. He then faced the one called Tapion who had won against Kulilin by forfeit, unknown to anyone, Cell had killed him with his own hands. Tapion attacked him with a sword. Cell was now much faster and without anyone noticing, he deflected the path of the sword of his opponent. It looked as if Tapion had pierced his own heart with his sword.

In his third fight, he fought the quater Saiyan known as Pan. She had defeated both Kakarotto and Vegeta, defeating the former in her just recently achieved Super Saiyan formthat her father had used to defeat him in many of the universes, and the latter in the form of Super Saiyan with long hair she had seen on two occasions. Against him, Pan had no chance. She was crushed easily.

His next fight was against Son Goku, who they all placed great hopes in. Cell had been forced to yield to the evidence he had become too strong. The finale was against the one known as Vegetto, the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta, he won in under a few minutes.

The victory allowed him to receive a wish with the Vargas.

"What is your wish, great warrior?" asked a Namek.

Cell thought about it for a moment, then shyly replied:

"In fact… The juniors need a mommy, and I need to find true love!" he declared with a voice slightly trembling but full with emotion.

"OK!" said Porunga, the great, Namekian Dragon. He managed to make his dearest wish come true. In front of Cell, on the ring, appeared a creature much like him. She was more slender and pink with a beautiful small buttocks.

'Wow!... She's a hottie!' thought the living being of Gero.

The female approached him, batting her eyes. They immediately fell in love with one another, and without a word, they kissed before billions of viewers.

Everyone was delighted by this ending of the Multiverse tournament. Goku and Vegeta even had the same felling for eachother that Cell had for his true love. "Kakarotto... I... I've always love you!" said Vegeta, placing his hand on the other Saiyan's shoulder.

Son Goku rubbed his hand along Vegeta's cheek, staring lovingly into his eyes.. "I've always known..."

"I love it when a plan comes together!" The tall green Namek said, witnessing the two.

With to the mother of his juniors with him, they left immediately flew toward space, while flying away, hand in hand. Arriving on an asteroid, Cell played a guitar and sang for his beloved.

They lived happily ever after, had a lot of little Cells, and destroyed the entire universe.

Cell opened his eyes. A drop of sweat beaded his forehead.

'I have to stop sleeping while standing! it plays tricks on me... ' thought Cell, recalling a similar dream in which he absorbed Kulilin instead of # 18, when waiting ten days before the start of the Cell Games all those years ago...

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