DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 11.


Chapter 11

Translated by Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

"Buu! Buu!" cried the Djinn from Universe 11 in his high-pitched squeaky voice, hurting Dabra's ears.

"Go, my Majin! Show yourself worthy of my expectations! If you win, I'll give you candy!" Babadi screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Yay!", exclaimed Buu, extremely delighted at the prospect of such a reward.

Behind Babidi, Dabra, the Lord of the Underworld, grumbled... He found this reward incredibly puerile. Very often, that Majin Buu acted like a complete idiot. And over there, Babadi was acting quite "gaga" as he addressed Buu...

Dancing lightly, hopping from one foot to another, Majin Buu suddenly flew at breakneck speed, arms forward, yelling his name.


In the ring, Bujin had already taken his fighting position. He smiled, awaiting his opponent. For him, there was no doubt that he was going to win. After all, he was one of the most well-known Galactic Mercenaries. It had been a long time since he had suffered defeat.

And then again, losing would not be taken kindly by his boss, Bojack. He could be fired from the team! Ah, it nostalgically reminded him of the day that Bido—


Bujin had seen nearly nothing. His opponent had hit the ground and punched him directly without warning. "Candy-foot" gave him a good right hook to the middle of the jaw.

Rising immediately, Bojack's henchman put his hand to his left cheek. It had already swelled incredibly. "AH! Bastard! He attacked me without warning!" He thought to himself as he felt blood trickling from his left nostril. "Now my nose is bleeding, too! He'll see!"

Waving his arms and hands before a perplexed Majin who remained motionless, Bujin of Universe 6 cried out, "Power of Illusion!"

His power spread throughout the entire stadium... All living beings within the perimeter saw the same illusion. Strange clocks twirled and spun around the ring, which had become a luminous ball that changed colour every four seconds.

In the Universe 6 wing, Zangya, the woman in the group commented, "Well, well. He improved his technique? Since when?"

"Not bad," said the space pirate. "This technique quickly destabilizes weak minds and increases the strength of his telekinesis. That Majin Buu looks like a kid stuffed with marshmallows. He's even the same color as one! He won't last long.

Bujin had laid his hands on the ground, which had begun to crumble as large chunks of rock began to levitate in the air between Bujin and Buu, who observed all of this with an amused eye.

"Ooh! Magic! He said with a grin on his face.

"Hmph, you won't be smiling for long," thought Bujin.

he used his power of telekinesis to throw the ten metal-colored blocks at Buu. Though the velocity of the projectiles was staggering, the Djinn easily dodged them with little amused shouts of "Oh, oh". As a slightly larger chunk was about to hit him, Buu jumped up, playing leapfrog with it...

"INCREDIBLE!" exclaimed one of the 12 announcers into one of the two microcphones. "Majin Buu of the universe 11 is provoking his adversary by playing with his attacks!

"Take that!" cried Bujin as he channeled his power.

The projectiles suddenly regrouped, hitting the djinn in his stomach, causing him to fly off the ground. Unfortunately for Bujin, the attack did no damage to his opponent. Worse, the djinn was still playing! Buu used the 'Buku Jutsu' technique to fly around the ring quickly and hit Bujin right behind his head. Bujin stumbled and fell forward, while Buu landed quietly at his feet. Buu's adversary got up quickly, tears streaming from his eyes due to the immense pain, while his left nostril started to bleed once again. Majin Buu grinned, amused by Bujin's pain.

"This isn't over, yet!" cried Bujin as he attempted to use his telekinesis once more.

"That's it?" sighed Majin Buu, disappointed and no longer laughing. "But I can do magic too, look!"

Smiling once again, Buu moved his antenna, whose end illuminated in a pink light for a moment. Suddenly, Bujin's illusion transformed. The ring became a ball of chocolate, the clocks became sugar pancakes, and the projectiles Bujin launched changed into muffins, doughnuts, lollipops, and ice cream.

"Hmm yummy," said Babidi's creature.

In the Universe 18 wing, Goku couldn't help but comment, "This is almost making me hungry!"

Bujin gaped in astonishment. This did not please Buu, who rushed towards him, upset, giving him a strong left hook punch. Bujin, awakened by the blow, got up once more, discovering a second swollen cheek. Now he was bleeding from both nostrils. "This guy is too fast and too strong" he thought, angry.

He tried once again to use his telekinesis to send his opponent right into a chocolate éclair and cream puff.

Buu swallowed the cream puff and caught the chocolate éclair in his arms, sending it back at Bujin immediately with a grunt. Bujin failed to dodge the éclair and it crushed him. Finding himself on the ground, Bujin found it incredibly difficult to escape from the heavy éclair... When he finally succeeded, he realized that it was the fourth time he had been knocked down. Still kneeling and breathless, he became more angry. Bojack and Zangya had never before seen him in such a state of defeat... Buu's illusion faded and the stadium was brought back into vision.

"This Bujin is nothing compared to Buu," Vegeta declared, losing interest in the fight.

"Yeah, not surprising," specified his rival Goku, whose eyes were fixed on the ring above his head.

"He still has at least one more technique left. When he used it on me, I was paralyzed and lost control of my Ki... I couldn't become a Super Saiyan... Maybe it'll work on Buu, too," Gohan said, before suddenly remembering that once he became a Super Saiyan 2, he had broken through the technique with ease.

From the Universe 11 wing, Babadi grew weary of the games. "Majin Buu!" he cried in his old, scratchy, and frail voice. "Hurry up and finish him!"

But the Djinn did not budge. He still wanted to have a little more fun.

Finally rising to his feet, Bujin had recovered a bit in the calmness. He thought to himself, "This Majin Buu... he's very strong... and very fast, too... I'll have to use my most powerful technique.

"Energy Bonds!" he cried, holding out his arms before him.

Instantly, nearly invisible lines of energy came out of Bujin's fingers, making strange sounds and quickly encircling Majin Buu. If Buu were to move, the bonds would tighten, preventing the movement of the Djinn. But he didn't seem bothered...

Over the last several decades, Bujin had improved this technique. At first, it only blocked the enemy's movements. Then, it had evolved to restrict the Ki of his prisoner and block it. This power was very effective on many people. In general, once Bujin would paralyze his opponent, one of his friends would take the opportunity to give the coup de grâce.

However, this time, Bujin had to defeat his opponent alone. He used his technqiue to fully sense the power of his opponent... and was paralyzed in fear.

"This guy, what a huge amount of Ki! It's impossible! It easily surpasses Master Bojack's Ki! Fortunately, I've developed my technique to make it work on anyone!" Bujin sneered.

"Now you die! This technique can cut through Katchin, the hardest metal in the universe!" He shouted to his opponent, who was still paralyzed. "MAX POWER!" he finally said, focusing the strength of his technique.

The bonds then tightened, closing up suddenly with incredibly force. Buu, himself, was surprised: he had just been divided into fifteen pieces! His master Babadi was shocked and gasped. Even though he knew the regenerative capacity of Majin Buu, he didn't like see his "baby" undergo such things. Next to him, Dabra smiled. It didn't really bother him if Buu were to be defeated like this. But he also knew that he would survive. Meanwhile in the 18th Universe, Gohan imagined being a victim of this technique, when he confronted Bujin so long ago... He hadn't stand of a chance...

“Aha!” Bujin cried, blood still flowing from his nose. “I won! My technique is the ultimate!”

Suddenly, almost as quickly as they had been cut, the pieces of Majin Buu regrouped and recollected, and his pink body reappeared in good health, his childish face smiling...

Bujin was speechless. Buu waited for a response, but none came. He then looked to Babadi in his world, who gave him the signal. Buu then rushed to Bujin, who still did not move. After all, he had played his final card...

But a cry from Zangya managed to wake him in time. Buu seemed to attack the right, with a punch. Bujin tried to protect himself by placing both hands in front of him. But the blow came from the left to hit him in the face. A second shot hit the belly, as Bujin recoiled, staggering under the impact of the first assault. He had no time to counter and was again struck in the right, without seeing anything... Bujin fell on his back and fell into unconsciousness.

Buu celebrated his victory by placing one foot on Bujin’s chest, raising one arm with clenched fists. The audience applauded, and the announcers declared Buu the winner.

“Dabra,” said the sorcerer Babidi, smiling. “Can you ask our guests if we can have some candy for our Majin Buu?”

“Tss... at your service...” the demon said reluctantly. He thought to himself, “How stupid can he be! That tub of lard can make his own stupid rewards with a mere thought!”

While Dabra was about to enter Universe 11’s apartment to find an organizer, the Z-fighters discussed Buu’s strength. “He looks just as powerful as when I faced him as a Super Saiyan 3,” Goku said with a smile. “He shows promise.”

“It's a shame,” lamented Uub, “I thought I’d finally be able to see the power of my incarnation, but this fight hasn’t shown much...”

“Oh yeah,” replied Goku. “It’s true that Mr. Buu from our universe never fought with as much passion as he did when he was evil... So, I guess his next opponent will be... the South Kaioshin?”

“The Supreme Kaioshin that we know told us that the South Kaioshin was the most powerful of the gods. If I remember correctly,” Gohan said, his arms crossed. “He was killed by Kid Buu...”

“So it could be a very good fight in the second round,” Goku said. He turned to his pupil. “Uub, I think you’ll see Buu’s true power by that point.”

“So by then I will have fought once... I wonder who my opponent will be...”

“Hmm... a fight with Dabra wouldn’t be too bad. You’re certainly stronger than him anyway,” Goku said looking to the Universe 11 space along with his friends.

At that time, Buu had just returned to his world to claim his reward of candy (Dabra that brought in his arms). Looking at Universe 11, the 18th Universe finally noticed someone in Universe 12. He was a young man who had just come out of his private space. He had long hair, purple, almost fell over his shoulders, and carried a sword on his back, which gave him the look of a charismatic warrior. But his eyes were hard as he looked at the Universe 11 wing next to him. While Majin Buu looked like a silly little kid, the young warrior in the blue jacket distrusted him with extreme caution.

“Hey! That’s Trunks!” Gohan yelled.

“Huh? Are they calling me?” asked Universe 18’s Trunks.

“Not you,” said Vegeta, “The one from Universe 12.”

Vegeta was indeed the first to notice the Trunks who came from the future to prevent the attack of #17 and #18. But he said nothing.

“I'll go talk to him,” Gohan was already starting, alone this time.

Goku and Uub remained in their space like Vegeta, but kept an eye on Universe 12.

As Gohan walked quietly towards Trunks, Bojack and Zangya from Universe 6 talked about Bujin, who had just returned from a Healer Namek.

“He lost, what an idiot,” said the blue woman with orange hair.

“His opponent is endowed with a weird ability to regenerate. Bujin stood no chance,” said Bojack quietly, who did not want to repeat the same mistake he did by killing Bido for his incompetence...

“If it was you who had fought him, would you have won?” Zangya asked.

“Who knows,” the space mercenary simply said. “I would simply pulverised him. I doubt he’ll regenerate once he’s blown to a billion pieces,” Bojack boasted a smile before cackling loudly.

“This Bujin is stronger than the one we fought against before, but Buu defeated him so easily,” thought Universe 12’s Trunks. He had indeed fought Bojack’s Gang once, with Gohan and the others...

“Are you the Trunks who came from the future?” asked a voice he recognized behind him.

“Oh! Son Gohan! But… Why are you asking me this again?”

“So you recognize me but ... you haven’t traveled back in time?” Gohan asked again as he began to think that this Trunks was not the one he knew.

“Well, yes, but you've already asked me...”

“Uh ...”

Gohan and Trunks both remained perplexed for a few seconds. Trunks noticed the presence of his father in Universe 18 and not far from him he saw Videl ... who was also present in Universe 16 ... and there was another Gohan! Trunks understood immediately.

“Oh, I get it,” he said suddenly. “You’re not from Universe 16?”

“Oh no, I'm from the 18th,” Son Gohan said with a glance of the universe 16 that had intrigued him since they arrived. “I suppose,” continued the semi-Saiyan, “it was the other me out there who had already come to talk to you, then?”

“Indeed, it was a few hours ago.”

“So I'll avoid asking the same questions,” said Gohan with one hand behind his head, a bit embarrassed.

“It wouldn’t bother me, you know. And to answer you, yes. I was from the future. We even fought Cell together, and it was you who won. You grew up very differently from adult Gohan who was my mentor.

“We meet again, but this time I'm the elder... And I imagine that the world we live in shapes the personality of the people.” Gohan tried to explain the difference between him and his counterpart of the future that Trunks had known. “If I remember correctly, he continued, the whole thing happened there about... thirty years ago! It should be much less for you right?

“About ten years, yes. I am glad that my father is doing well in your universe. In the sixteenth, he disappeared, from what I understood.”

“Hm... So there really was something that made the world different from ours... Universe 16...” Gohan was thoughtful. “So, you don’t know more?”

“Not really ... There I only know Piccolo, you and myself... so ...”

“I see... it's not easy to integrate with a group of people that you don't know well... In Universe 13, there are three Saiyans who are with your father...”

“I saw them earlier. I didn’t go talk to him... He didn’t inspire me as much as your Vegeta did. He looked even colder than he did when I first met him ten years ago. In the past… I mean ... um ...”

“Thirty years ago, completed Gohan smiling. These time-travel stories can get chaotic sometimes... It’s hard to backtrack...”

“The worst was with Cell ... I'm still not sure I understand his history... Especially when he said he had killed me to take the machine to travel back in time...”

“You can always ask... I'll leave you alone. But a word of advice: I went to talk to him just now and... I can’t be certain of what he says...”

“Cell is an intelligent creature,” assured Trunks, “if he feels that he has no interest in telling us the truth ... He won’t tell us...”

“What is certain is that he beat us all...”

“It’s the same for the androids of Universe 14. In that universe, I had to have been killed before leaving in the past... or I might have been killed in the past and never went back... or something...”

“There’re lots of possibilities,” cut off Gohan who already knew what Trunks would say. “But actually... We should all be dead in this world too, which might’ve allowed #17 and #18 to dominate.”

“I hope my mother is fine, at least...” Trunks was uneasy.

“Don’t worry, she's a fighter. I'm sure she survived. She survived well with your father!” said Gohan as a joke.

“Yes it's true,” said Trunks with a little laugh too. “At least he became good thanks to her...Unlike the "Prince Vegeta" of Universe 13. I wonder what his reaction would have been if my mother had come to watch the tournament...

“She wasn’t interested in us,” said Gohan.

“I know, same thing with me. She had a lot of important work on the road. The Capsule Corp. was back in service, better than before!”

“Oh that's right! So rebuilding your world is going well, then?”

“Yes. Oh also I have someone to introduce to you. He’s still inside but is expected soon to join me...”

“Oh? A son, perhaps?” Gohan asked, smiling.

“Oh, uh...” Trunks began blushing. “I might have a steady girlfriend but not a child...”

“It will come!” Gohan assured that he still saw Trunks as his former mentor. “I’ll confess that for me it was faster than I would have thought.”

“Do you have children?”

“A daughter, Pan. I'll introduce you if you want.”

“It would be an honor, Gohan!”

“I’ll return with her,” said Gohan starting.

“Wait... seriously... what do you think of this tournament?” asked Trunks

“I don’t know... How about you?”

“I’m having trouble fully trusting the Vargas... but when they told me about alternate universes, I immediately hoped to find you, my father, and all the others. It was good that I came!”

“Yes, that’s so true! This is a unique opportunity and in fact... # 16!”

Gohan had observed the android. The large robot, completely artificial, with orange hair (with the same hair-style as Uub), wearing a green armor with the symbol of Capsule Corp, came out of interior space to join Trunks and Gohan at a quiet pace. Gohan was surprised to see him appear so.

“Ah, there you are,” Trunks was turning to the android. “I found him in the rubble of the laboratory of Dr. Gero,” he said to Gohan. “Mom had rebuilt him and now, #16 is one of the cornerstones in the reconstruction of our world.”

“#16!” Gohan repeated when the robot was in front of him. “You saved our world too, you know... It’s thanks to you that we beat Cell. I'm really happy to see you!”

“Trunks told me,” replied the android, in a rather serious voice. We are both willing to protect nature. So I'm helping to rebuild the world as I can.”

“And are you participating?”

A smile lit up the face of large robot. “Yes, I did not want to at first, but... when I felt the presence of Son Gokus, I changed my mind. It seems that there are several here. I would like to kill at least one.”

“Uh ... Well, my wife seems bored by herself,” said Gohan suddenly noticing that Videl was alone sitting on a bench. “I'll go. I’ll return with Pan later, Trunks. Good luck!”

Trunks and #16 watched Gohan jump over the wall to escape the morbid discussion, as he headed for his wife... # 16 took the opportunity to ask Trunks. “I guess my sense of humor was not well received?”

Next to the puzzled android, Trunks laughed.

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