DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 5, Chapter 22.


Chapter 22

Translated by Prince Vegeta

Pan of the universe 16 and Pan of the universe 18 continued to play together, also at the same time enjoying the small refreshments served by the Vargas until the next fight. Having fun on the big field that was offered to them under the ring, they finally decided to go visit the world 6.

When they arrived, they noticed that the young Kat still had tears in her eyes. Kneeling, she tried to change her friends' minds to leave and return home immediately.

Both Pans jumped over the wall and came to meet them. Encouraged by a friend of hers, Kat rose. The four young women stood before the two girls.

"What do you want?" asked the blonde-haired women, who reached for her sword hanging from her hip with her right hand.

"Ha! Don't kid yourself! We are much stronger than you," said the Pan of the universe 16.

The other Pan, of the 18 universe, was slightly surprised. She also thought that all those of her world were stronger than this group of four girls. Yet she had not thought to say that directly in front of them. Was it one of the small differences between herself and her counterpart of the universe 16? Influenced by Vegetto maybe?

The group of six girls in the universe remained silent. One of them had almost started to argue, but had changed their mind. They had seen many people from the universe 16 and 18 fight. There were the Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta. And even the kid, Pan, beat another Saiyan... They knew the Saiyans "well" from their history books...

The woman, who stood behind them with her black hair cut short, looked for a moment behind her, to Bojack and his two friends. They knew him too. Bojack was a reign of terror in their galaxy... he was a real pirate. Fortunately for them, the Bojack gang was not aware of their existence, until today. They wondered if it was not a mistake on their part and have shown up to the tourney...

"We know we are far from the level of some fighters here, including that of the one of Bojack..." finally confessed the blonde, but we will do our best. So you take care of your own business.

Kat looked at her friend who had just spoken, who seemed to say "just do your best", which she thought is not enough and it would be better to go away quietly. Beside her, the woman with long hair nodded. They had discussed this with pleasure with Bra, of the universe 18, but it was enough. She, at least, did not want to talk to little girls...

"Your attention dear friends," finally began one of the Vargas. "The next fight will begin in a few minutes!"

"We better go!" exclaimed one of the Pans. Both were disappointed to have lost some of their limited time in Universe 6.

Joining hands, they jumped over the wall and then ran to their respective universes'.

"Its surprising," said Bojack while folding his arms. "these girls know about us so much... but we have never even head of them!"

"They do not pose a threat to us, so don't worry," said Zangya, while putting her hand through her golden hair.

"We will demolish them when we go back home and find their hiding place," said Bujin.

"We call to the ring Cell of Universe 17 and Dabura of Universe 11!" said a purple Varga.

This news delighted many. In universe 11, Dabra uncrossed his arms.

"Hehe, it's finally mine!"

Warming up himself with large shoulder movements, he smiled, and then after a glance at Babidi, flew to the ring.

"Majin Buu," Babidi began with a sadistic smile. "If Dabra loses, I'll let you eat him."

The Djinn jumped for joy and shouted his name. After several seconds of euphoria, he stopped screaming and looked up to the ring to see the fight finally about to begin. He had only one desire: to see the demon lose!

In universe 17, Cell smiled.

"Ah, finally. This tournament became far too boring ... I'm never in the ring!"

With his ego, he continued to himself, unaware that his small Cell Junior was twisting between his legs.

"But at least there are many promising opponents," he said, thinking especially at the worlds 16 and 18, that he knew best. But there was this universe 8,with Freeza, and it was partially interesting. For others, there was Trunks and # 16 in the world 12, # 17 and # 18 in the world 14, this big guy in universe 6, and he was still wondering if he could defeat Majin Buu in universe 11 and his powers of regeneration.

"I hope this Dabra is strong enough," Cell continued.

Quietly, he flew to the ring, and landed gently, arms folded against the devil. In universe 16 and 18, Gohan and Piccolo discussed the upcoming fight.

"Now we can see Cell's power," said Gohan.

"You are the only one who has fought both, Gohan. You are the best one who will be able to compare them," Piccolo said, arms crossed, looking towards the ring.

"I will watch this fight with great attention," replied Gohan.

In the universe 16, Vegetto was leaning against the wall of the entrance. He was eager to see this little battle. Bra joined him to lean against the wall next door, so they could talk quietly.

Behind Gohan and Piccolo of the universe 18, stood Vegeta and Son Goku.

"I cannot wait to see the progress made by Cell!" Goku said.

"I bet there has been none at all," replied the prince of Saiyans.

"Hm... you think?" asked his rival, curiosity on his face.

"Anyway, if he wins the next two rounds, he will find himself againt me, and I could slaughter him!"

"Hey, do not go to fast Vegeta, you have to beat Trunks first.

"He's okay, but not as good as me."

"During the Cell Games, you were close, in terms of force. I still wonder which one of you would have won in a duel.

"The winner would obviously be me, Kakarotto! And don't question my superiority!"

"Hey Vegeta!" said Goku, "You never said how your training was in the Room of Spirit and Time! Tell me!"


"Come on!"

"I do not remember it," Vegeta replied.

"But if..."


"I'll ask Trunks..."


"Just kidding!"

The Vargas' loudspeaker interrupted the frenimies:

"The fighters are up! Let the battle commence!"

Watched by thousands of spectators, Cell and Dabra got ready for their battle.

"Tell me," began Dabra," Have we met in your universe?"

Cell quickly devised several possible answers. He might as well tell the truth, he choose the most appropriate response, and most fun.

"Who knows?" How about yours?"

"Never. How about a warm up?"

Cell said nothing. A warm up? Why not? After all, he did not know his opponent at all. He might as well.

With a smile, Cell accepted the request. He uncrossed his arms, his legs parted slightly for better support and waited. Dabra noticed the defensive position of Cell. Having also won a smile, he attacked.

The blow he gave to the face of the green creature was an inordinate delay. Cell parried easily with one hand, and attacked with the other, far from being at its maximum. Dabra dodged the attack in turn by pivoting on itself. He grabbed the hand of Cell that had grabbed his fist and took advantage of his movement to dodge add strength: he sent Cell into the air. But he maneuvered it easily to stop dead just a few meters above the ground. Head down, he saw Dabra pounce on him again. He slipped away without difficulty several punches and kicks before being surprised by an attack at the foot faster than others. Hit on the neck, he fell quickly to the ring, but made movement with his legs, two seconds remaining crouched while Dabra arose against him, quietly.

"So," he said.

"How interesting..." Cell retorted by attacking.

This time it was he who turned around his opponent to knock him out of moves more quickly and accurately. Dabra parried and slipped for a long time before getting an elbow in the stomach, which made him spit.He gasped for a short time, then he attacked a con-kick with the right knee against Cell, who expected it. Falling to his knees, Dabra tried an elbow on his neck, to no avail as Cell had a small roll forward to dodge. Rising quickly, he charged again at Dabra, looking a little less sarcastic, more seriously. Fast and powerful blows were exchanged at breakneck speed. Several times, each of the two opponents managed to hit the other. Some shock waves were felt in this exchange of blows. Finally, after several long minutes neither of the two fighters had no advantage over the other, they separated.

Now standing about ten meters from each other, the real fun would begin. Dabra took another position, and told his opponent:

"Now,I will show everyone the power of a real demon! I will not hold back!"

Cell smiled. It pleased him that he did retain more. He also planned to go to his next level. Dabra attacked, with confident air, pouncing on his opponent, right arm extended forward, hand open, closed left fist, ready to land a punch. Cell began to avoid by grabbing Dabra's neck by the right hand, then he avoided the punch that was trying to touch the face. Two steps backwards, he parried a nudge that made Dabra swivel. Moving forward, he turned once again to finally reach Cell face another nudge.

Falling to the ground, Cell grumbled. Dabra flew while Cell got up. The devil lost his smile for a more warlike and he rushed towards the green creature who served as his opponent. The latter jumped to the devil. Their forearms collided violently. Their speed made them turn around before being separated again. Both fighters turned at the same time and both threw a ball of energy. They collided and exploded, leaving for a moment a cloud of dust. Cell and Dabra had quickly returned to fight into a melee.

No spectators could see how the confrontation had taken place under the cloud of dust, but before it dissipated, Dabra stormed up to land on the ring. Cell flew vertically, slowly, to rest in turn, smiling, obviously happy to have kicked his opponent before.

"You are doing pretty well," priased Dabra.

"You have not seen any thing yet."

The way he answered displeased the devil, who, after shaking his fists and teeth, rushed again on Cell. The latter managed to see the great movements of his opponent. Rapidly contracted his muscles and his body moved so violently counter the attack of the servant of Babidi. He gave a violent kick. Dabra had just enough time to slow its speed and put his arms before him to counter the attack. The shock was more violent than any blow that had been given so far. Under the shock wave, broke the ring around the impact point. Dust accumulating in the shock wave, the spectators saw no more than a blur around the two combatants.

Dabra felt a sharp pain in his forearm, but then attacked with an uppercut that his target. Cell flew through the air with a jaw pain, and could not defend against Dabra who had caught up. Catching his legs, the demon swung rapidly on itself, on dozens of towers, each time taking more and more speed, before dropping his opponent in the direction of the ring. Cell crashed over under a mass of dust. Dabra did not wait longer. Arms forward, palms open, he cried when he swung a strong concentrated attack of ki. The ball of energy came crashing into the ring, half of which exploded on impact. The battle went on.

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