DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 17, Chapter 81.


Chapter 81 by Koragg

Translated by Ledgic

Son Bra was bored in the luxurious apartments provided by the Vargas. She kept a bitter taste after defeating Zangya, accidentally killing her while struggling to control her anger after Zangya's insensitive provocation over Pan's death. Additionally, she was outraged to see Bojack show no sign of remorse about causing the death of her comrade. Further infuriating her, he even told the trainer Namek to get rid of her lifeless body as if it were an old sock lying the floor....Bra was lying down, trying to relax and calm her desire to murder the space pirate. Before falling asleep, she recalled the various events that had taken place since the beginning of the tournament.

Bra inherited the proud nature of her father, Vegetto, a trait common in Saiyan warrior's. She naturally followed him without any hesitation when the Vargas came to pick them up in the universe 16. The Multiverse Tournament provided her with the unique opportunity to meet new opponents, and also the best way for her to test her power. She wanted to face opponents as strong as her, or even moreso. She wanted to go beyond her limits. She thought long and hard about the progress of the tournament; the losses, the victories, and more. When she learnt the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, would participate, Vegetto's daughter felt nothing but joy. Mostly due to the fact that, other than her father, it was the only adversary on her level.

She was extremely surprised when she saw the titanic struggle between her father and the Saiyan of legend. She was forced to admit to herself that even she, the daughter of the strongest man in the universe, would have been useless against him. When the Buu of universe 4 sought to absorb Broly by taking advantage of the weakened Vegetto, together, he and Bra were able to stop their opponent without much of a problem. And yet, in a fit of anger, she had nearly killed her own brother and father... This Buu was more powerful than the one Vegetto defeated in their universe. He was intelligent, all of his actions were calculated. Again, she wasn't on his level.

Another fighter had also attracted her attention. It was the mysterious Gast Carcolh of universe 7. He's been calm and remained in place since the beginning of the tournament. He faced Cell Junior of universe 17, which had been powered up by its father. During this battle, the Namek wasn't at all thoroughly damaged, and she felt that his power was much greater than hinted. Bra thought Piccolo was the most powerful Namek in any universe; Gast Carcolh was much more powerful. How could she explain such a phenomenon? She even came to think that he might be able to compete with her father father, Vegetto. She eventually fell asleep looking forward to the second round of the tournament.

Suddenly Bra awoke with a fresh start. She felt that something was wrong, but couldn't tell what it was. She concentrated in an attempt to sense what was happening outside. The apartments were isolated from each other, therefore it was impossible to sense any energy inside.

'I must be home sick... I'm just going to jump out to see if everything is alright and then go back to bed' she thought as she got dressed quickly. She was surprised to leave her room only to see Vegetto, Gohan and Videl who had also left their rooms.

"What's going on?" Bra asked them. You, too, must've felt that something changed?

"Yes." Vegetto replied bluntly. "While apartments are isolated, I had a premonition. I went to wake up Gohan only to see him already coming to me."

"That's right." the latter replied, frowning. Videl insisted on accompanying me.

"I see..." said Bra as she crosse her arms. "Where are Goten and Trunks? They didn't come here? Maybe they're sleeping? If that's the case, then I'll wake up in my own way..." added Bra, cracking the he knuckles.

"It's not worth it." said a double voice Bra knew all too well. She turned around and saw Gotenks smiling, arms folded on the side.

"Huh? What are you doing here? Why'd you fuse?" she asked with a hint of exasperation in her voice.

"The great Gotenks is here because we felt we may have some fun. We heard Dad on his way to wake up Gohan, and we thought we could join the fun! And it's you who should go back to sleep, little Ms. bundle of nerves!" Gotenks replied with a mocking smile on his lips. In response, Bra grabbed Gotenks by the neck and pinned him against a wall with the other fist raised toward him. Curiously, he didn't even attempt to dodge, he just simply smiled even harder. Both Gohan and Videl sighed while Vegetto smiled. He didn't want to intervene in order to see whether Bra could resist Gotenks' provocations.

"Call me like that again and I swear I'll break your face!"

"Just don't get in our way, bundle of nerves!" retorted Gotenks, who seemed not at all impressed and just continued smiling.

Bra then remembered the reason she left her room. She released her brother and moved towards their external space. Vegetto signaled for Gotenks, Videl and Gohan to follow them. Once they arrived, they noted that most participants were in their respective spaces, whereas the Vargas ran in all the directions with frightened cries. The audience members also seemed terrified and pointed their fingers at something. Something was levitating above them but remained in the shadows. Then a demonic laughter rang throughout the arena which suddenly brightened.

"What is this?" cried the West Kaioshin.

A strange creature was unveiled before them: it was horned, its body and skin were made up of several colors: purple, black, red, green. Just like Tenshinhan, it had a third eye in the middle its forehead which glowed bright yellow as the other two did as well. No one could venture a guess as to what race this creature was, or if it was an opponent some of the participants faced in the past. Was it Freeza? Cell? Hildegarne? A fusion of the three perhaps? Nobody knew. The creature continued to laugh for a few seconds before being interrupted by the army of Vargas. They flew their Mecha robots at least three meters high, all equipped with sophisticated weapons and lightsabers.

"You've entered this place without being authorized!" shouted the commander of the army, his voice amplified by a microphone which cause his voice to echo throughout the arena. "Please identify yourself!"

In response, the strange creature bursted into another maniacal laughing fit. Without waiting a second longer, the pilots of the Mechas attempted to immobilize the interloper, who, with a sweep his back hand, destroyed all of the robots in the vicinity, including the Vargas 3000-Z and even the commander-in-chief who piloted the famous Mecha K.R.O.T.E. The audience was surprised, Vargas technology had been rendered useless by a horned animal! The South Kaioshin wanted to intervene but refrained before doing so as the West Kaioshin placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Let the strange creature speak! We mustn't put the spectators nor the participants of the tournament in danger." Ideally, they decided to give it a microphone.

In the space reserved for the universe 18, unsuccessfully trying to find out who this creature was, Son Goku continued to search his memory. He's never seen it before. As was also the case for the rest of his companions. Yet, it seemed very powerful. A Vargas was appointed to bring the microphone to the creature who quickly seized before landing on the ground.

"My name is Ozotto! I am feared and revered in numerous systems! I'm very disappointed to not be considered to participate in this ridiculous tournament! But I've decided to take matters into my own hands since you wouldn't offer it to me, even after you already arrived in my universe!

"But what do you want?" asked the frightened Varga who snatched the microphone from his hands.

"It's very simple, I'll destroy you all! Ha ha ha ha! This world won't survive Ozotto! This is my will!"

It was at that precise moment that the East Kaioshin decided to speak.

"You say that we came to your world. You must be mistaken, perhaps you're referring to Vargas of your own universe?

"No, I know the difference! I'm speaking of Vargas of this universe. They came to my universe some time already!" screamed Ozotto.

"How did you get here? ventured to ask the Varga who stood before him.

"Ah, finally a relevant question! said Ozotto with a big smile. I'd be happy to answer in this case. Magic!

In the arena, all of those present were surprised by these remarks. However, the most surprised were the Kaioshins themselves. There's another being capable of opening portals and attaining inter-universe travel apart from them? How was this possible?

"That's very useful indeed." added the Varga sweating profusely before him. "Are you here alone?"

"If only it was also simple! In my world, I am the leader of an empire which tries to take over the Earth. My enemies won't hesitate to follow me here...

At the same time, while Vargas continued to shout 'Kwak kwak!' running in all directions, a dimensional portal opened in front of the space in the universe 18. Emerald green, it seemed like trying to snatch the persons nearby.

Five lights energy welled up suddenly and landed on the ground with a deafening noise until the portal closed behind them.

"Presence of Ozotto confirmed, we've arrived at our destination. Good work!" said a female voice.

"Are you sure, Marron?" questioned a male voice that Goku and company recognized instantly.

"Confirmed!" said another voice familiar participants of the universes 12, 16, and 18. "Apparently it hasn't done any damage. We have an opportunity to end it once and for all with this demon."

"Perfect!" said another masculine voice that Goku and Gohan recongnized.

"Yajirobe-sensei, we shouldn't hurt innocent people" said a childlike voice.

"Yeah, I know."

The smoke generated by the explosion eventually dissipated, revealing the identities of Ozotto's enemies.

"Come on." cursed Ozotto "The cavalry has arrived..."

Surprise was easily seen on the faces of the participants of universes 12, 16 and 18.

"Papa? Grandfather?" said Pan, stunned.

"Dad? Gohan?" Videl couldn't believe his eyes.

"Gohan? Satan? Marron?" said the two Piccolo's, Goku, Vegeta, Vegetto and Bra simultaneously.

"Gohan, it is really you?" said Trunks of the universe 12.

"But... That's me!" Both Gohan's said in unision.

Two of the five people were indeed Gohan and Mr. Satan. Bra of the universe 16 recognized her big brother. However, he was different. He had a scar on his cheek but had no hair standing on end like his counterparts in both universe 16 and 18. He wore the same outfit as Goku, and had only one arm.

Mr. Satan stood in place; they were surprised to see he was nothing like the Mr. Satan they knew. He wore a cowboy hat, a dark blue uniform with a star above and over a long brown coat. One could see he had not shaved for a good time, and one could see in his eyes that he was not to be taken lightly.

"Mr. Satan?" he said, smiling as if this name evoked the distant past as he adjusted the hat on his head. No one has called me that name for a long time... I changed my name after seeing a really cool television series, with a charismatic hero. I became like him. Now my name is Chuck. And he's Mirai Gohan.

Upon hearing his name, Mirai Gohan turned to the spaces 12, 16 and 18 and smiled.

"Chief…" Mirai Gohan began, turning to the man now called Chuck.

"Gohan, you have the right to say hello to your father and your friends." said Chuck with a big smile.

Mirai Gohan turned to Goku and his companions that he had so lost long ago. Tears formed then streamed down his eyes as he recognized some of them.

"Hi, Dad! It's really fun to see you! You too, Piccolo-san! Vegeta, you're still the same as I remember! Is Mom there too? I wanna see her!"

"Hi, son! You're different, you've sure had to live through some terrible events! And no, your mother's not here with us, sorry."

Gohan was about to answer when Marron placed a hand on his shoulder. In the universe 16 and 18, she was the daughter of Kulilin and # 18. Twenty-five years into the future. She also wore the same clothes as Goku; the only difference being that she had kung fu shoes on instead of his regular blue boots. Her long hair was tied up and formed a ponytail.

"Gohan, we can't stay and talk, we have to neutralize Ozotto."

"Dad, I'll take care of this monster with my teammates. I'll be back to talk to you after."

Mirai Gohan advanced in the direction of the monster, Chuck and Marron walking side-by-side. Just beside them was a man was held with long brown hair and brown eyes. He was a little shorter than Gohan, and he carried the same medieval behaviour and the two swords commonly possessed by samurai in universes 16 and 18. He had a scouter on his right eye like the Saiyan's. His name was Yajirobé. Lastly, a final character appeared. He had the size of a eight year old child. He was shirtless, and muscular. He wore white pants topped with a sort of red skirt. He had black hair in battle, a Saiyan head with a collar around his neck, and wore armbands and matching boots. He was called Broly Jr. The whole audience was surprised to see thesefive warriors. Overcoming his fear, The Vargas in front Ozotto snatched the microphone from Ozotto's hand and announced there was a new danger to impress many in their universe.

"Dear audience, you can follow the adventures of the legendary heroes through adaptations of Saban! A round of applause for the Power Rangers!"

The crowd seemed transported by hearing this name and applauded each one more than the other

"Well, well! They also know the Power Rangers?" said Trunks of the universe 18.

"Apparently" replied Goten. "But look how bazaar the audience is acting since they heard that name...."

The five heroes who were arriving, on the other hand, weren't pleased to have heard this name. Yajirobe flew up to the Vargas quickly, stealing the microphone from his hands. He wanted to hit him. Hard. But he was countered by Marron, who took the microphone, and said:

"Ladies and gentlemen. A few years ago, a man named Bansa came to our world. To popularize us, he decided 'to adapt' our adventures by calling us 'Power Rangers'. But we didn't tell the truth about us: The five people you see here, we are the agency of Super Power Walker Texas Ranger in space. We are warriors Sentaï!

A deafening silence echoed through the arena after this revelation.

"Good." abruptly made Vegetto. "I'll leave it to you."

"Where are you going? asked Gotenks while Gohan and Videl exchanged a look that spoke volumes.

"I'm going to see the Namek of universe 7.

"What? Bra was astonished. But why?

"I don't know... Hopefully to play nice.... Hopefully."

Bra didn't know what to say and looked at her father moving towards the reserved space for universe 7: Gast Carcolh remained in place, impassive while observing Ozotto. He diverted his eyes and saw the fused Saiyan approaching. They were observed in silence during a long moment. To indicate that the last Namek of universe 7 didn't scare easy, he decided to transform into a Super Saiyan 2. He hoped to destabilize him there, but still, Gast Carcolh didn't show any emotion and was satisfied with crossing his arms in front of Vegetto.

Some participants didn't seem to pay attention to the intrusion of Ozotto in the universe 1. The 'Super Saiyans' of universe 13 engaged in some fierce Kem's. Buu of universe 4 was bored counting grains of sand. A few minutes earlier he inadvertently absorbed a somewhat disturbed Varga who liked to spend his time playing with sand ... As for the girls of the universe 6, looked online the HoloNet Inter-Universal for the latest trends in fashion.

"Good." the moment came, said Chuck as he adjusted his hat.

"Exactly, Chief." added Marron while stretching. It all ends today.

"Ozotto will disappear once and for all." said Mirai Gohan before taking off, leaving a golden aura trail behind him -- a characteristic of the Super Saiyans.

"Perfect!" said Yajirobé by pulling out his sword. And with one less threat, we'll be able to celebrate our victory tonight with a feast!"

"I only hope to be up to par." said Broly Jr., tighly clenched his fists to his sides.

The five warriors charged on Ozotto, who broke out in laughter once again.

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