DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 24, Chapter 120.


Chapter 120

Translated by npberryhill

In the Universe 14 apartments, the two cyborg twins had risen at almost the same time. Once dressed, they’d also arrived in the living room at nearly the same moment as well. Their table was already stocked with a large and luxurious breakfast, the aroma filling the entire rooms. But sitting at the table was...the cyborg scumbag from universe 9!

“Breakfast is served!” Yamcha announced with a smile.


“You relieved the Varga server I see,” #17 said.

“I did indeed,” Yamcha replied. “I figured we, all former victims of Dr. Gero, could exchange a few words. I invited #16 also, but he couldn’t make it, said he was eating with his mother...”

#17 stepped towards the table menacingly, while 18 stayed in her room’s doorway. But Yamcha seemed unphased. 17 recalled how he had, in the previous round, dominated his sister during the tournament. Even though 17 boasted, perhaps wrongly, of being stronger than his sister, he knew he didn’t have the strength to meaningfully threaten Yamcha — and they all knew it.

The unwanted guest continued, biting into a piece of bread. “His ‘mother’, by the way, is Trunks — another version of my son, who is also named Trunks.”

The two androids had no idea what he was trying to say.

“That’s right, I have a son... even as an android, there’s enough man inside of me to still procreate, baby! And as for you my dear,” he addressed #18, “you actually have a daughter in both the 16th and 18th universes. From what I hear, you turned over a new leaf and live quite a happy life. I’m starting to come around on those guys, they seem pretty cool — despite their Saiyan origins.

#17 now stood right next to the table, teeth clenched.

“Wouldn’t you guys like to experience the joys of parenthood?” Yamcha asked, turning to 18. His question was asked as innocently as though he were requesting more sugar in his coffee.

Android 18 was taken aback, wide eyed at the question. But before she could reply, her brother knocked over the table with a backhand and tried to grab Yamcha.

“That’s enough!!” he shouted.

But Yamcha stopped the table with a single hand, even managing to grab a bottle of juice that would have spilled. The remainder of the food and dishes, however, were launched into every corner of the room.

Nonchalantly, 18 reached up and deflected a few of the incoming cups, as well as two rolls which would’ve gotten butter on her clothing. When she looked up, she noticed Yamcha’s expression had changed.

“Wait, your reaction time,” he frowned.

“Whaaat?” she replied, annoyed already.

Yamcha suddenly leapt out of his chair and rushed her, his fist raised. #18 stepped sideways, but the bandit immediately adjusted and landed his blow on her. She raised two hands, managing to stop the unwanted guest’s fist. Having done so, Yamcha made no further attack.

“You’re far more powerful than you were yesterday,” he whispered with astonishment. “What happened?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. You need to leave, now.”

“You’re faster and stronger...kind of like...you were given maintenance and repairs overnight!”

“So, everything you were saying yesterday?” #17 responded, having stopped his attack on Yamcha from behind. “Is all that null and void now or what? Are we as strong as ever?”

“No. Not you, just her.”

17 shuddered.

“Why you...!?”

“Your friend has been fully repaired and recharged. But just her, for some reason you weren’t.”

Yamcha didn’t know the cyborgs from this universe also happened to be siblings. The brother clenched his teeth with jealousy. He didn’t care what the cause was, he had been ignored!

“I’ll be honest, Miss 18,” Yamcha continued. “Even with your original strength, you still have no chance in this tournament. And in the end, eventually you’re gonna need maintenance again. In short, whatever happened to you doesn’t change anything I told you yesterday.”

“You’re really annoying, bub, you know that?” #17 butted in again. “Whatever it is we need, we can get it somewhere else. We don’t need you, understand? I’ll find it myself, so you can go now.”

“Wait a second,” his sister said. “So, you’re saying that you and I have the same strength now...?”

“Our cyber energy is equivalent again, yeah.”

“Then it’s time I finish what I started yesterday. 17, guard the door.”

“Seriously?” her adversary asked. “You really want to fight? In this tiny apartment?”

“Not fight, I’m gonna kill you!!”

Her yell was accompanied by a powerful kick that landed against Yamcha. The latter had thrown himself back defensively while #17 blocked the door, preparing to attack as soon as there was an opening. Cyborg 18 slowly closed in on Yamcha, but suddenly stepped sideways, grabbed a wardrobe from the passageway, and spinning, hurled it full speed at the bandit. She immediately chased after.

It was a crude tactic to an experienced fighter like Yamcha, however. He not only easily avoided the wardrobe, but also allowed her attack to go through his afterimage. Appearing behind her suddenly, he landed a well-placed punch to his opponent. It sent her crashing into the other side of the room in failure.

“You guys had better stop there. Really. I’m way more familiar with my cyborg body than either of you, plus I’ve trained it to the maximum.”

In response, the twins rushed him.

Yamcha sighed, going on the defensive again. He grabbed #17’s outstretched fist and spun him around several times before hurling him at his sister, who couldn’t avoid the collision. Without pause, the two hurried to their feet, enraged, and charged the enemy cyborg once more. He didn’t make even a single gesture, and without even appearing to move managed to dodge or parry every single one of their attacks — even the androids couldn’t ignore their obvious disadvantage. #18, even more irritated now, flipped the table and tossed it to #17, who launched it at Yamcha and caused it to shatter. The warrior of Universe 9 stopped all the debris with a single hand, but the blonde haired girl teleported behind him and clasped her hands above his head to try a finishing smash. But Yamcha, an expert in combat, sniffed out the approach and delivered a powerful elbow to her neck, temporarily laying her out. The dark-haired cyborg had had enough, and fired his energy violently in an aura that pulsated throughout the room. Furniture was obliterated, the walls cracked, and he then charged in a final offensive — which resulted in him receiving a dazzling kick to his ribs that stole his breath and put him on his knees. Yamcha sighed again, folding his arms and waiting on the two stubborn twins to recover.

Not a single furnishing remained intact in the apartment, but the two fallen terrors of Universe 14 had once again managed to stand. They felt no fatigue, counting on an energy pool which they claimed was infinite, but they were still confused and overwhelmed. How could they be so easily beaten by someone of equal power, a counterpart of themselves from another universe?

“You’re gonna have to come to the realization that fighting won’t solve your problems. Anyway, the tournaments about to start back. Pull yourselves together and I’ll be waiting for you in the corridor.”

With that, Yamcha slammed the door shut behind him. Neither had dared try to stop him, particularly not 17, who had fared far worse than his sister during their scuffle. Waiting just outside, the repentant former thief, the rehabilitated cyborg, leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.

“Man, I am so not cut out to be a social worker... But, at least the fight was fun, hehe...”

Over in the apartment of the Universe 13 Saiyans, Kakarotto was so gay that he almost appeared physically unstable. Three sets of eyes, haggard and appalled by his boasting, followed him out without saying much at all, resisting the urge to react.


“Ah, what a beautiful day!! I’m in top shape, ready for another massacre!! Lucky for all of you, I’m still in the game. Leave it to me to redeem our universe and put us at the top of the tournament — otherwise we’d be the laughingstock!”

Vegeta frowned visible disapproval, repressing a grunt.

“Don’t worry too much, Vegeta. I’ll avenge you too! True, you did get completely embarrassed, but we’ll keep you all the same.”

Raditz preferred not to get involved, and intelligently chose to back away subtly, retreating to a safer part of the room.

“You’ve been so grumpy since you died, Vegeta! But that’s okay, you can call me Emperor Kakarotto now if you want.”

Without warning, Vegeta’s aura exploded around him, streaks of lightning scarring the tile and zipping in crackles through the air. vs With one hand, he grasped Kakarotto by the throat and crushed him against the ground. Even as the underling transformed into Super Saiyan, he was still absolutely helpless. Try as he might, even with his absolute maximum power, the higher transformation used by Vegeta was worlds beyond him.

In spite of his complete and utter superiority to Kakarott in his current state, Vegeta continued powering up. His energy grew, discharging an immense bright light that seemed to last an eternity — yelling all the while. His features had changed and his hair was incredibly long. The Saiyan emperor lowered his hand, but the energy he was emitting alone was enough to hold Kakarotto in place. Satisfied with his overwhelming superiority, Vegeta spoke.

“And what have you done so far? While you were demanding that girl bear your child, or beating up little children, I faced an entire population, not to mention a few other enemies that would’ve reduced you to lint! Only by the luck of the draw did you manage to progress in this tournament, and only for the pleasure of witnessing you dismembered in front of millions of spectators will I allow your arrogance here to pass... your humiliation in the arena will be far more satisfying. Moreover, I believe your next opponent bears the name Vegeta. During Buu’s rampage, I sensed his strength as his group resisted the gumball — and I can barely contain my laughter as I’ll have a front row seat to your death by none other than myself! You mindless swine who never even surpassed level one, get out of my sight!!”

Kakarotto, a slave once again, was released from the energy pinning him down. He got up silently and walked to the door, mumbling under his breath without quite being aware of it. The others had become accustomed to seeing him talk to himself, and chose to ignore it.

“He doesn’t know my true power,” the mad Saiyan grumbled quietly. “I’m stronger than he realizes... my vision last night will give me strength greater than level two, three, four, whatever... He’s going to see... They’ll all see!!”

Over in the living room of the Universe 11 apartments, Majin Buu was busy turning the freshly prepared meal on his table into various sweets — which he swallowed greedily under his master’s gaze. The Varga, who’d so carefully prepared their breakfast, was fighting off tears as he left the room. Typically Babidi might have reprimanded his djinn for such acts, but he allowed them to pass this time. Today his protege would need to be in good spirits to play a new game. The wizard was certain Buu would prevail, and didn’t wish to rush him.

“So Majin Buu, you’re off to win again today, eh?”

“Oh yes!” the djinn replied, his mouth still full of candy. “And Buu will make sure he touches the ring first, then beats the other guy up!”

“What’s that?” the sorcerer repeated, stunned. “Well, indeed... it seems you understand better than I’d hoped. Wonderful!”

Dabra was perplexed as well as he sat in a corner of the room. It was the first time he’d seen a spark of intelligence from the mass of marshmallows, and it gave him an uneasy feeling — whereas his master was merely impressed.

Meanwhile, behind the main facility, there was a strong effervescence inside the Frost Demon ship. Prince Freeza and King Cold both knew they were set to face impressive opponents, known legendary warriors — indeed, Super Saiyans. Many of their soldiers were also concerned, wondering what might happen if their sovereigns were defeated. Would they become victims of their devastating wrath?

Freeza lay awake, looking outside through the porthole in his private quarters. There was a buzz at the door and the technician whom he’d entrusted the task of researching Ginyu’s identity entered timidly and knelt. He waited silently for his master to address him, the icy silence lingering on as he trembled.

“What is the status of your research? Have you located that scoundrel? Whose body did he steal?”

“Lord Freeza,” he stammered, “so far Captain Ginyu’s true identity has proved untraceable. I have, however, scoured our database, even the old records, and compiled a list of potential suspects. I am certain within the days to come I will discover his current form, my lord.”

Freeza gave no reply, and the technician couldn’t see the expression on his face. Suddenly, the demon’s tail curled and snapped in midair, cracking the ground a few centimeters from the terrified rookie. Then Freeza whispered in a gentle, cruel voice.

“Continue your search. The moment you uncover the truth, report to me immediately. Oh, and I strongly suggest you not fail me, lest you suffer the worst of tortures.”

The soldier prostrated himself, sweating profusely, then silently retired. Freeza remained behind, motionless for several minutes, then left his quarters in the direction of the ship’s royal dining area. Ginyu was not his main concern at the moment. Upon entering the room, he noticed his father seated at the center of the imperial table, eyes shut, arms crossed. Coola entered next, seeming uncomfortable and taking a seat opposite him. They began to eat, until the elder brother finally broke the silence.

“I think it’s time we admit we can’t win this tournament,” he said exasperated. “I was defeated by a Super Saiyan, and your own opponents appear to be even stronger than he. Perhaps it’s time we took advantage of the fighting and use them as a distraction to locate the Dragon Balls? With everyone focused on the matches, we could more easily...”

“No,” Cold interrupted him loudly. “I will defeat that little fool easily. These monkeys, strong though they may be, have a glaring deficiency. It’s their blind desperation for a challenge, is it not? So easily provoked and manipulated... I’ll simply goad her into withholding her transformations. Without Super Saiyan, they’re nothing but appetisers. And even so, I’ve a few tricks up my sleeve...”

A sadistic grin had formed on his face, while both his sons were both impressed and perplexed at how they hadn’t thought of the same idea. While Freeza listened attentively to his father’s suggestion, which was far from ridiculous, it reminded him of a former event that had taken place a few decades earlier — one he had been reminded of in a dream that very night. Perhaps that is how he could turn things to his advantage...

After everyone had eaten their fill and prepared themselves, the remaining participants and spectators, as well as the entire crowd took their places in the arena. The Vargas and Nameks each assumed their posts, unaware of all that had transpired the previous night. In the balcony of Universe 1, Buu was still firmly affixed in a blob above Grand Kaioshin’s hand, which reassured everyone.

Cell was already in place, ready to fight. While he had sensed something strange during the night, he’d not been bothered by it. Rather, his thoughts were focused on his next opponent, Tapion, who had a very strange monster under his command. He had no doubt he would win, in fact he was certain, but he hoped he’d have a semblance of a challenge, especially since he already knew his opponent’s weakness, the summoner himself. With that in mind, he would try and have Tapion invoke the creature right from the start. He smiled viciously as he noticed the old man and the sword-wielding warrior emerge from the Universe 3 apartments. Tapion noticed his glance and returned him a worried look. He hoped his revelations during the night about how to deploy Hildegan might prove enough to overcome a foe as menacing as Cell — and cover his own fragility and weakness. Over in Universe 18, Uub looked up at the ring, surprised.

“Huh? Where’s the ring, it’s gone?”

His companions looked up, also curious. The spectators pointed with curiosity towards the arena as well, wondering with excitement what novelty would be added to change up the game. Soon after, a female Varga voice began to resonate throughout the stadium.

“Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the third round of the inter-universe tournament! As many of you have noticed, the ring has changed once again. Now, it will take the shape of a disk on the ground!”

“A what?” Goku exclaimed. “Like a record, or um...?”

He walked over to the barrier and leaned forward, checking for himself if indeed the ring was vinyl. It was indeed flat, at least, and the surface of the asteroid seemed to be the combat surface; a great oval that would allow fighting to be more visible, thus more spectacular. The audience applauded the idea.

“In addition, the gravity will again increase tenfold!” the Varga continued. “The protection barrier will also be altered into a cylindrical shape, and will only be active during the fighting. The shouts of spectators resounded across the massive stadium. The participants were going to engage in intense confrontations, filling everyone’s heart with joy.

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