DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 17, Chapter 84.

Chapter 84 by Stef84

Translated by Davidstarlingm

“Good evening!” gasped Bra. “But what the hell is going on?”

Ghosts were wandering around all the participants, while Dende, frightened by his own actions, ran to hide behind Future Gohan.

“What have you done?” cried Gohan.

“You...you cannot leave me,” Dende begged.

“Bah,” Gohan said, trying to pull away from him. “I’m sure you expected it.”

“What are we going to do??” Marron asked, tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know,” cried the brave Chuck. “I’m terrified of ghosts.”

“What?” Marron yelled. “But...you’re a hero! You can’t be afraid of simple ghosts.”

“It’s obvious that you have not seen the movie where the cursed girl appears as a ghost to people on a video and kills them seven days later, leaving a capsule...”

“A capsule?” Marron asked.”

“A capsule. Damn!” Chuck added. “And I’m not the only one to be afraid here. Look! All the heroes of the world are in the same state as me!

Indeed, Vegetto and the Super Namek were huddling in each other’s strong arms, screaming, while the ghost of Tidar approached them. Vegeta fired balls of energy in all directions, shouting, “Don’t come near me!”

Nearby, Goten and Trunks played with Pan’s ghost, who laughed at the joke she had played on Bra. The latter was on the verge of throwing a tantrum.

“Come on, Vegeta,” Goku said. “You shouldn’t be afraid. Look, neither I nor the children are afraid.”

“Obviously!” Vegeta shouted. “You must be smart to be scared!”

“I...I don’t understand....”

“Exactly my point!” screamed Vegeta.

Above this nonsensical cacophony, a booming voice erupted.

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu!” shouted Ozotto. “Poor Dende! You have just condemned your team! Did you forget my special power?

“Oh...shit!” shouted Dende.

“What?!” Future Gohan asked, turning his head to see Dende who still clung to him.

“I was going to say...I forgot Ozotto had a special power...”

“Yes, but which one?” demanded Chuck.

“He has the ability to absorb the energy from ghostly spectres!”

“Oh no!” cried the Rangers in unison.

Ozotto used his ability. He concentrated his energy...soon, ghosts swirled around him, faster and faster.

“And now...what will happen now?” Broly Jr asked, turning to Dende.

“His power will rise, and he’ll probably grow,” he replied.

“Are you sure?” asked Marron.

“Well, this is how he did it the last time.”

“What!?” cried the rangers.

“Uh...” Dende began, “I didn’t tell you? It was a few months ago. I was walking through a sleazy bar in a diplomatic trip to another planet...and I found a baby alien.”

“What was he doing there?” asked Broly Jr.

“I don’t know. Probably abandoned by his mother because of his horrible face. Anyway, I brought him back to Earth. I was like his mother...or something. But he kept doing stupid things. One day, he even knocked down Mr. Popo’s palace! Unfortunately, the whole thing crashed heavily, crushing Korin’s tower all the way to the ground.”

“Ah,” thought Gohan, “this is why we couldn’t see it.”

“No!” said Marron. “Is he dead?”

“Not at all,” replied Dende. “But he makes me annoyed because he has such a dirty mouth. He’s a very temperamental fellow. Throwing away decades of living together for a simple accident...

“Anyway, I was still angry. So I decided to punish the kid. I summoned ghosts...but the boy suddenly grew and fled, eventually becoming your worst enemy.”

“So...this is all your fault,” Chuck grumbled, as all the rangers began approaching Dende in a threatening manner.

After absorbing the last ghost, Ozotto began to grow. His muscles swelled; his tail disappeared. Horns emerged from his back.

“His strength has increased significantly,” said Bra. “This isn’t ending. I may have to get involved; it’s getting tiresome to watch.”

The Rescue Rangers finished off Dende. Now, they were ready to fight Ozotto. They performed their best dance, then swooped toward him.

But Super Ozotto was twice as big as before, and twice as strong. He rushed and thrust his fist into Marron’s stomach, sending her slamming into Chuck. Together they crashed to the ground near Dende’s broken body.

Yajirobe swung his sword through the air, but Ozotto dodged and the swing cut off Gohan’s other arm.

“NOOOOOOOO!” he cried. Then he crashed to the ground, crying, and started crawling toward his severed arm like a worm.

“Oops,” said Yajirobe just before Ozotto’s fist crashed into his face.

The lone warrior remaining in the air was Broly Jr. He was seething with anger. Would he become the Legendary Super Saiyan? He looked down into the spaces of different worlds, hoping to see Goku, Kakarotto, or even Goten. But the smoke obscured his sight; he couldn’t see. He was angry...his father had taught him to turn his thinking toward Kakarotto. Sometimes the transformation would be triggered when he thought back to his childhood. But now, nothing happened. His efforts were ruined as Ozotto attacked. A wave of energy from the demon’s mouth struck him, burning Broly Jr and sending him falling to the ground, smoking.

“Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!” laughed Ozotto. “You can do nothing against me!”

On the ground, Gohan looked for Trunks, hoping to get a senzu...but he was still in shock, drooling on the ground. The other members of the Rangers were no better. Marron tried to get up, without success; Ozotto would finish them for sure. Bra was preparing to intervene, surprised that no one else was getting involved. It annoyed her; this story was too stupid for her to get involved, but if she let these idiots die, she’d be hearing about it forever.

Meanwhile, in the space of Universe 9:

“You think we’re the only two normal people in the multiverse?” Krillin asked his friend Tien, “between all these morons who keep dancing around, a monster who is now threatening to destroy us all, and everyone who is laughing about it?”

“Okay, let me remind you: I have three eyes, and you have no nose. So as far as normality is concerned, we can pretty much forget about—”

Then a scream rang out. “STOP!”

Everyone turned, looking to see who had spoken. Goku from Universe 18 seemed to recognize the voice. He turned to the space of Universe 9, but Kulilin there seemed as surprised as the others. But Goku was sure he had heard Kulilin’s voice. He then saw a small man walking down the stairs in the stands. Slowly, he stepped from the shadows, revealing his face.

“Oh, Kulilin!” exclaimed Goku. “Is that our universe? I didn’t know he was here.”

“Me neither,” replied Gohan, looking at his father.

That’s when Goku realized that his son was not looking toward the same place as him, but to the right. He followed his son’s eyes, and saw another Kulilin quickly coming down a different flight of stairs, closer to the space of Universe 16.

“Kulilin?” cried Vegetto of Universe 16. “What are you doing here?”

Both Kulilins flew, arriving simultaneously in the ring.

“Well,” one said to the other, “you came too?”

“Of course,” replied the other. “If I understand the principle of this tournament, we are the same person. It is logical that we both decided to intervene.”

“Yes, we could not let our daughter die. Even if she IS from another world.”

“Well,” Yamcha of Universe 9 said toward his Kulilin, “They’re you. They look like you, but with hair.”

“I am much more beautiful without hair,” remarked that Kulilin. “And they don’t have my beautiful shell. I’m much better.”

Ozotto, who did not appreciate this interruption, landed on the ring.

“Who are you, little men?”

“You’ll know soon,” said the two Kulilins. “We will reveal a terrible truth: the truth of our life.”

Hands on their hearts, both alter-egos began their revelatory monologue.

“For so long,” said Kulilin of Universe 18, “I’ve hidden my power from you all. I’ve hidden so many things...”

“Dad, no!” Marron shouted.

“That’s not really your father,” Chuck said.

“My parents died on a love cruise; these Kulilins are all the parents I have.”

Those from universes 18 and 16 were surprised, not knowing what to think of it.

“It’s time to tell everything,” Kulilin from Universe 16 said. “I was born to Padné and Tanakin from the Planet Noseless. I was sent to Earth to conquer it.”

“I had a mission to find the most powerful man on Earth,” continued the Kulilin of Universe 18, “which I did. It was then that I met a child, also sent to conquer the Earth....”

While everyone listened, stunned or simply incredulous, Goku felt confused.

“Uh, who are we talking about again?”

“You, imbecile!” shouted Vegeta. “This dwarf annoys me. What’s he trying to say?”

“At the beginning,” said 18’s Kulilin, “there was a certain rivalry between myself and Goku. Then we became friends. I decided to protect the Earth; the Saiyan was becoming more and more powerful.”

“Of course,” said Kulilin of Universe 16, “I was much more powerful. So I masked my powers, merely watching the feats that were performed. I lowered my power so as not to get noticed.”

“The trick came back to hurt me, though; I ended up getting killed. Several times.”

“Whatever!” shouted Vegeta. “We can prove that’s not true!”

“Well,” said Kulilin, “I have no nose. That should be proof enough of my Noselessian origins.”

“I don’t care about your origins, silly!” yelled Vegeta. “I mean your strength!”

“Oh. Well. I’ll give you a demonstration, then.”

Both Kulilins lifted their hands to their heads...and removed their wigs.

“It’s a wig?” exclaimed Gohan of Universe 18, stunned.

“After my marriage to Number 18, I told her the whole truth. I was an alien; I had too much power. If it broke through, I could kill everyone I cared about, and I wanted them to live. I told her the source of my infinite power: my beautiful shiny skull. So she advised that I cover it with this wig.”

“If this is true, you should be superbly strong!” said Yamcha from Universe 9 to his world’s Krillin. “You’re still bald.”

“Ah,” he answered, “From now on, I won’t wax my head. If only I had known....”

“But,” interjected Tien, “you’re not aware of your origins?”

“No, I fell on my head when I was a baby. That must be why.”

The two Kulilins began concentrating their energy. Suddenly, they transformed. Their muscles had grown amazingly...it reminded them of one of Master Roshi’s techniques.

“My god,” muttered Vegeta.

“For all the demons of hell!” exclaimed Piccolo.

“Well, shit,” complained Ozotto.

Within the range of this enormous power, suddenly all the scouters in the stadium exploded.

“It is...greater than my Super Saiyan 3!” shouted Goku.

“Above my mystic strength!” exclaimed Gohan, falling back onto his ass.

“But...damn it!” Vegeta shouted. “He was the only one in the band shorter than me! How can he be stronger?!”

“You are very powerful,” admitted Ozotto. “But it is not enough.”

“We know that,” the Kulilins answered. “We...will...FUSE!”

“He needs more power than that,” thought Vegetto.

But the Kulilins of Universes 16 and 18 executed the dance they had learned only a few years before...and their bodies united into a single SUPER PERFECT KULILIN!

The audience went wild! Dende (having recovered from the Rangers’ beating) shouted; girls were screaming with burning desire everywhere. Super Kulilin was beautiful. His bulging muscles were massive; his jacket was open, exposing his beautiful chest. His long belt fluttered behind him. His gaze was dark. His power had exploded.

“Well, there you have it,” muttered Vegetto. “He’s stronger than me.”

“He’s beautiful!” Videl exclaimed, clasping her heart.

“What!?” exclaimed both Gohans in Universe 16 and 18.

“All I could want,” said Bra.

“Not bad,” Marron said, looking at her father.

“So basically,” began Chuck, “you are the love child of a robot and a noseless alien?”

“That explains why Marron is so strong,” said Videl.

“It doesn’t explain why Yajirobe and Satan are strong, though,” Goku said, intrigued.

“Well, haven’t you seen the scouter I wear? I’m a Saiyan! It should be obvious,” Yajirobe shouted. “Besides, I hide my tail under my costume.”

“This is revisionist,” Dende muttered with a troubled air.

“Ah,” said Bulma from Universe 9, “Whether he’s telling the truth or not, tails are clearly returning to fashion.”

“Well,” said Ozotto to Super Kulilin, “We fight. Your power has perhaps increased, but I’m not afraid of you so far.”

The battle began. Super Kulilin rushed toward his enemy. Ozotto was huge, but Super Kulilin’s impressive musculature more than made up for it.

They exchanged many kicks and punches.

In the space of Universe 4, the lone participant watched with a disappointed air.

“And in my world, I killed him instead of absorbing him,” complained Zen Buu. “And now he is stronger than me...” He began to count the grains of sand.

The fight lasted only a few minutes. Super Kulilin was impressive; everyone was encouraged, except Vegeta who grumbled in his corner: the truth was hard to accept.

It was then that an event happened which changed everything. A tiny ball, chewing-gum pink, sped toward Kulilin and hit him hard. He screamed as it swallowed him up, then returned at full speed to its owner. Buu of Universe 11 had absorbed Super Kulilin.

“Shit!” said Buu of Universe 4. “I didn’t think it would be another version of me who got him!”

“Buu, what did you do!?” cried Babidi. “You don’t have the right to absorb people outside of matches. Spit him up!”

“Buu?” said Buu, who clearly didn’t understand the problem.

“Are you even a little stronger?” asked Babidi. “You haven’t changed in appearance at all.”

“But master,” said Dabura, “look, he’s a bit smaller, and he has six points on his forehead. And he still has no nose...”

Babidi continued to watch the minimal changes to his djinn as Ozotto grew impatient....

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