DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 9, Chapter 45.


Chapter 45

Translated by Jake Devaro

Vegetto, now a Super Saiyan 3, had increased his power tenfold. Damn, he was even stronger than Broly, who was flying towards the stadium at breakneck speed. Yet the Saiyan continued his efforts, still screaming, and further increased his already enormously phenomenal strength.

"Such... such power!" Stammered the East Kaio Shin.

"It exceeds Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan! This is dangerous!" Said the woman next to him.

"Let's hope he doesn't become crazy with such power!" Continued the North Kaio Shin while sweating.

On their left, in space 2, the participants and spectators were still more astounded by these powers than all that had proceeded. Arale was amused and applauded the superb lightning effects on Vegetto's body, as if it were a big fireworks display.

"Too cool!" She said with a wide smile, not realizing that in this tournament she was outmatched since the very beginning.

Near the group from Universe 2, Tapion was far from enjoying the yellow and blue light show issued by the fighter in the middle of the stadium.

"Fortunately he's not in the same half of the draw as me... Surely I will meet him in the final though... I guess I will hope he gets disqualified in the meantime... But where does he come from, this Super Saiyan?"

He left his sentence unfinished... He could not solve this riddle alone. Even more than his origin, the question that was on his mind was: could he defeat his crazy opponent?

Vegetto's power began to stagnate. In space 11, Babidi cried at Buu for supporting what his little mind was calling "good magic". Behind them, Dabra was still dying... Why was he taking so long to go to other world! He was growing increasing exasperated at the gnome wizard Babidi.

Near them, a half-breed Saiyan-Human was surprised:

"What is this? Another level of Super Saiyan? This is the same transformation Son Goku used earlier," Trunks said to #16, "this is amazing!"

"Vegetto's power has become stable," the android said quietly. But Trunks had already imagined something else:

"If my father has reached this level, I'm done for... Anyway, even if..."

He didn't have time to finish his thought before #16 cut him off:

"There is still a chance... Hang in there."

Hardly had he finished his sentence when Trunks suddenly felt lighter. Something was drawing him up... was the gravity of the asteroid defective? #16 managed to not move an inch, probably through a system in his feet that allowed him to stick to a surface one way or another. Trunks stayed on the ground by using his ki, as if flying. Only his hair seemed to be affected as it was stretched toward the heavens at its full length. Behind Trunks, the guy who had already fallen could not keep himself lowered into the stands. He was raised up and drifted away until he reached the edge of the stands, which he grabbed onto as he hung just above the space for Universe 12.

In Universe 8, the silvery-white haired Jeece was drifting too, as was King Cold's cloak.

"Hey! What's happening?" Cried the latter, looking at the ground as if his feet were holding it up instead of the other way around.

"We're starting to levitate!" Shouted back Jeece in answer to the question.

Around them, sand and pieces of ring floated away... as did thousands of the girls skirts from the stands as they were forced to choose between clinging to something in order to not fly away and concealing what the skirt was supposed to hide.

Videl from Universe 9 did not have this concern, for she was not wearing a skirt, rather military style pants. Along with Trunks, she preferred to return to the entrance of their space. At least from there, they would not be lifted away, even if the force of the pull increased dramatically. Looking short next to the taller, and younger, Tien and Yamcha, Kulilin looked up and said:

"We knew we could be strong enough to shake the earth," as he fought to maintain his footing, "but not enough to become a new center of gravity!"

The new force of gravity was slightly stronger than the old. In the control tower, which at this point had been damaged and bent, the tiny Vargas were being pulled by it easily. They clung to anything within their reach, including Namekian pants.

"It's tilting!" Said a Varga who was being pulled towards the broken bay window.

"Quack! The ground is moving... Maybe the artificial gravity of the ring is going wrong?"

Great, another problem! As if it wasn't bad enough that they couldn't send Broly back, now they had to deal with a malfunctioning gravity unit!

"No! There is a new center of gravity! Vegetto is drawing us to him!" Cried a Varga who was clinging to the back of his chair. This position gave him a view of his control screen, which he was currently reading and conveying to the rest.

"We must do something!" Shouted a Namekian in return.

The Varga commenced pounding on the keyboard in an attempt to solve the problem... Outside, people flew towards Vegetto... Causing many of the tournament participants to take the initiative in coming to their aid. Goku was the first to begin ushering spectators back to the stands, and was soon joined by Gohan, who had detoured to check on his wife and daughter.

"It's getting risky here!" Yelled Pan, observing the many people in the sky who had no knowledge of flying technique.

"I will help Son Goku!" Uub declared as he appeared at his mentors side, and then quickly proceeded to catch several people.

"Yamcha, Tien, help them..." Said Kulilin from space 9 as he looked at his two friends. It bothered him to assign people under his duty to help Saiyans, but some of them intrigued him. Obviously, these ones were not so "bad"... at least when compared to the others who didn't move at all: namely those from Universe 13 who stood watching Vegetto.

"What is he?" Raditz murmured. This was a whole new level of power!

"we're completely out of our league!" Added Nappa, trembling.

Beside them, in the space for Universe 14, #17 and #18 were not panicking at all. Instead the boy was playing... He was poking his head towards his sister, taunting her, and she did not hesitate to give him a kick to the face. Sometimes she was ashamed of him...

During this, the mother of I'K'L had thought she was close to giving birth, but realized that the change in gravity was actually reversing the process: her child was now well receded into her belly.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The voice of the Varga could be heard throughout the stadium, "The artificial gravity of the arena is being increased for you to stay on the ground. Please try to hang on to something! Sorry for the inconvenience."

The baby I'K'L settled without being born fortunately. #17 fell on his head, which wasn't too bad. As for the guy suspended above the space for Universe 12, he landed next to Trunks once again.

Those who had been helping return people to the stands were finally able to retreat to their own spaces, and turned their heads toward Vegetto, the source of all this commotion.

"Vegetto has generated so much power that his mass has increased!" Theorized Trunks in the space for Universe 16, "Scientifically, it's a bit far-fetched!"

"This is crazy. Vegetto must have the same mass as the moon. His density is close to that of a black hole." Son Gohan informed the rest in a simple way, mostly for the benefit of his father.

"Wooaah..." He gasped.

Vegetto smiled. He was pleased with himself and the effect he had produced throughout the arena.

"Hehe!" He said, thinking ahead of their reactions to what he would do next.

After generating massive power, Vegetto opened his left and right palms, stretching his arms outward as two balls of light similar to suns formed!

The warriors of Universe 19 attempted to understand the phenomenon, but it simply wouldn't compute, there was no logical explanation. Even Eleim's idea that Vegetto could have nano-components within his body was flawed. How could his body withstand such a discharge of energy and heat? Not to mention the theoretically huge number of nano-circuits he would have to have to contain in his blood to generate two mini-suns. It was impossible. If they had a Saiyan back home in order to study, surely their technology would increase in a sudden and dramatic way... But how to capture such a warrior?

In the space for Universe 7, the giant Namekian kept his eyes closed and arms folded. Why open your eyes to be blinded? He could feel things without seeing them anyway. And with such a release of energy from Vegetto, he couldn't miss it if he tried. In this instance, it was such a terrible attack that he knew it could certainly tear him limb-from-limb.

Cell thought exactly the same thing:

"If he attacked me with such power, I would be completely annihilated! There would be no chance of my core remaining in tact!"

Vegetto finally moved. He clasped his outstretched arms in front of himself and skywards towards Broly. The two huge balls of light joined, coalescing into a single giant blast surrounded by blue lighting, in similar fashion to the warrior who was now shouting the name of his final technique as he gave it everything he had:

"Final Dragon Flash!"

The aura that surrounded him flashed wildly as his hair flew backward and a wide beam of energy flew at the speed of light towards Broly. Again, a ball of energy formed at the end of the beam to reveal the head of a dragon, which was also surrounded by lightning. He was similar to Shenron, but it was obviously not him. The dragon, mouth open, rushed still faster toward the Legendary Super Saiyan, who stopped short in surprise. The dragon was much bigger than him, and he could feel its colossal energy coming at him full speed. There was no way to escape, the distance was too small and it was traveling too quickly...

The dragon seemed to be chewing on Broly as he screamed in pain. Just because he was invincible did not mean he didn't feel anything. It was a giant mass of energy now holding him prisoner. He couldn't move at all.

The dragon traveled deep into space, eventually losing its form, becoming a simple ball of energy pushing Broly farther and farther away, which he could do nothing about. Almost as usual, he had been forcefully ejected while screaming the name of his adversary:

"Kkh... Ka... Ka... Rot... tooooo!"

The arena was suddenly overcome with almost complete silence. Indeed the only thing moving at all was Vegetto's aura.

"It's monstrous!" Prince Vegeta of Universe 13 finally managed to exclaim, still stunned by such an obscene power he never seen before.

"Incredible! Bravo!" Congratulated Son Goku, more joyful than surprised.

Vegetto calmed down, took a deep breath, and regained his natural form. His golden hair again turned black and became shorter. His muscles relaxed, and drops of sweat beaded his entire body. He wiped his forehead with his left glove.


"Him..." Began the East Kaio Shin, "He is... Invincible."

In contrast to this state of surprise and almost fear, someone else was going crazy:

"Super! Super! Encore!" Shouted Majin Buu from Universe 11. He would soon be reprimanded by Babidi.

An announcement was quickly made by the Vargas:

"It's been 30 seconds that Broly is away from our eyesight! Vegetto from Universe 16 wins the fight!"

Bra from the same universe commented dryly:

"Of course he wins... Can't we all see that?"

Cell, in the space next to them, was just beginning to recover:

"He is stronger than me... For sure! But I can't give up! I am Cell!"

The others, however, may have been very close to forfeiting. Those from Universe 8, at least those who remained in the competition, stood staring, mouth agape, at Vegetto. They could not believe it. It must be a dream! No, a nightmare! The hoped they would wake up soon!

The Vargas soon made a new announcement:

"We begin a small break to give time to our Nameks healers so they can take care of everyone. Please bear with us..."

Indeed, a break would be very welcome...

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