DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 14, Chapter 67.


Chapter 67

Translated by Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?

The announcement of the fight did little to surprise Syd, the warrior from Universe 6. With only a few more fights left before the end of the first round, it was clear that her turn would come soon enough. And if she was still in the competition, she hoped to beat a guy that was potentially more weak than her. Someone from a ncie universe, with a nice head, like a nice kid somehow. The big guy with glasses who had lost his daughter was quite kind. If she were to fight against someone from Universe 2, she would have also gone willingly. But her current opponent was a member of Universe 13, the same one from which came the fighter who had nearly killed Kat... She did not need to look further.

Raising one arm, she declared, “I forfe...”

Jet, her leader, quickly put her arm on Syd’s arm to stop her.

“Wait! Get in, and use your power.”


Yeah, why did Jet want Syd to get involved in danger at all? She was certain that with her power, she had every chance to win, but it had only worked largely due to the element of surprise. To show this to Bojack...

Jet approached her friend to whisper in her ear, “I want Bojack to think you are the most dangerous of the group. That should give us an advantage.”

Initially embarrassed for asking such a question, since she would not risk her life and she was not as physically strong as Kat, Syd was finally persuaded. Her leader had an idea, and it was her duty to bring it to life.

“Okay,” she said with a winning spirit. “I’ll give him an eyeful!”

Bujin, who had been sulking in the corner of his bench, was close enough to the girls

“I heard everything,” he thought to himself as he looked at Bojack, who had his back turned to him, with a sour look. “And I’ll say nothing.”

Since Zangya’s death, Bujin could stand Bojack less and less. This idiot didn’t even think to ask any questions about these mysterious girls. “Bah,” he had said, “we’ll just massacre them once we’re back in our own universe.” Not once had he raised the question of why this group of girls was not so strong, compared to the other participants, and yet they were still selected by the Vargas.

Anyway, Bojack never questioned them for a single minute. These girls were there for him, to put it simply. Did they have a plan? Oh well, Bujin wasn’t gonna do anything about it.

They all waited for Syd to get into the ring. After a few long seconds, she, smiling, eyes closed, head tilted to the side, a finger on her cheek, said:

“Uh... Who can carry me to the ring?”

Around her, the other girls, a Varga and even Bujin fell in reverse. If they had really thought that Bojack would think Syd was the strongest of the group, their plan was going badly... He laughed.

A Namek hurried to arrive to carry her by the arms and gently drop her off at the ring.

“Thank you!” she said as she floated in the air, without fear of the altitude.

The Namek let go. As he stood on the ring, he watched Syd being crushed by the gravity, almost lying down. She clenched her teeth and her eyes widened.

“Argh! What is this gravity! I’m gonna die!!”

Kat had warned her, but she could not imagine such a thing... It looked like Kat was very comfortable on it, like the other participants. But Syd had forgotten that Kat was the fighter of the group, and her physical abilities were totally inhumane...

The Namek was silent before leaving, since she had not decided to forfeit just yet.

“How are they all able to handle it so easily?!?”

Vegeta of Universe 13, her opponent, was waiting on her for a moment.

He scoffed, “Well, is that enough? Do you forfeit, or shall I wait 30 seconds? ”

It was true that if she stayed down for thirty seconds, she would lose indefinitely. Oh, the shame!

She regarded Vegeta, who had approached her with a few steps. Then she smiled and her eyes became white with a starlike twinkle inside.

“He he! Naive!” she exclaimed, looking at him straight in the eyes.

Syd made the stars in her eyes brighten intensely and suddenly Vegeta found his eyes becoming stars as well...

“Huh?” he managed to say as he began to feel a tingling throughout his body.

Syd smiled. The plan had worked. Vegeta lurched slightly forward, his hands before, seeming to suffer from something... But nobody could understand what...

Pain proliferated from her eyes to her stomach, throughout her skull. She became stronger with every second as it continued to spread throughout her body.

“But... what happens to me?” Vegeta managed to cry out, his voice sounding strange and his body smoking.

Syd stood up. Few people could say with certainty that she seemed to have changed. But now she was standing in the gravity with ease. She smiled, and this time, everyone’s minds were blown: she had become a man, with short hair and thicker muscles.

“Look at you, dear!” Syd said to his opponent.

Vegeta, in his Saiyan Prince clothes, was now a female, and his hair was long and thin.

“But... But...!!” Vegeta shouted, very surprised with the result of Syd’s power.

Moreover, even his voice had changed! She was more high-pitched, almost... sensual.

“That’s right. You’re a woman!” Syd replied with the deep voice of a man. “My power permits me to exchange our strength, our genes, our ki... Our power levels are now even! You’ve lost a huge part of your strength, you’ve lost your virility, and if you hadn’t noticed...” she continued, “We have the same power, except you’re now in a new body that you know nothing about... And that’s not counting the psychological impact!

Vegeta could not even budge, as if he was really shocked into paralysis.

“But as for me... I’m used to all of that. Goodbye, Princess!”

Vegeta, still troubled, looked at her arms and hands. They were less muscular, and more graceful. She pulled the collar of her armor to see what had given his armor a strange conformation and let out a gasp. Her hands then followed the curves of her body, from the chest, through its sheer size and stopping between her legs.

“Ah! My balls! They’re gone!” he cried, aghast.

“That’s exactly the kind of psychological impact that I was talking about!”

Syd flew forward. It was time to attack, if she wanted to take advantage of the element of surprise. Perhaps she could take him down with one fell swoop. She launched a giant flying kick towards Vegeta’s head... But he parried it with one hand without even looking.

Before Syd’s startled eyes, Vegeta raised his head and smiled.

“A huge part of my strength... ha! Psychological impact? Is that a joke?”

This was not possible! Was he already over the trauma? Impossible. These warriors were still too sexist and loved their bodies. In any case, Syd was not a fighter, while Vegeta was an expert. She needed the psychological advantage.

“I’m a girl... So what?” he asked, a little annoyed, preparing a punch.

Syd was unable to avoid the attack and was hit right in the stomach. Despite his new abs, he felt very ill and fell several meters away. He stood up quickly, but Vegeta was already there to deal another blow, followed by a violent kick to the head. Syd found himself on the ground and lay there for a moment this time, out of breath.

The Saiyan approached walking, not without grace, and thought, ‘Still, I would have liked a little more chest...’

And he arrived to flank a kick in the ribs.

“Always the same with these magicians...”

Syd spat blood. He was paralyzed.

Vegeta ran through his thin, sweet-smelling, oh-so-feminine hair... “One little trick... and they think they’ve won.”

She stooped and picked up Syd by the hair, lifting it without any difficulty. Syd found his head at Vegeta’s chest’s height.

“Now, give me back my powers and my body... This one isn’t suitable for combat. I’ll need my regular body for real opponents. Or do I need to make you suffer for hours until you accept?”

Syd, clearly losing, looked up and met the Saiyan Princess’s gaze. It was clear that she would follow through on his threat of execution if she did nothing... And as he did suffer as much as Kat, he used his power. Syd’s eyes twinkled, then Vegeta’s did the same.

“Good Girl,” he said as he felt that tingling sensation and more intense pain, characteristic of the metamorphosis, along with the steam coming of the body. The transformation seemed perhaps more pleasant this time.

Syd had become a girl, and Vegeta a man. he still held her by the hair, causing her to suffer.

“Ah, that’s much better.”

“The gravity... it hurts...” gasped the girl, who patiently hoped that he would liberate her.

If only she had thought to shout out her abandonment....

“Don’t worry... it won’t last much longer,” said Vegeta, dropping her suddenly, standing up, and holding out his arms, palms open towards her.

Before she could let out a single sound, Vegeta launched an attack whose power was too strong. Syd was vaporized instantly. The ring did not break under the attack, but took a black, burnt, and charred look. The smell was not exactly pleasant, but Vegeta had been accustomed to it for decades.

“Vegeta of Universe 13 is the winner!” cried the announcer varga into his microphone, without offending the death.

In Universe 6, Bojack smiled (only a little!). Bujin sighed, but the other girls screamed and wept. Kat fell to her knees. She could not continue any longer. It was a brand new blow. She had said it hours earlier... She had warned that this tournament was composed of crazies! They needed to get away from here. That’s where the leader’s decisions had taken them...

In Universe 18, Trunks did not lose the opportunity to make a joke. Smiling, he put a hand on his father’s shoulder, “Dad, you’d make a pretty mom!”

If Vegeta of Universe 18 was like Universe 13’s Vegeta, no doubt that he would have hit his son to shut him up.

The people of Universe 18 were also really shocked by the behavior of this Counterpart Vegeta. Those who had known him at the time he had arrived on earth had directly suffered the atrocity of the Saiyans. Others had heard enough to have identified the person he was, or could have been today. Even Pan.

She liked him. He never did much. And even after her father, one day, had told her all about him. He had probably done so to protect her, to make her attentive, but nothing had changed. In battle, he did not seem sadistic, even if it was a dead hand... especially against her grandfather. She herself had never fought against him... A detail that would change if they both won their next match. But she had to defeat Kakarotto first: a guy who seemed even more Machiavellian!

The first round would be over soon... the time of her fight approached inexorably, making her increasingly more stressed...

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