DB Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization

Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team

Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic!


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[Chapter Cover]
Part 13, Chapter 61.


Chapter 61

Re-translated by npberryhill

The first round of the tournament would finally be ending soon. There were still twelve fighters left, meaning there were six more fights left to go. Almost all the universes had at least one fighter pass to the second round. So far, that excluded I'K'L of Universe 15 and Broly of the Universe 20. However, in Universe 7, the sole Namekian combatant hadn't yet fought. But the possibility remained that Universe 7, as well, could have no representative in round two. In addition, Universe 10 had no one still left in the tournament. Despite winning his fight against Reacum, Nail and the other competitors had all forfeited.

While many combatants had already begun to get excited about their next matches, several others were still waiting for their first fight. But before the last six fights of round one could resume, the Vargas would have to reconstruct the ring once again. It had been completely devastated by Eleim and # 16. However, before returning to the designated space for Universe 12, the tall android walked over and congratulated Eleim. In turn, the nano-warrior thanked # 16 cordially for the fight, leaving the android to attend to his "war wound".

During the fight, Eleim had smashed his foe's left hand to pieces. The Ultra Armor of Universe 19 had turned out to be very effective. There were very few things on Earth that could possibly damage the sturdy metal construction of the robot in any way. And yet...

"Don't worry, 16. It just so happens I've got a substitute hand right here in my suitcase," Trunks said with a chuckle. "...only problem is...it's red, rubber, and only has four fingers ..."

# 16 didn't immediately respond, not sure what to make of Trunks' remark. His skill at diagnosis and deconstruction of human behaviors was still something that occasionally left him stumped. Obviously, though, this was a joke...the machine chose the best possible reaction: a smile.

"If my mother was here, along with all her equipment," the young man with purple hair explained, "…we could fix you right up. Sorry I'm no scientist, but I'm sure we'll get you back to normal when we return..."

"It did not damage my weapon systems," specified # 16. "Besides, I have no more fighting to do regardless of my condition. I lost."

Trunks thought for a moment. It was certain that even with one hand, the robot was capable of just about anything. He could defend himself quite well if he had to, but there would be no need for him to fight. He wondered if the Vargas would have the means to repair 16's hand; he guessed they probably did. It was possible, though, that the droid was not considered a living being, and thus not entitled to the same healing or "care" afforded to the other contenders. Of course, there were other options as well. Majin Buu, or Buu of Universe 4 could potentially repair him with magic...Trunks wasn't sure if asking would be the best idea, or how he would even go about doing it. All he knew about the Djinn was that he was a formidable foe, one his friends from "the past" had defeated, whose essence had then been reincarnated into the young Uub. In the end, Trunks thought it best not to ask Buu for help. Perhaps later.

"Sorry, bud. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do right now. You'll have to make do…" Trunks said with a shrug.

#16 turned his head to his right, back towards the ring. Just then, something popped into Trunks' memory, a detail he had nearly forgotten to mention. There was something he absolutely had to tell his friend, a warning he had been reminded of during 16's fight.

"Hey, 16, I have to tell you something. Earlier, when you said you hoped the Dragon would be merciful and revive you...well, I already know that it won't."

The robot said nothing, looking at Trunks with his unemotional stare. The young man continued.

"In the past, when you sacrificed yourself to defeat Cell...we won, and later we used the Dragon Balls to resurrect everyone that Cell had killed, like me. But, you weren't revived."

Trunks almost added "because you're technically not a living being," but it was useless. He knew 16 understood that very well. The son of Bulma and Vegeta spent a few seconds waiting for a reaction from # 16, which was ultimately very simple: he smiled.

"I see, " he said casually. "The Sacred Dragon does not consider me alive...I cannot blame him. Thank you, Trunks."

# 16 deserved better, and it was difficult for Trunks to accept. Although he was just a robot, made of simple metal and electrical circuits, he had more consciousness and soul than many human beings. He deserved to be alive...and if Trunks somehow managed to win the tournament, although the chances were almost nil, he would use his wish in hopes of helping his friend achieve it. He would ask Shenron to remake his friend # 16 out of flesh and blood!

A Namekian came into space 12 shortly, one of the healers. He couldn't have known that # 16 was completely made of metal though...

"Let me heal your arm," he said as he walked slowly toward the two friends.

"It won't work," Trunks gently told him while Namek took the robot arm.

He was surprised at the touch of metal, then looked up at # 16.

"My deepest apologies. I'm afraid I cannot fix this."

Just as Shenron could not revive him, so couldn't this Namek repair his arm.

"You do not need to worry, it will be taken care of," # 16 replied, already grateful for the healer's attempt to help him.

The healer seemed genuinely empathetic towards # 16 and his loss. But, having no use there, he bowed slightly then left. Still thinking, Trunks walked back to the robot.

"16, what would you think about a wish to make you human?" Trunks asked the machine, having taken a few moments considering how best phrase the question.

# 16 looked at him without saying anything, thinking quietly before he replied.

"I would not be myself anymore. I would probably lose this body along with all my strength, preventing me from being able to help all humans back on Earth rebuild."

It was complicated, a scenario with far too many parameters to take into account. If he was transformed into a human, would he become "weak" like them? No doubt, it would lead to him losing all his useful advantages, those needed now more than ever in the reconstruction of their world. But before Trunks could continue the discussion, the next fight was announced.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!!! The next round shall now commence! We call...King Cold of universe 8, against Videl from universe 9!" the announcer's voice boomed.

'What? Cold, the last member of the family of the Frost Demons...against Videl...as in Gohan's wife?' Trunks hadn't paid attention to the number of the universe, hence the confusion. Looking to his left, behind Babidi and the rest of universe 11, past the empty space of the tenth, he saw those of universe 9 and universe 8. King Cold stood straight and tall, his arms crossed angrily. Trunks then looked over to the space of universe 9. Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Kulilin had all turned, looking behind them to the inner apartments. Three people then emerged: Videl, another Trunks, and Bulma.

This Videl was very different from her universe 16 and 18 counterparts. One quite obvious contrast was her haircut: the girl from universe nine had short hair, like a boy, except that it had a braid that fell down to the middle of her back. She wore a T-shirt and brown, military-like camo pants, at least fit enough to be comfortable in combat. She also wore the same shoes as the universe 9 and 12 Trunks. This Trunks, though, was more like Yamcha in comparison to the others of universes 12, 16 and 18. He had the same violet hair color, typical of a child of Bulma, but a physical build that was much closer to his father, Yamcha. He was dressed normally, wearing simple black slacks and a blue jacket. He held in his hand a sword scabbard...to think that all the Trunks, whether from this universe or another, would come to bear a sword. Beside him was his mother, with whom he spoke. She also had a different look about her. She wore a petite red dress with sandals. Her hairstyle was rather retro in comparison to her counterparts, and it seemed more youthful. She had long hair that reached to her lower back and wore both bracelets and earrings. She had on very little makeup, and no lipstick or nail polish. In short, she was a natural woman; middle-aged, but still with a vibrant youth about her somehow.

Trunks pulled the sword from its sheath, revealing a beautiful shining blade. He handed it to Videl, who grasped it with one hand and lifted it up over her shoulder for easier carriage.

"Are you sure you want to use it?" Kulilin asked Videl. "It will slow down the speed of your attacks," he reminded her.

Videl turned to the bearded dwarf to reply.

"This sword is strong, right? So if I need speed, I'll just let it go. No problem."

But Videl was confident in her abilities. Today was her chance. She could test her limits, show her teachers her best, and fight a demon she had always dreamed of facing. It had been years since she had been told about the terrible battles with Freeza's family. First, between the master of a vast empire throughout the universe, Coola, and her teachers, and then later on against his father, King Cold. But she had never been able to meet either. This time, fate seemed to be on her side!

Her right hand, still holding the Z-sword, trembled slightly from the strain, though Videl only smiled. She risked a glance to her left, over towards the area of universe 8. King Cold was still there, ready to step into the ring at any moment. Their eyes met, the tall demon's smile vanishing. Perfect! This would be fun! They flew in unison towards the small planet which acted as the ring.

Meanwhile, in spaces of universes 16 and 18, everyone's jaws dropped in shock. Videl? Fight? It was unthinkable! Son Gohan would have never dreamed it was possible, but none of the others would have either. The only thing Son Gohan could manage to say was "Wow!"

His wife, obviously jealous, could not help but shout out him.

"Hey, who do you think you're ogling like that?"

"But, Videl...it's...you!" Gohan replied, looking at her apologetically.

"What? You're kidding!"

Videl looked into his eyes for a few seconds, before turning and trying to make out if it really was her counterpart in the distance. It wasn't easy for her to see details like people's faces so far away...whereas the Saiyans obviously managed fairly well. How were they able to do so anyway? Regardless, the question that immediately arose was how could she possibly enroll in such a tournament? Even a different version of her, one that had trained all her life with the greatest martial arts masters...it didn't seem possible that she could compete...

Twenty years ago, she had discovered her drive when she first met Gohan. In that time, she had surpassed ninety-nine percent of the world's population in strength, had accompanied him as the second Great Saiyaman for two or three years, then gave birth to their daughter and took a permanent hiatus from fighting. Her duties as a mother were what she most passionate about now. But the thought that she could actually fight...in this tournament? Even the members of universe 10, who had been the weakest here, were well beyond her capacity to compete against.

But one thing was true. The universe 9 Videl had a very different look from her counterpart, a strange confidence. She was ready to do battle, even against a Frost Demon. She even looked younger, though it was mainly due to her different hair and clothing. Videl knew there could be only one explanation. Their lives had clearly separated down different roads...but when exactly had it happened? Regardless, she hoped in any case that her counterpart wouldn't die. Her daughter had seen the other Pan die before her own eyes. If she saw her mother's doppelganger do the same, it would only further traumatize the tender-hearted girl.

Upon landing in the ring, Videl immediately suffered from the shock of the gravity. Her sword, which was already heavy, weighed ten times more!

"With this heavy gravity," she said with a stumble, "…its even more difficult to wield the Z-sword," Videl quietly noted.

Cold himself had only placed one foot into the ring, smashing the ground underneath.

"I sure hope she isn't the same stubborn girl she used to be. Maybe she'll forfeit quickly!" Gohan said. "The last thing I want is to see her get massacred like all those years ago when she fought Spopovitch! And he was a pathetic weakling...against King Cold, she's going to get herself killed!"

In the are of universe 16, Gohan, who had lost his daughter, was thinking the same thing, only he continued.

"But this time I will NOT allow anyone, least of all a Frost Demon, to sadistically torture the woman I love--even if she is from another universe."

Vegetto, taking notice, looked over at him. It was a noble sentiment, but could become problematic. He decided then and there that if Videl was about to be killed, he would either have to knock Gohan out or teleport him somewhere into space...whatever happened, he would not allow universe 16 to be disqualified.

"Our two fighters stand face to face like unmovable pillars! The battle tension is just exhilarating! Now...let the battle begin!" the Varga announcer spoke energetically into his microphone. He hoped his own intensity would cause the two warriors to immediately rush each other, making for an exciting match.

"But...is that really the Z-sword!?" wondered the Kaio of the West.

"How could a mere human wield such a thing?" wondered the South Kaio.

"It's incredible!" Continued the Kaiô Shin East. "I never imagined humans could be that strong!"

The Great Kaiô, who stood to the side of the other three gods, said nothing, merely watching. Videl finally looked ready to attack.

"You know...I've always wanted to fight you myself," she said, taking a fighting stance.

"Hm. It seems that somehow you know of me from your own universe. As for my own, I've never had the displeasure of dealing with any of your kind...all so weak and pathetic. I dare you to prove me wrong, little girl...why don't you leave that sword stuck in the ground and fight like a warrior!" he cried, finally charging his opponent.

Videl reacted with a quarter turn, having already prepared herself for an attack. She glared back, pulling energy around her.


Immediately, a bright red aura swarmed around her. Videl's muscles contracted, hardened, and her strength increased dramatically. She raised her arms above her head, easily lifting the heavy blade of legend. But her first strike, a vertical slash, had been anticipated. Using a rather conservative defense, Cold dodged the blow by jumping to one side.

It seemed strange. For King Cold to er on the side of caution was a peculiarity indeed. But he had taken careful notice that Videl's technique, the Kaioken, had a name reminiscent of the gods...

Videl pointed her blade at towards the sky, gritting her teeth and re-positioning the grip into her left fist. She was not surprised that her first attack had failed. If it had worked, though, a slash like that could have ended the fight before it even began.

'I know I have to finish this quickly, before I run out of energy. Right now he seems to be on the defensive--I can't waste my chance to attack! Forget the drawbacks of this technique...It's my only hope,' she thought.

Gripping the sword tightly with both hands, she charged again. Despite the weight of the sword and the ten times gravity, she was able to maintain an impressive speed. Cold retreated two steps, avoiding a sudden horizontal slice. He jumped to the side to get behind Videl, but she continued her movement, driven by the weight of the sword. If he hadn't dodged quickly and decisively, he would've been turned into cold cuts! He jumped up onto the blade from underneath, using the opportunity to kick at her from below. But Videl proved quite agile, the furious red aura around her seeming to boost speed as well. Opening up her hand so her palm faced the demon, she launched a powerful attack. A close range blast like that would have send Cold careening out of the ring, but he proved faster than Videl had expected. Just before impact he disappeared, avoiding the energy ball and reappearing a few meters away.

He had no time to think about a real strategy or whether the sword was actually dangerous. There was no time to wonder if any such weapon could hurt or even scratch him. He knew, based on everything he had seen so far in this tournament, not to take any chances. Videl charged again, this time thrusting the tip of the sword forward, ready to pierce her opponent. But it seemed slower than her first attack had been, a fact which Cold immediately took advantage of.

He avoided her with the slightest of movements, right at the last instant, and grabbed both the blade and his opponent's wrists from behind. Already, his own tactics drew a smile to the demon's face. But it had been a feint attack! Videl flung a backwards kick into Cold, who flinched. She continued with a second shot from her other leg. Cold seemed to stumble, having been forced into a poor defensive posture, one inadequate to block Videl's next assault.

Vaulting off her opponent, Videl gracefully hopped over his shoulders and flanked Cold with yet another kick to his face. The Frost Demon was thrown onto his back from the impact, in the process losing his grip on Videl's wrists. The girl immediately continued with her sword, but she saw out the corner of her eye that Cold was prepared to counter with a kick. Turning quickly, she parried his kick with her knees and flew back several meters. Sensing a break in the action, she relaxed herself from the Kaioken in order to save stamina for Cold's next assault. She knew that the next attack would not be immediate; Cold had begun the fight with something of a warm up. He was biding his time, testing her abilities.

"Wow! How can she use the Kaiôken?" Uub wondered, watching while the two fighter's bout momentarily slowed down.

"But Grandpa!" Pan protested. "If my mom can use Kaiôken, why won't you let me?"

But Goku had no immediate answer. In fact, he was too astonished that his daughter-in-law could use the technique to reply. If it had been Uub, who was the human reincarnation of Buu, a being with both potential and power, he would understand. Had Tenshinhan, who was a fighting genius, used the technique, it wouldn't have surprised him in the least. Even Kulilin had managed to master at least a portion of the Genkidama's energy against Vegeta! But Videl had never been driven like them--at least in their universe...

"You all look pretty surprised that the other me is using that technique," the universe 18 Videl said. "So what gives?"

"That technique is extremely dangerous, so much that only my father has been able to master it," Gohan immediately replied. "He learned it from King Kaiô himself, then my father taught it to Uub. Apart from those two, nobody else can use it. To a normal, living person, using the Kaioken would probably be fatal!"

"So...in this universe 9, I would have had to die at least once, right?" Videl concluded.

Everyone was left speechless by her observation. It seemed that universe 9 had many secrets left to reveal. How did Kulilin, who didn't know Son Goku, become proficient in the Kame-turtle style? And how was there also a Cyborg Yamcha and Z-sword wielding Videl that practiced the Kaiôken? What one change had led to all these others?

Within the ring, Cold and Videl were also chatting.

"Do you realize, girl, that I am not in the final transformed state?"

"Yes, I know...unfortunately."

"Hm...I have several restriction forms," he began explaining as he cracked the joints of his neck. "In my original form this body is quite powerful. But I purposefully limit my own strength through the use of reduction forms, simply for the sake of maintaining control of course. When we Frost Demons transform to a state closer to our original form, our power, at the very least, doubles in comparison to the previous form."

Videl let him speak. She was waiting for the right moment to attack or for a brief moment where her opponent would not be paying attention. But he seemed very careful. He continuously stared at her as he continued his explanation.

"In my case, I would say that my strength multiplies about four to five times. And as it just so happens, I am currently in my second reduction form...which means--"

"--That you have two transformations left," Videl quickly concluded.

"That's it."

Cold smiled. It seemed she did indeed know plenty about him from her own universe. But he had made up his mind already. Remaining in this weakened state was too great a risk...

"Given the level of the tournament," he said, clenching his fists, "I cannot remain in this reduction form any longer."

He concentrated and summoned his power. The ring began to tremble, the force of his energy rippling through the air with intensity.

"Uh oh, he's about to transform!" Yamcha said.

"I think she just lost her chance at winning, guys," Kulilin said. "If Cold had remained in this state or even his first transformed state, I think Videl would have a good chance."

"Right. Initially, she was stronger than him," Tien added. "But once Cold transforms, Videl will lose her advantage..."

"I'm sure she won't put herself in any unneeded risk," Trunks stated, standing beside the inseparable trio. They all were hoping Cold would stay in his first transformed state or even in the second one.

"She knows that this is not a game and she can be killed?" Kulilin sarcastically remarked.

"She is well aware of that, but you know that sometimes she can be a bit stubborn. I know she's out matched, but she still has the sword. If she can get a good swing at him she might still have a chance, slim as it may be."

"It's possible," Kulilin answered. "I just hope he doesn't go directly into his original form..."

In the ring, Cold continued his transformation.

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