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What is DBM?

Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) is a free online comic, made by a whole team of fans. It's our personal sequel to DBZ.

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We are not an official Dragon Ball site!
This is a non-official fiction made by fans.
This site and it's content are not for profit. We do not make money online, and we don't pay the team.


Double special, more pages per week!


The next two chapters are very special. They are drawn by Rogeru who did the last Broly specials, and not written by Salagir, but by Xeno Black!

They will also release at a faster rhythm than usual! Starting this Sunday, but also expect a page on Mondays!

Rogeru websites: https://www.dbyobun.com & https://medibang.com/u/Rogeru
Xeno website: https://www.deviantart.com/xeno-black00

New comic: Bardock Tales Kai


Starting monday, DBMultiverse hosts a new comic, Bardock Tales Kai by Sayazur!

See him on Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

One new page every monday and thursday in the morning at 9am Paris time!

New avatars: Ultras!

87 new avatars are available!

Get into your profile, select "Ultras", click on "Show me only the latest added avatars" to see them!

Colored and made by: HomolaGabor, Argelios, ZenBuu, SchalePetri, Xman34, Frorenst, Beldum, Facundo, and Ammar.
Gathered by ZenBuu and Ammar.

A minicomic and back to the tournament


Hello! On Friday 30th, a minicomic.
Then, the main story is back! By Asura and Veguito as assistant!

New comic: 321Y!


Discover the new comic of Goten-kun, the author of Namekseijin!
Read 321Y

It will release at 3 pages per week, exactly at the same time as Namekseijin Densetsu.

Trailer for this chapter!

By Mondo Cool!

Read all the news.

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