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What is DBM?

Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) is a free online comic, made by a whole team of fans. It's our personal sequel to DBZ.

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We are not an official Dragon Ball site!
This is a non-official fiction made by fans.
This site and it's content are not for profit. We do not make money online, and we don't pay the team.

August 18th

Again, a minicomic and back to the tournament!


Hello! On Friday 25th, a minicomic.
Then, the main story is back!
August 13th

DBM Facebook page is banned!

Our facebook page, which was https://www.facebook.com/DBMverse , is banned since a week now.
We didn't get a precise reason, no violation is listed, and our contestation was declined. So we have no idea why and what to do.
if someone knows what to do in this case, we'll be happy to know :)
June 20th

New avatars: Chibi Son Bra!

26 new avatars are available!

Get into your profile, select "ALL", click on "Show me only the latest added avatars" to see them!

Created by Le Nuage.
June 16th

We continue with Earthlings on another special chapter


Did Kulilin's training pay off? Time to see!
How will the first tournament of Dragon Ball go, without Gokû?
Another U3/U9 special, by Veguito!

Asura is still drawing... Don't worry, he is back right after that!
May 24th

New comic: DBM Colors

[img] [img]
Rediscover the pages of DBM in colors! In all languages.
Including new bonus pages...
Thanks to a great team of artists and colorists!
It starts in one week!
May 1st

Three minicomics then a special chapter


Hello! Sunday the 7th, we'll have minicomics about the creation of the chapter.

Then there will be a special chapter drawn by Ambroise!
Check out his other comic: The Little Warrior

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