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Cosa zeło Dragon Ball Multiverse?

Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) el ze un fumeto online gratis, creà da na scuadra de fan. El ze el nostro personałe sèguito de DBZ.

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5 February

New avatars: the Earthlings!

[img][img]79 new avatars are available!

Get into your profile page, select "ALL", click on "Show me only the latest added avatars" to see them!

Colored and gathered by HomolaGábor, Argelios, ZenBuu and Ammar.

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30 January

Three minicomics and back to the main story!

[img][img]On Wednesday 7th, we continue and finish the series about U3 Saiyans, drawing by SirDan!

After, Asura and Veguito are back on the main story, and... he is born, the U15 child!

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8 January

New comic: Super Dragon Bros Z!

[img][img]Some of you may already know it. Written by Salagir and drawn by Berrizo a few years ago, this will now be all re-readable for free here on DBM!

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8 December

New Facebook account

[img]Last try :)
You can now follow us on our new account

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15 November

Three minicomics and a special on Bojack!

[img][img]On december 1st, starts a series of 3 minicomics about Saiyans daily life in universe 3.

After this, a special chapter on Bojack by TôMaBYou!

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23 October 2021

Discusion capìtołi 82, 83, 84

Doménega su Twitch, ła scuadra ła parlerà de i ùltimi do capìtołi de'l tornèo, e de'l capìtoło Varga!
Venì a far domande o a ciacołar!


In angleze!

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