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What is Dragon Ball? What is Canon?

Read an answer in full details here!

What is "canon"?

We define canon as anything that happened in the original manga. Non-canon is any addition from the animation or other stories. It concerns scenes, but also characters or techniques.

Examples :
Gokû destroyed the top of Cell with a Kamehameha. This happened in the animation and the manga, so it's canon.
Gokû participated in a tournament in Otherworld. This only happenned in the animation, so it's not canon.
Piccolo is a canon character.
Pai Kuyan isn't a canon character.
Tarble, Vegeta's brother, isn't canon.
Tenshinhan's technique of separating into multiple bodies is canon.
Piccolo uses this techniques in the animation, but not in the manga. Piccolo being able to separate isn't canon.

DBM Canon

DBM adds elements to the story while following DB canon. It also takes elements from the animations and films, but modifies some of them.

Usually when following the films, we take all the information, but sometimes change things to keep consistency with the manga.

For example, Broly, who isn't "DB canon", is "DBM canon" but he isn't the one from the movies, and his story is different from the movies, too.

What movies/OAV/TV Special are "DBM Canon"?

Dragon Ball -not-Z movies didn't happen.

DBZ Movies 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 didn't happen.

Movie 5 (Coola) happened, with a few differences (read here).

Movie 8 (Broly) happened, but with slight differences (read here).

Movie 9 (Bojack) happened, and turned out badly in universe 6.

Movie 10 (Broly's Return) happened, but the story is completely different.

Movies 11 and 12 didn't happen.

Movie 13 (Tapion) happened, with slight differences, in Universe 18 and in Universe 16. It also happened very differently in Universe 3.

The Dr. Raichi OAV may have happened in another universe not shown in the tournament. We'll tell you more later.

The Baddack TV Special happened, in most of the universes, except Baddack can't see the future. In universe 3, it happened differently.

The Trunks TV Special didn't happen in universes 16 and 18, but happened in universes 12 and 14.

The Tarble Movie didn't happen.

The Baddack TV Special where he goes in the past didn't happen.

The series DBGT and the DBGT TV Special didn't happen.

The manga Jaco may have happened. But not the chapter Dragon Ball Minus.

Movies Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F didn't happen.

The series "Dragon Ball Super" didn't happen.

Toriyama interviews, guidebooks, video games, and DB Heroes are not being DBM Canon.

About DBM project

Who are you?

Click on the left-hand menu where it says "The authors".

Are you sponsored or backed-up by Toei, Jump, Namco, and/or Toriyama ?


But you're allowed to do that?...

...no. We could be if this was a parody (like the well-known Spanish Dragon Fall), but here, we'd need the copyright, and we will never get it.

But, as we don't sell this comic, there is no reason to stop us from giving publicity to Dragon Ball :)

In japan, fan-comics like this one, named Dôjinshi, are very popular and numerous.

When will new pages come?

Usually, there is one new page each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 20:00 GMT.
The remaining time until next page is in "Read Comic" section.

How many pages will there be?

The final number of pages is unknown.

Is there a printed paper version?

We have one, in French, and only available in festivals/conventions where we go. Sorry, we're not selling them online. No need to ask.

Is there an anime? Will you do an anime?


Why don't you take DBGT into account?

DBGT is "only" an anime, and is inconsistent with the manga, and it's story doesn't interest us very much.

And Vegeta with a mustache, that can't be excused.

And Dragon Ball Super?

Also ignored. We had started DBM well before DBS existed. This series changes too much the "lore" (adding angels, parallel universes but not like DBM, etc). And it's new transformations are ignored in DBM, and chronologically, all of DBS happens before the last chapter of DB, thus, well before DBM. We can't stay compatible, especially that we don't know how it ends.

Comic Making

How does Gogeta Jr draw?

Before page 100: with a pencil and pen on paper A3 format. He scans, then changes little things on photoshop.
With the draft, the penciling, inking, then scan and edits, one page takes two days.

After: directly on the computer on Photoshop with a graphic tablet.
Draft, penciling, inking, all are done on the computer directly.
Then the page is sent to stef84 who makes the finishing details: spectators in the arena, black and grey surfaces...

If you want to see more about this...

And Asura: directly on computeur on Clip Studio Paint.
Veguito takes cares of final details.

What font is the text?

Komika Text Kaps

Where's the color?

No colors. Mangas are in black and white, except for some special chapters and covers.
The main story is now colored and released in the comic "DBM Colors".

Does Gogeta Jr make 2 pages a week?

No. He usually makes 5-10 page drafts, then draws them. Pages are done "by pack". But on average, that's two pages a week. We can't do more.

Asura ans his three pages, it's the same.

How do you all work together?

All the team communicate over the internet. We live in different towns and never see each others.

Translators and other helpers use online tools coded by Salagir.

How do you manage so many languages?

Salagir coded a translation interface for optimizing the work. As soon as he finishes the texts (after receiving the draft or ink from G.Jr), he puts the French text in it, plus his translation to English.
The translators fill their language and the correctors for English and French fix Salagir's mistakes ;)
There is the translation of the comic's pages, but also the website pages, of misc. texts (chapter titles, user messages), pages of the mini-comic, this page, news... translators have a lot of work, and thanks for the online tools, because I'm not copy-pasting from Word again.

I want to add my language, how do I do that?

Email Salagir.

How do you choose the fights?

Salagir answers: The matches are based on the dreamed fights I've seen online (forums, websites) these last ten years (NO NEED to suggest fights now), fanfics telling encouters...well, what I knew would please the readers.

I'm the only one to decide, but before that I "consult" my ideas and outcomes with friends who have a good look on DBZ and a critical mind (as opposed to fanboys, for example).

I also modify my choices depending on the story, because yes, I've got one.

Why a sequel to DBZ?

Salagir: For years I've written fanfics and have drawn comics, for the most part, about DBZ.
This sequel is just one of my works, but it's the one that worked the best.
As I often try to do fanfictions that are compatible with the original work, making a sequel gives me more liberties, and permits me to have characters at a good moment of the series, when all bad guys are known.

Gogeta Jr: Because that's the style that I'm the best in.

Fan talk

Will you do a forum?

Comments section is just as good as a real forum.

Do you read our comments?

We do what we can, but there are a lot and we don't have much time.

We can only read English and French ones. Translators may tell us about interesting comments in their language. But it's not their job. The best way to be heard by the team is to email.

Will you add my character to DBM?


Want to see my drawings? Can you give me advice?

We're not teachers. Plus the internet is filled with tutorials and advices.

I'm a cartoonist, and would like to participate to DBM

Other cartoonists make the special chapters, on a script by Salagir. Right now we have several propositions, so we only take the ones who are serious, very motivated, and who have done comics before.

If you are like this, send an email to Salagir with a link to your creations.

Questions about DBM's story

Why are there several universes and how are they different?

Read an answer in full details here!

Shorter but not as clear:

First, there are an infinite number of universes. They never come in contact with each other, except in case of time travel and Varga travel.

All the universes began with an identical Big Bang. And then, everything happened the same in each universe. Exactly the same...except for little details here and there.

Because of these details, many universes diverged from one to another, but even today, there are a lot of identical universes. Each divergence appeared in many universes as well.

Whenever an event may end in two possible ways, then there is divergence. It roughly means that half of the involved universes go one way, the other half goes the other way.

Example, in 10000000000 universes "X" (identicals), Gohan is fighting Cell, and during the final Kamehameha... 5000000000 (identical) universes X1 see Cell winning, and 5000000000 (identical) universes X2 see Gohan winning. Later, the universes X1 will separate into other universes (we know only of them the universe named 17) and the universes X2 separate split into universes 4, 6, 16, 18 and 20 (among others).

Note: I used 5000000000 here as an example, but in fact, there are an infinite number of them: half of ∞, is ∞ (ask your math teacher). So like this, we never lack universes, and searching well, we can always find a universe (an infinity in fact) that's identical to ours.

And time travel?

When Trunks went back in time, he went into a universes identical to his own, and in the past. Then he travelled back and forth between these two universes only. (of course, an infinite number of Trunkses did that).

Example: Trunks was in universe A, went back in time, which created a divergence in the past. The group of A is separated into groups A.1 (his universe whose past cannot be changed), and A.2 (the one "we know" where he kills Freeza).

( See diagrams explaining his travels in time - FRENCH).

The A.1 then became universe 12 (among others). And A.2 became universe X (among others).

There will be a great chart that will explain that in details, but not right now to avoid spoilers.

How do the Vargas find the entrants?

They have a "magic" detector telling them who are the strongest of the universe. This detector has no difficulty finding androids and beings that do not emit energy, but it does not check Otherworld, nor people that are unconscious, sealed by magic or Mafuba...

Sometimes, as seen with universe #6, the detector finds two groups, in which case the Vargas pick both.

The Vargas have visited hundreds of universes and sometimes found almost identical ones. They only invited the warriors when they saw an interesting difference.

Why is Broly so strong?

He's not the same Broly as in the movies (indeed, I give myself the right to change everything that's not from the manga).
Broly's "legendary" power causes his strength to be always increasing, as long as he is alive. Thus his power rises with each passing minute.
Our heroes have met Broly during an equivalent of Movie 8, and during an equivalent of Movie 10. Both times they barely succeeded in repelling him.

Broly's "the Legendary Saiyan" special powers:
(It's as they are in DBM. This is NOT manga canon, this is NOT official)
- Every 1000 years, one Saiyan is born as "Legendary".
- This Saiyan is very very strong.
- This Saiyan loves violence, and is inhabited by rage.
- This Saiyan can turn into SSJ easily.
- This Saiyan got a special transformation named "LSSJ".
- In LSSJ, he got white eyes, huge muscles and green aura. He is totally blinded with rage and seeks only violence.
- In LSSJ, this Saiyan turns indestructible: attacks just don't hurt him. He can be pushed away, but not harmed.
- In LSSJ, the power of this Saiyan grows constantly.
- In LSSJ, this Saiyan won't get back to normal except in case a great shock.
- In LSSJ, the lifetime of the Saiyan drops dramatically. But this weakness slowly reduces on each generation.

Can you tell us all the differences between all the universes and how it happened?

It's on this page.

Missing characters: why?

Mostly because we had to make choices... Here are a few details for some.

Garlick Jr simply didn't get our vote. Same for Slug and Willow. We had to choose. And they wouldn't have gone very far.

Turles/Tullece doesn't need to be here. He was created to show what Gokû would be if he had stayed a bad guy. And we have exactly that, with Kakarotto from universe 13.

The cyborgs of the movie, C-13, C-14 and C-15 aren't really interesting. Also, their movie is absolutely impossible to put in the canon.

Pai Kuhan is missing because he's been dead since long ago.

Janemba isn't in DBM because he is too unpredictible, he would never have stayed in his place waiting for his match. Also, Vargas don't pick people from the realm of deads.

How old are the characters in DBM?

Son Gokû, U18: Body is 48, Mind is 56, Birth day is 55 years away.
Note that Goku spent 1+7 years dead and 1 year in The Room of Spirit and Time.
Age = 12 (age he told on 1st tournament) + 3 + 3 (time between tournaments) + 5 (time between DB and DBZ) + 1 (dead) + 1 (on Yardrat) + 3 (train for cyborgs) + 7 (dead) + 20 (time between Buu saga and DBM).

Vegeta, U18: Body and Mind is 63, Birth day is 61 years away.
Two years in Room of Spirit and Time. Born 5 years before Gokû according to many timelines.

Baddack, U3, U10: minimum 75
If he got Raditz as a teen and Kakarotto/Goku (who is 5 years younger) at 20, he is 55+20=75.

Old King Vegeta, U10: about 101
Let's say old King Vegeta had Vegeta at 40. It's believable, as Saiyans this age are still young. That explains why he looks very old and Baddack doesn't.

Where do the weapons and names of universe 19 come from?

Carbonite: is a compound of self-replicating carbon nanoparticles able to grow indefinitely by devouring the energy of all the matter available to them. Such compounds exist in our world... in a laboratory.

Names of Helior and Heloïte:
Helior comes from the ancient Greek "helios" = sun, and is also the name of the Greek god who drove the sun chariot which allows daylight, as a reference to the artificial sun created by Heloïtes to enjoy optimal living conditions on their new planet.
Heloïte = inhabitant of Helior.

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